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06/28/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

While I wouldn’t personally circumcise my son (if I had one), I think it is wrong for Germany to take away the option from people who do it for religious reasons. Jewish people do it as part of their culture, and I think it’s offensive to them and their religion. It’s a personal choice, and just because I wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean that I don’t think anybody else should.

B.J. (the girl) on

I frankly don’t care if circumcision is for religious reasons. It’s a sick practice. It’s mutilation, plain and simple. Most people would not dream of circumcising their daughters, why should their sons be punished for being born with a penis?

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’m happy Germany did this. It’s an archaic tradition with no real purpose.

Carly on

I hope it spreads to the rest of the world! It is child abuse in the form of a widely accepted procedure. Plain and simple.

meghan on

Because BJ, the foreskin isn’t a clitoris or labia.

Everyone needs to stop telling other people how to raise their kids.

Stella Bella on

And Germany wants the rest of the world to think they’ve progressed beyond Hitler?

Mya on

Hooray Germany! Now we need to get USA on board.

And actually Meghan girls DO have a foreskin.

Religious practices can still be done that do not involve cutting a child’s genitals. What if that jewish boy grows up and decides to be catholic which by the way strictly forbids circumcision?

Your religious rights end where my body begins.

No child should have his or her genitals altered against their will.

meghan on

mya, they remove the clitoris and labia in FGM. Don’t deliberately ignore my point.

Sandy on

@ Meghan, not always. Sometimes they just remove the clitoral hood which removes much less skin and tissue than circumcision does.

Cutting babies is barbaric and wrong, and hiding behind the veil of religious rights is even worse.

ecl on

There are many different types of female genital cutting, some of which are very minor. I am not a supporter, nor am I a supporter of male genital cutting, but how can you have it both ways? Either you believe in bodily integrity in spite of religious or cultural beliefs or you don’t. Either you believe everyone needs to stop telling other people how to raise their kids or you don’t. It *is* very unfortunate that Germany is leading on this due to its horrid past.

Anne on


JM on

Stella Bella, that is incredibly offensive.

I applaud this new development and i hope the rest of the world would follow. Why are religion and culture singled out as things that we can’t touch, even when they are wrong? in some cultures it is custom, part of a religion, to marry off girls as young as 7. This means her husband would then be allowed to have sex with her. But we should probably leave that alone because it is done as part of someone’s religion, right?

If i wanted to tattoo the logo of the political party i support on my son’s bottom would that be ok? after all, you choose your religious orientation, and you choose your political leanings (at least any right-minded adult does, rather than just adhering blindly to whatever their parents believe in). So really they should be given the same standing. Yet I am sure many more people would have a problem if i tattooed my son than if i circumsized him. and i can tell you, a tattoo is far less permanent than circumcision.

and before people start on the anecdotal evidence of ‘my husband was circumsized and it hasn’t exactly traumatised him for life’ – well done, you have completely missed the entire point.

people should be allowed to make their own choices about their bodies and not have them mutilated at birth in the name of religion.

Kristen on

American parents are not choosing circumcision because of religious reasons. They are choosing to mutilate their sons because it is considered “the norm” and god forbid another boy look at their son in the locker room and wonder why he’s intact. Stop using religion as an excuse and admit that it’s just the sheep mentality following the herd.