Hilary Duff and Luca Beach It In Mexico

06/29/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Hilary Duff

Sun and surf!

Hilary Duff is enjoying it all with her 3-month old sonLuca Cruz.

The singer and actress, 24, has been vacationing in Mexico with her baby boy, and judging by her recent Tweets, has been having a great time.

“Ahh all tucked in, baby down,” she Tweeted late Thursday night after sharing a photo.

“Such a great trip with my favorite people [my sister Haylie], my mommy and LUCA! Goodnight tweet hearts. My eyes are closing.”

Duff has also been working on her bikini body, saying in April that “there is a little bit of pressure” to lose weight — but that most of it comes from herself.

— Evan Lambert

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Amy on

I think little Luca Comrie looks like Hilary!

Not trying to stir up anything (I love Hilary), just curious: Is it safe to bring such a young baby who might not have all his shots to Mexico?

Stubby on

Amy – Like you, I am not trying to stir up anything, but you do realize that babies (lots of babies) are born every day in Mexico? They are not magically born with all their shots and manage to survive just fine.

blessedwithboys on

Taking him to Mexico is almost certainly safer than the vaccines themselves! I’d be more worried about sunburn. 🙂

Lisa on

What a precious picture! And to answer the above question, we have to remember that they are in the vacation area of Mexico which is “luxurious” and i doubt they are bringing him or exposing him to anything dangerous.

Holiday on

My daughter was in Mexico at 9 months old because we went on a Disney Cruise and stopped in a couple cities in Mexico. I was nervous about the crime though. Mexico is NOT safe at all and I felt scared getting off the boat and looking back should have stayed on.

Shannon on

Mexico is dangerous right now. She needs to stop advertising her whereabouts on Twitter or she’ll be the next victim.

brittany on

You guys do know she probably has security guards with her when she goes to another country.

emily on

yall crack me up.

Sarah on

I felt very safe in Mexico when my husband and I were there on our honeymoon last year. The areas in Mexico that are unsafe are not near the resort/tourist areas. Plus, we found the Mexican people to be a wonderful, welcoming bunch. Hoping to go back again one day.

Anonymous on

Lisa- I agree! And most likely she got her peditrican’s okay before taking this trip with Luca. That being said, I wonder where Mike is?

Ivy. on

There are some paparazzi photos around where he has less of an expression on his face, and his features are more visible. He looks just like her. He’s so adorable.

torgster on

Honestly where do you guys come up with some of this nonsense?

Julia on

I spent more than 2 months in Mexico City a few years ago and everything was ok. There are dangerous parts of the city/country and parts which are ok and safe.

showbizmom on

Just sent a crew down to Mexico last month,they all came back safe and sound. It depends on what areas you’re going to. Mexico is a pretty big country, ya know.

martina on

The baby is so darn cute, I can’t stand it! Hilary looks fabulous, I must say. She is so pretty.

mari on

In every country; in every state there is danger. You can be afraid, but dont let ignorance blind you from reality.

Mariel on

People calm down. Im from Mexico and all that you whatch in the news happened but not in all the country. C’mon, she is in a five star hotel i dont think something could happened there. By the way. Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and its completly safe.

Mariel on

Jezzzzzzzzzz relaxxxxxxxx

Eva on

She’s probably breast feeding, so no worries about the water, or needing any more than the immunizations he’s already had.

Ava on

Hilary needs bangs.

sat on

Yay beach baby!! He looks very healthy and energetic!

Poppykai on

Cute pic but his face cracks me up because he looks like he is pooping!! 🙂

linda on

my photoshop using for a photo Hilary was posting? Hers looks way better

Fabulous on

DAAAAAYUM!!!! Some of you will nitpick at everything!!!! OHHHHH she’s in Mexico… OHHHHH he’ll be sunburned… OHHHHH it’s not safe!!!! What The Hell do ya want!????? Im sure she has taken the same precautions to protect her baby as anyone of you HOPEFULLY would do!!!! SHUTTHEHELLUPALREADY!!!!! ….. OAN: gorgeous pic of mom and baby!!!

Marissa on

Blessedwithboys – vaccines are safe. 25% of parents don’t think so because of Jennie Garth… an actress. The study that deemed them “unsafe” were fraudulent. Get your facts straight before people start getting preventable diseases due to lack of vaccinations.

Shawna on

Marissa – what are you talking about? What does Jennie Garth have to do with someone’s choice whether or not to vaccinate.? I did not vaccinate my children and it has nothing to do with anyone else, it has to do with myself and my husband doing countless hours of MEDICAL research and coming to the conclusion that we felt that vaccinations were not safe for our children. They are 11, 9 and 6 now and we do not regret our decision at all.

And making up statistics does not make you sound intelligent.

trish on

Good grief! Mexico is safe. I was there for 2 months this past spring with no incidents. I don’t think she’s in the jungle running around with the Cartels, or downtown Mexico City with the thugs.