BumpWatch: Megan Fox Debuts Baby Belly

06/26/2012 at 10:05 AM ET

There’s no more staying mum for Megan Fox: The 26-year-old is visibly pregnant in new photos.

The Transformers actress and her husband Brian Austin Green have remained tight-lipped about rumors that she’s expecting, but in new images of the couple on Sunday in Hawaii, Fox is no longer hiding her baby bump.

The photos show Green kissing and caressing Fox’s bare belly with a lush, tropical landscape in the background. Hawaii is a favorite spot for the couple, who got married on the beach almost exactly two years ago.

Fox and Green haven’t talked about her pregnancy, but have said they want a family together.


“I’ve always really loved kids,” Fox told PEOPLE at a screening of her movie Friends with Kids in March.

“I was a good babysitter. I’ve always loved babies. I relate to kids pretty well.”

In fact, she has already proven her parenting skills by helping raise Green’s 10-year-old son Kassius Lijah. Fox is an “amazing stepmom,” Green said at the same event.

“[My son] loves her,” he said. “They have a great relationship. She’s always had a special bond with him. They love each other to death.”

— Evan Lambert

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Jessica on

I think she looks beautiful. Just beautiful. And I bet she will be a great mom. I seriously doubt she is as vapid in real life as she is made out to be in the media… but then again, I don’t know her. But this picture is very lovely.

Kelly on

she looks absolutely radiant…glowing…beautiful.

crazykindofmom on

She looks so happy!! I wish them the best of luck!

Shannon on

Staged pics but very nicely done.

Lisa on

Wow! These pictures are beautiful! They are going to have one beautiful baby! I agree with the poster who says that the pictures look staged but are these paparazzi pictures? I love them as a couple and I love active step moms and nice blended families like this one! Good luck to the beautiful couple!

crystal on

how beautiful, good for them!!

muiltar on

Those poses are so staged.

Ivy. on

Definately looks like they are posing. Maybe they were doing their own maternity shoot?

That baby will be so cute.

Cassie on

Awww so cute!!

It looks as if they were doing a maternity shoot and the paps swooped in for some shots :/

Amanda K on

As long as she’s a better Mom than she is an actress!

Julianna on

Yes, the pictures seem staged, but the feelings are definitely real. I mean, Megan is glowing with happiness, and Brian looks so proud! Congratulations to them – it’s definitely going to be a beautiful baby.

Micaela on

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Beautiful bump.

Sandra on

Julianna, could not have saidit better my self. Wonderful photo.

martina on

Gosh, she is beautiful. It looks like they are doing a shoot of some sort, so of course it’s ‘staged’…

onewifeslife on

I think that they are doing maternity photos. They both look happy. Congrats to them!

onewifeslife on

They both look happy, congrats to them on the new baby!

Meghan on

beautiful pictures. that will be one gorgeous little baby!

Romy on

Brian looks so unnatural, she looks so posed. Like they called people to come and take their pics but pretend they weren’t staged or something. I’ve read he is not the nicest guy, but maybe he is a good father. She does look great.

lifeasahouse on

It Is posed, of course. As are many many maternity shoots that we normal people do too. She looks great though and I hope that they are a happy family for many years to come.

crescentmoon on

I can’t stand either of them. And I find it odd that they get pregnant right after Green’s ex (Kassius mom) had 2-3 miscarriages last year with her husband. Seems these two are just out to “prove” they are better than Vanessa Marcil and Carmine Giovinazzo. They even rushed out and got married right before to make it look like Vanessa and Carmine were copying…

Catca on


I highly doubt a married couple that dated for years before getting married and publicly stated their desire for a family together before Vanessa had her miscarriages is “out to prove” they are better than Vanessa and her husband. After dating for years, you call their marriage something they “rushed” into to make another couple look like they are copying? You certainly have a right to your opinion, but honestly, you seem WAY off base on this. This is a pic of a couple happily celebrating their expanding family.

Congrats Megan and Brian!

nici on

I admire this young lady. Never once have you heard her involved in drunkiness,drugs or acting a fool in public. She always shown poised for a woman her age even with help raising her stepson from a baby that goes to show she has respect for her stepson and family. That takes commitment and i applaud her for that. she is well prepared of being a great mom.

nici on

By the way why do people assume that is a photo-op, maybe their son took the picture. Maybe tourist or whomever took the picture,what is the big deal. don’t everybody take pictures of themselves or with their husband,boyfriend/partner and post them on facebook. same thing, they just happened to be well known. i find some people comments to be very petty in regards saying they stage it, so what..some of you stage your own pictures and put them on social media for the world to see. Then want to believe/think pictures and other stuff yourself posted is private. Nothing you post online is private.

Romy on

I agree, crescentmoon, it was very weird the way they decided to get married like that right before Vanessa.

ecl on

I would fall into the trap of “staging” photos, too, if I knew the whole world was watching. Every time they take one that isn’t like this, they are accused of being a sourpuss (like Jessica Alba) or on the rocks or ugly, etc, etc.

Anonymous on

Catca- I agree whole-heartedly! And the pictures are great! I especially like the first one. Brian, as another poster said, looks so proud!

Anonymous on

I also wanted to add that for all we know, Megan has also had miscarriages. She and Brian have been talking about wanting a family for awhile, so perhaps they had some struggles of their own (and yes, you can struggle to have a baby in your 20s. My parents did.).

Brooklyn on

Megan looks great! And they look really happy. 🙂

Leslie on

Nici, there is no way that a child or a passing tourist took those photos. The quality of the image shows it’s a professional lens and most likely a very expensive camera.

Anonymous on

Leslie- Kassius is 10, and considering how tech-saavy kids that age seem to be these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew how to operate a fancy camera. That being said, I agree that these were likely taken by a professional, probably for a maternity shoot.

Jillian on

What beautiful pictures! She is said to be a wonderful stepmother, so I am assuming she will be a great mother.

If his son took the photos, he would be credited for taking the pictures. Since they were in Hawaii for their wedding anniversary these were probably taken by someone, since they are posing, no way they would have a 10 year old do this. I have had a couple 10 year olds and as great as they are with technology, I would not rely on them to capture these pictures. Too much pressure!! Plus I would want them in the pictures 🙂 10 year old boys aren’t that great with high tech cameras either….IPADS, video games, computers…Yes!

NikNak on

@crescentmom, let me get this straight. You think Fox and Green would intentionally bring another human being into the world, that they would have to take care of forever, just to one up Green’s ex? lol.From what I read, these two have been together for almost as long as Green’s son has been alive. So, after 10 years together, and being married 2 of those years, they should have waited a little longer to appease Green’s ex, who, sadly, is having trouble carrying a baby full-term? I know first-hand about infertility, but I wouldn’t want nor ask anyone to stop their life because of my problems.

Green’s ex already has a child, I don’t see how Fox could possibly be trying to one up Green’s ex, when Green’s ex already had his Green’s first child. Green’s ex will have her next child in due time, however she welcomes it. Let Fox enjoy her first pregnancy. It is very special, and even the most vapid, narcissistic women should enjoy the most primal part of our existence: reproduction. There’s nothing like it, and you shouldn’t try and diminish it with your own bitterness towards this woman.