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06/29/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Sarah K. on

Why is the safety harness thing still an issue? It’s been around for decades and has never (as far as I know) caused any physical or psychological issues. My mother used one on me occasionally when we were in a large crowded airport or something since I was extremely impulsive. She and I have no regrets and I know that it was done out of love and concern for my well-being.

Leashes go around animals’ necks. Safety harnesses have never done that with children. They are usually backpacks and used to be belts. I also have yet to hear one single naysayer give me a reason as to why strollers are more beneficial for children except for this perceived stigma. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s ok to strap your kid in so they can’t move, but using a safety harness that allows them to walk is cruel? Sure…

Sorry to come out swinging on this, but I cannot believe we are still likening it to treating kids like animals. This is basically another excuse to be judgmental about parenting decisions that don’t affect you. Everyone has an opinion, but when someone loses their kid in a preventable accident because they didn’t use the harness, the only people with regrets are the parents – not the people judging them for using the harness.

Erika on

I don’t see why harnesses are a problem either. I’ve seen kids on them in airports and malls, and they always look perfectly happy and they’re safe. Most kids would probably rather wear the harness than be strapped in a stroller all day, plus they can explore.

Kristen on

From the moment my daughter could walk she wanted nothing to do with a stroller or shopping cart so a harness was the only sane option. I had no problem with using one because, in my opinion, her safety outweighed some idiot’s opinion on the matter. The only people who have a problem with a child in a harness are people who either have no children of their own, control freaks who’d make their kid stay in a stroller despite the kid’s tantrum, or people who’s “perfect” kids are running wild three aisles over.

Get over the whole “leashes are for dogs” thinking. Until I see a kid in a choke collar being wrangled through a doorway with a cattle prod… Parent your own children and stop worring about mine.

Holiday on

Neither of my kids wanted to sit in a stroller. My daughter just turned 2 and even with the 5 point harness can get out. So I either carry her in the Ergo, just hold her or put a harness on her in very crowded places. She likes to wear and because she would rather walk and does not like to hold my hand.

Jen DC on

The monkey/bear/dog backpack harnesses are big in my neighborhood; mostly Central American parents use them. I’m totally for it: Your kid gets to walk, which is what s/he wants to do, you get some peace of mind that your little one isn’t going to dart out into the street or get lost among the knee crowd. Sometimes holding hands is hard: It’s hot, so you’re sweaty, their arms are short, so it’s awkward… And sometimes the stroller is just too much for what you want to do. Harness takes care of all that.

There are those people who can “do it all.” Let them. I’m with all of you: This is a silly issue that shouldn’t divide parents.

JM on

Leashes on children can very often significantly contribute to a child’s safety without having them kicking and screaming in a stroller or breaking the parent’s back by being carried. i have never heard of any possible way in which they could harm a child, so why not use them if it makes you and your child happier? good god, we might as well make a hysterical argument about seatbelts, who would think of restraining a child and strapping it to a car seat? we do it because it is the easiest way to keep a child safe in a car.