Miranda Kerr: I Didn’t Want to Drug My Baby

07/03/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Harper’s BAZAAR

Just call it a mother’s intuition.

When Miranda Kerr began preparing for the arrival of son Flynn Christopher, the model mama knew she wasn’t willing to compromise on her birthing plan.

“I had made a decision that I wanted to do it [naturally],” the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 29, says in the August issue of Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

“I had been watching all these baby bonding videos and [without an epidural], when the baby comes out it goes straight onto the breast.”

According to Kerr, those babies exposed to the epidurals were not as responsive, one of the main factors in her decision to go drug-free.

“The baby was a little bit drugged up and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t want that,'” she recalls. “I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.”

Much like her confident stance on natural childbirth, Kerr adopted the same attitude toward shedding her post-pregnancy pounds.

“I didn’t feel pressure to snap back into shape,” she explains. “My priority was just having my son and breastfeeding, which was something I really wanted to do, and it came easily. I’m actually still making milk now, but, you know, he’s got teeth…”

Kerr and her husband Orlando Bloom are content with their tight-knit trio for now, but the first-time mama can’t wait to embark on the “most incredible experience” of motherhood again.

“What’s surprised me most is just how incredible the bond is between you and your child. To watch him grow and evolve every day is really inspiring,” she shares.

“[My perfect day is] to wake up to the sound of my son saying, ‘Mama, mama!’ It’s the best sound ever. Then I just love to get him out of bed and he can jump into bed with us, and we have cuddle time!”

— Anya Leon

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Lauren on

Interesting that she was hardcore about natural birth but didn’t look into how to nurse a teething baby. Her decision, certainly, but seems like a weird combination!

molly on

Normally I don’t care whether a woman chooses drug-free, epidural, oe whatever kind of birth. It’s none of my business, but I am so disgusted by this article. To imply that women who don’t go drug-free are not giving their babies the best start in life or aren’t going to take to breastfeeding immediately is irresponsible.

I have had two c-sections, and both babies have immediately latched on, and each nursed for a year, and I do not believe for one second they didn’t have the best start in life.

Obviously Miranda can believe and say whatever she wants, but to be making statements about babies being less responsive is so wrong.

Lis on

Ditto Molly. Both of my babies were c-sections (both breech) and both of them latched on right away from the get-go. I always felt very blessed that I didn’t have any issues with that…

Therefore I don’t think babies latching has anything to do with an epidural or not… I’m so sick of people acting like those of us who had epidurals/c-setions didn’t “give our babies the best start”…

ecl on

Maybe she just means on average. I had an epidural and my son latched right away and I had no problems breast feeding for a year, but, just because I had that experience, doesn’t mean it’s the norm. I would need to see more research on the subject. And if she wants to go without drugs, I say more power to her. No harm in that for the rest of us.

Alexandra on

There’s actually no strong evidence indicating negative effects of epidurals on newborn babies. It’s kind of like how people go about vaccination – you can believe what you want, but it’s not really backed up. I’m sure if doctors kept noticing that babies seemed “drugged” after birth, they’d stop giving pain relievers out.

Anonymous on

Oh please.

Kindly quit presenting medication-free birth as a choice that every mother could make if she really wanted to, because it’s just not that simple. I’m glad this woman’s birth went the way she wanted it to…but not everyone’s does, and articles like this only make people feel badly. A sixty-hour labour that ends with an epidural is no less of an accomplishment than a ten-hour labour that ends without.

Biology is not an accomplishment – birth is not a competition. Please quit quoting people who seem to think it is.

Olivienne on

Molly, I don’t think she was intending to criticize — just answering the pap’s questions regarding her personal opinion. She did the research, learned about epidurals, and determined it wasn’t for her.

Lillian on

Who watches baby bonding videos? More importantly who even makes baby bonding videos? How can you tell if a baby is drugged up on a video? Whatever, I had and epi with all four of my children(call me a wuss if u wanna)and it was God sent! All of them latched on great afterwards.

Anonymous on

Another idiot telling the masses what she thinks is best. This is misinformation. Read the literature, sweetie, and stop going on anecdotal “evidence”!

martina on

I am sick of these judgmental women that think they ‘know better’ and ‘do better’ then anyone else. Do you really think that every woman that has an epidural is DRUGGING her baby?? Get a grip, Miranda. Mothering is not a competition. I don’t know what it is with models. Maybe being put on a pedestal since a young age (for no other reason then their god-given looks) makes them think they are superior to other women. Sad.

Katie on

I had two epidurals and neither of my babies were drugged when they were born. In fact there were alert and wide awake for a while after birth. What is she talking about?

Alexa on

I like how she approached her birth. She did her research and chose what worked for her. Women should be able to do their research and choose what works for them. Unfortunately it is very hard to get good research because research conducted in North America is only conducted if someone gains something financially from it … so one must refer to other countries for research that is not bias but then their health care system is different meaning women here do not have the same free choices.

Em on

Everyone’s child birth experience is different. Not everyone has a fairytale pregnancy and birth story. We all choose what we think is best for our baby. I had to have an unplanned c-section, and my son had a little difficulty latching on the first day but turned out to get the hang of it pretty good soon after. He’s a very healthy and happy little boy now!

I get so tired of mothers trying to guilt those of us who get the epidural (which I would have if I didn’t need the c-section), decide not to nurse or at least not the whole year(I stopped a 6 months) and are not stay at home moms (I couldn’t afford to stay home). This doesn’t mean that we don’t want what’s best for our kids. My best may be different from your best but we all have the same goal of raising positive and productive human beings.

Vicky on

Wow, some of you are so threatened by Miranda stating a personal choice based on her research and what she came to believe is best. She didn’t attack any of you or your choice. She just came to her own conclusion and she owns that choice.

I had a natural homebirth experience with my daughter and that was my choice. I had read about the severe migraines that can accompany epidurals and because of my history with migraines I choose to do it naturally. But hey if you want to use medication do it, I don’t judge!

A healthy baby is the common goal, and we can agree on that no matter the path we personally choose to get there.

B.J. (the girl) on

I’m amused by all the women on here who opted for an epidural getting all worked up because this woman didn’t.

No, I don’t have any kids because I don’t want to be burdened with pregnancy, don’t want the pain of giving birth, and I don’t really want to raise kids in this day and age, especially with autism so prevalent. But I have the utmost respect for any woman who wants to go through the agony of birth, and I give major props to anyone who can do it without an epidural. My mom had two babies in the 80’s naturally, she’s a tiny woman but she managed. Maybe women nowadays just aren’t as tough as they used to be. Ladies have been having their babies without drugs since the beginning.

Dina on

Not all of us have the option in having a natural birth. This is a very offensive comment to all of us who stayed for hours in labor and at the end, the doctors decided it is best to go to a C section. And drug my baby? How old are you, 12????

You are not more of a mother than myself, or even a biological mother. PERIOD.

em on

Sounds like another brilliant new mom sharing her opinions. She must have been spending time with Gisele.

Kar on

An epidural does not drug your child, that is why it is a popular choice for many women. There are other pain management choices that can cause drowsiness in a newborn, I wonder if that is what she saw in her videos.

Either way, you plan the birth that works for you. Not everyone is that lucky, so she should be thankful that she was able to have that.

Alysssa on

Sure, she spent hours researching mother-infant bonding but didn’t look into nursing a child with teeth, which most babies get by the time they are a few months old. What a phony.

Kat on

“My mom had two babies in the 80′s naturally, she’s a tiny woman but she managed. Maybe women nowadays just aren’t as tough as they used to be. Ladies have been having their babies without drugs since the beginning.” – B.J.

And women and their babies died often during those childbirths. It all depends on baby size, body shape, position, ect. Women are still as tough as ever, but thankful with a better survival rate!

laura on

There is just no reason to get worked up reading about someones opinion on their birth and how to raise their child. I do agree with some of you, that it does seem as some moms are trying to out mommy each other, but all mothers do what they feel is best.

Just a little more information that I have come across,there are two forums of epidurals given to women in labor, and sometimes they also give you morphine with the epidural. There are side effects to them, (I had a cesarean and my blood pressure dropped very low glad my baby was already out). If you have a side effect to the epidural it can effect your baby too.

There has been research done on it, but even though it was in 2001 it is outdated information already but now hospitals seem to prefer paient controlled epidurals or walking epidurals, women are still comfertable but getting less of the drug.

I am all for natural childbirth and was my prefered method but when it was not the safest option I changed my plan. Many women decide to change plans while in labor due to many reasons. I do think it is important to research childbirth and work with your chosen healthcare provider.

Cassie on

Annnnnd cue the over-sensitive snarky moms that did use epi’s.

You know, because Miranda is outright attacking you all personally with this comment… *eyeroll*

Connie on

One question I always have when reading accounts and opiniond like this is – when and what exactly determines when a baby is bonded? And do babies suddenly stop bonding with the mother just because they have not been breastfed in the first 15 minutes after birth? Isn’t bonding with your mother a life-long occurence taking many shapes and forms?

daria on

we all want to give our babies the best possible start, which is ideally a perfectly healthy pregnancy, a completely natural delivery, no birth trauma, and extended breastfeeding. that isn’t always possible (and definitely wasn’t for me). what she said was fine. the only problem i have with her comments was the inaccurate suggestion that you can’t nurse a baby with teeth.

Anonymous on

I always thought she seemed quite informed and confident about her choices, but saying your making milk but not nursing because of teeth?? Not as informed as I’d thought I guess…

Indira on

I don’t see why this is a competition or why women get so bitter when they hear about another womans natural birth. All the harpies “not all of us have the choice” well guess what, many women are electing to have scheduled c-sections and an epidural is a choice. It’s a choice that has the potential to hurt both mother and child by increasing the need for a c-section due to increased length in labor. These are facts. The ideal, safest birth is one that includes no drugs and requires no medical intervention. Epidurals are a 1st world pain reliever that billions of women DON’T have access to so I PERSONALLY question how needed they are but hey! Personal choice.

Hen on

Okay Geez, Miranda got me. I really didn’t want to comment, but here I am doing just that. She can believe what she wants and I’m oh so glad she “watched videos”…Um, maybe she should take medical advice before making such bogus statements. She must be friends with Giselle B. LOL..

Sasha on

This article simply reflects a mom-to-be setting her birth plan, based on her interpretation of her options, and then being fortunate enough to see her plan through. It could have gone any which way. I think we create a false relationship between the method of birth and the vaunted status of the birthing mother.

Haylie on

This always happens whenever a celebrity mentions that they are a proponent of natural birth. Women who got epidurals and/or had a c-section take it as some kind of personal attack. Sensitive much? She just talked about her own decision and how and why she came to that decision. She didn’t say anything implying that she was a better mother than others. Some people seriously need to get over it and stop taking ridiculous things personally.

L.B. on

If you are happy and confident about the decision that you made when it came to your labor and your child’s well being I don’t understand why this would shake you up and “offend” you. It isn’t personal. It’s Miranda’s personal experience which she is as entitled to as you are. At no point did she bring up anyone but herself so I don’t see why there is any point in taking it as anything more.

Devon on

I can see why people would get upset with her statement but I think there is a big difference between Miranda and someone like Gisele Bundchen. Miranda isn’t coming off as saying that “everyone has to do it and if they don’t they’re not as good of a parent.” She educated her self and wanted to do the best that she could for her and her baby. She’s lucky that she was able to have the birth that she wanted and that’s really all that matters.

Laura on

It’s so bizarre to me how people judge other people for such a personal experience. Personally, all kudos to you if you want to give labour a try without pain medication, but for me, I have an autoimmune disease that means I have to experience crippling pain on a regular basis that pain medication can’t help, so if there’s something available when it does, I’m not going to be a martyr about it.

I don’t really get it when people say that it’s not how it was done ‘in the old days’, that women have managed for centuries to give birth without drugs. That’s true. They also had every other type of operation without drugs. If you needed to have your leg amputated or your kidney removed, would you really say no to an anaesthetic because people have been having limbs removed with no drugs for centuries? Or if you use the argument that drugs in labour are affecting not just you but your child, if, God forbid, your baby was born and needed immediate heart surgery, would you say no anaesthetic for him/her because drugs aren’t natural?

Again, if you can handle it and it’s something you want to experience, that’s great. But life is hard enough. If there’s a way to make it even a bit easier, I don’t think there’s shame in doing so.

Ava on

I admire her for having natural childbirth! I personally could never do it. But I admire her strength very much.

Laura on

I’ll admit I felt proud of myself for having a totally natural labour & delivery for my second baby. First time around I had the epidural. I was never ashamed of it and never tried to hide it or make “excuses.” But, yes, I was proud when I did it all on my own too. Nothing wrong with that.

I would never ever ever in a million years judge another mama for how her baby was brought into the world. Because I’ve been there. And it hurts and it sucks and it’s scary. And sometimes dangerous. So to every mama who has brought a baby into this world in one way or another — I admire you, and I think you are pretty darn great.

Zelda on

I think the reason some of us who had epidurals are irritated with her is not because she didn’t have an epidural, but because she is positioning that as “better” than not having an epidural. By saying, “I didn’t want to drug my baby,” she is essentially saying, “Oh, you had an epidural? I guess you don’t care about giving your baby drugs, you shameless cow.”

I had an epidural and 40 hours of natural labor that only progressed me to 4 cm as my son was in an awkward position. After the epidural I birthed him vaginally. Beautiful experience, and we had no trouble breastfeeding.

I think every woman should do what works for her, but you need to be careful in your language. I have a problem with the way Miranda spoke about her natural birth – not about the fact that she had one.

Zoe on

I don’t get how sensitive some of you are. I’ve had four epidurals and nothing she said phased me or offended me.

My OB told me about the effects of an epidural on the baby and YES, there are effects to the baby, but I still chose to have it anyway. For those of you saying there aren’t any effects to the baby, you’re kidding yourself. Ask your doctor or read up on it yourself.

However, nothing she said in this interview offended me because “to each her own.” We all do we what we want to do and have that right.

Allison on

I remember reading an interview that she gave saying that she thought she was going to die while giving birth and that she begged for the epidural but it was too late and they would not give her one.

I’d take my “druggie” epidural birth, which was calm,peaceful, and joyful, than that any day of the week.

Ness on

When you publicly state someone that is very one sided then of course you she expect people to be on the defensive! She could of answered with people do what they believe what is right for them and their baby instrad of making some mothers feel ashamed about their birth choice.

@em your right, maybe time spent with Gisele fries your brain!

ATyler on

wow! how IGNORANT of her. To say something like this is just plain rude. There is no evidence medical that says a baby is drugged or bonds any less with a mother who chose to have an epideral.

Please stop posting articles about these superficial people and their nonsense opinions.

Rachel on

I don’t GET the teeth comment. I hear that a lot. I breastfed both my babies long after their teeth came in. Ever give a BJ? You have teeth right?! Sucking is with lips – no teeth involved.

Cami on

Epidurals certainly DO cause drugs to enter the baby’s brain. Those stating otherwise should do THEIR research.

emily on

If an off-handed comment someone made about their own birth experience in a magazine offends you so personally, maybe you should be honest with yourself about how you feel about your own birth experience. Truly content people, confident in their decisions as a mother, wouldn’t be offended by her comments. So ladies, take a look inside your own self before ripping her a new one. Just saying.

ecl on

1. You are all free to limit your reading to research journals if you so choose.
2. Maybe her son is a biter.
3. We all choose to give birth the way we see fit. Of course she thinks her way is best! That’s why she chose it.

kimmie on

“This always happens whenever a celebrity mentions that they are a proponent of natural birth. Women who got epidurals and/or had a c-section take it as some kind of personal attack. Sensitive much?”

I don’t think it’s sensitive much, it’s that she says that she gave her baby best start and you didn’t and that she didn’t drug her baby and you did.

Anonymous on

Allison- She HAS mentioned that she thought she was going to die at one point during the birth (and “left her body”), and in another interview mentioned that it was ORLANDO who was pushing for an Epidural, mostly for himself, but not that she herself ever begged for one. Here’s the article about feeling like she was going to die while giving birth: http://celebritybabies.people.com/2011/07/11/miranda-kerr-i-thought-i-was-going-to-die-delivering-flynn/

Anyway, I agree with her views on natural birth. I think it’s better for the baby, and frankly the idea of getting an epidural creeps me out (for two main reasons: One is the fact that it involves having a needle stuck into your back, and the other is the fact that it numbs you from the waste down. The thought of not being able to feel my legs scares me for some reason!). But I don’t look down on those who do chose to have pain meds, nor do I think they’re doing some awful to their babies.

And as far as the breastfeeding thing goes, if I’m remembering correctly, she said a few months back that she was still breastfeeding. So I think she maybe just means that she’s more reluctant to nurse him now because of all his teeth, not that she’s stopped.

Leslie on

Lots of defensive women on here. Guess it’s only okay to talk about your labor if it involved an epidural or c-section.

mamato3littles on

Good on her for her choice but in my case she is wrong. Three epidurals, three healthy babies born and straight onto skin-on-skin contact and breastfeeding within the hour. No regrets from my end! They all were born safe and healthy and I was relatively pain-free.

L&D RN on

As a labor and delivery nurse I can assure you that epidurals do not “drug’ your baby. Epidurals do not go into your blood stream. A space (called an epidural space) is created and medication is then infused via a pump to give you continuous medication that decreases the sensitivity and pain caused by labor. IV pain medication does go into your blood stream and does cause drowsiness for the mother and fetus. In a matter of hours, the effects of the SHORT acting narcotics are excreted from both mother and fetus.

As far as headaches/migraines are concerned. Occasionally a small percentage of women will experience headaches days after an epidural due to the epidural catheter going into the wrong space and causing cerebrospinal fluid to leak. This is called a postdural puncture headache.

I support any woman’s choice for how to handle/manage her pain. I normally don’t take the time to comment on stories like this, but I find it hard to hold my tongue when someone makes misinformed statements like this. Many people base their reluctance on pain medication interventions based on what they “heard from my sister who had a horrible experience” or “well my mom said that she had back pain after her epidural”. Everyone’s birth story is unique. If you want to know the pros and cons of IV pain medication or an epidural either 1) ask you doctor or 2) research from a non-biased source – like an actual medical journal or medical book regarding the anatomy of physiology of childbirth.

I know hundreds of women that had epidurals and never had lingering back pain. I also know women who now have back pain and didn’t have epidurals. Everyone is different.

Charleen on

I don’t know wether here comment about her baby having teeth means she is not BF’ing anymore for that reason or if she is still breastfeeding but still worried about him bitting due to the teeth but I do want to make it clear to everyone reading this that teeth due to prevent continued breastfeeding. Women have been breastfeeding after their babies gets teeth long before there was formula to turn to. THus the myth that you can’t breastfeed with teeth is modern one. The fact is that their solution to both teach a baby to not bite should you find your baby bitting. It not true that the only way to prevent or stop bitting is to stop BF’ing altogether. So if you want to continue breastfeeding once your baby has teeth then simply does do a Google search and you can find lot’s of info on how to prevent or stop bitting during during breastfeeding.

BetC on

The problem with beauty is that it’s like being born rich and getting poorer every day.

Epidurals are not bad.

Models are not certified birth experts, they are paid to be quiet and look pretty.

She has had one child, her experience is limited to that one instance.

She is getting a lot of attention for something that women have been doing for years(give birth) and will continue to do.

kristine on

miranda’s decision is about what affects drugs such as epidural&anesthesia during births…that is general and not literally about mother’s irresponsibility. its how you look at it. if u have shallow mind,ull react as that way… because miranda never think of pain even if non-medicated labor is drastically painful, those mothers who reacted pain during birth definitely was never thinking of what affects those drugs to their babies&themselves…the point is natural birth leads to a healthy baby&mommy. search people of negative effects!!!

anon on

I agree with Miranda’s comments, but in reality, it doesn’t always work out that way. I was lucky enough to have a relatively easy med-free birth. My son was apparently tuckered out after the process though and had little interest in nursing (or even being awake) for the first 24 hours. After that, he was very alert and once we practiced latching a bit, he got the hang of things. Not sure why she would comment that she’s still making milk but her baby has teeth. That she has milk seems to suggest she is still nursing him, but maybe it’s uncomfortable now? But, she’s making the choices she feels are best for her and her baby and it doesn’t seem to be our place to judge her. I may personally be against epidurals in a “normal” situation, but I’ve had friends who have had them and I still talk to them and feel they are good mothers even if they took routes I wouldn’t for myself.

Not sure why people get so defensive about their own choices when someone speaks about why they chose a different way. I feel a bit sorry for the celeb moms who are asked questions about their choices and they answer honestly, sharing what works for them, and then they get torn apart because people take their comments so personally. I’d sure hate to have my every parenting move/comment criticized.

Indira on

“I don’t really get it when people say that it’s not how it was done ‘in the old days’, that women have managed for centuries to give birth without drugs. That’s true. They also had every other type of operation without drugs. If you needed to have your leg amputated or your kidney removed, would you really say no to an anaesthetic because people have been having limbs removed with no drugs for centuries? Or if you use the argument that drugs in labour are affecting not just you but your child, if, God forbid, your baby was born and needed immediate heart surgery, would you say no anaesthetic for him/her because drugs aren’t natural?”

It’s an interesting point that you make but, I don’t view labor as a medical procedure or emergency. Pregnancy and labor are in most cases able to go on without much assistance or intervention. I believe we’ve turned it into this huge medical procedure when in fact around the world many women go back to business as usual within days without ever seeing a doctor(midwives are still numero uno globally).. My point was never that epidurals are bad, I don’t think they are. My point is that anyone who thinks having an epidural birth is AS safe as a natural birth is fooling only themselves. Even if its only a marginal difference, it is still different.

Mia on

I agree that she was speaking about how she made her choice. I have had 4 children, 3 naturally and 1 with an epidural. My last was with an epidural. I was also very concerned about the impact of drugs on the baby and myself which is why I chose to go naturally for the first three. My last labor was extremely long and by the second day the doctors suggested that I have an epidural and rest or I may have trouble pushing from exhaustion.

The paperwork that you sign before administering the epidural is terrifying…the side effects and risks are listed clearly before you sign on the dotted line. You are taking a risk when you choose an epidural or any pain reliever for that matter and that’s something we have to own when we make that choice. I felt the risks of not resting outweighed the risk of the epidural, that was my choice.

I have to say the epidural was a Godsend that day and my son was perfectly healthy and latched on right away. Natural vs. with pain reduction are very different experiences but both end with the same result…your baby. Be at peace with your choice and respect the right of others to choose.

gabbi on

Yeah…she had a giant baby. I bet if she had a 7 or 8 lb baby the next time WITH an epidural, she’d be silently telling herself “Damn, why did I make myself suffer that way for no reason?!!!!” I had 4 babies, the last one was a giant and got “stuck”. There’s no way in hell I would have been able to bear it without an epidural. It was hard enough having it turned down, i think it would have killed me to have the doctor stick her arm up there up to her elbow to get her out without painkillers. Just sayin’. Drugs were invented for a reason, ladies. And dont preach unless you have experienced BOTH ways cuz that is way too one-sided. PS- I bet she gets a c-section for the next one…

Mia on

Um…..that’s not how epidurals work + it’s only to help the mother get through child birth.

Why torment yourself with agonizing pain when you don’t have to? – that’s just stupid and selfish.

Mina on

I’ll admit, its scary both ways. I was only 19 when giving birth, so I was young and scared and my body was not even done developing. I remember saying “no way is that huge needle going in my back!”

Then I went into labor. At first I thought I could get thru the pain. It hurt like hell, but I figured if it went fast, I could do it. Well, 12 hours later, I had only progressed to 4 cm. At that point I was tired, exhausted, and in terrible pain. The needle in the back (that I thought was going to be so horrible and painful) was nothing compared to the agony I was in.

My son came out not druggged in the least bit. He was crying and stayed awake for quite a while!

AmandaK on

I think Miranda is gorgeous and a fab model but she is in noway an expert on childbirth so I don’t understand why people are getting so worked up over her opinion. In the end, it’s just an opinion and everyone has a right to one. She was lucky enough to have her birth plan work out the way she wanted so props to her.

LuvBigCity on

I guess I did not have any problem bonding with my epi baby c/s baby and failed epi baby. She has an opinion, that is all.

Davia on

Wow! The lack of intelligence is astounding. I had an epidural with both my daughters and they both went on the breast immediately after delivery. She makes it seem that if you have an epidural your baby is so stoned it can’t even nurse properly. I hate to say it but she sounds like a real idiot.

Davia on

Both my daughters latched on immediately after birth and I had an epidural with both of them. They were very alert and awake considering they went through a lot for several hours. My problem isn’t that she has an opinion about wanting to have a natural birth, that’s wonderful, my problem is this quote… “I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.” I think most mothers are thinking they want to give their children the best possible start in life, including those that choose to have epidurals. I don’t really like the implication that epi’s are stoning babies and putting them at a disadvantage from babies born al natural. She can say whatever she wants but so can I. I think she sounds like an idiot.

Aneeda on

She’s an idiot.

Anonymous on

You know, sometimes I wonder why we care so much about whether other women use pain meds during labor. I mean, as long as a baby arrives safely and heathily, does it really matter exactly HOW he or she came into the world?!

Aneeda on

I didn’t use an epi and I still think she’s an idiot.

KRS on

A question for the American moms on here….is nitrous oxide readily available in your hospitals? I used it for both my deliveries and it helped me immensely. The best part is that it is self-administered so I felt really in control of my own pain/stress management. My husband even took a couple of hits once he saw how well it was working for me!!

Dahlia on

The women here who are judging Miranda are really really really insecure. Obviously you feel guilty about your decision to have an epidural, or else you wouldn’t get so defensive about your decision. Miranda was just talking about HER experience and why SHE decided to go all natural. She didn’t say or even imply that all mothers should go all natural. She just discussed her experience. Jeez. Some of you really need to a) get a life and b) stop reading between the lines.

wifeinprogress on

Naturally Miranda having a strong opinion on drug-free childbirth will cause a reaction. I hate that women see that as engaging in some kind of childbirth competition.

She didn’t state it the best way…epidurals do not enter the bloodstream so theoretically they do not cross the placental barrier and therefore drs say they won’t “drug” your Baby. BUT there is still, there’s data that suggests at least short term differences in breastfeeding with epi vs non-epi babies. (http://www.llli.org/ba/nov99.html, http://www.internationalbreastfeedingjournal.com/content/1/1/24/abstract) they just dint seem to fully understand why…it’s worth considering when you make a decision about what kind of birth to have.

Most women who choose drug-free, low intervention birth because they believe two things: 1) it\’s best for their body and their baby and 2) they believe are CAPABLE of doing it! The sadness to me in all this bickering about childbirth is that somewhere along the way, multitudes of amazing, strong women have been duped into believing they aren/’t powerful or strong enough to give birth without the medical industry saving them from an utterly natural and temporary pain.

This breaks my heart.

And some sure have mentioned how women used to die in childbirth, as if epidurals have led to a better outcomes in childbirth. That contention is totally false. In fact, for all the epis and c-sections we dole out in the US maternity system, we still have an abysmal mortality rate for moms and babies. Women are dying less in childbirth thanks to better hygiene, better access to emergency medical care and prenatal care. We arent giving birth in fields, hours away from the closest hospital any more.

There are absolutely cases where epidurals and C-sections are necessary and proper, but they are overused and it\’s to the detriment of moms and babies. I would encourage every mom or mom to be to read some literature on this topic, preferably stuff not sponsored by drug companies or surgery-happy medical professionals. If you\’re going to have a baby, surround yourself with people who believe in your body and the process of birth; not those who constantly operate on protocols designed for the worst case scenario. Educate yourself and your birth partner(s), don\’t go in with blind faith in the medical establishment. They have their place, definitely, but its no substitute for you taking control of your birth – for your sake and your baby.

See past the mommy wars and look at what\’s really at issue here – your body, your baby and your amazing capacity to safely bring life into the world. Don\’t be so quick to part with that because someone says you can\’t handle it.

Ps: I have 3 kids, 3 epidural free births so I know how much it hurts. I also know that there is an end to labor pain that comes with an incredible hormone high and that the pain has a purpose and, if left to do it’s work unhindered, has a natural progression.

Ps2 @Mia: how in the world is it selfish to NOT get an epidural?

JK on

I think that she should stop making irresponsible comments about childbirth and child-rearing.

Sometimes complications mean a person can’t have a “natural” childbirth – as was my case. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. I didn’t have a c-section, but the nurses had started pushing for one.

But guess what, my baby was born completely alert and ready to eat. So I think she should stick to her day job and stop making medical commentary.

JK on

@BJ (the girl)

It’s probably for the best that you aren’t having children.

SM on

Wow! Women can be so cruel! Give her a break! I had a natural home birth for baby #1 and plan on it for baby #2. It is what I feel most comfortable with. Defensive much?

Halley on

I’m sure she didnt mean to, but she comes off really self righteous.

SaraC on

This woman is truly an idiot: uninformed and judgmental. What a stellar combination. Epidurals are incredibly safe and do not “drug” babies. I cannot stand women who get up on their soapbox after having a baby “naturally” — would you have a root canal without pain medication? If so, you are an idiot. Congratulations to her for choosing unnecessary pain. She is obviously a saint and earth mother extraordinaire. As has been said, she needs to shut up and be paid to stand on a beach in a bikini.

Aja on

Ridiculous and I hope she now sees how offensive her comments were. My epidural baby was alert from the second he emerged and latched on within minutes. I can’t imagine how our bond could have been any stronger. An epidural may not have been what she wanted, but in one fell swoop she’s managed to offend the mothers who did want one AND she’s called their children “drugged”. What a B.

susan on

why are all you epi non breastfeeding moms so stinking angry.. she made her choice based on evidense and research… the intelligetn way to make any decision.. not emotional and unkind like many of you. take a step back ladies. you did it your way and i support your choice, as i do hers..

Dawn on

This woman is a moron. I have 3 kids…2 epidural, 1 natural. All 3 of my kids were alert and fine. I don’t understand these women who think they are superior for not using pain medication. As a wise Italian friends grandmother once said, “Would you have a root canal without pain medication? Take the epidural!”

Beth on

Holy misinformation! I had an epidural and my baby came out looking for my breast. It’s going to depend on the baby. If you want a natural birth that’s fine but don’t assume you know what you’re talking about when you don’t. I am also surprised that she doesn’t know about the benefits of extended breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter until she was 14 months and she had lots of teeth. You work around it…

anm on

Oh geese someone of you need to take a chill pill. Miranda was talking in her own experience.

No need to get your panties in a bunch because you don’t like what she has said in this article.

I swear people need to get a grip, stop criticizing every article.

Wally on

As a delivery nurse I see a mild difference between the babies. Epidural babies has the tendency to have lower Apgar scores, however most babies remains within normal ranges. It’s matter of choices, your body, your baby. Miranda may be making reference to this.

susan on

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Aja on

Miranda, just stick to looking pretty and keeping quiet. It’s better that way for everyone.

mindy on

Good for you, Miranda! Sounds like she watched the Delivery Self Attachment video, I showed that to my birthing classes when I was a Bradley educator. I wish that more women opted to look into what the actual side effects of epidurals and the drugs used in them are.

lynnw on

I’m sure she gave her child a great start. since she didn’t use an epidural I’m sure she also never had caffeine during her pregnancy, never did any activity that was too strenuous, or did anything else that might not give her baby a healthy start.

Mandy on

I had an epidural, but it didn’t work at all. I felt every bit of pain & still wish it had worked as that was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I had hoped that I wouldn’t want an epidural when my time came, but I just could not take the pain, which I ended up feeling anyway. My baby was worth all the pain & more. She latched on right away when the time came & still does fine with it. I have said when she starts getting teeth I will probably just let her take a bottle as she does now because I have to work. I just pump the milk out. I don’t think it matters how she is getting her breast milk. She is still getting all the benefits from it.

Philosoraptor on

She needs to keep her mouth shut over stuff like this. Some women can’t go drug-free, and however you birth your baby, the important thing is that both baby and mom are healthy and happy. This is insulting. My oldest was born with an epidural and he got 9s on both APGARs and latched on immediately. The nurse and OB said they’d never had a newborn get two 9s. So Miranda is wrong. I hope she isn’t judgmental and holier-than-thou about this in the future.

KatR on

Maybe she should wait until she is done having kids before making pronouncements about labor choices, cause karma is a bitch.

Guest101 on

Breastfeeding as most people know are how most women lose their baby weight. reason she was so determined to start so quickly? Pure love and for the interest of the baby or modeling? Just wondering

Heather on

Kudos to her for choosing to have a natural birth and being able to do so. A lot us are not that luckky. I had 3 c-sections and lots of drugs and my babies latched on quite fine. The only problem I have with her comment is that she wanted to give her baby the best start….so what…the rest of us moms did not want the same thing for our babies????

bodygal on

When necessary a c-section or medical intervention can be LIFE SAVING! However the vast majority of interventions in births are not necessary-the U.S in particular lags behind the rest of the world in this area. That in itself is reason to look into natural childbirth. Women that have opted to not have natural childbirth shouldn’t feel attacked by that fact. Miranda should have chosen her words better. Her motives for trying natural birth however, are right.

DG on

Seriously people, this discussion about the best way to give birth, breastfeeding etc does not have any real meaning. How many people do you know who have had a better life just because they were breastfeed or born naturally? Do you really think the way your mother decided to have you or feed you (breastfeed – bottle) has anything to do with how your life developed? Get a grip!

Tierney on

It’s amazing how many women take anything anyone says about childbirth, be it positive or negative, so personally. She is stating why *she* chose the way she did, not what is best for everyone else.

Sounds like she did some research and came to her own conclusions, which is something some of you sound like you should do as well. 😉

swack on

I had epidurals with all three of my daughters and not one of them had problems latching on. I applaud women that don’t use epidurals.

stacy on

You people need to just calm down. People believe what they want to believe. She believes that an epidural wasn’t the best way to go and you all seem to think it was. Go Miranda! Childbirth is something you can accomplish without medication if you set your mind to it. That’s all. She set out to have a drug free birth and she did it. She never said it was easy and actually if you read the 1st interview she had after having her baby you would know that she had a really hard time. For christ sakes, she is an ity bity woman and she gave birth naturally, without any drugs to a 9lb plus baby. Im sure that did quite a bit of damage to a woman that size. It would to any woman im sure. She isn’t attacking your discisions, she just stating what she wanted and she acomplished that. Get a grip all of you jealous women. This article was not insulting in any way. Clearly you don’t care for her in the 1st place so why take the time to read it then post such hateful messages. Get a life and go do something productive.

Green on

Wow…it would seem that a lot of women who had an epidural feel threatened by women who can refuse it and do the same job without relief. And epidural is a choice and it absolutely affects your body. I find it ironic how people won’t let an ounce of junk food pass their lips during pregnancy, or who won’t take a pill for a headache but as soon as they are through the hospital door are wanting a needle in their back to numb them to the experience of birth. Then bring on the toxin filled disposable diapers (because they are “easier”) and the list goes on and on. Stop being lazy people! Birth is natural, not a medical emergency that requires Dr’s, drugs and intervention (for the most part, I obviously know there are exceptions). Suck it up, its 1 or 2 days out of your life that might be uncomfortable. I am sick of people making those of us who have the balls to suck it up and do it naturally feel like we are “trying to prove” something. No..we just made the best choice for our babies, and you come across as jealous that you couldn’t do the same!

Laila on

All women don’t choose to give birth the way we want, sometimes our choice is not an option and if you think so you are absolutely delusional….otherwise, why are emergency or c sections done period? This was her own interpretation of epidurals, good for her, but obviously she doesn’t speak for all women so who cares?

... on

Two things:

You can certainly nurse a baby with teeth; that’s why baby teeth used to be called ‘milk teeth.’ I nursed 3 babies after their teeth came in.

You can give birth vaginally to breech babies. My twin sister and I were breech and, while my sister was turned before birth, I was born breech (in 1959 when doctors still knew how to do it). My sister also gave birth vaginally to an almost 9lb breech baby 14 years ago.

Lindsay on

I had an epidural with my baby, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. You know why? You don’t get a trophy for going through the pain. My water broke before my contractions started, so I had to be given Pitocin to start labor. They bumped the dosage up so high I was having contractions one on top of the other with no break, and I was only 3cm dilated. After the epidural I slept from 4-9cm, and then pushed out my healthy little girl shortly after. She was very alert, and even raised her little head straight up as soon as they put her on my chest.

Julie on

More women should do this kind of research. Good for Miranda for educating herself and making an informed decision!

Aja on

I find it hysterical that people are like “back off of her” and then they themselves offend mothers who made a different choice. No wonder you want us to back off – you have a superiority complex too! Of course you would agree with her. Here’s the difference between the “epi vs. non-epi” moms: Epi moms say aren’t criticizing the non-epi moms or calling their kids drugged! Of COURSE that’s offensive! How can it not be? If you can’t see that, then I think I know what your problem is.

Green on

@Lindsay–Why do you need to say that “You don’t get a trophy for going through the pain”? Are you that insecure? Are you trying to make those of us with the determination to have a natural birth feel like we did it because we had something to prove? You are insecure obviously about your choice.

Guest on

Don’t get too mad at her people, this why she is a “Model” and not a “Doctor” the intelligent factor is missing.

Aja on

Amen Lindsay – my thoughts exactly. I was also induced after they broke my water and I had preclampsia. Feeling that pain would definately not have helped my blood pressure.

guest on

I think Miranda made these comments because she was asked about her experiences. These are just HER experiences and opinions and should be respected as such.

Im sure that she would be sympathetic and respectful to any woman who has had to make the decision for an epidural or to make any decision on breastfeeding. She was not forcing her opinions on anyone

Molly on

I don’t think most people commenting have a problem that she had a drug-free birth, or feel inferior because we didn’t. I do not care how she or anyone else births their babies. I have a problem with her running her mouth stating things, like babies being drugged, not latching, etc. as though it is FACT. Yes, she made her decision based on what she thought was best, and that’s fine, but it is irresponsible to be spouting OPINION like that because she watched a video.

Jessy on

every woman and every delivery is different…If she wants to go “natural”…all the power to her…as for me…screw that!

I tried going natural with my first labor and lasted about 3 hours before I gave up…By the time I had my third baby, I was smart enough to ask for it before the pain fully set in. They make those things for a reason!

Olivia on

I had to have C-sections and both my kids screamed to high hell until they got on the boob. I would have loved to have had natural births but it just didn’t happen. I am happy she got her planed out birth but i don’t think it goes like that for most mothers. To be honest i would like to see her next birth not go to plan and see what she has to say about Flynn’s birth then.

jaks on

Me: Two epidurals, two babies who nursed within minutes of birth…also two babies who nursed for over a year (one who still is) and well after they got teeth. I love when people do psuedo-research on the internet and declare themselves experts. I have never known an epidural baby to have trouble nursing. I had awesome fast, pain-free experiences. If only those stinking newborns would sleep more than a couple hours at a stretch, I’d probably do it again.

lissa923 on

This just made me laugh! I am a L&D nurse, and I just love when people are miseducated! Actually, if anything is going to make a baby less responsive at delivery, it will be the IV narcotic, and not the epidural. And IV narc are not given after the patient has reached a certain dilation, due to the decreased respirations at birth. If a patient doesn’t want any type of pain relief, it is their decision, but I usually will educate them on the pros/cons of IV pain medication, epidural, and going natural. I would rather for the patient to have an epidural, then to be screaming her head off, and clamping her legs down on her baby’s head as it is being delivered because she didn’t realize how bad the pain was going to be. Now that isn’t safe for the baby!

Angie on

I very much dislike when “celebrities”, who do not live in reality, like to announce their ways of the world and make us all feel like less. You chose natural childbirth? Good for you. Those of us who did not however, were NOT choosing to give our children less of a start in life. Ridiculous.

Amanda on

Here we go, another Giselle, telling everyone who decides to do something differently than her that they’re wrong and hurting their children. Get off your high horse, Miranda. I USED to like you.

Sara on

This woman is full of BS! What she doesn’t mention in this article is that she was induced, which carries many risks to her and the baby and as she puts it “is full of drugs”.

My first was induced and delivered with an epidural. I had my second in May this year and went into labor naturally and didn’t have any pain relief. Two different births you cannot imagine. Both my babies were alert and latching within minutes. I don’t feel like a lesser or better woman for giving birth without pain medication.

I wish she would shut up about it. She is nothing special!

Disgusted on


First off, I will start out by saying I have never responded to any forum in response to an article. But this has me seething it absolute disgust. I have a daughter born within a month of your precious little Flynn. I was induced twice and as you may not know, intense minute contractions start within several minutes/hours of receiving pitocin or maybe you are unaware of this as your interview exposed your ignorance of true childbirth complications. To articulate your choice to go natural by saying you didn’t want to “drug your baby” is repulsive. I had an epidural for a day and a half of my two day labor and still needed a c-section. And despite your belief, my daughter was as alert and responsive at birth as possible. Oh and imagine, she bonded and is thriving. In fact, far more verbal and interactive than other children in her age range as reported by the pediatrician. Oh and one more thing, she latched and breast fed like a champ immediately. It is highly, highly offensive for other mothers for you to say you did not want to “drug” your baby, insinuating that those of us who chose or are left without choice due to complications in childbirth to used medication are ignorant, uneducated, compromised mothers. I have lost all respect for you both on a personal and professional level. May Flynn thrive despite your platinum-thought mentality.

Laura on

I didn’t have the option of natural childbirth because a drunk driver took it away from me. I had to have an epidural because of a wreck that broke my hip. My daughter breast fed just fine afterwards. What a rude little twit this girl is.

Mandy on

I would like to clarify that I think its great for women who do the natural child birth thing. I think every woman should pick what’s right for them. I think Miranda just didn’t word what she wanted to say right. I think we can all be guilty of that. I also don’t think she is saying that she stopped breastfeeding or that you can’t breastfeed when a child has teeth. Just that its more uncomfortable so maybe she gives him a bottle more.

amber on

I have had two babies and the first was very natural. I was in labor for 2 days. The second one I opted for an epidural and I was in labor for a few hours. I can tell you that the second baby did a much better job at feeding and she was more alert after the birth, as was I. The first baby, the natural birth, was very groggy and I was mentally, and physically exhausted. While I respect her personal choice, her choice of words were very poor. There is no solid evidence that and epidural effects the baby in any way due to dosing and duration of labor. To make a general statement is clearly uneducated and judgmental on her part.

C on

Sometimes an epidural is medically necessary. I had an aortic anneurisim and an epidural was needed to keep my blood pressure low so it would not rupture. To say I did not want the best for my baby is so wrong. I think my baby would be better off having a mother!

Sandra on

I am a big fan of the “Do You” club. Have a baby natural, with and epidural or c-section, as long as the baby and mother are fine in the end, nothing else matters. I remember when I was pregnant with my first son a co-worker asked me about my birth plan and if I was going to bottle feed or breast feed. Needless to say she was unhappy about both of my decisions to have an epidural and bottle feed, and she wasted no time in telling me I was wrong on both accounts. My pregnancy made me a much more vocal and strong person, because after I allowed her to finish her rant on how wrong I was, I calmly stood up, smacked her in the forehead and got nose to nose and asked her how does it feel to have someone all up in your grill, invading your space. The look on her face was priceless but I think she got the point.

Jen S on

Miranda needs to a start a mommy superior club with Giselle so they can sit around looking beautiful and patting themselves on the back for being superior mothers of single children. But, in the real world, they need to stick to their professions. BEING QUIET (and looking pretty)!!!

Ella on

I didn’t really care for Ms. Kerr implying that women who are given an epidural “want” to drug their babies, but she is entitled to her own opinion. What makes me sad is how these articles, much like the one about Gisele and breastfeeding make women turn on each other. I think we can all agree on one thing…we want what is best for our children. Do we want to raise our children to judge and be nasty to others?

jacie on

When I read these kind of stories I feel for all the adopted kids, adoptive parents out there or the ones who’s mom’s are unable to breast feed their babies or have natural childbirth for whatever reason, who read this celebrity drivel. she could just as easily have had to have a last minute c section or complications, so congrats to her for having her birth plan work out for her, as if she really had any control over the situation, reality can kick us in the a** sometimes. I’ve had two births, the first with an epidural and the second natural, Both were alert and latched on after birth easily, and there was no difference at all in my babies alertness. Of course all mom’s want the best start for their babies! She sounds like an idiot.

Michele on


Aja on

I keep seeing the same word over and over on here, and I think it suits her best: Idiot.

boohoobytch on

why is she even discussing this? her kid’s not a newborn – find a new topic of discussion, I swear some mothers are soooo boring

Karen on

Of course people are going to be upset…the headline is “I DIdn’t Want to Drug My Baby”! Which implies that 1) women who get epidurals are fine with drugging their babies and 2) epidurals are the same as narcotic pain relievers that do cross the placenta and risk affecting the baby. They are not the same. It’s not only offensive but inaccurate.

Ella on

At first I was furious when I read this article, then I reread it and noticed that Miranda didn’t actually say “I didn’t want to drug my baby” at any point in the article. The strategically titled article is People Magazine’s pathetic way of trying to stir up controversy and sell magazines.

itznia on

Although I respect her decision – it certainly does not mean that those of us who chose to have epidurals – were choosing to “drug” our babies – our babies too latched on right away, have grown up with close bonds with us moms and even have gone on to college to be physics majors and well rounded young adults.

Kat on

When did models (Miranda, Gisele) become people to go to for birthing and parenting advice?

Anonymous on

The decision to have or not have an epidural is a personal choice. What I find irresponsible is her indication that the epidural drugs the baby. That is simply not true! An epidural does not enter the blood stream, therefore it cannot be passed to the baby. Pain medication given through an IV do pass to the baby (which is usually why they are given in extremely limited dosages). Being a parent is hard enough without having to deal with all the misinformation that is out there. If a celebrity choses to speak out, I just with they would make sure they are sharing the correct information!

Lauren on

I am in no way criticizing her choice, I think it’s awesome when moms can have a natural delivery. However I do feel the need to point out that with an epidural the baby is in no way effected. With an epidural they insert a small catheter into the mother’s spinal column that delivers a continues dose of pain medication, causing the part of the spinal cord below the epidural site to be “numbed”. The medication does not enter the bloodstream and therefore does not effect the baby (that’s part of the beauty of an epidural).

If a mother receives pain medication through her IV then the baby can be affected. However, (1) doctors would not give medications that would cause harm to the baby and (2) most doctors don’t allow them to be administered if they think baby will be delivered soon because they want baby to not be “drugged up”.

Doctors generally know what they’re doing.

Mommytoane on

I am going to be a matry here but…here goes. I understand in some ways what she was meaning about a baby being drugged up. I knew a gal who was sooo drugged up because she “Hurt so bad” during contractions that her babies spent the first day of their lives in the NIC-U.,…and yes, the reason was that she was so drugged, her babies were drugged as well. BUT the drugging was not due to an epi…it was due to the other meds they give women in labor for pain. When it came to my baby…I was all for an epi….100% for it. But I missed the window, so went drug free….despite 29 hours of labor. When my DD came out, I was so darn exhausted. Was it worth it, yes? Did I crave the ability to be one of those rested looking mommies who had a comfy epi? Yes. Would I change things? Not in a heartbeat.

I think any labor and delivery is unique to each woman. Every woman has a right to chose what things happen to THEIR bodies when they are in labor. No matter how anyone’s babies were born….remember this. Each and every one of those precious little angels you have…are a blessing that you, yourself created. Now go hug that blessing, and play a lovely little game of some sort with them….weather it be a board game, or simple peek a boo. Smile, laugh and spend time cuddling that blessing.

Susan on

Thank goodness there are supermodels around to give the rest of us mothering advice they’ve picked up while purging.

Brenda on

I’m amazed by the reactons to this – not by those who were offended, but by those who are defending the article. I have NO problem with the fact that she chose a natural birth but to say that she did something “better” than a mother who had an epi or a c section is ridiculous. To say “non Epi” babies bond better is also crazy. I have given birth to 4 daughters – all with epis (one by medical necessity, three by choice) and all of my girls are bonded beautifully with me. I didn’t even breastfeed (due to problems with my milk supply with the first and second and personal choice with the youngest two). All of my girls were alert from birth.

And to “Green” – I love how you brought disposable diapers into the argument. Not all of us have the desire to use cloth or, in my case, the luxury. I’ve had to work with all of my children (was a single mom with the first two and have teenagers now with the younger girls) and the majority of child care providers will NOT use cloth without medical reasons.

My point is – there’s not one way that is “right” or “best” but a variety of ways that can result in intelligent, loving and strong children. Mothers should spend more time embracing and building each other up than beating each other down for differences.

Jennifer on

An epidural has no effect on the baby. It is a numbing agent used for the mother. Other drugs given through an IV (narcotics) may have an effect on the baby.

Courtney on

Ick. I just don’t think celebrities should be quoted regarding issues such as babies coming out drugged if the mom gets an epidural. She’s not a doctor, she’s not a health care worker. She shouldn’t say things that she doesn’t know to be true. I’ve had two babies, and two epidurals, and both of my babies were alert and responsive and put on my breast right away and we bonded instantly. Sometimes celebs should just shut up – no one cares how awesome you think you are.

My Opinion on

Rrrraaarrreee!!! Take it easy there ladies. She is not saying that anyone who decides to have an epidural or has a planned or emergency C-Section isn’t giving “thier” child the best start possible considering that circumstances. All she said is that she wanted the absolute best start for “her” child and thankfully for her all went well and she was able to give Flynn the best start possible. You can’t argue with facts and it is a known fact that babies who are born “drug free” are more alert thus resulting in their ability to go straight to the breast and be more responsive and aware. I’ll never understand the need for women to want to one up one another with their child birth stories or get all up in arms about what may or may not have been implied. Now go and get yourselves some coffee and relax a little bit.
I for one happen to agree with her and that does not mean that it negates your child birth experience as being the absolute best.

KJo on

So glad she knows everything about childbirth from a video. I know everything I need to know about home life from Leave it to Beaver reruns

kikiandkyle on

I think we need more people to come out and say that it’s actually possible to have a baby without an epidural if you don’t have any complications, and that it may actually be healthier. It’s become so commonly accepted that we have to have one, and we’re just being martyrs if we don’t. There’s a reason why c-section rates are so high, and I don’t think it’s just because doctors are trying to avoid lawsuits.

tokyopen on

Well, everyone is entitled to make their own choices depending on what they feel is best for themselves and their families. In my experience, however, I had an epidural with each of my labours, my babies were born naturally and both latched on immediately and were breastfed without issue. Just want to make the point for any epxecting or new mums, you can have that amazing bond, and breast feed fine, if you choose to have pain relief during labour.

Relax on

I don’t understand why mothers take these articles so personally, as if Miranda was talking about them specifically. I construe the article as HER own experience and HER wish to give birth naturally. Just like you may have chosen an epidural does not mean that Miranda thinks you are a bad mother. She made a choice for HER baby, for HER life. Don’t judge her for it.

julia on

i give her a lot of credit. I have always been a fan of hers and i respect that she is so open about her choices. For those of you who don’t believe there is research that can back up what she determined you probably havnt looked. It may or may not be accurate, but i can assure you that it is there. For those of you that are getting up in arms about feeling personally attacked..STOP. For millions of years people have been having children naturally and with out c-sections. Its wonderful that science and technology have been able to make giving birth easier and less painful. But that doesnt mean thats how it was intended to be. I agree with the person who made the statement that its a 1st world issue. Many people in the world dont even know what an epidural is. Stop attacking her. personally i think more people should do the research she has done before having a child. I think way to many people trust the advice given to them by their health care providers. And while it is good to have a provider that you trust, you should be informed on the decisions that you make. Just like there is research to back up breastfeeding, research that backs up that without an episiotomy women heal better and that there are ways to avoid an episiotomy all together without tearing, but many people dont research these things dont have these conversations with their doctors and dont want to feel the pain of labor. DONT ATTACK HER BECAUSE SHE DECIDED TO INFORM HERSELF BEFORE GIVING BIRTH (even if you dont agree with her findings)

BDJ on

I don’t think Ms. Kerr came off in the best light with her comments (she did sound awfully judgey), but she has a point that there are risks associated with epidurals. This isn’t really the place to go into all the possible side effects, but as with any medicine, vaccine, etc. there are risks. Nothing is 100% safe. However, as long as you know the possible risk you can make an informed decision about how it might effect you and your baby it is the mother’s choice.

I also think she might have been referring to babies of women who have IV narcotics seeming drugged at birth. It is true that if a woman is given a narcotic too close to delivery the baby gets a dose as well and can seem a bit sluggish when born. To my knowledge epidurals do not have the same effect on newborns.

I had two natural births, but my friends who had epidurals have had just as strong of bonds with their children as me. I do think that part of her reasoning doesn’t hold water.

BabyDoc on

Epidurals are designed to provide regional anesthesia to the mother and not the baby. The medication does not travel systemically. That’s the WHOLE POINT. Miranda Kerr is ignorant about this obviously. Only mothers under general anesthesia can pass anesthetic onto their baby. Or if they have received IV doses of narcotic pain medication. By defintion, epidural anesthesia remains in the epidural space and does not sedate the infant if performed properly. This article is blatantly wrong.
FYI I’m a practicing physician who cares for high risk newborns.

Sarah on

When it’s time to give birth, people need to have an open mind. A mother saying she is “unwilling to compromise” isn’t strong, she’s ridiculous. What if the baby goes into distress and the mom need an emergency c-section? She is going to walk away feeling disappointment and failure, and THAT is what is going to lead to bonding problems. I think it’s great to say, “I am shooting for a natural childbirth and will do everything in my power to do that” but to say there’s absolutely no other option is just plain idiotic.

Emily on

It’t not as if the epidural is inserted into the baby’s arm. Let’s get a little bit of perspective people. I had three children, all with epidurals, and I was able to nurse all of them almost immediately. The only reason I couldn’t nurse them immediately was because they had to be cleaned first….as with all babies that are not born under a tree.

MRJ on

My epi baby scored 9/10 on the apgar scale. She nursed just fine. Now granted I had a c-sect but I got the epi before I knew I was going to have to have one.

Maggie on

Ladies, just do what’s right for you and your family, and don’t judge others. It’s upsetting that labor and motherhood have become competitions.

Katie on

These type of stories always suck to read. No matter what, someone is offended and the person whose opinion is being expressed always sounds pretentious and preachy, which I don’t think she was trying to do.

feverblossom on

This is not just Miranda’s opinion, she is part of a natural-birthing movment that has credible research like any other birthing movement. If you don’t agree, then don’t do it. Epidurals and such are more or less safe, but people like Miranda want to be as conservative as possible about the drugs and chemicals they put in their bodies. It’s just a personal choice. She is doing her research and making her own opinions instead of following what everyone else says is ok. Open your mind or live and let live.

Someone is awfully full of themselves... on

“Wow…it would seem that a lot of women who had an epidural feel threatened by women who can refuse it and do the same job without relief. And epidural is a choice and it absolutely affects your body. I find it ironic how people won’t let an ounce of junk food pass their lips during pregnancy, or who won’t take a pill for a headache but as soon as they are through the hospital door are wanting a needle in their back to numb them to the experience of birth. Then bring on the toxin filled disposable diapers (because they are “easier”) and the list goes on and on. Stop being lazy people! Birth is natural, not a medical emergency that requires Dr’s, drugs and intervention (for the most part, I obviously know there are exceptions). Suck it up, its 1 or 2 days out of your life that might be uncomfortable. I am sick of people making those of us who have the balls to suck it up and do it naturally feel like we are “trying to prove” something. No..we just made the best choice for our babies, and you come across as jealous that you couldn’t do the same!

– Green on July 5th, 2012”

Holy crap! I don’t know if your bitter from feeling the pain of childbirth or what, but you come across as a self righteous,obnoxious, know-it-all!

Liz on

I take issue with her statements because its obvious from reading this article that MIranda might have misread this so-called “study” about epidurals. When a woman gets an epidural, minimal medication gets into the bloodstream. However, if a woman has IV pain medication, then the medication does get into the blood stream and can affect the baby. The minimal amount that may enter the blood stream from an epidural is negligible, and does no harm or foul to the baby. There is alot more that goes into consideration with an epidural such as fetal drug metabolism, maternal drug metabolism, volumes of distribution of medications, placental transfer rates, etc…I understand that she is entitled to say what she feels, but it makes me very upset as a woman who is pregnant and plans on having an epidural when people, especially celebrities, make such broad statements about topics which she really doesn’t have a medical expertise in. It’s statements like these that pit women against each other. Good for her for going au natural with childbirth. That’s her birth plan, but not mine, so please Miranda, keep your comments to yourself until you have become well versed in the actual study and can accurately quote the information.

m on

agree, she sounds very arrogant and uneducated. I’ve had four kids, two naturally, two with drugs. ALL latched onto the breast immediately after birth, all had PERFECT apgar scores, ALL were completely alert and wide eyed. Sounds like she watched some propaganda and made up her mind.

rhonda on

Everyone is upset about the epidural versus no epidural. i am more upset over the fact these celebraties tend to tell us they felt no pressure on losing the baby weight. when I got pregnant and went to the birthing classes I was told it takes up to a year to get to your prebody weight and even after that most normal women have strtch marks and a little pouchy stomach. As I recall she went right back to work, no pressure at all really????? thank to these celebraties more women expect to have perfect bodies but in reality that is not the case.

Julie on

I agree with the other poster, there are many side effects from epidurals. My grandson had some complications from the epidural. I gave birth without it, as did many women before me and since. I think women are selfish who do this, thinking only of themselves and their own comfort. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, women do not need them.

dawn on

My first son i was in hard labor for 29 hrs with out any meds and little guy still wouldn’t come out and so i ended up with a c section. he did not latch on right away because he had to be in an oxygen tent for 12 hrs right away. so he assumed the bottle feed and i pumped every day for 1yr every 2 to 5 hrs.
my second son was planned c section and as soon as i got that little man about 45 min later he latched on right away so stick to modeling and not medical science.

Amanda on

First time moms think they know everything and have everything figured out! Must be nice! When they are grown, you realize you didn’t know as much as you thought, and just tried to do the best you could.

J_in_PA on

I have never had an epidural so I don’t feel judged. 🙂 I have had 2 natural births and 2 babies by c-section (which is a spinal so similar to an epi but … more hard core). As far as I know the c/s babies were just fine and dandy at birth, nursed right away, perfectly fine – but I was a little loopy so it is hard to say. My problem with the article is it just doesn’t play out in the real world – I am really not sure that she researched so much as bought into the natural birthing world propaganda. When researching, make sure to look at what is CURRENT – the insane list of articles supposedly proving the link above includes some really old stuff. Over time we have learned dose matters and timing matters – not merely because of the baby but because of how it affects the mom. There are medications a mother can take in labor which CAN affect the baby especially if given at the wrong time but you’re generally not going to see a drugged baby as a result of an epi alone. WRT no longer nursing because the baby has teeth – that’s just more false information. Mind blowing. Completely puzzling to see someone so gung ho about natural birth being so misinformed about breastfeeding. If you can handle childbirth with no medication, you can handle nursing with teeth.

Jen on

Next thing you know she’ll be spouting off that it should be against the law for women to give birth using an epidural. She’s starting to sound like Gisele Bunch’O something or other. They both make it sound like if you don’t squeeze out a kid with no pain meds and keep them on the t** until they’re in high school you’re not a good mother.

kelly on

There’s nothing wrong with epidural it’s a personal choice. I had one with both daughters, and neither came into the world “drugged up”. I applaud those women who choose not to have one, but as with the other post stick to modeling. I’m sure there is no pressure to lose baby weight with the help of personal chefs and trainers at your disposal. I get aggravated to read those types of articles.

J on

B.J., so you’ve never been pregnant, have no interest in kids and have false info on parenting issues running in your head yet you have the nerve to try to scold mothers? Come back and try again when you get pregnant and know what mothers go though, kiddo…

Kristen on

I like Miranda and the idea of natural childbirth. But I also think that some babies probably appreciate a little epidural action. Like my 10-pound baby, with whom I labored for 25 hours, had to have a heart monitor clip in his head, and a vacuum assist during that time. I think if he could have, he would’ve high-fived me for giving him something perfectly safe to take the edge off.

guest123 on

I think the question was posed and she just answered it with the knowledge she had, fully or limited. I don’t think that she judges women who use epidurals/or are required for the safety of the baby. I don’t think she or other women look down on other women either for this issue either. I also don’t think she would care if she needed it for the next time either. I get the impression she felt if she could birth without posing any risk or experiencing any complication to herself or baby, do it. This is not a judgment piece……

J_in_PA on

Those saying they know of babies who were born with problems from an epidural – WHAT problems? Some babies are just born tired or in need of help regardless of the method of delivery. Without a control for that given baby it’s pretty much impossible to say it was the epi. It is extremely unlikely to have been the epi – but also very easy to second guess any choice that was made when things don’t go exactly to plan. Vaguely alluding to “things going wrong” due to an epidural spreads fear but does not in any way allow or encourage women to research facts and really decide based on evidence. Women need FACTS, not vague scare tactics and false information.

Julie, your daughter (or daughter in law?) must feel wonderfully supported knowing that you find her choice to have an epidural thoughtless and selfish.

LN on

I have two children…the first with the help of an epidural and the second with no epidural. I can tell you, the epidural was a godsend with my first son. I was in labor for 18 hours with back labor and felt like I was being torn apart in two. His head was really large and in the wrong position to come out. The doc had to actually put his hands inside me to rotate the baby. Even with the epidural, I could feel it and felt terrible pain. I can only imagine what that would have felt like without the epidural! It was a frightening and extremely painful labor. And my son went straight to my breast and latched on like a champ after the delivery. My second son was born “drug free” and did not want to latch on immediately after birth. He was too pooped. Neither child had any feeding difficulties within hours of the births and were breastfed for several months, each. While I applaud Amanda for her desire to have a successful birth and her wish for a healthy start for her newborn, all research and my own personal experiences, shows that an epidural is not harmful to a baby. I am a nurse and helped many moms bring babies into the world, and have never seen a baby have feeding difficulties as a result of the use of an epidural. That is just plain inaccurate! An epidural is a safe, healthy option for moms and their babies. It actually facilitates healthy contractions and eases babies into the world in a less traumatic way, especially when moms are presented with really challenging births. What moms choose to do is up to them and their doctors’ recommendations. There is no right or wrong way to give birth, whether it’s with or without an epidural, a c-section, or with the aide of assistive devices. Anything that safely gets the baby out is the correct way to go, specific and unique to each and every mom. I wish Ms. Kerr a lot of happiness and joy from her baby and hope that she is a bit more open minded with her second child. May each of her pregnancies and births prove to be easy and healthy and as she wants them to be. This same wish goes out to every pregnant woman. And may each woman make her own decisions as to how they want their pregnancies and births to go.

Jac on

@ Lauren, She must still be breastfeeding on occasion if she’s still producing milk. She didn’t say she stopped breastfeeding, just that he has teeth. It sounds like she’s saying she’s preparing to stop. I’m not sure why should would read up on how to breastfeed a child with teeth since she would be breastfeeding the same way. Just wait until you’re breastfeeding and your child bites your nipple. NOT A GOOD FEELING.

marta on

good for her. Good thing I don’t listen to celebrities, I had two children with c-section and both latched on right away. My best advice for all moms is: don’t listen to celebrities, they don’t live in our world.

Melissa on

All you have to do is research the subject of “NATURAL BIRTHING” and you will see all the facts of exactly what she’s talking about, see the actual movies. Rather than be mad or offended, just research it and you will see she is right. A women’s body was specifically designed to have a baby so don’t mess with that with drugs and knives unless absolutely necessary. You CAN do a natural birth, I was scared of the “unknown” too but it came out AMAZING!!!

amsjll507 on

Oh please people, you fall for it every time. Is this true celebrity news? No way. They posted this article specifically to start an online war, because it gets people talking. Every woman is free to research her options and make her own decisions along with her doctor. Want all natural at home in a tub with a midwife and dula? Go for it. Dont come cryin when something goes horribly wrong and you arent near a medical team. Want a epidural? There are risks, research them. A planned c-section? Its major abdominal surgery with major risks, especially with repeats. No matter what you do SOMETHING could go wrong. But the vast majority of the time, everything will be fine!

Get off your high horses in thinking any choice you make is superior to others.

Max on

Yes Miss Kerr is grossly misinformed, But PEOPLE is equally to blame. Just because the subject of your interview spurts out stupid statements doesn’t mean you have use those statements to draw readers in. PEOPLE has a responsibility NOT to spread potentially dangerous misinformation. Up to now PEOPLE Magazine has done a nice job of not crossing that line from legitimate magazine to tabloid, but you are getting very close to stepping over. Very close.

liarlairpantsonfire on

lol. yes, sweetie, easy-peasey lemon squeasy with the first baby. let us know after a couple more. i thought my 3rd would never arrive. 2 weeks of not-quite-enough-contractions-to be-active-labor. every mom and eery delivery is different. this is one of those famous last words situations i think.

Becky on

Gisselle must be mentoring her on how to talk stupid. I had to be induced because of complications and the epidural didn’t work for me. My body was going into shock from the pain. I would never encourage anyone to go natural. Worst pain EVER!

K on

First of all we all need to be a little honest here. Any drugs you use while pregnant affect the baby, this is why pregnant women in general don’t use any drugs except maybe tylenol just in case. However, during birth this wisdom seems to fly out the window and women pretend that nothing they take during labor will affect the baby. It does, good or bad, the truth is it does. Now, it is your choice whether to take that chance and assume that since lots of other women take the same chance you should be ok. That’s your choice and I support that you have a right to choose. However, don’t rationalize your choice by saying that the drugs you chose to take during labor to ease your pain do not affect the baby because that’s not true. And while you may have gotten away with it, many women do not and that’s why we have the highest rate of infant mortality in the modern world right here in the good old USA. Facts are facts, uncecessary interventions during labor escalate into C-Sections which are major surgery and therefore have a much higher risk factor than natural labor and birth. Again, it’s your choice but risks are risks and some of us are willing to endure pain and even worse to minimize the risks to our children during birth. That’s our choice so please don’t rationalize yours by saying what we chose was unnecessary. Please do the research, learn the stats and make educated choices.

AnAverageMom on

So Flynn will go to school and tell his friends whose mom had epidurals that they didn’t have the best possible start? His mom is publicly talking about it in her native language, and I’m sure she will tell Flynn the same thing. I gave birth naturally, but I never thought and said such a thing.

Maria on

Thats great if that workd for her but Im really tired of people putting down people that do want an epidural.Its still natural but but with something to ease the pain. They only way its not natural is if the baby came our of her ear.

Natalie on

So tired of moms judging other moms for the choices they make. Love the irony of her essentially putting down mothers who had epidurals, but fails to realize that many mothers nurse babies with teeth because the WHO recommends breast feeding until 2 and beyond. I’m sure she wouldn’t like it if someone suggested that not nursing her son just because he had teeth that she wasn’t giving him the best possible care.

boston on

Two of my three babies were drug-free labors and the only one who latched right on was my second baby who I had an epidural with– so much for that theory!!!

Niecy on

I would’ve loved to go “natural” but I am so glad I didn’t. My son ended up being born “sunny side up” which literally tore me in half (It took them over 2 hours to put things back in place and stich me up). My intestines spilled out and I can’t imagine how painful that would’ve been if I had gone “natural”. My epidural did slow my labor down but it actually speeds labor up in some situations so… go figure! If I had it to do all over again (or get the chance to) I will try and go “natural” but with a saddle block (it is a numbing shot much like novacain that basically numbs you in the same area as if you were sitting on a saddle) that should cover any tearing that goes on without dulling the other sensations or “drugging” the baby (which didn’t happen in my case but I guess it could depending on the baby and the situation). What I think is funny is how we all go around and talk about everyone being different and that is okay but when it comes to medical science everyone thinks it is absolute. Well guys…it isn’t! Some things effect people in one way and a different person in a totally different way some people get epidurals that don’t work at all (that happened to my cousin) others aren’t in enough pain to feel they need any pain killers (GREAT! wish I was one of them) but it doesn’t mean we are better or worse mothers because of it. It means we are all different (PERIOD!) If you do the best you can while your pregnant, avoid alcohol, drugs, etc. eat well, take your vitamins, all that stuff, that is what gives your baby the best start in this world possible. Not whether you had an epidural or not.

arti on

Okay, Ms Kerr please stop behaving like you are the only woman to have experienced childbirth and breast feeding. I am so sick of her constantly ranting the same crap. I am an Indian and almost 90% of the women never take epidural and don’t make it sound like some big deal. Get over it!!!

samsantha on

Good for her telling her story like that but who cares !!!! why feel the need to say i don’t want to drug my baby?

Anonymous on

Something gives me the feeling that she’s trying to squeeze as much publicity out of this thing as she can…

I mean really! She gave birth to Flynn in January of 2011, and in July of 2012 we are still talking about the birthing process???

But each to his/her own… if Miranda wants to milk it, she can.

My mom had horrible kidney stones and infections during her pregnancy with my older brother, and was in critical condition the whole 9 months of the pregnancy. Try that, Miranda!

Still, I do think it’s good that she decided to breastfeed- that’s the natural way that God made it!

Anonymous on

It seems to me like she’s trying to squeeze as much publicity out of this thing as she can… I mean really! Flynn was born in January of 2011 and we’re still talking about the birthing process in July of 2012? Good grief…

Denise on

I am so sick of hearing this girl talk about the birth of her son. Hasn’t it almost been a year? She goes on and on about how she is so special because she gave birth naturally, lost her weight right way, breastfeeds, etc. She isn’t the only person on the planet who has done this. Not to mention, implying that those who chose to receive epidurals wanted to “drug” their babies…. give me a break. Stop talking now before you get yourself into some serious backlash.

danielle on

What a bunch of whiners some of you commenters are. Just because someone has a different opinion or did something different either by choice or circumstance has nothing to do with you. Miranda isn’t personally attacking your choices or giving advice toward all you offended mommies. No need to spend your lives offended by other’s statements about their own personal experiences.

yikes on

Blah blah blah. Another “celebrity” acting as if they actually know anything. I can act just as arrogant – if she wanted to be a really good mom she could pump and save her breast milk for years. So choosing not to make her baby drowsy??? she ought to just keep her mouth shut. This is just a pathetic article.

Lisa on

I am always amused by people getting worked up over a scientific fact. It is a FACT that the epidural crosses the placenta. Miranda did not make that up to impress the masses. It just happens. Whether or not that makes someone a “bad” mother to choose is within the beholder. I personally think not.

But to argue someone’s stance on something that is clinically proven is a little silly.

Lisa on

@ wifeinprogress – very beautifully well said! All of it!

Courtney on

I think instead of stating answers in terms of “what I chose to do was this______________” would be better, instead of validating it as being THE BEST THING A MOTHER COULD DO, would go a long way in some of these interviews, and wouldn’t pit women against each other. We mothers ALL (well, almost all) want the best for our children, and if one mother says what she did was the ONLY right thing to do, instead of saying it was just her choice, then there wouldn’t be as many mothers out there that feel offended by statements like that.

rae on

Its interesting how all those commenting above about “judgmental mothers” and “birth is not a competition” are being equallly as judgmental about your own choices versus the lady in the article. Your harsh comments perpetuate the cycle of “birth competitions” and mothers hating on other mothers. I think the purpose of these articles should be for all mothers to hear about a variety of options and what works best for certain people. Everyone should take responsibility for their own comments, not just the model who was only responding to questions about her birth plan.

Mellynn on

I was unaware that Victoria’s Secret handed out medical degrees.

Helen on

I don’t think she meant to offend anyone, but she should’ve thought about what she’s saying a little more. I had my baby via an emergency c-section. Does that mean she did not have a perfect start in life? And guess what – she latched on right away, and I did nurse her for almost a year. To imply that other moms opt for for something imperfect just because their birth may have been different from hers is pretty shallow and self-centered.

Erin on


wow you sound like a complete douche bag. who the hell are you to criticize any woman for how she gives birth?? I had two children, one natural one with an epidural to bring down my pregnancy induced hypertension..it was epidural or c section, so I chose accordingly. It is people like you who I cannot stand, passing your judgements when you don’t know any situation anyone was in

Sarah on

I hate it when celebrities take this holier-than-thou stance on motherhood or act like they invented motherhood. You have your beliefs but she sounds grossly misinformed in this article. The very reason women have epidurals is because the drugs don’t effect the baby. I have no issues with her deciding to have her son naturally, but for a lot of women, they choose otherwise, and to act like doing so is putting their child at risk is short-sighted and just plain stupid.

STLmom on

I think both sides are right. I don’t think that there are really detrimental effects to the babies when Mother’s choose epidurals, however it has been overwhelmingly proven that Mother’s who chose to medicate during Labor and Delivery have a much higher incidence of C-Sections and increased labor time. I think both sides aren’t seeing a balance. If mother’s choose to be medicated I think that’s fine, but I think they should be more closely educated to the fact that their are risks. That being said woman will not start gravitating towards natural childbirth until the fear of labor is removed and they are encouraged and educated about the amazing feat their bodies were designed to accomplish. When one is full of fear pain is more fully perceived and increases. I have 4 children. One was born via C-section due to breech position. The latter three were VBACs. The 2nd I had completely naturally with only my husband present. It was barely manageable but accomplished. My third and fourth I hired a wonderful doula who knew exactly what to do to encourage my body to birth and relax my mind. She was massaging, we were stretching, squatting, on birthing balls, etc. They were an incredible births that I wish every woman would have the opportunity to experience.

Sandi on

I was blessed with a daughter 10 years ago and a set boy/girl twins 6 yrs ago. i had epidurals for both. With my twins I had a natural delivery and an emergency c-section with my son.

I had no intention on breast feeding any of my kids because formula had worked so well for my daughter. I was able to get WIC while pregnant with my twins and they pushed me and blackmailed into breastfeeding by saying they would cut off my checks for myself and no formula would be allowed for the twins. I agreed to go to a breast feeding class and we compromised that i would pump the milk.

After the twins were born my daughter would not latch on and I couldn’t tell if my son was or how much he was getting, he always seemed hungry. The nurses wouldn’t help me and said that the lactation specialist would be in the next few days. I even asked my mother in law which was very awkward because I’m a modest person. I decided to feed them the formula that the hospital provided because I would know how much they were getting until I could get home and pump. Over the next few weeks I couldn’t even get enough milk to sustain one of the twins.

A lactation counselor called to see how everything was going and I told her my problem. She told me then that not every woman can produce milk. I was so mad that I was pushed into doing something that my body couldn’t handle. I am beyond thrilled I had enough common sense to put them on the formula or else there could have been some serious problems.

There is a pressure to breast feed and a pressure to have a natural delivery among moms and it is wrong. moms need to be educated and confident in all options.

guest on

Babies are not directly effected by the epidurals… when mothers get epidurals, it causes a drop in natural endorphines that cause a surge in hormones. Without that surge in hormones during birth, the baby and mother are less “alert”. If this was what she was trying to avoid, then that is her choice. But for some of us that had to have pitocin to induce labor(the use of pitocin increases your likely hood of using epidurals) then we really didn’t have much of a choice. My child was still a breast fed, healthy baby. If I could have chose differently, I would have done it without the drugs, as well. But in the ‘old days’, my child and I would have done because I can’t birth a child without a c-section. I can see how some women are offended with what she said because it was insensitive and quite ignorant.

Nicole on

I have no idea who this woman even is. She is an underwear model? We care what she has to say about anything other than what she knows, UNDERWEAR? By all means, argue amongst yourselves about all the babies you’ve had and how you had them. At least you are ABLE to have babies, some of us just aren’t so lucky. Wake up and get over yourselves.

Ms Jordan on

I originally planned to have a natural birth. It didn’t work out that way due to an incompent intern. I was in hard labor for 3 days, walking the hospital halls the 3rd day to speed up labor. All of the water had leaked out of me during the 3 days and there was just one tablespoon left when they “broke the water.” I never dialated past fingertip and aside from terrible back labor and very strong contractions no further dialation happened. The intern decided he should give me demoral, which I refused, but he injected me with it any way. An hour later the idiot injected me with morphine. I was givn morphine twice even though I said I didn’t want any drugs. He refused to listen. A fetal heart monitor was placed on my belly to monitor my baby’s heartbeat. A few hours after that the intern decided an internal monitor needed to be drilled into my baby’s head because the hear rate was dropping. During the proceedure I had several strong contractions with my butt propped upon a bedpan with my legs shaking, while the monitor was inserted into my baby’s head. I was shouted at by the intern who said, “Hold still or else I could accidentally drive the monitor into your baby’s head and it could turn up brain damaged or brain dead.” Eventially a real OB showed up and boy was he angry at the intern. He actually pounded him against the wall and ordered him to run to the lab for blood results from my baby. Then suddenly my baby’s heart rate dropped to 19 and I was raced down the hall for an emergency C-section where they knocked me out totally. When I woke up my son was brought to me. The nurse told me he was fine but somewhat knocked out because of the drugs I was given while I was in labor. He was lethargic for 24 hours due to the drugs used on me while in labor. After that he was finally able to nurse. The moring after I had given birth I was told I was knocked out for the C-section because the OB thought my son would be still born and I had a 50-50 chance of survival. I also found out the worst time to give a mother morphine is when she is in labor as crosses over into the baby and drops the baby’s heart rate, just like it did to my son. The doctor told me he would have done a C-section once he had discovered my labor hadn’t progressed past fingertip dialation during the last 24 hours. He apologized for not being there due to delivering another baby at the time the intern was making countless errors. My son at the age of 30 still has scars on top of his head stemming from the internal heart monitor used during labor. So there’s my story, just like Ms Kerr has her’s. Every labor and deliver is different for each mother. Simply stating our experiences is no just cause to criticize another mother’s point of view, birth experience and choices. People mag wrote the headline to gain our attention. Blame it for putting words into Kerr’s mouth when she actually did not say the headline within the article. The overall bottom line is for each mother to have a healthy baby after it’s birth, something all mothers can be happy about.

shannon on

another misinformed mother to be…………
By making the mother somewhat comfortable during child birth does not harm a baby. I’m a 46 year old mother with a 2 year old. These women are WAY OVERTHINKING this stuff. If she wants to agonize in labor – go for it. Good for you.
I would think it would be less tramatic on a baby not to have the mother in agonizing pain – the worst of her life – miserable.
there are a lot of ways to look at it – but this young lady doesn’t get any hero points from me. I do not think less of any woman giving birth that decides to receive an epidural. I actually think the ones that turn it down are imposing unecessary pain and trauma on themselves and the baby. But – that’s why we all have a choice. It is her choice.

LV on

Women, we need to stop judging one another…it does not make you any better (or any worse) a mother if you have a natural child birth experience, an epidural, or a c-section; or if you breast feed or bottle feed. Being there for your child with love and support makes you a good mother, nothing more. The best mother/child bond I have ever had the pleasure of seeing is between my dear friend and her mother – and she was adopted at the age of 3. Their bond has absolutely nothing to do with drug-free natural birth or breastfeeding; their bond was forged from years of comforting hugs, shared laughs, and encouraging words.

Anonymous on

Oh Miranda Kerr…You are so full of shite. Congratulations on alienating your core demo. Why don’t you go about your business and stop making women feel bad about having had an epidural (whether by choice or necessity). How condescending and trite you sound (and probably are!). To suggest that a mother isn’t giving her child the best start possible because she either didn’t want to or couldn’t have a drug free birth, is absolutely ludicrous. Shame on you and shame on People Magazine for reprinting this junk. Why don’t you concentrate on something of actual importance in this world and stop passing judgement on others. Perhaps some day you will realize that life is complex and difficult enough without having some irrelevant “super model” adding to the burden.

Anonymous on

I am entirely sick of reading about Miranda Kerr and her amazing natural delivery. Once or twice, it’s nice to hear about. However, continual coverage of her and her natural birth, her breastfeeding, her losing fifty pounds overnight in her sleep- enough is enough. There are a LOT of women in the world who do not get to experience their ‘perfect’ or imagined birth, and end up with an emergency, a C-Section, or a baby who refuses to latch on. It HAPPENS. Or- gasp-uses drugs to get by unbelivable, debilitating pain. Women who don’t get to ultimately experience that ideal birth, whatever it may be, have to go through a grieving process and cope with that, and a LOT of people are plain nasty about it. I would just like once for a celebrity to come out and admit they didn’t get their perfect natural birth but they that they have a healthy baby and so all is right with the world. It would be nice to validate those of us who feel they ‘fell short’ when it came to that. Also, FYI People.com, but there is a woman who gave birth at six months pregnant recently and had a stroke, and is now learning to care for her baby and feed her baby and re-learn how to talk. That would be lightyears more interesting and validating as a woman than hearing about perfect supermodels and how they effortlessly lose weight. Thanks.

crew md on

As an Ob/Gyn I really wish people would fact check stories before spreading this crud. An epidural is a LOCAL anesthetic and does NOT drug the baby. The downside to an epidural for a fetus is that it can alter mom’s blood pressure which may need to be corrected and could impair placental perfusion.

There is absolutely no reason for women to suffer through labor and childbirth. Why do we spread these lies to scare each other and make others feel less worthy. It is just simply not true.

Lisa on

I admire her bravery at going drug-free, but I’m really offended that she makes me feel like a complete ******* for getting an epidural.

Suz on

What!! Another high and mighty celebrity trying to say the rest of us lowly people are such horrible people if we opted for an epidural?!!

This little floozy makes me sick. I almost died giving birth to my first child. Modern medicine saved me. This little spoiled brat deserves all the backlash she’s going to get. What a stupid C**t

Suz on

Oh and I don’t take this as a “personal attack” like some of you Negativity Wardens on here seem to imply. I’m done having kids, mine turned out great, and I don’t regret nor would I do anything different.
I think that this was irresponsible for anyone reading this who then gets anxiety and deems epidurals as bad, but who may eventually need help in managing a difficult vaginal childbirth.
People mag knew this web article would get this woman slammed, too. That’s why it’s on here

sweetness on

Kudos to Miranda for going all natural. The natural birth is not for everyone, but people have to realize women’s bodies are made to give birth… without drugs, it’s a possibility. No one should feel bad about how they gave birth to their child, but I do encourage women to think about it. Yes, I did the same when I had my son, not because I knew he’d latch on quicker (that statement btw shouldn’t have made), but because I was confident my body could tolerate it. It was painful, but I was truly happy with the process (afterwards of course)!

Anne on

An epidural does NOT create a drugged baby. She’s clearly ignorant.

Amanda on

I had my baby girl about 4 months ago, and I had decided ahead of time to have an epidural. I didn’t think it was a cop-out or being less of a woman. And any women out there who would put down any woman who has a baby, no matter which way it comes out, is just baffling to me. I felt like superwoman after my baby arrived. For the sheer fact that I kept her safe in my belly, took care of myself and her well-being the best I could before she arrived, and the fact that a woman can bring a baby into the world, period, was just amazing! It’s something we can do that men can’t. It’s special, no matter what. And the moment I made the last push to get her out, they quickly cut the cord, and laid her all messy and perfect and beautiful on my chest. And I immediately began to nurse her and she did great!! So to all the moms out there, c-section, epidural, natural, etc, we are all amazing for bringing babies into this world. The end.

Rosanna on

I am really sick and tired of these “super models” thinking they have all this experience with babies and childbirth after experiencing it once! It is all a bunch of crap as far as I can see! I have given birth to 5 babies with the help of the epidural, and every single one of them latched on immediately after the birth, and not one of them was “drugged up” in the least bit. It is every woman’s choice how they want to experience childbirth, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen can just take their opinions and shove it.

Summer on

Miranda Kerr’s comments are factually incorrect, dangerously misinformed and incredibly judgmental. She does a disservice to all mothers by suggesting that any delivery that involves a medical intervention is ‘unnatural’. It’s advances in medical science and technology that have saved the lives of millions of women and infants; those who do not have such benefits and access to first world maternal health are dying every day as a result. Before she uses her privileged platform to advocate incorrect and unscientific views, she needs a good lesson in fact. Maybe then we’ll all benefit from less of her righteous preaching.

MB on

So a vaginal delivery with an epidural is not natural? And how in the world can you tell a baby is “drugged up” at birth and that the bonding is affected at birth because of the epidural? I’m beginning to realize that all these Victoria’s Secret model moms are all beauty and definitely no brains. They need to quit pushing their “holier than thou” crap on all of us real moms, we have enough to deal with as it is!

Janchief on

I was able to give birth to two children without any drugs, including an epidural. Nevertheless, I am appalled that Miranda Kerr would make these unscientific claims. Every labor is different and each woman must decide with her doctor what needs to be done during the birthing process. Labor can be very unpredictable and no one should feel bad because they chose an epidural.

Kelly on

To BJ: Well said for someone who has never been through childbirth or raised a child. It’s very sad that you would say comment about women that way. The women on here are not getting upset regarding her choice to not have an epidural, they are upset for her thinly veiled innuendos about going natural and how that makes you a better mother….read between the lines. I had an epidural and my son was so alert he almost started walking after birth. He latched on immediately. Women are not weaker since the time your mother gave birth. In fact, with the circumstances and challenges these days, I would say we are probably much stronger!!! To each woman, her own choice. However, that being said, since you have no experience in either the birthing or rearing of a human being, I suggest you keep your narrow-minded opinions to yourself.

carter on

I admire any women who gives birth. Natural or not. I had an epidural and I will more than likely have one if i ever have another child. My baby was very alert when she was born. My contractions were horrible and I had back labor so when they put the epidural in it felt like heaven. Things went much more smoothly for me. But each to their own!

Jen K on

I have to disagree. My second daughter was born with an epidural and was nursing like a champ as soon as they gave her to me. She continued to nurse for 9 months. You cannot read every “study” out there and assume that they will relate to you. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be losing their minds in pain during childbirth.

Diana on

Any drugs you take while pregnant goes into the baby’s system
There are also complications that can effect the baby. Theses complications will not only harm the mother but can potentially harm the baby as well. Studies have shown that epidural anesthesia effects baby’s. Although there aren’t many studies and more have to be conducted, potential problems still exist, and until further studies are concluded, the mother should be aware of all potential risks to their child.
The effects of epidural anesthesia on newborns are as follows

lowered neurobehavioral scores on newborn (70%)
Decrease in muscle tone and strength (65%)
Respiratory depression in baby (68%)
Fetal Malpositioning (40%)
Fetal heart rate variability (62%)
Increase need for forceps, vacuum and cesarean deliveries and episiotomies (78%)

Anonymous on

@crew md
Thanks for the explanation. It is really nice to hear from a doctor about the subject.

anonymous on

Yes, thank you for giving some stats! Good for you Miranda! There are many of us who had to learn the hard way. You are so wise to have done off the bat! ~ A mom of 4 babies, last 2, no-meds!

Rosa on

An epidural interferes with the natural process of birth,therefore there can most definitely be an effect on breastfeeding. Things like excessive amounts of IV fluid(which directly effects the baby) and lying on the back without ability to move the lower extremities has consequences, some larger and some smaller. It seems because women have this choice there are fewer and fewer natural births, more and more c-sections,as epidurals can be risk factors for c-section. Turning birth into a medical condition, something to be treated, is removing women from the essence of their power. It is there for any woman to experience no matter the outcome of the birth. And it is proven through research that midwives, doulas, and home births result in much better birth outcomes statically and fewer breastfeeding problems.

Rosa on

I am also sad to read she may have stopped nursing just because baby got teeth!! Totally do-able and the info is out there!!!

Emma on

If you truly wanted your baby to have the best start in life you would be breastfeeding well after “he got teeth.” You chose drug free for whatever reason, but your 6 months or less of breastfeeding contradicts your statement. Stop making other Mothers feel bad, you bounced right back afterwards because youre a supermodel that has a trainer, chef, millions of dollars, a nanny and a contract that demands you look a certain way. Don’t lie and say you “didn’t care.” Nonsense.

Estoria on

Well said wifeinprogress!!! You are exactly right and it is the same here in Canada although Midwives are big where I am so I think more moms are choosing natural over medicated. I, myself had an epi the first time and completely regretted it. My son was born drugged up and lathargic. He didn’t latch on properly and I never actually ended up producing milk. It was a nightmare not to mention that my son developed a fever from the stupid epi as did I and he was taken away from me, poked a multitude of times for blood till they figured out, gee it was the epi. A few weeks after I had him an article was printed in our paper about how epis are linked to high fever in the mother and baby.

What some of you c-section moms need to remember is that your epi/spinal is short term. When you are in childbirth and get an epi it stays in your system a hell of a lot longer and a lot of us have it flowing into us a lot longer. I had a c-section with my second so I know what I am talking about. My mother is a nurse and I work in the health care field. My last two were all natural and they were the best experiences ever. My c-section btw lead to a DVT and some time spent in the ICU. Spending my birthday in the hospital was not fun.

I am done having babies now but I would NEVER get an epi again if I had anymore and I reccomend all mothers try going natural at least once(obviously some factors do not allow all mothers to do so but I am talking about the ones who can but choose not to.) Do it for your baby and then do it for yourself. You will feel so much better afterwards as compared to when you have an epi. I was up right away and in fact after I had my third son naturally at 7:15 that morning I was at the mall shopping at 7:30 that night(before you chastise me on taking a newborn out, we needed some things and that “newborn” is now a healthy happy 6 1/2 year old with no healthy issues.)

annie on

And the insecure mothers come out in force to criticize a mother for making a birth plan and sticking to it. Ask yourself why it is so hard for you to hear another woman’s birth story without feeling defensive. If you’re confident that you made the right choices for you and your child that should be enough.

Nicole on

I find it pretty funny how all of the commenters attacking the women who are upset by her comments are doing so because they feel Miranda is being attacked. Hypocritical much? How about you guys get a grip and take your own advice-stop worrying about what other people think! I had an epidural with my son and I do not regret my choice nor do I care about what choices a woman I have never met made. To each their own.

jen on

Green, cloth diapers are gross! I wouldn’t want to sit is piss, and I sure wouldn’t want my baby to sit in a diaper that doesn’t pull the wetness away from the skin!

I too wanted a natural birth, but my son was breech from 28 weeks. I opted to have them manually turn him, and guess what his cord prolasped and I had an emergency c section. Miranda is a snooty overpaid woman who needs to keep her advice and thoughts to herself.

Davia on

Annie — Just because we make comments about being disappointed in this models statements doesn’t mean we aren’t confident in our choices to have epidurals. It also doesn’t mean we are jealous. Her statement sounded very judgmental, whether she was conscious of it or not doesn’t really matter. If you are a public figure, i.e. model, actor, politician, you are, unfortunately, put in a position where you need to think about what you are saying and how you might be offending others.

To everyone else who agree with her and are being very critical in this comments section to the moms who were offended — we are allowed to make comments disagreeing with her. Why are only people who support what she says and agree with her allowed to comment? Doesn’t mean we are not confident with our birth stories or jealous just because we are offended by her very contentious statement.

Karen on

I think her misinformation about epidurals is reflective of a large mass of women who think epidurals can “drug” the baby. Physiologically, where the injection happens,I don’t believe the drugs can pass from Mom to Baby.

If you are talking anecdotely – it may perhaps be the case that more women who have long, exhausting labors with complications end up getting epidurals which may be a simple explanation for why “babies whose Mother’s have had epidurals tend to be more sleepy” – the baby has to go through the labor too- they’re tired!

Also anecdotally- I had two labours- one with epi and one without…the babies came out exactly the same, alert, looking around and scoring high on the apgar scale….. there’s my ancedotal evidence….

Amy on

I think the reason some women might be upset by the comments about drugs being thier choice is because they didn’t have a choice. I went through labor without drugs and was hoping for a natural birth, but my daugher was “sunny side up” and wouldn’t turn. So I had to have a c-section at the last minute. It is a big sad when you’re birth plan doesn’t go as planned, and if you’re still in the few days after when your hormones are crazy, it might be hurtful for another mom to point out how the drugs you needed are harmful to your precious baby. It would be great if all moms could talk about their preferred deliveries while acknowledging that moms are lucky if able to choose their birth experiences.

me on


Cori Genry on

I’m surprised that so many women are shocked by her comments, perhaps it’s the divisive language used in the title. I am for women making informed choices, whether that be a medicated or natural birth, though when it comes to safety I’m biased towards natually birth only because the numbers support it (fewer instances of infection, hemorrhage, better apgar scares for babies, etc). The facts are that epidurals do affect the baby, just maybe not in the way you are imagining it when someone says “drugged up baby.” Epidurals lower mothers/babies blood pressure, that’s why you must be on IV fluids, to keep it up. It can cause breathing problems, and your baby likely will be sleepier. In about 50% of epidural births some sort of assistance will be needed in the delivery: forceps, vac extraction, c-section, all of which carry risks. And while baby may latch on, you may not produce milk as quickly because when you are given an epidural you are also given drugs to dry up your stomach as epi’s cause nausea… and these also affect your milk supply. If you feel good about your decision to get an epidural, then why be angry with someone who didn’t? Technically, the facts are on her side, they do affect the baby, though honestly, the negative effects are usually felt more on the mother as they often lead to a longer, more complicated delivery. Every experience is different, but I’m basing this information off of studies not personal experiences/stories from friends.

miranda on

just shows how little she really knows about life to think it’s a ‘choice’. maybe for HER it was a choice but for millions of other women, it’s not, it’s a necessity.

haughty immaturity.

poor kid.

Luana on

Women who have had an elective epidural or elective cesarean must be the most spiteful group of women in the world. Accepting that you put your comfort first – which is not a crime or something to be ashamed of – seems to be impossible for some women.

Miranda is speaking of HER experience and HER choice – this is not an opportunity to justify your own choices. Everyone chooses the past best for them.

How can trying to offer your child the best start in life be spun in a negative way????

Meg Annan on

Any woman who gets defensive over Miranda Kerr’s comments needs to look deep within herself. Why are you so angry about HER personal opinion? Do you secretly wish you gave birth naturally? Do you KNOW the downsides to epidurals but chose to get one anyway? If a woman is 100% satisfied with her birth outcome, she wouldn’t be getting defensive just because another woman decided to do things differently.

Anon on

I don’t agree with most things Miranda says. She just kind of bothers me, because she puts on an air of knowing more about everything than you do. Not that I know her in person, that’s just how she comes across.

Anna on

People can’t fault her for putting the health of her son before her own discomfort and pain. I think she’s selfless in that respect; and it’s nice to read about a mother doing something good for her child. All I come across these days in the news are stories about mothers neglecting, abusing, and killing their children.

Anonymous on

I had my first four children naturally, the first while being induced with pitocin for pre-eclampsia (the worst!). They all latched on beautifully, even my oldest who had to go to the NICU for monitoring for the first night and I couldn’t nurse her until the next morning. With my fifth, I was done with the overwhelming and uncontrollable pain that accompanies my births. I opted for an epidural and it was so much more of a pleasant experience not being stressed out and irritated by every little thing my husband said, not being overwhelmed by the contractions, and not being completely exhausted by the time I was ready to push. It took one big push to bring my 8lb 13 oz baby boy into this world and he latched without an issue.

So my point is, every birth is individual, and no woman should be judged for the choice she makes in how to bring her baby into the world, epidural or not. She frickin’ brought another human being into the world. Amazing!