Alessandra Ambrósio Introduces Son Noah Phoenix

06/27/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Alessandra Ambrósio

Meet Noah Phoenix Mazur!

Alessandra Ambrósio introduces her 7-week-old baby boy in a photoshoot shared on her Facebook page.

“Wanted to give you all a sneak peek of Noah,” the model mama, 31, writes of the pictures, which show her posing with her son and daughter Anja Louise, 3½.

“So thankful to Pampers. By taking these pictures we helped out UNICEF and those in need.”

Ambrósio and fiancé Jamie Mazur welcomed their son on May 7.

To see four additional photos, visit the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Facebook page.

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— Sarah Michaud

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Carol on

Who is she?

Keis on

CAROL, it says “model mama”, that’s where you click the link and read more about her.

Siera on

Adorable baby boy. Congratulations to Alessandra, Jamie, and Anja. 🙂

@Carol She’s Victoria’s Secret model

hi on

gorgeous baby and beautiful name!

cogginsliz on

she is a victorias secret model

sarah on


ashik on

The baby looks very cute and looks like her mother.

ashik on

the baby looks very cute.

ashik on

where is baby’s father,i think the baby looks her father.

Mel on

@ashik it clearly says her SON, its not a little girl

Jessica on

Gorgeous. Congrats to them! I’m sure she’s probably already back to her pre-pregnancy size 😦 lol

Gamby74 on

Seems like she just announced her pregnancy two months ago and was barely showing in bikini pics published around the same time. She’s a far cry from the usually 20 month celebrity pregnancies we’re used to – you know, the ones who must announce as soon as they get the double line on the stick for them to be pregnant for seemingly so long.

Betty on

SOOOOOOOOO tired of these ppl dropping cute babies without getting married FIRST. Don’t they realize these cuties are considered in the eyes of the law as illegimate or worse? Don’t they care about the babies before they’re born? now, after birthing, they’re just a good photo-shoot. Please care for your babies and do the right thing FIRST, make them legal.

Cassie on

Beautiful photos!

No, it isn’t weird that her husband isn’t there, perhaps he is working…you know, people do that.

And yes everyone just take the time to READ and you’ll find out who anyone and everyone is that is posted on this site. It really is that simple.

tom on

cute kid

Alexandra on

Kids from non-married parents are illegal? Some people are ridiculous.

bh on

Does anybody get married before children anymore?

Just Me on

Betty, step slowly away from the 50’s….never mind, run Betty run!

kathy on

she is also a big fan of Brazilian Butt Lift…

JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

This woman is a model? Anyone could be one I guess with the right photoshopping.

KB on

Betty, save your trifling argument for the folks who actually abuse their kids and leave them in closets to starve to death.

Melissa on

Well then Justice, I’d LOVE to be as unattractive as her! Ha. Noah is adorable.

hbomb1225 on

Betty – you are NOT a good thing.

Tracie on

I agree with Betty! We have lost our moral compass.

cindy on

congrats!! gorgeous baby!

Rhonda on

Betty I get where you’re coming from. I also believe that parents should be married before bringing a child into the world, but that is not how things are these days. It does not make the baby illegal and I think you were harsh with your words.

Shannon on

Still a fiancee? I guess it sounds better than girlfriend or baby mama. lol

Terry on

Stop judging others for the way they choose to live their lives. There is nothing wrong with having babies without being married first. My great grandparents were never married. It’s a big deal to some; to others it is a part of the journey, not the beginning. The beginning of the journey is LOVE. How that love is expressed is a choice only the two people in love can make. The rest is nobody’s business.

KB on

@Tony- Here is my opinion and judgment: It terrifies me that people like you are allowed to vote to elect our president.

Ariel on

They’re not married so they should put their children up for adoption, so a married couple can adopt them?! Oh geeze… Now I’ve heard it all.

People need to focus less on the lives of others and more on own. Live your life the way you were raised/what you believe is right and let others do the same for their lives.

Kat on

I’m jealous! 🙂

Alexandra on

@Tony – FYI, married couples can break up whenever they want to as well.

martina on

She looks great, and the baby is adorable. But I wish Alessandra wasn’t focusing so much on posing for the camera. The baby is just sort of there, while momma is making love to the camera.

Jen DC on

Oh, he’s still a wrinkled old man! I love them when they are like this: Still kinda blank and half-baked looking. I love watching the process of development…

Tony: Since when has being married been a guarantee that a break-up won’t happen? Never has been, never will be. My personal belief is this: A government-sanctioned piece of paper doesn’t change the promise two individuals committed to each other and their family make. And that promise is: I choose you, everyday.

People have their own reasons for choosing to stay or choosing to leave – I don’t think marriage improves that decision-making process and it definitely doesn’t improve the choices IMO!

To suggest that couples give up their kids for adoption because they aren’t married, or to try to bring back the lack of rights suffered by illegitimate children that WAS the law, per Betty, is ridiculous. Solves nothing, actually makes things worse. You punish the children for the acts of the parents; what great role models you are, such good spokespersons for morality and the justness of the Lord (if that’s where you’re coming from, that is).

Anonymous on

He is adorable!

Antoniah on

Betty, my dear, who told you she isn’t married? But even if she were not, what is YOUR problem with whatever other people wish to do with THEIR own lives? How does it affect your happiness, well being, health, wealth, etc? Judging others assuming your standards are the only ones to count for is a tad on the obnoxious side, wouldn’t you agree?

It's 2012 on

I’m with Jen DC!

lena on

I read she induced 6 weeks prior to her due date so she wouldn’t get the worst of the weight gain. It was a big debate on German tv. I’m not sure who the source was but I wouldn’t put it past her. She seems like her figure is more important than carrying full term.

martina on

Oh, I hope it is not true that she got induced so early. But models live in a different world. I will never forget a picture of Gisele heading to the gym three days after giving birth to her son. It was unimaginable to me (and I am a yoga instructor) to put such high priority on maintaining a perfect body right after birth.

Emily on

Oh come on, no reputable doctor would induce six weeks early without a medical reason! The lungs aren’t even considered completely developed until 37 weeks. And if I recall correctly, Alessandra delivered Anja via c-section, so if she had another for Noah, they likely would have scheduled it ahead of her actual due date.

kaitlyn on

That doesn’t even look like her at all, what a horrible photoshop job. Noah is such a cutie!

SAR on

Am I the only one who finds this woman highly annoying and wonder why she gets so much attention? And don’t get on my case. I’ve seen posters on this board say far harsher things about other pseudo-celebrities.

Jen on

Congratulations to the family. Mom and baby are beautiful and if I remember correctly so is dad! Yeah, not all of us are made for marriage. I have 2 adult children and a set of 8 year-old twins, all out of wedlock. I have not been “on the system” and they do have a father in their life. Not all of us are made for marriage, but I certainly was made for motherhood.

Liz on

Why do we have to go into great discussions about mariage before kids? this article isn’t about that.

Julianna on

@Betty, she’s Brazilian, and under Brazilian law, she’s as good as married to Jamie – they’ve been together for more than five years now.

Alessandra looks so proud of her little boy! Noah’s adorable and I think he has her mouth.

Shannon on

cool name

Anonymous on

martina- While she’s looking at the camera in a lot of the pictures, there are some on her Facebook page where she’s looking at Noah (and even one of her kissing his forehead!). 🙂

And as for models focusing so much on maintaining a perfect body, if they want to keep their jobs, they have to. Unfourtnately, being stick-thin is pretty much a requirement for a model (unless, of course, said model is a plus-sized model).

Antoniah- Very good point! It’s entirely possible that Alessandra and Jamie DID tie the knot and have simply opted not to share that fact with the public.

Emily- Agreed. 37 weeks (and some celebs, such as Christina Aguilera, HAVE admitted to choosing to deliver at that point) is pretty much the absolute earliest a doctor will deliver a baby without there being a medical reason to do so. Also, Noah was born on May 7th and Alessandra said she was due in mid-May…which obviously doesn’t support the six-weeks early delivery theory!

Mia on

I think he looks like the father!

If they aren’t getting married – they should stop calling him her “fiance” or if they are – they should get married already.

Marriage isn’t necessarily bullet proof….people can divorce of course just as people can break up that are together in any relationship, but being married symbolizes a much bigger and serious commitment to the person that you’re with and the foundations of a family.

Anybody that just has kids – sees what happens and doesn’t get married just projects the idea that they are unsure about their relationship or there’s a bigger reason of why they don’t want to get legally married. It’s logical – you plan to be together and have kids – why be afraid to make it official and get married? If you don’t think you want to be with that person – then don’t have kids with them….

FC on

Noah is adorable. He’s so cute, and then he has that little old man look to him. I love it.

Coco on

Aww my 3yr old daughter’s name is Noa Phoenix!