Adele Expecting First Child

06/29/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
AKM-David Fisher/Rex USA

Chasing babies and rolling in diapers? That’s the plan for Adele!

“I’m delighted to announce that Simon [Konecki] and I are expecting our first child together,” the Grammy winner, 24, writes in a post on her website titled, “I’ve Got Some News.”

“I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx”

The singer/songwriter was first photographed with 38-year-old Konecki — who is divorced with a daughter — in January. In February, he accompanied her to the Grammys, where Adele went six for six in her nominated categories for 21.

Later that month, the singer told PEOPLE that her goal was to have three sons by the age of 30. “I really want to be a mum,” she said. “I better start getting on with it!”

— Sarah Michaud

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NM on

Do people NOT ever marry BEFORE having kids anymore??!!!!

klutzy_girl on

Aww, congratulations to them!

I cannot handle all this big celeb news today.

LM on

Congrats Adele!! This woman deserves every great thing she gets. Love her!

Terri on

yea, so very happy for her. She is going to be a wonderful mother. 🙂

AG on

I love her. That’s so great for her!

butterfly on

omg congrats i luv her music!!!!!!!

Julia on


A'naisha on

I’m so happy for her she’s an amazing person and I’m sure she will be an amazing Mother. Congrats

Cassie on

Well, there’s his meal ticket!

lorna doone on

Hope she gives up the cigs…and gets married!

RH on

I am really sick and tired of single celebrities having kids out of wedlock! Jeez!

Jodie on

She’s pregnant? How can you tell?

RH on

I wish people would marry before having 1-3 kids for a person!


actually, “NM”, many unmarried couples make just as good of parents then many married couples do. Why participate in an institution where statistically your chance of failing is above 50%? In today’s world many people can make it work WITHOUT being married. Afterall, it’s not very cool for kids to go through a divorce anyway.

Emily on

Amen sister!

Amanda on

I am so happy for Adele and Simon! I think she is going to be an amazing Mom, and I wish them both great happiness!!

Lauren on

It’s nice to hear but I’m just getting so sick of hearing about all these people having kids out of wedlock. What would be shocking to hear would be that a married couple is having a child!

Cheyane on

Congrats to her ad her boyfriend. As to everyone who is posting about being married first, since when does having a piece of paper make you any more devoted to each other than having a child??? Stop trying to push your beliefs on everyone else.

oshptest on

“First comes love, then comes baby in the baby carriage, then comes marriage” doesn’t flow.

Robyn on

Congrats Adele on you pregnancy!!!

On a side note… I’m a little disheartened by some peoples comments. I had a baby out of wed-lock. The father and I had been together for 9 years when we had him… We just got married 2 weeks ago. What does it matter if you aren’t married when you have children? Or is it just because they are famous??? I’m sorry for saying anything, but I felt sad when people made comments about this.

Leah on

Good for you Adele! Congratulations!!!!:)

Tbird21 on

I am lamely, ridiculously excited! 🙂

Teena on

Congrats…I love her she is amazing!

Amit on

I really honestly don’t understand why do people care if she gets married first or not – let her (and anyone else) do whatever makes her happy as long as she’s not hurting anyone.

Kelly on

Congrats to her, but you don’t really get to pick the sex.

Jaclyn on

Does it REALLY matter about marriage for kids? Do you think they really care as long as they are loved by BOTH parents?

I respect that in a lot of cases it can turn ugly, but it doesn’t have too. I was 20 when I had my daughter and her father and I did not stay together nor was it even a thought to get married. However, we are still friends and our daughter sees her father on a regular basis.

Marriage is not always right for someone either. You can cheat even though you are married, you can do anything while you are married it takes the person to commit and you can do that with or without a piece of paper.

Lorenzo on

“I am really sick and tired of single celebrities having kids out of wedlock!”

Pretentious much? Lol. She has never even stated what she believes in, never mind that marriage is just a union with benefits from the state. Being married is never a pre requisite for being in a relationship and having a child. Stop imposing so much, and let people continue about their lives.

Someone who actually cares on

Last time I checked they weren’t imposing anything. They were simply stating they were tired of a particular event that they happen to see happen very frequently.

Please analyze a statement first before criticizing another for something they do not agree with.

non-traditional on

congrats to adele! gah, i want to be that child have her sing me lullaby’s.

Shannon on

Congrats to them and a happy and healthy 9 months, but really when did having a baby before you were married become the norm? I feel like every celeb has kids before marriage! People get married then have babies!!

Julia on

@NM: I was thinking the same thing. I guess we’re the curmudgeons of today.

cindyann on

marriage is a man made institution, leave it alone already. Adam and Eve were never married! Congrats Adele!

K.B. on

Here’s to wishes for a healthy, happy baby!

showbizmom on

Please stop knocking Hollywood and celebrity mom’s for having babies before marriage. Go walk down the street of your own neighborhood or community throw a stone, and I best you my next weeks paycheck you’ll hit someone you know who’s done just that, had a baby out of wedlock.

Congrats to Adele and Simon.

Philosoraptor on

You’re not their child, why do you care if they’re married or not? Good grief. Say something nice or shut up.

Happy for her, hope they have a long and blessed relationship and a healthy child.

mary on

telling people it’s fine to be unmarried is another way of pushing your beliefs as well….

Anonymous on

Thank you Mary for your wise, insightful comment

Kiki on

Amit – It can hurt a child to have to shuffle between two himes when parents aren’t married. I get that there is also divorce, that also hurts a kid. But really, a child deserves two parents who are committed to each other, which who insist on marrying.

mary on

those who believe marriage IS an institution are those who usually fail at it

Lauren on

Congrats Adele and Simon!! Such happy news! People, quit making comments about her not being married. Stop shoving your archaeic ideals on other people. Some people don’t need that peice of paper to validate committment. I have been with my man for 10 years and we don’t need the government’s or religion’s permission or validation of our love. Our word is enough.

I’m so happy for Adele! I am expecting my 2nd child now. I wonder when she’s due.

Lily on

People really need to understand that not everyone believes in marriage or wants to get married. Its her business if she wishes to have a relationship and a child. Perhaps one day they will if they choose to. It’s her journey and no one else can control that. It is easy to ignore. I hope she gets the little boy that she wants, if not I am sure she will be more than happy with a little girl.

Nicole on

Congratulations Adele!!!

Lauren on

I wonder if this means we’re going to get bright, happy family songs from her now. 😛 Just kidding! Congrats, Adele!

Cassie on

@chayane because you can’t “accidentally” get married like you can get pregnant. That’s why.

kaitlyn on

Can’t stand her music or her voice but she seems very sweet and down to earth and I think she’ll be a good mom.
@Kiki I’m pretty sure her and Simon are living together so the kid isn’t going to be shuffled between houses.

Shelby on

I don’t even mind the not being married as much as I do only knowing someone since January! Seems a bit soon particularly assuming she is at LEAST 8 weeks? Think that baby came out of blue, invited.

suzy diamond on

Too bad these same people aren’t as determined to have a commitment of marriage BEFORE they start their family!

Twinny on

Awwww this means no US Tour anytime soon!! BUMMER!!

Major congrats to the parents-to-be!

red on

I’m so sick of these uppity people claiming that people need to wait until they’re married. Mind your own business. She’s having a baby and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. She’s got the money to give him/her a great life even if he wasn’t in the picture.

Halley on

I LOVE her!! She is my absolute favorite! Many, many congrats!!

Anonymous on

fat hog knoked up outta wedlock…..

Danielle on

it does matter if they are married or not, I am a child out of wedlock and to tell you the truth it sucks, my dad chose not to be in my life, gave up his rights and everything. now it doesn’t happen in every case, but if you and your bf/gf break up and one ends up either leaving or being pushed out of the kids life it suck, you have all these unanswered questions, did my mom/dad have this trait, did I get it from my grandma? now I don’t think you should get married just cause you have a kid, but if you aren’t married, at least do something so your kid can get answers if they want them.

Angie on

How long have they known each other? Please tell me they’ve together longer than just 6 months.

Anonymous on

he couldnt wait lol

Guest on

To all the people complaining she’s not married…what’s it to you? I don’t plan on having children til I get married either, but it’s not your place to judge in the slightest. At least she’s having the baby, she’s excited about it and that’s ALL that matters. Adele will be a great mom and I’m excited for her.

Leah C Banks on

A baby is NOT a reason to get married. You can still be fabulous parents without a signature on a piece of paper. I don’t think anyone is ever fully ready to be a parent, but you can choose when to be married whenever you feel that you can support each other and endure difficult times.

Personally, I feel that too many people get engaged/married when they are still in the lust phase (or mushy-gooshy phase) and thus their marriages fail when their real/natural behavior presents itself.

I myself am not married, nor do I have kids yet, but my desire for children is stronger than my want to have a 1-day overpriced party to celebrate an already strong relationship that is no different from a couple who have been married for 3 years.

Having said that, I am not anti-marriage, just anti-superficiality; marriage can be a great means of security when mountains of effort and thought are put into it. I actually think it’s a good thing that they are waiting to get married (or maybe not marrying at all) because of their rough past. I still wish them all the best and I can’t wait to see the adorable product.

AllisonJ on

so excited for them! Love Adele and her music. Wonder when the baby is due?

joan on

Early settlers to America had children out of wedlock because there weren’t enough preachers to marry them or that they were fooling around once they were engaged, which was enough of a commitment for them. BUT those ministers with their morals installed laws which made it immoral to do so.

Shannon on

Another baby mama. Sad. At least she can financially support the baby. Hope the baby daddy sticks around unlike Adele’s own father.

Aimee on

I am really surprised at some people on here. Marriage is not right for everyone and it does not guarentee that those two people will stay married forever. I was married to my oldest child’s father, who left me when I was 16 weeks pregnant because he was fooling around and decided he didn’t want to be a husband and father. We were divorced before she was born and he signed away his rights to her that day. So technically my first child was born out of wedlock.

I met my partner when my daughter was 14 months old and have been with each other since. 7 years and 2 more children later and here we are still together and stronger than ever. The kicker is the majority of our married friends have since divorced in our time together. I do not see the need for a piece of paper from the state of Pennsylvania stating that he is committed to me or I to him.

And the biggest of congratulations and best wishes to Adele and Simon on their future little superstar!

Abi on

What does her weight have to do with this? Big women have babies all the time, and obviously it doesn’t bother Simon.. Why can’t we just say congrats and move on?

Julie on

Congratulations Adele! I am so happy for you!

Ariel on

That was a surprising announcement! Congrats to Adele and her BF!

Shelby – If you click the links in the article, they’ve actually been together since last summer. January was when it was first publicly acknowledged.

Paige on

Congratulations to Adele and Simon! Love her music.

Cali72 on

Really people, why keep bringing up the fact that marriage makes you better parents?! Like a piece of paper is a guarantee that the parents are going to stay together and raise the baby. Get real and stop judging. It is their choice NOT ours!! Congrats Adele. Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

BMP on

I’m sorry – did I just get suctioned back to 1954? Wedlock? We still use that ridiculous word? Tell me, what is “locked” about being wed? Oh, that’s right, nothing. STOP THE JUDGMENT, mind your own business. How many of you crying out for the lack of wedlock have been divorced… more than once? GET OVER YOURSELVES and stop looking down your nose at everyone. sheesh

Zainab on

someone’s been rolling in the deep.

Cassie on

FYI getting married is much more than “a signature on a piece of paper”. It annoys me when unwed people say that as a defense. Until you do it – you really have no say. So stop getting all defensive.

tinytexan on

Anyone who is “upset” about a stranger having a child out of wedlock, AND taking time to write a post about it needs to get a life. Adele, her boyfriend and her baby don’t give a rat’s a$$ about you, so move along… Her family (however she defines it) will be just fine without your approval.

Courtney on

So it’s not okay to have a child out out of wedlock, but it is okay to get married, have a child, and then divorce 5 years later? Fool.

asquared on

A marriage does not raise a child, and a child does not make a marriage. Get over it. Its their business, congrats to them!!

doseedo on

Get married and have a baby. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s face it, the world is a changing.

People wind up divorced more than half the time, so what? If you can afford to have a child and provide a loving home, follow your heart’s content. Frankly, I think the idea of marriage is overrated and can suck it more often than not.

Rachel on

I adore her, but wow, she has barely been dating the guy. I don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy being together before rushing into parenthood. She is young and had plenty of time.

RJL on

I know things are different in the US. However, where I live (Nova Scotia, Canada), the moment our son was born, we were considered “married” in the eyes of the government. No, we don’t have a piece of paper. We don’t need one. We have a home and a family together and we consider ourselves husband and wife. I don’t call him my boyfriend, or my partner, I call him my husband. Because for all intents and purposes he is. If, in the future, we decide we want that piece of paper, then we’ll do it, but that’s our decision to make and unless your name is God, you don’t have any right to judge us (or Adele, or any other person who has a child before getting “married”).

Hea on

“FYI getting married is much more than “a signature on a piece of paper”. It annoys me when unwed people say that as a defense. Until you do it – you really have no say. So stop getting all defensive.

– Cassie”

I don’t have to defend myself at all. I don’t need things to say in my defense in regards of my views on marriage.
Has it every occurred to you that people may feel different from you? What else is it really if you look at it from a neutral point of view?

As far as I know, marriage is a social union or a legal contract between two people. It is usually an institution and there are tons of different cultural definitions to marriage.

Jen on

Institution is a good word for it. The word “mental” comes before it by the way. Congrats to Adele, love her, love her music and God bless both of them.

Anon on

I don’t understand why every time a celebrity annouces their pregnancy when they are not married a ton of people have to come on here lamenting their decision. It does not in any way affect you, so why do you care? If it’s important to you to be married before having children, then do it. But not everyone feels the same way as you.

Mary on

For the record I would never want nor would I encourage my child to marry her partner must because she were expecting. Of course I would love it if she were married first, but reality is things don’t always start off they way we would like then too! Doesn’t mean they are not good parents or make good partners.

Kelly on

so very happy for her!!! having a child together is more of a commitment than marriage. I am a huge advocate of marriage but hey…as long as the child grows up knowing mom and dad love them…that is what counts! Who knows…maybe they will get married soon. I am thrilled for her..she is an amazing talent and beautiful woman!


“So it’s not okay to have a child out out of wedlock, but it is okay to get married, have a child, and then divorce 5 years later? Fool.

– Courtney”


Mickey on

@cindyann, according to the Bible. Marriage was instituted by God. Not man and God himself married Adam to Eve. You should research your comments before you post them.

Anyway. It’s their business to get married or not. I think she is great, and I don’t blame her one bit
For being careful about who she marries. Here you have a beautiful young woman who is suddenly a millionaire. She should not rush to the altar. And when she does she should have a pre-nup agreement to protect herself and her children. I am a Christian but do not believe in pushing my beliefs on others. I wish her the very best.
My whole family loves her.

Much Love, Prayers, and Congratulations Adele.

Mickey and Family.

sss on

I am sorry but marriage is alot more than just “a signature on a piece of paper.” To all of you that look at it that way…..welllll no wonder why there are so many divorces.

Alexandra on

“having a child together is more of a commitment than marriage”

Not if it was unplanned…….

Anna on

Congrats to them. Best wishes!

Missy on

People really need to GET OVER parents not being married before a child is born. A piece of paper will not force someone to be around for that child as much as these holy rollers like to believe.

Missy on

A marriage does not raise a child, and a child does not make a marriage. Get over it. Its their business, congrats to them!!

– asquared on June 29th, 2012

This is PERFECT. And I’m a married gal who had my son after that walk down the aisle.

Amanda on

People crack me up. Yes, there’s a 50% chance you’ll divorce, but that means 50% of marriages WORK! DUH!


I think it’s all kinda pathetic that everyone is even posting about this. Do any of you have lives??!

You don’t know her, don’t pretend to and hey newsflash!…not all women make good mothers! Especially not pathetic, desperate-sounding, neurotic people (listen to her songs people the signs are ALL there) who only know the man they have been seeing for a few months and PURPOSELY get pregnant. I don’t give a shit about marriage, just like many people here have stated that doesn’t really matter. BUT her concious choice to have a child with a man she barely knows is a sign of retardedness.

And before you bash me on this one how about you all wait a few I take that back because being pregnant is different than actually raising a child with wait 2 years and then tell me I was wrong. $1000000 bucks they are not still together and for all you “oh-its-ok-not-to-be-married” folk, it IS bad for the children to have seperated parents and the point on marriage is IF the man decides to cheat or walk out he will think twice if he is married..if not he can walk right out that door and you or the children could not hear from him again.

Marriage is a committment, and it protects the children from just this happening. Do you need it??..absolutely NOT if you have a great guy you love who loves you and he sticks by you through thick-n-thin..but really now, how many GREAT GUYS are there like that out there?..NOT MARRIED??! My guess is 5% at best!

So good luck to you all, and good luck to Adele’s sweet child! But I am not going to congratulate her on the position she just placed her child in. I wish her all the luck in the world but statistics, and real life experience, are against it!

Tina on

I’m happy for her. Best Wishes. But the little blurb at the end ‘…..respect our privacy at this time’, that’s for sad occasions.

Stephanie on

LOL, I find it amusing that I look on here at how some people are so angry that she is not married first, and then I look on Jennifer Nettles news of being pregnant (she is married) and people are STILL complaining that “they have only been married 7 months they should have atleast waited a year!” BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Bottom line, we all live our lives how we want to live them. Adele isnt married, people are outraged, Jennifer Nettles IS married, people are STILL outraged…get a life, not everyone elses is aimed at pleasing YOU! Congrats Adele ❤

Cheyane on

@Cassie- really?? hmmm I recall hearin about people who get drunk and think its fun to get married in Vegas, etc.

Serena on

Omg ! congrats Adele …

LoveMyCrazyLife on

Aw! Congrats! She’ll be a great mom.

JDiva on

I agree that marriage should be before children. Yet, I hope that those who are judging her realize being pregnant is NOT a sin. Premarital sex is… With that being said “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”….

cathy on

I agree! No one believes in marriages anymore or waiting until your married to live together or sleep together….Makes you sad.

Shannon on

When marriage is done correctly it’s more then a piece of paper. Working through your issues and problems and come out a better stronger couple- that is what marriage is all about. Too many people just throw in the towel when the waters get rough and go looking for the next best thing. People rush into marriage and having babies without thinking of things down the road.

anali on

No its a new century…having a baby and being happily in love doesn’t have to include marriage. Congrats Adele!

meghan on

Congratulations Adele! She is so talented and such a sweetheart! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for Adele and Simon!

Lyoness on

I love her and her attitude. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy Adele!!

To all of those bashing her… Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. If she had chosen to terminate and tweeted about it, she’s crucified. If she continues with her pregnancy (and dares to be excited about it *the horror*), she’s crucified. Adele has a loving involved partner, a huge family support system, and already achieved her career goals many times over. I think mini-Adele will be quite alright. Calm down people.

Kimberly on

Who cares if people have a child first? Ever hear of new traditions?

Amanda on

Congrats Adele!I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful mother, and that is one lucky baby that gets their lullabies sung by Adele (my daughter can only dream lol i’m pretty tone deaf). As to all the people rudely posting about her not being married, join us here in 2012 will you. Marriage is just a piece of paper, what does that have to do with having a child? Absolutely nothing thats what. I am not married and I am extremely happy in my relationship and my daughter has a very loving family. It doesn’t matter in the least that we aren’t married. Stop trying to force your ways on others.

kate on

3 sons? MUST? what if you have a girl? mmmmm.

MB on

Having children is a bigger committment than marrying someone. Congrats to them!

Ava on

Hope this means she’s taking a looooong break from singing.

Lyoness on

I don’t even have children but if she put out a lullaby album I would get it in a heartbeat!!

Dani on

What a PIG. How long has she known that guy?

CM on

Am I the only person that CRINGES when I hear her sing? Happy for her but will never be a fan of her voice or her songs

Proginoskes on

Wow, people are so judgmental…

I DID get married before I had my daughter. And my husband, an “upstanding Christian man”, cheated on me, multiple times, and blamed me for it. He had multiple relationships WHILE married to ME. I forgave him over and over, and eventually, he became manipulative and abusive. I left when he crossed a line.

Now, even though he’s free to see his daughter any time he wishes, he hasn’t even tried to contact me in 3 months, and hasn’t seen her for 4 months..

Tell me again why it matters so much that a couple be married before having children.

Alissa on

SO happy for her!!! And thrilled to hear she wants three sons..that’s what I have…and I did happen to have them all before 30. I wish her and Simon the best with years of happiness.

Ann on

Can you imagine the lullabies she’ll sing? Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear those!

Lindsay on

Who says you need to be married to have kids? I’m married with kids but, I have a few friends who aren’t and are some of the best mothers I know. Marriage isn’t meant for everyone and it’s rude to think she’s less of a person because she isn’t married.

Congrats Adele 🙂

kay on

religious people… lol

Alissa on

What’s with the marriage comments? Specifically, is it about the baby or about the sex? If she gets married before the baby is born will that satisfy you or is it that she had sex before she was married that is bothering you?

Or, third option, is it that you think raising a child without being married is wrong or bad in some way? If it’s #3, then what about divorced parents or single parents or widowed parents? I would guess single parents are wrong too because of one of these reasons, but which is worse…a single parent without a partner, a divorced parent or a parent in a committed relationship with the child’s other parent, although not married?

I’m just trying to understand this notion of a hierarchy for sins…I am assuming you do believe these all are sins…except for the widow(er) that is.

Guest on

People get married every day, so focussed on the event itself they don’t stop to take into consideration the actual commitment it entails. Being devoted to another human being does not come from a ceremony. It comes from an internal desire to always honour that other soul first and always. If they both love one another and commit to their child, nothing else should matter.

Ivy. on

Holy crap. Was not expecting this! Congrats to them! She’s my age. I CANNOT picture myself having a child right now.

Kelley on

JODIE YOUR AN IGNORANT HUMAN BEING and for the ate up people stating she needs to be married and BLAH BLAH… WHO CARES?! Is Adele your daugther or family member? geez SHUT UP! Isnt women happy for other women these days that can actually have babies and take care of them properly? Who says someone should or shouldnt have a baby? UGHHH…

Congrats Adele, best wishes to you and your man!

Lissa on

Not sure how we can say she’ll be a great mom. She wrote a whole album about absolute anger and heartbreak over a guy she dated that wouldn’t even admit as dating her. Not so stable in my opinion. Makes for a great music, but great mother???? um…..

boohoobytch on

congrats to them, babies are a blessing no matter how they get here

akaye23 on

I knew that is what was going on when she said she wanted to take a break. Congratulations!!!

Robyn on

Congratulations, Adele will make a wonderful mother. All the best, for the baby & expecting mother. I wonder if her child will also be blessed with an amazing singing ability.

Sandy on

Robyn…….. in my opinion, it’s not a big deal if people have kids and don’t get married. Marriage is a piece of paper. But having kids is the most selfish thing you can do. It’s a tough world out there, why would ANYONE (including you) even THINK of bringing an innocent human being in this world to deal with life. Huh?

gramma2twins on

Congratulations Adele! You will have beautiful babies that will take after their mommy!

lkm on

Wow congrats to adele!

so what if she isn’t married to simon, why is that such a big issue when same sex couples are denied the right to marry!

Having a child when not married isn’t such a big deal, come on people this is the 21st century, where a family doesn’t always mean man&Woman and child!, SAME sex couples have children also and they are denied the right to be legally married in most countries!

but when a woman has a child out of wedlock it is a big issue?

J on

Robyn why does it bother you so much if you are happy with your own life?

meghan on

Lissa, most musicians get their best songs out of painful situations. It hardly makes them unstable. Hell, she’s probably more stable than most, because she has an outlet to get those negatives feelings out of her system. That’s why therapists tell people to write their feelings down. It helps.

Jennifer on

Wow! That’s great news! She’s gonna be a great mom and that baby is gong to get sang to sleep on the regular.

On another note, I am SO sick of people bashing people that are having kids out of wedlock. I am having twin boys this October and I am not married. My boyfriend will no doubt be a great father, and I know I will be a great mother. I don’t need a piece of paper that makes me a better human being and/or mother. My children are no less than children of god.

To be honest with you I know more people that are still together that are still not married or waited until after their kids to get married, than I do people that were married and had kids or got married because they were pregnant. If God is who I believe he is, he is forgiving and accepting and does not look down upon me for not being married. I’m sure all of you being judgemental never had pre-marital sex either… Come on.

Leslie on

Aww, Congratulations Adele… I wish you all the happiness in the world.

For everyone arguing about children before marriage, in my personal experience it did make a difference to get married first, but I can’t speak for anyone else. My husband and I were very committed beforehand, but even more so after marriage. Our vows were witnessed by family and friends and the ceremony was profound for us.

I hope Adele and her boyfriend have a long and happy family life together. Personally, I would be worried to get pregnant with someone after knowing them only a few months, but the deed has been done and there is no point in criticizing her at this point. She is the one living her life.

rhonda on

Geez Louise people after 6 months in the eyes of Law you are common-law and pretty much married. Get over yourselves. Not everyone needs the $5ooo+ wedding that comes with a signed paper that says your happy. And suprisingly enough not everyone is Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever other religion you want to throw in there.

Her Mother on

She should be dating a man more her age and less her weight!


she needs to pray for a HEALTY child… no matter what the gender. She sounds spoiled & selfish.

Hedda Hopper's Ghost on


Amy on

first of all congrats to adele and her boyfriend….wish you nothing but happiness……to all the people who are disapprove cuz shes not married are dumb…..alot of people have children before getting married, i had my daughter before and im not even married to the father nor was i, just because people dont get married doesnt mean their gunna be bad parents, just be happy for adele and her boyfriend.

Berry on

Can not wait until these songs (re: More love and baby) come out!! All the best. Love you Adele.

mamato3littles on

Seriously people why does being married or not matter to you all! I’m not married and never have been. I’ve been with my partner for 10 years and we have 3 children. We rather spend the money on holidays and new cars and our mortgage than have a party and sign some papers!

Congratulations Adele its wonderful news 🙂

Terry on

Getting married doesn’t guarantee that you will stay that way. Nobody can know that you are going to stay together forever. Does that mean you shouldn’t have children? Tom and Katie were married and now they are getting divorced. \\

I have been with my common law husband for 11 years. That is a lot longer than many legally married people. Married or not – it is all about commitment and love between 2 people – not religion and pieces of paper. I personally don’t have a problem with marriage but don’t feel it is necessary for myself but I certainly don’t look down on people who are so those people shouldn’t look down on me either.

Cocopuffs on

Marriage, just like motherhood is not for everyone. So if you choose to try motherhood before marriage, more power to you as there are NO guarantees that getting married first will make everything honky dory. It’s best to love the one you plan to marry, if there’s no love then why marry?

Leslie on

Rhonda, You don’t have your facts straight about common law marriage. England does not recognize common law marriages and neither do the vast majority of states in America (38). People who are living together do not have the same rights as a couple that is legally married.

Tiffany on


You can get married before having children, doesn’t mean the marriage will last. I am soo tired of hearing that.

Congrats to her.

Crystal on


Now, to all of you that say marriage is “just a piece of paper”……ARE YOU NUTS???? Marriage is soooo much more than that. Do you know that if your “partner” were to get into an accident or sick and had to go to the hospital you have NO RIGHTS. Unless you have power of attorney they will not ask you anything concerning the care of your loved one. They will go to the next of kin and since you were so hung up on not being married that isn’t you. It will either be his or her parents or his children if they are of legal age.

I’m getting married in Oct and not only am I marrying the man of my dreams but us just “going together” was NEVER AN OPTION. Please show some self respect for yourself and your children and show them that marriage is not only biblical it’s legal and VERY IMPORTANT!

Ronda on

Why is there all this judgement of “I wish she got married first”? I don’t get it. So, a religious ceremony and a piece of paper makes having a child ok? 1/2 of marriages in end in divorce. If a couple hasn’t determined their own level of commitment about their partnership and family, shame on them. But in this day and age, do we still really judge people for not taking part in a religious ceremony (which is everyone’s choice) and having a piece of paper to show for it? Some of the religious people I know are the most judgement and least open minded….I would think this goes against Christian or most other religious teachings……

Anonymous on

aww im so happy

Monica on

Marriage is a committment- if you do it right. By that I mean, taking the time to actually get to know your partner BEFORE you marry them. Then taking the time to actually work thru problems when they come up (and they definitely will) instead of just giving up and getting a divorce. That is why the divorce rate nowadays is so high- because people don’t even try either of those.
Having kids is not easy and I think there is a reason it takes 2 to make the baby, because it takes at least 2 to take care of the baby. I would never want to have to parent alone. Which is why I made that committment with my husband and then we chose to have kids together. Thru good or bad we are a team and will be until death do us parts.

Laila on

Boyfriend is the new sperm bank with the option of a relationship. She wants kids, that’s her choice! Thank God we have one. She looks about 30 though.

seila on

she’s so going to have a girl, for sure

donna on

I hope her children inherit her wonderful voice! Congrats Adele!

Cartyr on

All I could think of after reading this was: “Ohhhh brother”.

denise on

Best Wishes

Carollia on

Imagine the lullabies she will sing to her baby

milla on


Lena on

I could care less that they aren’t married, but getting pregnant by someone who you have been seeing all of 6 months?!?! I hope it works out for them…..

jennifer on

to NM & RH like you two idiots don’t have friends that have babies out of wedlock??? if you’re answers are no then yall are LYING!!! get the HELL over it this isn’t the 1950s anymore!!! PEOPLE HAVE BABIES WITHOUT BEING MARRIED LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!!!! WHAT’S IT TO YOUUUU????? a baby is no reason to get married especially when 1/2 all marriages end in divorce, so GROW UP AND GET OVER IT. your 1950s mentality is no longer accepted here so go troll somewhere else

A. on

Great, now another bastard child will be born into this world. Congrats to Adele on her illegitimate unborn child. She’s also a homewrecker. Adele is a REAL class act.

Mildred on

WOW so much for weight loss!

h on

what is WRONG with all you people??! does it really affect your lives if she has a kid before she’s married?? can’t you just wish her the best?

Sam on

i don’t know why people are saying she needs to get married. she needs to do what she wants, maybe she doesn’t believe in marriage or just doesn’t want it at the time. people need to keep stupid comments to themselves!

guest on

hahaha! you just made exactly the point that marriage is just a piece of paper. it’s just a legal issue. So the laws have to change instead of forcing everyone to get married. And the bible crap is a bad argument either way and only works for christians. The bible says so many bad things, you should read it sometimes (front to back, not just what the preacher tells you)

I have friends who are together for 15 years with two kids, no piece of paper. going stronger than lots of couples with a legal document. Hope your marriage works though, chances are 50:50 (which is better than playing the lottery)

kpm on

again “NM” two people who are committed to eachother are just as good, or better, as marriage. divorces are messy and terrible for children to go through. i’m not against marriage, but if two people aren’t ready by the time they’re having a child, why force it?

Lala04 on

How long has she been with this guy? Three baby Daddys by thirty is not cool.

leslye on

What part of birth control do these adult people, actors, singers wanna be celebrities don’t get??? REALLY !!! They are such poor examples for young girls that go out and try and do the same. If you listen to the interview that Reille Hunter gave when Piers Morgan asked why she didn’t use birth control her answer was we were in LOVE. NO you were selfish and in LUST. Then they get married or NOT and then divorced, how many divorces have their been of these people with OOPS pregnancies so stupid…. We will have generations of children from a divorce screwed up over night relationships by so called ADULTS who should NO BETTER!!!

patricia on

Congratulations Adele! Love your music!

Anonymous on

kpm- My personal view is that if you and your partner aren’t ready for marriage, then you shouldn’t be having children. There’s a very simple way to avoid having children out of wedlock, and it’s called abstinence (call me old-fashined if you’d like, but unlike most of my generation, I actually believe in saving one’s self for marriage!)!

That being said, congrats to Adele and Simon (much as I believe in saving kids- and sex- for after the wedding, I also believe that every baby should be celebrated! After all, it’s not the baby’s fault his or her parents aren’t married!)!

Stacey on

If someone is not good enough to marry I cannot imagine why anyone would would want to have a child with them. It’s selfish and YES, that piece of paper DOES matter. People who say it doesn’t are just trying to justify that they got pregnant and are shacking up with someone. Don’t think kids do not know the difference between their “parents” being married or unmarried. THEY DO!

Nancy on

I think we as the public should not look to celebrities as our social and moral compass.

There are probably far better role models in your neighbourhood.
I find the ‘its no big deal’ whether you are married or not argument absurd. Marriage is a sign of self-respect and status with legal protections for you and any children (why do you think it is a huge issue for same sex marriage). People who aren’t married but have children generally try to hide that fact and wear wedding bands/rings and the children of those couples are also not proud. Common-law relationships are a small minority but it appears more prevalent among celebrities. I think although cannot prove that marriages last longer than 2 people casually living together. The effect of two parents not living together any more on children is scary – anyone who tries to maintain an easy out when they have kids (ie. the argument its better to not get married so you can leave quicker and that you shouldn’t get married just for the children’s sake) is extremely selfish and short sighted. Divorce rates aren’t actually 50% – it is closer to 30% and most people get married before having children because they realize that having children is a larger commitment than getting married. I hope Adele has a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.


I was married for 17 years, 3 Wonderful Boys ( Young Men now) & we still got divorced! Being married first is not a guarantee. One of My Sister’s is on Her 4th marriage, as well as Her Husband. One of My other Sisters, has been with the Father of Her 3 Children for almost 25 years and they are just as happy as can be!!! She didn’t want to get married bc She was married before and got burned, He had never been married. They are a GREAT FAMILY, I LOVE THEM!!!

tl on

NM – why do people have to get married to have a child? Love is what matters, not marriage…50% of marriages will end in divorce anyways.

Congrats to Adele…who cares that you’re not married?…

Victoria Melbourne on

Well, at least now she has a reason to eat for two…

katie on

omg shut up with ” im so tired pepole having kids without getting married” newsflash we live in 2012 that was years ago. Let people live their life annoying as low lifes mother f***er. Holy shit they could do anything they want!!!!!!

Rosey on

Is there always going to be those irritating morons that comment on the marital status of people having kids? I wonder what decade these nimrods and their ideas will no longer exist….

CJFloyd on

Uhhhh, you don’t have to be married to have a child. It’s 2012. Religion is dwindling. Thankfully.

Kay on

Simon is quite rich himself. You can’t really call the baby his meal ticket.

Ellen on

Congrats to Adele and her boyfriend!

As for the marriage discussion, I think it´s best to be married. At least, if you´re not, have a talk with your children and explain to them that you are going to stay together. My parents are not married, they are still together though after 27 years, but I remember when I was about 12 years old, I came home from school every day for a year fearing they had broken up. It was horrible. So make it clear to your children that their parents relationship is strong and why you are not married. I didn´t understand that.

And as for children not dealing with divorce. I think that what is difficult for children, is that their parents no longer live together, not that they are divorced. I think that your parents splitting up is hard regardless if they were married or not. If you have kids with someone, be prepared to live with that person for the rest of your life


Victoria: I’m sure u have the perfect body. Why don’t you go and hide. Nobody needs ur attitude…

Mamasan on

@Leah C Banks… you can get married without all of the overpriced cake and flowers. Get a JP and do it in a small backyard ceremony or city hall if you don’t want the party aspect. I had the traditional church wedding/reception and there are many days I wish we’d just eloped but the end result is the same.. I don’t really care if they get married or don’t, I DO feel that they’ve not been together all that long and it may be too soon for a baby. A child can benefit from both parents whether they are married or not, the effort just has to be there.

shrimperdan on

There are comments here that the posters should be very ashamed of.

Calling another human being a fat hog or other negative comments about someone’s appearance just do not belong on this site.

This site needs a moderator to prevent thse posts.

Peaches on

Who gives a flying fuck if she is married or not!! Who fucking cares!!!!! She wanted to have kids so god damit she is having them!! get over it people if she is NOT married so tired of hearing people complain about that really is there better things to worry about than that? omg she is not even married omg omg omg get the fuck over it!

Jessie on

You people are judging her because she is not married? hey, she has been with the guy for SIX MONTHS! That is even worst. If having this baby after a couple of months together was planned, she is really stupid.

Linda on

Celebrities look at children like toys. Oh look at that , how cute, I want one . Can I have one? Let’s go buy one OK? I keep thinking about Jolie /Pitt when I write this, but it goes out to others. I know Adele is going to love her child,as do a lot of moms. But I really do wonder about some celebrity people.

Elisa on

she has just started dating the guy! if getting married is no big deal, just a piece of paper the why not do it? that’s great, kids will grow up without the parents being a couple, very nice! some couples can stay forever after being together so fast, but most of them don’t… latest exemple is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes… they didn’t know each other for more than a few months when she got pregnant… now Suri will grow up with separated parents… the only ones who say it’s ok are the ones that were in this situation… My parents are happily married for decades and I wouldn’t want otherwise!

Elise on

That was a surprise announcement. Nothing against Adele, love her music, but it always kinda irks me when people publicly express a preference one way or the other re: gender. Both when celebs do it and people I’ve known in real life. What if you don’t get the one you wanted? Everyone will know/think you’re disappointed. Fine to have a preference but I don’t understand why you would make it so widely known. To me, it’s unneccessary. Keep any preferences private.

mileysucks on

Awwwww! That’s great news! She seems like a very loving person. Congrats!

Gal Capone on

“I think it’s all kinda pathetic that everyone is even posting about this. Do any of you have lives??!”……and proceeds to post half a book on the subject…mmmmkay. Too funny.

Simon was married before. How’d that work out for those who insist upon marriage before children?? Yeah. Doesn’t mean a thing.

Congrats Adele & Simon!

Cass on

For those who think it’s the institution of marriage that causes people to break up…WAKE UP. You weren’t smart enough to marry the right person if that’s what happens to you. I’m married to my life partner, my best friend and lover and we will never be apart. I’m positive of that! I dated a lot and wouldn’t settle until I found the man whom I knew was right for me…that I knew we had a good enough relationship to make it work. We love each other so much and it shines through every single day we spend together. I’m not sure how many people feel that way about their husband/wife. I also see a lot of couple who THINK they have a great guy/gal and they are blind to the fact the person is a slime ball. People choose to ignore warning signs….it’s not marriage, it’s the stupid people going into it who didn’t pick the right person.

Cass on

I posted a good comment, but for some reason People didn’t put it up…I don’t get it?! It wasn’t nasty or profane…what is the deal with that??

Anonymous on

This is almost as bad as Tom and Katie, who got knocked up 3 months into the “relationship” – just nasty. Get to know each other first!!

Melody on

We live in the 21st century. People can choose whether to have children in or out of marriage. Get a grip and moreover, mind your own business. It does not matter a bit whether a couple is married or not when they have children, what counts is the way they raise that child.

There are plenty of terrible married parents and plenty of wonderful unmarried parents, so the idea that only marriage can secure a happy childhood, safe home or wonderful parents is ludicrous.

Congratulations Adele. I wish you the best of luck with your baby and feel thrilled for you about this wonderful news.

Just Me on

I really want to be a mum….so I’ll just do that with no regard to being truly committed to the father, because who really needs one full time anyway, right?… So truly sick and tired of this message all these non-married celebs send to this generation (just look at all the young never-married mothers who post on these stories all about single parenting being OK and so awesome for case and point!).

Miranda Cheena on

Good News! Congrats

Kristi on

Boy, she snapped herself up a good one. A divorced fatso with a kid…no thanks.

Michelle on

In a perfect world, people would meet their soul-mates, fall in love, have a long courtship where they build a solid foundation for a long and lasting life together, get married and when the time is right, have children. However, this is not a perfect world. Rarely does it work out that way.

So, when you don’t get the perfect life, what do you do? Do you give up on having children? Do you give up on having a solid foundation by marrying out of desperation or lust? Do you give up on happiness all together? What part is the acceptable part to sacrifice?

What if you find yourself 38 and still no soul mate? Should you have a child on your own? Give up the dream of ever having children? Or should you just find a guy to marry really quickly so you can make sure you do it all “right”, knowing the marriage won’t work out?

Since so many of you got the perfect life – or made the acceptable sacrifice – what is the appropriate thing to do?

M on

NM – why bother? They will just divorce later. Saves the filing fees.

CD on

While I wish the best to the parents, the odds are against them staying together for the long haul. I don’t know how long they have been together but I read she is 26,he is in his late 30’s and divorced w/children. Stats are not in their favor. As a teacher, I see the results daily of students coming from homes where parents aren’t married. In many cases the parents don’t stay together.The students are then exposed to a variety of boyfriends/girlfriends. The parents end up having more children with multiple partners. The children no longer come first, even though they love their children.This leads to anger, depression, low self esteem etc. I would venture to say the students who verbally abused the bus monitor, come from similiar homes. I see adults not thinking about what it means to be a parent. Unfortunately I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

Daisy on

I couldn’t care less about whether or not people are married before having kids, but I find it weird when they start having them after being together for less than a year. It seems to happen all the time.

sonia on

Good for her but, does ANYONE believe in the institution of marriage these days? Apparently its normal in hollywood to have a baby first then get married.

AC on

Wow maybe my husband and I did it wrong after all. It seems like you have more of a successful rate conceiving a child out of marriage than you do being married. Maybe if I get a divorced and act complicated we can finally get preggers. lol.

Mollie Weaver on

I’m confused as to what there is to lament about a woman who is in love, with a committed partner who is excited to co-parent, has experienced career success, and has the financial means and life experience to be a competent mother who provides for her child in every sense – nurturing, expenses, etc…..

My parents first began dating at 17. They had me at 25. They married when I was 4, at age 29. They got married when they decided they wanted to; and they are married to this day, with a second child, my sister, who was born after their marriage. Who cares that I was born first? In their eyes, they shared — and still do — the same level of commitment to each other as any couple with that “piece of paper” when I was born. I was a thrilling addition to their (already in place) little family.

Many people marry and have children before they have even been together as long as my parents were when they had me.

Eight years, living together, shared finances, similar life goals, interests, and values, co-ownership of a single home, and dedication to growing together through their late teens, twenties, thirties, forties, and now fifties are what my parents brought to my birth. Rings; not til I was a kid.

Mom & Dad have been in it together for 33 years strong, with no signs of growing anything but stronger. Tell me again why people who meet, marry within a year or lso, and 9 months later have a kid, are more committed than my folks were when they had me??? Am I supposed to feel bad because my FULL-blooded sister was born to the same set of parents AFTER they wed? Because I don’t.

Congratulations to a talented woman and her boyfriend/partner; a child is a blessing and she sounds thrilled.

damoiselle on

I personally believe in marriage before children but am not going to condemn someone because they’re not of the same opinion. However, I’ve noticed some people say that getting married is expensive, a waste of money and all show. It doesn’t have to be that way!! Weddings costs as much as you want them to. In some European countries, a ceremony at the town hall is even free!!

Don't matter on

Danielle, My parents were married when I was bored, am, guess what, my dad walked out on us when I was 2…My Mom never remarried, yet, her an my stepdad have been together since I was 5..(30 years) so, tell me again what exactly a piece of paper proves…

Malla on

Reading these comments remind me why I usually stay away from comments sections. There’s always a bunch of pretentious, judgmental, Holier-Than-Thou bitches tearing someone down.

Quit acting like Adele is your best friend, you don’t know her. You cannot control or predict her life! You do not own her! She’ll live her life how she wants so you can just go back paying attention to your own pathetic existence and find someone else to insult. Grow the hell up, egomaniacs!!

Songrider on

“Please respect our privacy” who cares! I dont know who would want to lay up with that sweathog anyways. You would have never guess she was pregnant under all that fat.

Guest101 on

Congratulations Adele! I’m sure you’re going to be as good of a mum as you are a singer!

Kay on

Hey, it’s the U.K. Pretty much no1 is christian or whatever there. but then again, the dad can just get up and leave without legally having to be in the kid’s life if you’re not married, that’s the point, guys!

lol at the idiot canadian who says she’s married but isn’t. fuck words and their meanings i guess. XD i believe in the ceremony more than the paper but more importantly, she’s going to raise this kid with a nanny not a dad because they’ve been together what? 5 months? yeah, real smart.

Guest on

Why does she looks so old and matronly, hard to believe she’s only 24yrs old. Hope this man is not using her, for her money since he already has a child and was married before.

MollyFa on

I’m so happy for Adele & Simon. I’ve been a fan of Adele’s since the beginning of the year. She is an amazing singer.

It seems like those who comment about having children after marriage are closed minded. Look at what just happened to Tom & Katie. Think about what Suri’s going through. Yeah, they’re a celebrity couple, but thy might end in a bitter divorce due to the custody of Suri. People who end up in divorce rarely ever think of what the children are going through. They just think about themselves. I think Adele is doing the right thing.

Also, those comments about her being fat, really offend me. I’m overweight, and I am trying to lose it, but just because she’s fat doesn’t mean she’s not a beautiful person inside and out.

Lily on

Daisy – it’s far from wierd that they start having babies after being together less than a year. Sex = babies. Planned or not.

NotHim on

oh great now she is going to whale about babies on her next album lol

Tally on

Not a big fan of Adele but congratulations to the happy couple.

B.J. (the girl) on

Three sons before 30? She just named my worst nightmare.

Brooklyn on

To me, her comments make it seem like she just wants to have kids by a certain age and is gonna do so with this guy to ensure that happens. I mean, they obviously probably are in love or what not, but I do hope they last since they’re bringing a child into the world now. In any case, congrats to them. I’m not a fan of her, but best wishes.

Older on

She wanted to be knocked up. Say what you want,but that’s what she is. Hope Simon will man up and stick around. Hope she is the Mother she always hoped she’d be. Hope all her kids have the same father! Otherwise, she’ll be fine. She has the money now to raise the kids and retire without working another day if she financially did the right thing for herself up til now.Best to her and her growing brood.

Kat on

She says she wants 3 sons by the age of 30 and doesn’t even mention marriage/commitment? I pity those kids in advance.

Brianne on

Congrats, Adele! That baby will be SO loved!!!

MollyF on

Those that are saying negative things about Adele are haters, nuff said.

MCA on

I would love to see how great of mothers you all are considering how awful of human beings you are being on this sight. I pray your children are not as close-minded and full of hatred.

Congrats to Adele and screw all the haters who think you are better because you obviously are not.

Mia on

I think Adele is a talented artist – besides the fact people seem to not want to commit my getting married before having kids which I don’t understand and I think it is irresponsible and illogical…..she’s only 24 + they were clearly only together for maybe 1 month before they got pregnant?

I don’t see it working out – doesn’t take anything special to have a kid (anybody can have a kid)…..loving someone enough to go out of the way to actually marry them is something special.

Mims on

“the only ones who say it’s ok are the ones that were in this situation… My parents are happily married for decades and I wouldn’t want otherwise!”

– Elisa

Elisa, that is because we have lived with the situation and know it’s not as bad as people who’s parents are still happily married think it is!

Anyways, I wish Adele and Simon and their baby all the best! That child is going to get some lullaby’s!

Mandy on

I feel like all the people who are sticking up for her and saying there’s nothing wrong with having babies out of wedlock are those that have them as well and are trying to make it all seem ok.

Marriage first. Babies after. I’m happy to say I’m married and we’re waiting on kids. But at least I’m married.

She was first spotted with him in January…. January,February,March,April,May,June, and now its July. That’s just about 6 months of dating and she’s probably three months along… so after 3 months of dating persay, she got pregnant. Not even after dating a few years.

I don’t think this one was planned.

What happened to the celebrity role models that we used to have for our children to look up to?

ngaudio2 on

Why is everyone so cruel about her having a baby out of wedlock? You people need to stop being mean about the whole situation. Also your comments about being fat… that is plain MEAN! Grow up people.

What if she was gay? Would it still be a crime? Its 2012 people… not the 1950s!

Adele deserves the best and I know she will be a great mom!

KB on


Point #1- Guess again. I am single, with no children. My parents have been happily married for 31 years, and I see no problem with this, so your conjecture about “trying to make it all seem ok” doesn’t hold water.

Point #3- This isn’t 1950. Grow. Evolve. Move forward.

Point #3- If you are looking to celebrities to be role models for your children, you’re in trouble.

Malla on


You’re very ignorant. God forbid people not live your Holier-Than”-Thou perfect life? At least you’re married though, right? *eyes*

Cindy on

These comments are so fresh and original and unexpected! She’s pregnant before getting married! For shame! Throw in a few fat jokes! Oh yeah, she can’t sing! Wow, everyone. Zzz…

Mia on

It just seems like 2 people are more committed to go out of their way to get married + be legally bound to one another.

Having kids without that commitment just seems like “oh – I guess we’ll see what happens….maybe it will work , maybe it won’t.”

This pregnancy clearly wasn’t planned after being together for only 1 month.

Mims on

Mia, first of all, they have been seen out since January, now is July, so clearly they have been together for at least 6 months. For all we know, they may have been together longer than that but kept a low profile.

tlc on

Did anyone read the links? She and Simon have been together since LAST SUMMER (2011) but were only seen out TOGETHER in PUBLIC for the FIRST TIME in JANUARY!

Reading comprehension is sorely lacking in this forum!! Holy shit!

rnla on

Congratulations to Adele!!!! Your a beautiful woman with such a gift!!!! You will be a marvolas Mum!!!!!!

Marilyn on

According to Hello! magazine today, she’s due in two months.

Lauren on

She must have gotten pregnant right away because supposedly she’s due in September and they’ve been together since January? Wow, talk about fast. Can’t people just wait a little while anymore?

North on

When the divorce rate is over 50% and many live-in relationships fail, the chances of a child living and being raised by both their parents is slim. If you are financially independent having a child without being married is no big deal. However, if you aren’t rich you are legally entitled to many benefits when you marry. Later on you might need them.

North on

Marriages can end up in divorce but so can relationships. Someone can be financially independent at one time, but that can change. Marriage offers many legal benefits for the child and the partners regardless if a death or divorce occurs. Many state allow gays to finally be allowed to have the same rights. No, it is not the 1950’s, however most of the legal benefits of marriage have not changed. I have nothing personally against anyone that has a child without being married, that is their right. I wish them the best.

Michele on

What does it matter if someone is married before they have a kid? Does being married mean youre going to be a better parent? I doubt it. I hardly ever read this stuff, I think we put too much emphasis on celebrities and what they are doing with their lives…But, this topic pretty upset me. Do people not have anything better to do than judge other people on their choices? I have a son, and I’m not married. Just because his father and I are not married does not mean we are any less of a parent because of that. It’s insulting.

a.k.a. holly on

If you want to have a baby, then have one. I grew up without a father b/c I was told that he died in a car crash b4 I was born. I waited for Mr. Right to come and marry me b/c in my mind I felt that children benefit more from 2 parents that are married. Well here I am, 46 yrs old, not married and no kids. I guess that the birth control really did work. 🙂 I wish I would have been like so many other women and had a baby out of wedlock. Everybody always says I would be a great mom.

s on

I would be so happy for them if only they were married. Oh wait, who cares. Congrats!

Tehmeka on

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