Emily Robison Expecting Fourth Child

06/28/2012 at 04:45 PM ET
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

A new little chick is on the way!

Emily Robison is expecting her fourth child, a rep for the musician confirms.

“She’s excited!” the rep tells PEOPLE, adding that the baby is due in early September.

This will be the Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds singer’s first child with boyfriend Martin Strayer; Robison, 39, is also mom to twins Juliana Tex and Henry Benjamin, 7, and son Charles Augustus, 9½, with ex-husband Charlie Robison.

Bandmates Natalie Maines and Martie Maguire are mothers as well; Maines has two sons while Maguire has three daughters.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Anya Leon

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Lori on

Who is this person? OH YEAH, of the Dixie Chicks that blasted W for the war and their popularity sank. HAHAHAHAHA

Kathleen on

congratulations to emily and her bf…

Jennifer on

B—- needs to close her legs.

Anonymous on

Right on Lori. Didn’t like them to begin with & after slaming the war DON’T. Now it’s one thing to dislike war, but to do it in another country that you are trying to get to help you is another one. To bad.

Sandra on

Dixie Chicks is great. Saw them in person…..and still
love their music.
If you are a fan, you are always a fan.
Bruce Springsteen did the same thing…..but since it’s
girls…it’s different.
LOVE Dixie CHICKs….. 🙂
Glad they felt they could speak their mind.

Go, Emily!!!
Glad ya’ll are all happy mommies 🙂

klutzy_girl on

There was nothing wrong with what they said or did. People completely overreacted. Why are they still being bashed for it?

Jennifer – Really? How mature. She’s having a baby with her boyfriend and there’s nothing wrong with her. Her older three children are with her ex-husband.

Congratulations to them!

sunny on

So glad they spoke up!

Brooke on

Lori – they are also the band that won the Grammy the next year for Best Album and were proven 100% completely right! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Guest on

Lori and Anonymous.. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought they slammed George w not the war.. And correct me again but isn’t that what everyone in your country is doing nowadays…slamming bush AND the war?? I’ve lived in that “other” country and don’t worry they all agreed with them. USA was not liked at all while he was in office… Just saying

Linda on

You go, Lori! Brooke, they may have won critical accolades but their popularity was never the same. They were the disgrace to America, not W.

samantha on

So excited! I love the chicks they are a great band!

Lisa on

This girl is a hot mess, her whole life is crazy town and she’s bringing in another child in the mix, nice. It annoys the crap out of me when wackadoo’s like this reproduce!

Nancy on

Big mouth Natalie stuck her foot in her mouth and boom! They were black balled by country musice and the USA for talking trash about their own country in yet another country. Hah, I love freedom of speech. And they will pay for this the rest of their finished careers!!!!

Carrie on

I’m appalled people is letting some of this stuff go through, I hope you teach your kids to act better than the behavior many of you exhibit.

The Dixie Chicks reached double platinum with an album that came out after the incident, then they all went on to have babies and be moms, their comment about Bush did not end their careers, which wouldn’t even make sense if it did Bush had terribly low approval ratings.

For the record what was said was: “We’re embarrassed the POTUS is from Texas.”

Congratulations to Emily and her family!

LeslieD on

Love the dixie chicks and I miss them. America is supposed to be all about free speech so I never understood why there was so much hate when they did not agree with the president.

Ms. Cakes on

I love the Dixie Chicks and after how many years are we still talking about Bush who in no longer in office(Thank GOD)and after country music wanted to banish them but they went on to win multiple Grammys after everything that happend…Hmmmmmm I love it how we STILL live in the past…Build a bridge and get over people life goes on!!!

Congrats to her and her family and I hope she raises her children to speak there minds so they can piss off people too 🙂

sunny on

The Dixie Chicks were right and our country is suffering because of it.

mb on

I like their music…People that burn bridges are responsible for building them back up. I haven’t seen them have the humility to accept they need to do that. There is nothing wrong w/stating your opinions. If you are for or against anything find the right venue. When I pay you money to sing that is what I pay you for. I don’t pay for you to spend your time providing your opinons on anything else. If they want to be for against/anything go to a rally. Uh oh that doesn’t make money for them and a lot less prestigious.

weezer on

You ignorant Americans! She had every right to express her opinion on the war. Believe it or not many Americans were against it and George Bush was probably one of the worst presidents you ever had. Isn’t the U.S the land of the free???? I’m starting to think not.

lola on

seven billion, seven billion, seven billion, seven billion….on the way to 12 billion. Selfish and destructive and myopic, not taking the long view…immediate gratification….no sense or proportion…no restraint

meghan on

Yes Linda, a musician (who didn’t even MAKE the comment) is the disgrace of a nation. Not the genocidal ex-president.

lifeasahouse on

Freedom of speech, whether or not you agree with what they said. I am not saying I agree. I hope she has a healthy baby and that this man stays in her life.

Natural mama on

Juliana Tex is like the best name ever!

Completely in love with the Dixie Chicks praying for a new record!

congrats to the family!

http://www.people.com/people/celebritybabies/gallery/0,,20588545,00.html on

The only disgrace to our nation is trolls bashing someone for something someone else (who was right!) said

Butterfly on


PAT on

Iam trying to figure out why she needs a public relations person. Is she blind to the fact that her career is over? Does she need to have another child to make herself viable? Hope somebody can make her seem relevant other than the new baby.

Noelle on

UMMMM…No matter if they said something about the war or something about a president…they are still wrong for opening their mouths with their opinion. Yes people have rights to their opinion, but when you are an actor or musician, you get disliked real quick for voicing that…if you know so much about politics then go be a politician and take your liberal a## and work with Obama…he’s doing a much better job…lol

Michelle on

Freedom of speech is no excuse for poor manners.

sullyjo on

I saw them AFTER the comment was made, at a SOLD OUT concert. I highly doubt what you are saying is accurate, that their careers are over. Um, they stopped the touring and the recording to be mothers at home. (and actually the sisters formed their own band, if memory serves) Their wealth from their music allowed them to do it. There is not a question in my mind that they will be back into the music scene when their kids are older.

We live in a country founded on freedom of speech and for one comment, they are STILL being bashed? How about when Kanye West said Bush hated black people on the special to raise money for victims after 9-11?? Did he get the backlash they got? A bit, yes, but not to the extent the DC got. Yet he was on TV when MILLIONS were watching and she made one comment at a concert in a foreign country. Huh. Weird.

Anyhow, congrats to Emily…and I for one, can’t wait to see or hear the Dixie Chicks again!

countrygal on

They were big mouths that had no pride in their country. Glad that they are gone from country radio. Also, she can’t get married before she had another child?

Amyt on

Just curious why the reaction to what Natalie Maines said was so viral and then when Ted Nugent said something 100X worse, it barely made the headlines? Where was the CD burning and crushing, and the ban from radio, on and on and on….

countrygal on

The dixie chicks are classless. I for one was glad to see them banned from country radio.

Ariel on

The Dixie Chicks (as a band and individuals) have featured on this site numerous times since that remark Natalie made on George W, and not once has anyone brought it up. So way start now?

Yes, while I’m well aware you have freedom of speech or whatever, those remarks have nothing to do with their lives as mothers.

With that out of that out of the way… Congratulations to Emily and Martin. I always admired how open she was with her infertility and IVF rounds.

sally on

She and her bandmates are classless, and have no respect for the country they live in. Also, not surprising she’s no married to this child’s father.

Brooke on

What an ugly bunch you all are! I’m proud of our soldiers and proud that they fight for Natalie and Emily’s right to say whatever the he** they want to! The Dixie Chicks comment was made as they lead into their song about their support of our soldiers – the media spin afterward, the death threats, was just awful. This article is about her expecting a new baby. If you can’t come on here to say something nice and congratulate that new life into this world, then shut it. #teamdixiechicks4life

meghan on

Wow, are any of these posts on topic?

Sara on

I’m the wife and daughter of veterans. Thinking the war was wrong has nothing to do with disrespecting the troops.

The war was a mistake we were lead into under false presences. And the Dixie Chicks weren’t wrong for saying so.

okiesus on

I liked the Dixie Chicks until they turned on America. I won’t listen or buy any more CD’s. Threw mine out. Which is worse…a president trying to do what’s best for his country (whether he was right or wrong) or a ignorant country singer mocking her president in a foreign country? I think we all know.

Shannon on

Boyfriend? Does he know that?

Laura on

That’s Fantastic. Congrats to Emily and Martin 🙂

Kelly on

Just because they won a Grammy after Natalie (with agreement from Emily and Martie) said they were embarrassed the President was from Texas – doesn’t mean that there were right. Neither does a Grammy mean a majority of Americans agreed with them or are still fans. Grammys are given to musicians by the industry – not fans.

Hayley on

Wow, how immature can some of you get? Congrats to Emily and her boyfriend!

skreezy on

Shame on all of you! The Dixie Chicks went on to win a ton of awards for the album they released AFTER Natalie’s comments, which, if I might add, were about BUSH, not the war. I’m not even from your country and I completely agreed with her! The backlash from a comment that was 100% true was completely ridiculous, and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for bashing an outspoken, proud and AMERICAN band.

On another note, congratulations to Emily and her family! Another beautiful baby from another beautiful woman 🙂

kannr on

Why even associate her with the Dixie Chicks any more? They disbanded LONG ago and Natalie went her own way. The sisters stayed together and now perform together again. She seems to be happy, let her be and I hope that she has a healthy child (boy or girl).

Anonymous on

To those of you saying that Emily and her bandmates have no pride in their country…guess what? At the time they made their comment, the same was true of most Americans! Why? Because, thanks to Bush, the country was such a mess at the time that it was almost embarassing to be an American!

The Dixie Chicks were absolutely spot on with their statement, and I commend them for being brave enough to state what most of us in this country were thinking at the time!

That being said, congrats to Emily and her boyfriend!

Rusty on

“It’s a sad, sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger”

I adore the Dixie Chicks and I listened to their last album over and over again while I was dealing with the end of my first marriage. They really helped me through a hard part of my life. I’ve always thought Emily was a total class act and I see that some of the readers on this site could take lessons from her.

Congratulations Emily on your new baby!

kaitlyn on

Congrats to her.

I’m not a Dixie Chicks fan, but I applaud them for voicing what they believed in.

bridgetannie on

They did NOT disrespect the war or the troops. I am SO sick of that crap. Marlee said, and I quote, “We just want ya’ll to know we are ashamed that President Bush is from Texas”. There are a lot of people ashamed of that man and in this country, we have a constitutional right to say we are ashamed of him.

JMO on

I don’t agree that celebrities should use their fame to speak on political matters but I can guarentee you if social media didn’t exist that this kind of stuff would of never been elevated the way it was!

So many celebs speak politically, Bono, Susan Sarandon, Toby Keith, Reba, etc etc etc but it was the Dixie Chicks who get CD bashing and banned from country radio. Made no sense.

I saw them in Philly right after this all happened. I think the place was almost sold out. They were brilliant in concert and I would totally see them again. I pout all that political mumbo jumbo aside and if you like someone before if they didn’t personally attack you then you have no reason to hate on them. Remember they said they are ashamed the (then) President was from Texas. They didn’t say they hated him or mention anything about the war.

Guess what, I’m ashamed the country is the way it is and I believe I have a right to hate a lot of politicians right now for it!

NOT an American on

Seriously guys! Freedom of speech! They had an opinion stated it and years later are still getting slack for it. I thought American’s prided themselves on freedom of speech yet you rip people apart for speaking their thoughts. American’s are really backwards and narrow minded. Oh and this is just my opinion.

Julie on

Congratulations Emily and family!

Estoria on

Well said Sara. I am so glad I am from Canada. As for her new baby, congrats 🙂

Jen on

What a harsh group of women! “If you don’t have anything nice to say, than don’t type it!” Congrats Emily!

Jen on

Congrats! And for the rest of you “ladies”….. If you don’t have anything nice to say, than don’t type it! Jeez!

nikki on

Wow, turned on America??? Seriously? Being close minded like that is what is killing America. The great part of America is that we have the freedom to speak… So what were to happen if our president decided to start killing all female babies? Or anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes? It is our job as Americans to speak up, when we have a problem with something we don’t feel is morally right we should speak up, we should act, we should try to change it!

And people always say that celebs shouldn’t use their fame. Seriously? What better way to try to change the world then to use your fame? When people use their fame to help starving babies we think it is great that they do so. She has a right to her thoughts, we have a right to ours. Hate is a scary thing and what is really scary is that some people are still holding on to it, how long ago did they make that statement??? Any of ya’ll believe in Jesus???

nikki on

Wow… reading more of these comments is just insane. So she gets in trouble for not being proud of the president, but the president doesn’t get in trouble for going into a war where our reason for being there was wrong and tons of Americans got killed/still getting killed. Countrygal… I’m from the country and am as embarrassed of you as they were of pres. bush

Jurnee on

I have no issue with their politics or their right to express their views. It’s just sad that she’s having a kid with a boyfriend. She has 3 other kids to raise already, and it’s a poor example to set for them. I know it’s a “trend” now to have kids with boyfriends/lovers etc and not be married – but it’s not good for kids and society.

Leslie on

First of all, congratulations to Emily on the new little one. Second, to those of you slamming the Dixie Chicks, GET OVER IT. That was NINE YEARS AGO. They have the same right to Freedom of Speech as you do, so why are you blasting them for using it? They’re not the only ones in this country who aren’t fans of the former president. Keep in mind, the radio stations that banned them were in the South. Also, the media conveniently left out a piece of Natalie Maines’ original statement. She said: “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

Tell me something: how many people in this country actually WANTED to go to war with Iraq? Do you really think anyone wants a war, regardless of what it’s over? Another note: Rush Limbaugh says worse things than that all the time, and instead of being banned, he gets more attention. How the h— does that work?

Jax on

Yay for the Dixie Chicks! Geo Bush was wrong and Condi lied about WMD. Wake up people! The Chicks totally deserve a break. Congrats to all on their successful families and lives! Rock on Chicks!

Katie on

Congrats, Emily! I’m so glad that you’ll be bringing a new life into the world. I know you’ll teach your baby to love, to be strong, and not to hate like some of these poor souls on here.

Lola on

Are we still defending the has-been Chicks? What some people conveniently forget is that they were HIRED HELP – to perform – at an event at the US Embassy in England. That’s when and where Natalie spewed her opinion instead of choosing to “shut up and sing.” But guess what? They weren’t hired to express their opinions in that setting. They were paid to sing. In my place of employment, if I deviated from my job description while being paid by my employer, I would be fired. So there is no excuse. And they are has beens.

Sammie on

it’s not what they said but WHERE they said it. It’s not well liked when you are in another country and you’re blasting your home land and it’s President. Maines has a big mouth and the other two were not too smart by backing Maines for talking trash. And I used to be a fan, but not after that.

laurie on

It is a disgrace who people treated them when Natalie made that comment. Sometimes I feel like we treat our women like we’re in Afghanistan. Enough with the double standards. the Chicks are good musicians and human beings–and the dummies who threatened their lives are the real jerks.

Eliza on

Congratulations to Emily and her family! Must say, though, that I’m a bit surprised to see some of the ugly words aimed in her direction because of what her band-mate said nearly a decade ago.

Lola – the Dixie Chicks were not playing at the US Embassy when those comments were made, they were playing at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire theater. I don’t think the show was affiliated with the Embassy at all, but was just a tour date.

Ashley on

Wow, congrats to her! As her 3 children were all conceived via IVF, I wonder if this one was as well, or if it was just a happy little miracle? Either way, how exciting for her and her family!

Hea on

It saddens me that Americans talk about their rights to their own opinions but completely BASH people for actually speaking their mind. They didn’t do anything wrong. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were in large parts mostly a crazy, vengeful affair to a lot of us abroad.

I understand why anyone would be ashamed of Bush. The man comes off as trigger happy, vengeful, crazy patriotic and slightly retarded when he speaks. You can’t turn on your country just by disliking its leader. If you think that then you are no better than a dictator.

mileysucks on

Jeez…she’s like a clown car…

CountryGirl on

Who cares??????

mimilll on

Children with different daddys….good role model for them….but this is today’s generation of people.

J on

Props to the people who stuck to the topic rather than sinking into the nasty political debate.

J on

Wow Jennifer, classy…

Sarah on

OMG, people. Get over it. That was nearly 10 years ago!!

Alyssa on

POINT ONE. It was not EMILY who made the free speech statement.

POINT TWO. The statement did NOT end their career. They toured for several years after it to sold out concerts and had a double platinum record. Natalie decided to take some time off partly because some of you complete idiots were sending death threats about killing her babies!

POINT THREE. The last time I checked freedom of speech did not come with a death sentence, a public lynching or stoning as some of you people are doing.

POINT FOUR. Other MALE singers and actors came out and said WORSE things than Natalie did (we’re ashamed he’s from Texas) and not one stone thrown at them. Sexist much?

POINT FIVE. They will be more popular forever than you haters can ever imagine being. I am so glad I got to meet these talented ladies. They are amazing beyond words.

Susan on

This is America. We have the right to free speech. We also have the right NOT to buy the music of people we don’t agree with politically. I loved their first CD, but after Natalie Maines spoke her piece, I chose to throw away all their CDs and haven’t listened to any of their music since. I even switch the radio station in the (rare) event that their music is played. I can exercise my rights too. The Dixie Chicks don’t know I don’t listen to their music, but it makes me feel better.

Sandra on

Well, I guess some of y’all aren’t “Ready to Make Nice” either. I love the Chicks and I wish they would get back together and blow the charts up again.

jamie on

Actually, they never broke up and they had the balls to say what most others were thinking.@Jennifer who are you to tell a grown woman to close her legs?

Caroline on

I’ve loved the Dixie Chicks since their first album and will continue to love them. I for one was glad country radio shunned them because I think today’s country radio SUCKS!!!!! The crap they play isn’t even real country. I think it’s awesome that Emily is having a baby with the person she loves and the person that said she needs to close her legs should just really grow the heck up!!!!

ALM on

Lola, you’re wrong. They were NOT at the American Embassy in London, they were at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. You know how I know? Because I was there, along with another American friend, and we whooped and hollered with everyone else when Natalie said what she did. Texas, Shmexas, some of us were embarrassed the President was from the United States.

If you’re going to get indignant and on your high horse, get your facts straight first.

chesapeake42 on

Love the Dixie Chicks and miss their music!! They stood up for what they believed in and hope they are all doing well!!

Julie on

Yes they shared their frustration with George Bush. Then they received death threats to the extent they had to have bomb sniffing dogs at their concerts. Yet 3 yrs after that over half the country agreed or didn’t have anything good to say about George W. Just as we are entittled to our opinions they should be also.

Carla on

MANY Americans, myself included, were thrilled when the Dixie Chicks spoke the truth about Bush and his Administration’s horrendous, illegal wars that have taken the lives of countless American, Iraqi, and Afghan women, men, children. They are three amazing women who have the courage to speak the truth. Congrats to Emily and family.

annachestnut on

Love the Dixie Chicks for their music and their courage!!! Happy for the pretty lady pictured in this article.

Sherry on

Love Courtyard Hounds – give them a listen!!!!

MollyF on

It’s been nine (almost ten years) since this thing happened and people are still holding a grudge against them? GET OVER IT.

Congrats to Emily. I love the Dixie Chicks and get pissed off when people bring up what happened in the past. People need to move on already.

Kitty on

Right or wrong, fact is they nosedived after bashing Bush. Shame too because I enjoyed their music. But at the time, they were anti-American. Our country was still reeling from the 9/11 attacks and people didn’t want to hear bashings of the President during this time. Try to rememember how you felt back in 2001. I know then and now, it still sickens me what happened on that day.

sister7 on

I like the Dixie Chicks music. I was really saddened when they turned political. Funny you don’t hear about them now. This country is far worse now than it was 4 years ago.

Lisa on

When are any of you going to get the point here; ITS NOT WHAT THEY SAID IT’S HOW THEY SAID IT!

Everyone has a right to their opinion and to voice it, but there’s a time and place. Personally I think they are cowards for not having the balls to say it in their home country in the first place.

They are not hero’s for doing what they did, real people to be admired do more than hide behind a microphone blabbing on at the mouth just for attention, they actually DO something to help the situation they are unhappy about.

Thousands of Americans joined the military after 9-11 to help their country, to actively make a difference. They didn’t stand in front of a crowd of foreigners first whining about it. Many of them never returned home, so air-headed windbags like the dixie chicks could exercise their right to be cowards.

Carrie on

I have heard so many people say so many worse things about President Obama, many of you on this site right now claiming she’s anti-American have made worse comments.

ELO on

@Mileysucks- I hardly think that having a 4th child entitles one to a clown car comparison.

Traci on

Never liked the Fixie Dicks. They SUCK.

vert2013 on

Most of these comments have nothing to do with Emily and her growing family. To top it off, most of them are incorrect.

1) They said many many times that they support the troops. You can support troops and not a war.
2) Like it or not, they can say whatever they want.
3) Natalie made this statement almost 10 years ago, move on.


Leslie on

Obama is just as much of a war pig as Bush was… in fact he’s expanded the wars and invaded three times more countries than Bush did. They have the same policies so people shouldn’t act like the Obama administration has the moral high ground here.

Leslie on

And if you really support the troops you would want them to come home alive to their families, not leave them fighting endless unconstitutional wars overseas where our good soldiers are used as mercenaries to protect oil companies… not to fight terrorism as many of you seem to have fallen for hook line and sinker.

America should uphold freedom not tyranny. Many of you on here sound much like the blind followers of the Nazis in Germany during WW11

The Dixie Chicks were right to speak out against the war. They were brave to do so in the face of such rampant ignorance.

meghan on

Leslie, who the hell mentioned Obama? It’s bad enough that only five posts out of 90+ on this thread are even on topic, don’t drag it even further off topic because you have an agenda.

SC.country girl. on

I think the reason so many people disagreed with them was the timing of the comment, We had just started the war and we where in a Country that we had never heard of or knew nothing about. Be it right or wrong, it just struck a nerve and some people like me just can’t get over it. I had a husband that was there fighting for her opinion. She could have at least waited and said things at a better time and place where she could explain her opinion better.

Kim on

Congrats! Asn as far as what Natalie said..I totally agreed then, and still do. “W” was a disgrace and so was his pointless war.

tml0713 on

@Lori: Who is this person? Who are you? American? Understand the First Amendment? I’m sure you’ve already heard this from others but BACK OFF. She has the same rights as you, which is to speak her opinion or stand by someone else’s when she agrees. You don’t have to like what was said or listen to the music (if you don’t, you’re missing some of the best music in the last 20 years). Nor do you have to be nasty when you are here. The world has enough haters, which you seem to be a ‘wannabe’ at, if we need anymore, we’ll give you a call. Go bother someone else. I am very happy for her.

Anonymous on

This goes for all the tabloids out there! didnt ur mothers and fathers tell u if u cantsay anything nice dont say anything at all
yall dont know what ppl go thru until u r in their shoes not ur place to judge

tinytexan on

I wonder how many of you self-righteous Americans are trashing President Obama on blog sites behind the protection of your anonymity? You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.

Sam on

To get back on-topic, I’m surprised by the pregnancy because I know that she and her sister discussed their infertility problems in a “Conceive” magazine article a few years ago, back when I was also trying to conceive. If I recall correctly, both sisters had gone straight to IVF for their second pregnancies, so I’m wondering if she conceived naturally or not, out of curiosity.

joey on

Let’s remember just what was said – that they were ashamed that the president was from Texas. That’s it. Nothing else was said until they started responding to that idiot Toby Keith and all the other country half-wits started calling the Chicks unAmerican and the death threats started rolling in. I saw many comedy shows, late night hosts, and other artists criticizing the war and that liar Bush, but did anybody else lose a career over it? Was anybody else nailed to a cross and crucified like the Chicks? No. I still don’t know why they were singled out but it just proves how fickle and uninformed most people are. And don’t be fooled by the English – they don’t love us that much. We were in London just weeks after 9/11 and saw many violent anti-American protests that never made the news. The newscasters were calling us babies for how we reacted to the attacks and that we should get used to it, that it’s our turn to live with what the rest of the world deals with. You are free to disagree with their views just as Natalie was free to express hers, but be very sure what you are commenting on before ruining someone else’s life.

Jen on

SC.country girl,

A country we’d never heard of or knew anything about? Iraq? You mean the country we had been at war with when GWB’s father was president little more than a decade earlier? The one that Clinton approved airstrikes against during his presidency? That country we’d never heard of?

Oh, ok, then.

Acorr on

Cowboy taaaake meeee awwwaayyy…

Dee on

Love the Chicks, who didn’t fall for the “weapons of mass destruction” trick in Iraq like most of this country did. What a waste of lives and money looking for non existent wmd’s

justmemartie on

LOVE the Chicks! Rock on!

Randa on

I got a rare chance to see the Dixie Chicks play for the Wildfire Relief concert in which they came together with many other great bands to raise thousands of dollars for a great cause. What was said about W is in the past and has nothing to do with this. If you look where we are now I’d say they were right. Who cares if Emily has another child. She unlike many others can afford to have four children if she wants.

Hea on

@ – SC.country girl

So you’ve never known basic geography?

And a lot of you say the military fights for your right to your own opinions. Why is that? My country hasn’t been in a war for hundreds of years and we sure have the right to our own opinions and we don’t need troops to “defend” it.

T. Keith on

The facts on these twits. Yes there are plenty of other “artists” that shoot off their stupid mouths (overwhelmingly of the libtard persuasion)but not usually country artists. This is because country music fans generally don’t hate their country and want to tear up the constitution and embarrassed by their country (Moochelle Obama,Dixie Twits et.al) This means they stupidly destroyed their fan base and committed career suicide.The liberal hollyweird types gave them a bunch of social grammys as a show of solidarity but it wasn’t real. Moreover, their fall from grace was gradual (hence some concert tours)but accelerated by the simpletons aggravating the matter with insane additional comments alienating even the stations and dj’s that played their marginal music. They had already made plenty of dough however and won’t need to be begging anytime soon, but the “Chicks” are long dead and buried as far as a viable band.

Kate on

WOW!!! People with a lot of pent up anger and rage in their comments on their opinion of policticl issues. This type of action has been going on for centuries and is not going to change anytime soon.

Unwed mothers too have been around for centuries and not going to change anytime soon. I’m sure the odds are that almost every family in America has a bastard son or daughter in their family roots. I know that I have…how about you?

Music…Whether you listen to all three women together as a group or just the two sisters together…Their music is just as fantastic and beautiful today as it was all those years ago.

So whether you like their music or not or you agree with their political views or not or you do or don’t agree with the way Emily is bringing a fourth child into this crazy ass world just remember…if you were in their shoes and you are pretty, funny, a talented musician that can sell out any venue and sell millions of CD’s…then maybe your opinion will matter…but for me…I just like them being the three women in the world that are from the great state of TEXAS that for one crazy night in London all those years ago…They played their music and made one statement that over ten years later people are still talking about what they said and the way they said it…

From a fan in O-H-I-O to Natalie, Martie and Emily…you still rock my world…Hope to hear a new CD soon…Congrats Emily and Martin and good luck to you both…

Fly away chicks on

I was never a fan of W, ever, but I was a HUGE fan of the Dixie Chicks. Yes, there is a thing called freedom of speech that’s hugely abused in America, and the problem was Natalie Maines timing combined with the use of that right. You don’t have to agree with anything, but for crying out loud, have some tact and class. Obviously she has neither.

I still have a hard time listening to their music, which has hardly been played since that incident on the radio. What a shame, they are so talented yet I just can’t get past it. I have my rights too I suppose.