Baby Girl on the Way for Jake Owen

07/02/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Jake Owen has a brand new release debuting this fall — and it’s arguably his best work yet.

The “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” singer, 30, and his wife Lacey Buchanan Owen, 22, will welcome a baby girl in November, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple got engaged on stage during Owen’s show on April 7 and wed — barefoot on the beach — one month later.

“We actually found out Lacey was pregnant after I had asked her dad for his permission,” the country crooner tells PEOPLE.

“From the day I met her, there was no doubt in my mind I wanted to marry her, and we always knew we wanted a family.”

“The way we saw it, the baby news was a bonus on top of the engagement, but we didn’t want anyone to think we were getting married because Lacey was pregnant, and we wanted to celebrate our wedding first.”

Adds Buchanan: “We didn’t want to go public with it until we found out if it was a boy or a girl. The pregnancy was just something we wanted to keep for ourselves for a little while.”

Owen raced home to Nashville from his latest tour stop (he’s on the road with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney for the Brothers of the Sun Tour) for his wife’s first ultrasound appointment Monday. But both were shocked by the news that they’d be having a little girl.

The dad-to-be says his sister “swears by” the Chinese Birth Calendar, an ancient method of predicting gender. So Owen and Buchanan utilized it as well, and were expecting to have a baby boy.

“So when the technician said it was a girl, were were like, ‘Are you sure?'” he recalls. “She said she was as sure as she could be.”

Their baby girl is due in November, but the singer (who has a new single out called “The One That Got Away”) says he is trying to slow down and enjoy every moment.

“Not only do I have a beautiful wife I get to spend my life with, I’m getting a baby too!” he says. “You know with other people’s babies, they’ll say, ‘Do you want to hold the baby?’ And I always am excited to do that, but then you have to give the baby back. Now we get to keep the baby!”

— Kay West

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Me on

So basically they had to get married real quick because she was prego!

JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

He’s proud of getting her pregnant before they were married, another example of the degrading society we live in.

robby on

They didn’t “have” to get married – they just decided to engage in sexual activity before getting married to make the wedding more exciting.

If they decide to have a second child, I wonder if perhaps they will get divorced, have some more sex, and get re-married so that there second child will have the same experience as his/her older sibling ?

Just Me on

Nobody HAS to get married because of a pregnancy….1950s meet 2012, things have changed considerably moron. Can’t you just be happy for someone?

KyGal on

Congratulations to them! πŸ™‚

Colleen on

Oh Dear GOD people, who cares if they were married or not when she got pregnant? Its 2012. I am happy for them both and I am sure she will be one gorgeous baby girl ❀

kris jones on

@ ME… No they did not have to get married because she was having his baby! If you read the whole thing you would have gotten that! people like you have their picture next to the word STUPID

none on

You people are crazy, and rude to top that!

Congrats to them and their happy families.

mary on

I am excited for them both and we look forward to seeing a beautful baby girl soon- what wonderful news and wishing them both a great pregnancy.

Angelina on

Robby – What “experience” do you think this baby will have?? I’m pretty sure she won’t be any less loved than if they had done things in a different order.

I wasn’t married when I had my oldest son and that doesn’t make him any less of a person!!

Good Lord…the judgement can stop any day now!!

I wish them nothing but happiness with their little girl πŸ™‚

Me on

You can see the dollar signs in her eyes!

Anonymous on

What happened to…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

vanessa on

who are you to tell who should get married or not? its none of your business..keep your comments to yourself. whether its wrong or not you have no right to tell anyone when to concieve before marriage unless they are your children.

Amanda on

Congratulations to Jake & Lacey! I am so happy for you both.

Kiki on

I’m glad they are getting married, it’s good for a kid, but i think this will probably be hard on their marriage having a kid right after the wedding. But I do think Jake knew waayy before even getting her pregnant that he wanted to spend the rest of his life wither. Best wishes to them!

Jan on

You people…why you must be so judgemental. If you can’t say something good about someone …don’t say anything!!!You are very Nasty!

As someone said…this is 2012!! I am very happy for Jake and his new bride!! I think it is wonderful!

LoveMyCrazyLife on

Congrats!!!!! That will be one beautiful baby girl!

Mina on

I dont believe in marriage for religious reasons. I am not religious, therefor I do not need to pronounce my love in front of a fake “god” nor do I need a preacher to marry me. I’ve been with my guy for almost 11 years, non-married, and one beautiful little boy later. Funny, me and my guy outlasted all our married friends! HAHAHA! 3 of our very very best friends….divorced! All of them have children that now suffer immensly. Our son is now almost 10 and has never once requested we get married. In fact, he thinks when his parents kiss, its icky lol.

Lisa on

Congratulations Y’ALL!!!! Haters gonna hate but I’m so happy for y’all!

MollyF on

Anonymous said:

“What happened to…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

It’s because people think it’s their right because of freedom of speech. They think stating an opinion, even it maybe hurtful. People now think they can spew hateful things just because they are hiding behind a keyboard.

Heyyy on

Really? I thought Southern, country people had great moral values. So much for saving yourself for marriage!

DanielleEB on

Seriously people? You’re leaving nasty comments about two people in a committed relationship getting pregnant between the engagement and the wedding?

You know what I see? I see two people who are happy together and delighted to be having a family. How many kids are born into that kind of situation in this day?

I’m going to offer Jake and Lacey my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.

gullart on

Look at teenage moms none of them is married

cheryl on

Married or not his comment about how he doesnt have to give this baby back just melted my heart. Millions of people have kids and have nothing positive to say and thats so sad, I think he’s so cute with his excitement!!

shalay on

Wow, the “doesn’t anyone get married BEFORE getting pregnant?” posts are so original. Really, we’ve never heard that one before! This site has turned into a total joke. It’s now a given that whenever a couple announces a pregnancy, trolls will turn out to bash them for whatever ridiculous reason they can come up with. And now it seems like the trolls are multiplying. Sad, because I used to really enjoy posting on these boards and engaging in discussions with people.

Ashley on

Yay! I’m so happy for Jake and Lacey. I for one am so jealous and in love with Jake Owen lol so good for her! I literally predicted just earlier today that they would have a baby soon the way their relationship, engagement, wedding has all come so fast in a row. Now comes baby and that is amazing. Congratulations!

PharmD on

While everyone has a right to express their opinion, so do we. I just don’t get the trend of having a baby before you get married. Because a child couldn’t possible be a lifetime commitment too, right??? So, you can be serious enough to bring a life into this world, but not serious enough to make a commitment? I’m a product of a single parent home and I turned out great, but thats not the point. The point is that people seem to have lost what little moral compass they have. I can create a life with you, but I can’t share mine just doesn’t make sense to me.

meghan on

PharmD, they’re married, what is your problem?

Anonymous on

Exactly! Don’t hide it! Just say … “I got married because my girlfriend was pregnant”.

Kate on

Trust me (as a Nashvillian) who knows more than a few peopled this baby was unexpected. The marriage was a direct repercussion of that. Does that mean it can’t work? Of course not but I do wish Jake was being more honest….L was always the “fun” not the marrying mama type. Nonetheless I wish them the best!

Bree on

Congrats to them!!

I wonder if their due in November Baby Girl will dig her heels in like my baby girl did and arrive in December lol My daughter was due November 28th and didn’t arrive until December 11th and has been in a hurry to get anywhere and everywhere ever since!!

Whenever she arrives, she is going to be a total cutie pie that is for sure, can’t wait for this birth announcement πŸ™‚

As for all the trolls, they are married, so an engaged couple slept together, horror of all horrors!! They need to be taken out and stoned for their crimes, imagine two people, already engaged, actually sleeping together, those harlots!!

Seriously, welcome to 2012, people have kids before they get married, they get pregnant before they get married and sometimes they choose to get married at all.

I am happily married, I wanted the ring (And I have no problem admiting it!!) and I wanted to have my grandfather (A minister) bless my relationship with John, something he would only do in a church with the proper ceremony. However my relationship is no different now than it was before we got married, we are no more or less commited to each other than we were before. I believe with all my heart that marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper and some expensive jewlery. If you are truly commited to each other and your relationship a ceremony is not going to change that.

Katie on

I think the reason people are skeptical is these fly by night pregnancies never happen when the woman is the celebrity. It is just amazing that so many male celebrities have girlfriends who have oops pregnancies particular with the numerous forms of birth control readily available. (Don’t get me wrong obviously the guys are not doing their part.) But as another poster said if its an oops just own it, but don’t try to spin it into something it isn’t.

SMurph on

Truth of the matter is that these people do not have to tell us anything about their lives if they do not want to. It truly is none of our business!

I am sure there are many events in our pasts that we aren’t quite proud of that we would like to keep hidden. Some just aren’t easy to hide (like a pregnancy). They could have made to decision to have an abortion and no one would have ever known. I respect the fact that they loved each other enough to marry, whether it truly was for love or for the sake of their child or a combination. Only they know the truth.

Let’s just stop the judgement, remember we are not perfect and wish them all the happiness in the world. I do…raising children can be difficult! And they most definitely should have a beautiful child and gorgeous as they both are. Congratulations to the both of them!!

Leslie on

“Seriously, welcome to 2012, people have kids before they get married, they get pregnant before they get married and sometimes they choose to get married at all.”– Bree

^^^ Since when is it considered progress to get pregnant with someone you barely know? What is so “2012” about getting accidentally knocked up by a baby daddy instead of a husband?

Marky on

I don’t think they got married because they were pregnant. I think they got married because they love each other and want to be married, hopefully for the rest of their lives. I don’t think it was their plan to get pregnant first, but though things were a bit out of order, it seems they are happy, married, and having a baby. Hope all goes well and Lacey has a wonderful pregnancy and delivery.

I am a conservative Christian, and I can’t see throwing stones at these people at all. What is wrong with you that you can’t see they are doing just fine. Glad you are all so perfect you get to throw stones!!

Jane on

@Op: She’s not a little girl. She’s a 22-year-old woman.

SusiQ on

‘HAVE’ to get married? not in this day and age, thank god. I have eleven grandchildren; some were born before their parents were married, some were born several years after their parents were married and some barely made it past the nuptials. I love them all the same, can’t remember which were which and couldn’t care less.

guest on

Did anyone see her on the CMA’s…she had a mixed drink glass in her hand the whole night. 😦

Anonymous on

guest- It may have been a non-alchoholic version.

shalay- I agree completely! If an unmarried celeb couple announces a pregnancy, people bash them for not getting married first and say tha they hope they’ll get married before the baby comes. But when a celeb couple DOES get married before announcing a pregnancy, they get bashed for that, too!

And even celebs that have been married for several years before announcing a pregnancy can’t always escape the critcism, as oftentimes people will say things like, “Why did they wait so long before having kids?” Really, celebs are in a lose-lose situation!

All of that being said, congrats to Jake and Lacey!

meghan on

guest, you have no clue what was in her glass. Get a life.

Leslie, you don’t know how well they know each other and it’s really none of your business.

Mims on

And you know what was in the glass, guest? I have a friend who has has always been a teetotaler, she has never drunk alcohol, but she loves non-alcoholic drinks (her current favourite is strawberry margarita), but unless you know that she doesn’t drink, you would probably think she did, as she’s never without a drinks glass when we are out.

Happy4Em on

Congrats to them! For all you people who are having issues with her being a gold digger she’s been with him for over a year. Anyone who can survive dating someone who just recently catapulted into fame deserves a medal and in this instance a ring. She was also a model which is how they met so she would’ve done absolutely fine on her own without him. Sure it’s not the religious way to do things by having sex before you get married but it’s too late now to not do anything but shower this couple with well wishes.

For those of you who are judging them how about you pray for yourself in seeing past things and viewing things with love instead of judgments. They look very happy and hopefully we can all say a pray for them that they won’t be like most celebrity couples and get divorced. I hope they will have a life full of happiness and laughter.

SoNotHollywood on

So just because it is 2012 that means its ok to disgrace the order in which God meant us to live our lives? Which is marriage first and then getting pregnant. I don’t care what religion you are, this is MY belief. I am so sick of people saying “It’s 2012” WTF is that supposed to mean?

Lacey on

So, he asks for her hand in marriage, then finds out she pregnant and waits about 2 months to ask her. HMM? Why did he have to make it a point that he did ask to marry her, before they found out. BS! They found out in Feb/March and quickly had a shotgun wedding. Just call it what it is.

Shelby on

Dear Guest – Do NOT be spreading unnecessary rumors. I have been in Lacey’s present while pregnant and she has not consumed alcohol. She has been drinking coke, nothing more.

heather on

i think everyone saw this coming.

Lily on

They are married NOW…what’s everyone’s problem? They’re not shacking up, they’re not doing anything outlandish…they’re MARRIED. Are people really nitpicking because he did the ‘right’ thing but in an order THEY don’t approve of? How spiteful, and how pathetic. Interesting how people who get on their high horse and ‘righteously’ slam others for their morals tend to be some of the NASTIEST people around. Disgusting. I don’t recall Jesus EVER being a jerk to people around him but I guess some of his so-called followers read a different Bible. Pretty sure he would stay FAR away from these moralists.

magumom on

Very happy for Jake and Lacey, they will definitely have a gorgeous baby girl!

@Me, if you know anything about these people you comment about, which you obviously don’t, you would know that they met when Jake was a nobody and that he chased after her for years, so no $$ in this ones eyes, much to your disappointment I’m sure.

Kerrichrysler on

So much hatred and negativity – why? Just be happy for them! They are in love and having a child, good luck and God Bless! πŸ™‚ ❀

Anonymous on

Lacey- You don’t know when they found out about the pregnancy. Not everyone takes a pregnancy test the second their period is a little late. It’s very possible that they didn’t find out until late March, just before he proposed. And for what it’s worth, I take his comments to mean that marriage was in the cards before this pregnancy happened, and would have been even if it hadn’t.

Marky- I couldn’t agree more! My advice to all the people ripping this couple to shreds: Take a good look in the mirror the next time you’re about to do something like that. Has the person looking back at you led the perfect life, free of bad-decision making, mistakes, and sin? No, because that type of person doesn’t exist.

Perhaps if we just took a closer look at ourselves before throwing stones, the world would be a better place!

jenny on

We’ll never know if the reason they rushed to get married was because of the pregnancy….but they could have easily not gotten married and just had a baby together. The fact that they decided to get married indicates to me that they are deeply committed.

Gran Llama on

To all of the supposed,”religious” people, “whom so ever hath not sinned, cast the first stone” Jesus, its so heartening to know there are so many perfect people following their faith ! To those that claim to know the intents of both of these people, it is amazing that these telepathic individuals exist among us. You would think with those amazing powers, they would be utilizing it to do great things,….butttt …..nooooo…they only care about reading the minds to divine the intents of people in the public eye.

It is sad, that people are so negative and their own lives are in such a place that they can’t help but take the time to go on this kind of venue and pronounce to the whole world I see the glass empty!

Love you Jake and Lacey!

The Gran Llama!

Amy on

Jenny, Their “rush” wasn’t because of the pregnancy. It was because of his schedule. Alot of people don’t understand that Country artists have pretty demanding tour schedules and tend to be out on the road for longer periods of time than other musicians.

Since some don’t really keep up they were surprised I guess (that doesn’t matter really) He went and asked Lacey’s dad for her hand in marriage and it was only after that when they found out she was pregnant. He has a busy schedule this summer and next year will be even busier so they decided to do it now rather than have a hard time finding the time to set a date.

Amy on

As for the chinese calendar crap it’s just that crap. It has no knowledge of what male or female sperm got the woman pregnant. there’s two choices boy or girl it’s not hard to get it wrong and it’s not hard to get it right either. With my first baby I looked at it for fun (that’s what it’s used for nowadays) and said my first was a boy and they were right. At first when the ultrasound tech was doing the scan and handed the doppler over to the doctor they thought the baby was a girl. But sadly the baby’s heartbeat started fading and that night I head a very tiny baby boy in my arms.

Same sad thing happened the second time, this time the calendar also said boy and it was a girl.

mar on

When they got married or why is nobody’s business but, theirs. They are married now and that is what matters. My daughter got married when her daughter was a year old. They have been married a lot longer than most people who are married before the kid(s) are born. Why are you so concerned, it isn’t you.

Anonymous on

so happy for them! that baby is going to be gorgeous!

Lisa B on

I can’t believe we have an article about 2 young, cute, normal, non-trouble-causing people who are in love, married, and expecting a baby….

Yet, people are still finding something nasty to say about that. Congrats to the happy couple. Huge Jake fan here. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I think it is really sweet. I love jake owen’s work so I hope for the best for Jake and Lacey.