Josie Maran Welcomes Daughter Indi Joon

07/02/2012 at 02:30 PM ET

It’s a girl for Josie Maran!

The model and actress, 34, gave birth to her second child, Indi Joon Maran Alborzi, on Sunday, July 1 in Pennsylvania, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The delivery surprise joins big sister Rumi Joon, 6, Maran’s first child with husband Ali Alborzi.

Indi weighed in at 7.5 lbs. and is 20 inches long. She arrived at 2:31 p.m. via waterbirth after a four-hour labor attended by midwives in the backyard of the family’s farm, as planned.

“She’s here!! Heavenly creature,” the Josie Maran Cosmetics founder Tweeted Monday morning, sharing a photo of her newest addition.

Maran blogged her pregnancy for — catch up with her entries here.

Laboring – Mary Beth Anderson
Just after delivery – Mary Beth Anderson
Baby girl – Courtesy Josie Maran
Maran-Alborzi family – Mary Beth Anderson
And her name is Indi Joon! – Courtesy Josie Maran

— Sarah Michaud

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maddie on

I think it’s absolutely awesome Josie had an at home backyard water birth! Congratulations to the family, Baby Girl is gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear about her birth and the name in Josie’s next blog.

Beth on

what a beautiful baby

Angela on

LOVE everything about this announcement!

Barbie on

Congrats to the happy family! I can’t wait to see what they name her!

Mya on

Ahh another home birthing Mama! Awesome 🙂

Maxie on

She is adorable!! Congrats to Ali, Josie, and Rumi Joon!!

Julianna on

She’s absolutely precious! Gorgeous little girl! Congratulations to the whole family!

stacey on

Having your baby in the backyard??? How very strange.

Someone You Know on

Congrats and many blessings to the new bundle of joy…she’s GORGEOUS!!!

Trixie on

What a beautiful birth story and an incredibly beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to the entire family. 😀

Ivy. on

For a second I thought the baby’s name was Heavenly Creature. lol.

Congrats to them!

Lillian on

Wow, to give birth surrounded by nature must have been an amazing experience. What a great way to bring a new life into the world!

Mia on

Love the excitement + joy in all the pix – esp. the 2nd one.

So happy to see her have a a healthy family life with her husband + 2 girls.

I remember when she was still a drugged-up g/f of magician David Blane on the Howard Stern show….probably 10 years ago?

Great to see her life turned around + stable!

Mindy on

Congrats Josie and family, so excited to hear about your home birth!

Candy on

Congratulations on another happy homebirth. Can’t wait to hear the name.

Karen Morelli on

What a beautiful baby girl. God bless Josie, Ali and their newborn.

She is such a lovely person.

Gigi on

The picture of her having just delivered is amazing!

Tee Tee on

Yea for a waterbirth! Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to Josie and her family!

Lynn on

Congratulations! She is beautiful as is your entire family. Thanks for sharing your wonderful event. Look forward to finding out Baby Girl’s name.

Sun on

Hooray and congratulations from another home and waterbirth mama (although both of mine were born in my bedroom, my backyard is not nearly private enough, LOL). More women in this country need to realize that for healthy, low-risk women, a homebirth with a midwife is a perfectly safe option. 🙂

LuvBigCity on

Hahaha we have that pool and while we were swimming in it today I thought this would be an amazing L&D pool, lots of room : )

Congrats to the happy couple. Happy for baby #2 no matter how she entered the world.

roadapplescarclub on

Congrats, beautiful pics!

I’ll admit the backyard threw me for a loop – they must live in a very rural area, I can’t imagine anything like that in my backyard, good for them!

Leslee on

It looks like they set up an inflatable birthing pool. I will say, it’s pretty amazing to see such intimate pix that are beautiful and non exploitative. She found a way to share the joy with others. 🙂

Bree on

Congrats to them and their whole family!! She is adorable!!

I can’t wait to see what you name baby girl 🙂

@Sun, my pregnancy and labour was not in any way high risk until after my water broke and they saw the muconium and blood and with where we live had we planned a home birth (As I had always wanted to do but for several reasons choose not to do) my daugher would not have survived the trip to the hospital. I was perfectly healthy, young, and had no issues at all durring my pregnancy.

While I love the idea of home birth and support every woman that chooses that route, there are still a lot of risks and it is not always a perfectly safe option. I thank God every day for the events in my life and those of my family members that led me to choose a hospital birth because I would not have my daughter here with me today otherwise.

Leslie on

Those are amazing photos… very generous of her to share such an intimate moment. Must have been quite special to experience that with her family.

Bree… Uncomplicated by other factors, meconium staining of the amniotic fluid does not mean that your baby is suffering from fetal distress or will die. It is quite common actually.

Meconium that is light is not as much of a risk to your baby, nor is it as likely to be a sign of fetal distress, but rather the maturation of your baby. There are thicker quantities of meconium that can also be present, including one level that is so thick they refer to it as pea soup, both in consistency and because of the greenish shade of meconium. This is more of a danger to your baby. Is this the type you had?

Jese on

congratulations to the whole family. Sounds like a lovely birth, what a great gift to baby. i had two peaceful waterbirths and they are such a gentle experience for both baby and mom.

Marky on

I have been the one helping to console the parents after meconium was ignored and the decision was made to wait and deliver vaginally. After working L&D and seeing too many people so concerned about delivering in whatever way they chose back in the 3rd month of pregnancy then ignoring the situation they may be faced with when they are actually in labor, I just have to say, it is unbelievable to me that anyone would be so consumed with their delivery experience that they care more about that than whether their baby survives or not.

Bree, you know you made the right choice for you and your baby at the time, and others who were not there, were not even part of your family or medical team, should think twice before giving their “after-the-fact-advice”. I mean no offense, but women have enough issues as it is without other women trying to chide them for making the best choice possible in their particular situation. After all, is it all about how YOU felt, how YOU had an amazing experience, and how YOU conquered the world, or is it about having a live baby to hold in your arms and sing to and love–which is, in itself, an amazing experience and makes you feel you conquered the world.

Poppykai on

Congrats to the family. This may sound strange, but all I could think when I saw these pix was that for someone that wanted to go as natural as possible, she sure has a lot of necklaces on! It makes me wonder if she is about to release a jewelry line along with her cosmetics line.

Just my observation.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I can’t wait to hear what they name her!

AR on

How beautiful! Best wishes to Josie and her family!

Holiday on

What a gorgeous sweet baby girl!!

samantha on

I am so thrilled for Josie and her family!! She’s a lovely person and is an inspiration to so many young women…I’m happy she has a good husband who is wonderful and a good father too…YAY!! Blessings to them!!

Sunny on

Name her Heavenly that’s it. Perfect name for her.

Meghan on

these pictures are stunning. congrats on your beautiful daughter!

Christa on

I don’t live far from where Josie lives. It’s out in the Amish country in Pennsylvania and it’s beautiful. I couldn’t imagine delivering a baby outside in the heat yesterday. It was in the upper 90’s.

kjc on

Poppykai, that’s one of the first things I noticed too! The pics are beautiful, amazing she shared such intiment photos, but I could help but notice all that jewelry. Seems a little strange.

Congrats nonetheless!

jas on

Congratulations. If you remember though, in her previous blog on this site, she explained that she and her family is renting a Pennsylvania farmhouse on 200 acres for the summer. She still lives in LA, this farmhouse place is just for a vacation. Sounds so bucolic, it’s a shame they have to go back to LA. Don’t know anything about her or who she is besides what I’ve seen on this baby site. I am happy for her and her family! And yes, she does seem to be wearing a lot of necklaces for a labor and delivery experience.

Anonymous on

About the necklaces, it DOES seem a little odd that she would wear those during labor and delivery, but it’s very possible she didn’t wear them the whole time. Perhaps she only put them on for the photos, taking them off in between times.

Anonymous on

I also want to say that I find these pictures to be extremely refreshing. Normally first photoshoots of celebrity babies feature the mom in full make-up, dressed to the nines, hair perfectly styled, etc. Plus at least 99.9 percent of them are so heavily photoshopped that the celeb parents are barely recognizable, and the baby looks more like a collectable doll than a real baby!

I don’t blame celebrity moms for usually opting to get made-up and such for their baby’s first photoshoots (after all, if they didn’t people would be making all sorts of mean comments about their appearence!), but it’s nice to see a set of photos that’s just mom, dad, and baby in a “normal” setting and with no enhancements, styling, or fancy clothes. Way to go, Josie!

Mims on

Beautiful pictures!

G on

What a sweet family! The pic of her and her husband in the birthing pool and the pic of the whole family, with her looking at Rumi Joon, are so intimate and special.

Anne on

She’s so beautiful.

mylifekeepsintrudingonmyknitting on

My guess on the necklaces is that they are the results of a “Blessingway” ceremony. This is where women gather around and celebrate the arrival who is coming as well as the birth…the mother is blessed, nurtured, sometimes her belly is hennaed and often times flags are decorated for the birthing space or a necklace is made by everyone bringing a bead or charm for the mother to wear for strength and empowerment in labor. Those of us that have attended births (me as a nurse) know how to work around them :-).

Beautiful family, lovely birth.

Rose on

You’re all so beautiful, the photos are stunning …. congrats on your’ sweet, lovely family.

TB on

Is it me or does not the picture say and her name is Indi Joon. What is everybody waiting for the announcement of a name for. Reading is also paramount as well as fundamental. It’s amazing that no one caught that. As Josie chronicled just about every step of the way to finally end up at the last picture which clearly states the baby’s name. Wow! Please let me not forget the headline which also clearly reads that Josie Maran announces the birth of Indi Joon! Read, read, read.

Zoomama on

I figured the jewelry she was wearing had some special meaning for her, for her or her husband’s religion. For instance, I brought a few protective medallions into the hospital with me when I delivered. They served the purpose of making me feel better, that’s all, and perhaps they did the same for her. These pictures are beautiful! How wonderful to be able to deliver in this manner.

Jen P. on

TB – They recently updated this whole article adding new pictures and the babies name. The previous comments are from when they hadnt announced the name yet.

Gal Capone on

Whoa TB. Calm yourself. This birth anouncement was originally posted on July 2nd…only the solo pic of the baby was posted…no name was released yet. They re-posted the same announcement updated with more pics & name. Don’t be so upset. It’ll be ok. lol

monkeybunch3 on

Um, TB – the original article was posted July 2nd and they didn’t have a name for the baby. This is an update to the orginal article.. read, read, read.

emily on

if you were here 4 days ago.Josie and Ali haven’t decided on a name yet .she just announced the name Indi today.

Catca on

@TB, the headlined initially stated that she welcomed a daughter and they were still deciding on the name. This is an update as Josie shared her beautiful pictures as well as the name.

Rose on

beautiful …

meghan on

Rumi’s holding Indi’s hand! How cute!


Blah, blah, blah! I get the nature-girl mentality of no medication, delivery with nature at home, in water, outdoors, no “cold” doctors and hospitals —- nice thoughts —— blah, blah, blah! It seems that overshadows the fact of the real possibility that severe complications can and do happen unexpectedly. Mid-wives are knowledgable but can’t provide intense neo-natal care if needed. People who swear by home deliveries are FORTUNATE nothing happened!!! There is no need to put the “Kumbaya” mentality over the safety net of medical professionals. Doctors and hospitals are not bad like some nature freaks tend to believe!

ran76 on

daww… at least choose a name that actually sounds like a name and not a fruit or a piece of furniture

Kristie on

I may be wrong, but isn’t her husband a doctor as well…

Sandy on

Oh She is Gorgeous!!!:0) What a beautiful family. Congrats To All!!:)

sal on

Love that name!! Those have got to be the best after delivery pictures Ive ever seen. Congratulations!

Robyn D on

coulda named her Julie One (july 1) Indi Joon (end of june) jus sayin

Lillian on

@Laura…..get over it! The baby is here and obviously her delivery went fine. You sound crazy and full of anger….find a better outlet.

Anonymous on

Cute name, and I love that they once again went with a name that honors Ali’s heritage (he’s Iranian)! 🙂

Anonymous on

LAURA- Obviously you don’t know much about midwifery. Homebirth midwives can handle quite a few complications (including a baby who isn’t breathing at birth. They carry resuscitation and suctioning equipment) and a plan for what to do in the event a transfer to a hospital becomes neccesary is usually discussed with the parents-to-be long before delivery.

For a woman that is low-risk (i.e., one who has had an uncomplicated pregnancy, hasn’t had complicated pregnancies or deliveries in the past, hasn’t had any C-sections, and isn’t carrying more than one baby) and lives close to a hospital, a homebirth is just as safe as a hospital birth (having a homebirth when you live several miles from the nearest hospital, on the other hand, isn’t usually recommended for obvious reasons).

And at the end of the day, like with so much else regarding childbirth, whether to deliver at home, at a birthing center, or at a hospital is a matter of personal choice.

K.W. on

I agree w/ one of the other posters..many pregnancies are low risk until some point in the labor/delivery process – and they can turn high risk in a matter of see one placental abruption which results w/ the mom and baby both coding at the same time – you become very grateful for doctors, nurses and hospitals…hope the home birthers truly understand all the risks..

gigohead on

Congrats to the entire family.

Barbara Marsh on

Has anyone noticed how much their daughter, Rumi Joon, looks like Suri, especially in the last photo?

Lily on

Is she Persian? Indian? Rumi is a male descriptive name meaning “Roman” and Indi is a town in India. Joon means “dear” in Persian and is also a clan of people in India. I don’t get naming both children the same middle name. They are beautiful little girls…wish I could say the same thing about their names.

Nina Black on

kjc and poppykai, fwi< during the baby shower the mothers friends are often asked to bring a piece of jewelery or an item that can be worn on a necklace for the mom to wear during the birth for strength and support since everyone can't be in attendance for the birth.

April on

Congrats to her! I think it’s amazing that she had a water birth at home! If I had a midwife closer I would have also. My last labor was completely drug free and complication free. My other two labors I did have epidurals and were also complication free. It happens all the time!

It’s terribly sad to read all these responses. Trust me, the vast majority of women who choose to have a homebirth study the hell out of it. Knowledge is power. Midwives are trained to know if something isn’t right and rather than take a chance will transfer to a hospital. The thing we often forget is that birth is a natural process and most of the time it goes just fine. Hospitals have the idea that most of the time it doesn’t go fine and “needs” assistance. Often times that assistance leads to problems.

Marky on

Some families have a family name very meaningful to them and it’s used for every child of the same sex, i.e. all the girls, or all the boys. I thought her husband was Persian, since they used the name Joon and I understand his last name is Persian also. Not swearing I’m right, but I’ve know Persians with those names…..

K on

Those are some absolutely gorgeous photos! Congratulations!