Molly Sims Names Son Brooks Alan

06/27/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Jim Smeal/BEImages

Baby boy’s name has passed the test!

After welcoming their first child on June 19, Molly Sims and husband Scott Stuber have finally settled on a name for their newborn sonBrooks Alan Stuber, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

The decision didn’t come easily; During her pregnancy, the actress and model, 39, shared that the couple had narrowed down their favorites and had established a strict list of guidelines while playing the name game.

“[Scott] has four criteria: can a sportscaster announce it properly, how can it be shortened and still look cool, does it mean anything, and is he going to be made fun of in fifth grade,” Sims explained.

— Anya Leon

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Grace2 on

Love the name Brooks! Congrats.

LC on

Guess the initials BS somehow passed their criteria.

Anonymous on

Horrible name!

Mindy on

One of my best childhood friends was named Brooks. He passed away from cancer at the age of 16. I happen to love the name and would definitely use it for a name for one of my future kids.

Jenny on

I love the name Brooks. Very handsome.

KCP on

For once a celebrity names their child something normal! I really like this!

Wendy on

Like the name, but hate the slurring sound that comes from ending the first name with the same sound as the beginning of the last. Brooks Stuber is going to be a mouthful. ;(

chrise on

How about a name that requires more forethought? First name ends with same letter last name starts with…Brooksstuber..Brook’s tuber?? Molly’s folly.

mel on

People may mistake his name as Brook with his last name but I like it. 🙂

Anonymous on

I would hate to be a celebrity and have every little thing I did analyzed and criticized. Its a lovely name. Congrats Molly and Scott!

Catca on

I love the name – I think it’s quite handsome. When I named my son, I also wanted something that would work for sports/extreme sports, but would also work as a CEOs name (sports aren’t everything) so I get the reasoning. Yes, BS isn’t the best with initials but it’s not terrible either. What’s the worst that could happen, someone say “you’re full of bs, bs!” Big deal. And while the last letter of the first name is the same as the first letter of the last name, it doesn’t really slur together and sounds fine.

Eileen on

My husband’s first name ends in a ck sound and his last name begins with the same sound.

He HATES it. Says it makes telephone calls a pain since he has to be sure to emphasize the split names or they run together.

Epic fail on the naming.

J on

Oh good God, Eileen.

Pauline on

I like the name, it is strong and masculine.

stacey on

LOVE the name Brooks. VERY, VERY CLASSY!!

Mitchelle on

My brother is 39yrs old, and his name is Brooks. It was rare to hear his name. I personally have always liked his name. Nice to see a baby boy named Brooks, good call 🙂

CAL on

“I would hate to be a celebrity and have every little thing I did analyzed and criticized. Its a lovely name. Congrats Molly and Scott!

– Anonymous on June 27th, 2012 ”

Agree 100%, by a bunch of people who apparently have the best names in the world, the best looks, best careers etc..

Congratulations to Molly and Scott!

Katy on

Horrid, stuffy and Brooks Stuber makes me want to stutter like Tweety Bird. That’s all folks!

Anna on

Dislike. People are going to call him Brook Stuber, not Brooks Stuber. Sounds girly. And BS? Not thought out if those were the factors deciding a name!!!

fauna on

I like the name. I have two friends named Brooks. And no one should pronounce the first and last name running together. We all know how to speak proper english and how to pronounce two seperate names. If you slur it together, you’re making the mistake.

Leslie on

I like the name Brooks. Combined with the last name it sounds like Brooke Stuber though.

KP on

Like the name Brooks, but have to agree it’s not a good choice with their last name.

bostgal02 on

It’s just a name, people. It’s her son to name. I hear horrible names every day that everyone else gives their kids.

mari on

Sounds like Brookstabur when you say it fast. Bet later on of he becomes a celebrity he will change it to AlanStuber.

Jehosaphat on

I like the name Brooks, but they forgot one criterion, does the first name together with the last name make a single word? His first name ends in the same letter that starts his last one, so his name is Brookstuber….no break…it’s like Bobbrown or Susanieman or…Scottaylor any two names with that trait. Also, his initials are “BS,” will people call BS on him?

JRW on

Oh my. I know I girl who named her son the exact thing a year or so ago – Brooks Alan. Funny. I like it. Sounds very dignified yet is a great “kid” name.

Congrats to the family!

Raleigh Mom on

Some of these comments are terrible. There is not a name in this world that is going to please everyone’s taste. Brooks is unbelievably handsome, in my opinion. As far as his first and last name, I feel like people are digging so deep just to be critical.

Charlotte on

How can Brooks be shortened? Is there a nick name for the name?

Rhonda on

Yeah, I guess they didn’t give the baby’s name much thought after all. People will say his first and last name together like one long name. I’m not crazy about the name Brooks anyway. I like Brooke for a girl, but not Brooks for a boy.

Shannon on

Brooks. Brooks? Brooks!?

Charlotte on

I love the name Brooks but I agree, it’s totally going to end up as Brooke with the last name…anyway, congrats to Molly and Scott 🙂

K.W. on

ugh..the loser boyfriend of Vicki on Real Housewives of O.C. is named Brooks..he’s all I can picture now when I hear that name..

Alexandra on

Unless you put a 5-second pause between “Brooks” and “Stuber,” people are guaranteed to call him “Brook.”

LZ on

LOVE the name! My baby boy is named Brooks, too!

Allison on

Both names are on the feminine side for me. and they don’t sound good with the last name. But it’s not my baby. Best of luck to Molly!

Anonymous on

I like the name, and if memory serves, Molly and Scott’s baby boy is only the second celebrity baby to have Brooks as a name (the first is Oliver Hudson’s eldest son, Wilder Brooks). I don’t think it sounds feminine at all. If it was Brook without the S (and especially if it had an E on the end in place of the S), then it would, but Brooks, in my opinion, is very masculine.

Also, it appears that the person who said on his birth announcement post that they were waiting to name him until after his bris (circumcision ceremony- they’re Jewish) was right. A bris is always done on a baby boy’s eighth day of life, and if you count from the 19th (when Brooks was born) to the 27th (when his name was announced), that’s eight days. 🙂

Sam and Freya's Mum on

Not a fan of the name, esp paired with the surname, poor kid, but to each their own…!

TJ on

Brooks will be made fun of in 5th grade and even before then. Terrible name.

carla on

I really don’t get the “Poor Kid” sentiment. So because some of you do not like the name Brooks the child is supposed to be destined to a life of doom and despair?

Bridget on

When I was little I was mortified that my initials were BM and asked my mother why on earth she would have done that to me. Her response was that she loved the name Bridget too much not use it just because obnoxious people might make immature comments about my initials. Looking back, I’m glad she named me that because I think it’s a great name and comments have been very few and far between (and probably ended in Middle School!). I’m just sure to use all three of my initials when I have to initial anything 🙂

I think people are being awfully nit-picky…getting all worked up because of initials, or because it might not flow perfectly. Please. It could be a lot worse. I think as far as celebrity names go, this is a winner.

Jessica_H on

Love the name Brooks! My son is six and his name is Brooks Alexander. Yes, some will call him Brook and some will look at my daughter when I say his name thinking I’m referring to her but I’m quick to clarify as any mother would. It’s a part of life just like when your child is all in pink and they ask “how old is he?”

Congrats to the new parents!!

Anonymous on

Bridget- I agree completely! While no name is tease-proof, I think “Brooks” will get teased far, far less than, say, Bear!