Jessica Simpson Shares Sweet Snapshot of Maxwell

06/26/2012 at 06:50 PM ET
Courtesy Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is clearly (and rightfully!) smitten with her 8-week-old baby girl, Maxwell Drew.

The new mom, 31, took to cyberspace Tuesday with a new look at her daughter with fiancΓ© Eric Johnson.

“Howdy friends,” the Fashion Star judge wrote, accompanying a photo of her pouty-faced little one, clad in red and white stripes.

About a week after the May 1 birth of Simpson’s pride and joy, she Tweeted, “I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Since welcoming her new addition, “life has completely changed,” Simpson told PEOPLE last month. “From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!”

— Dahvi Shira

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Gall Capone on

YEEEOWZA!!! Um… her big….. eyes??? Lol. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a beauty. Now bring it….how dare you talk about a baby. Blah blah blah. I dont subscribe to the belief that every baby is beautiful. Shrug. If there weren’t ugly babies there wouldn’t be ugly adults.

Bugsmama on

Such cute chubba cheeks just like my baby!! Maxwell is such a sweetie.

Emily on

I don’t think she is ugly, just not the typical retouched looking baby we are used to seeing from celebs. It looks like an actual newborn, with newborn acne from breastfeeding and an unhollywood look.

Lisa on

I think she’s adorable! Squishy cheeks, and she definitely got Mama’s lips!

Shannon on

@Emily…I agree. She is an adorable! I think she looks like her mama.

kirsten on

I think she’s adorable and will grow to be a beautiful women someday. Look at those big eyes and full lips!

ej on

wow…how can anyone look at that photo and even use the word ‘ugly’??? shocking!!! what a precious baby….looks happy and healthy and very cute

Cindy on


Catca on

Baby Maxwell is soooo beautiful and she definitely has Jessica’s eyes and her daddy’s nose. πŸ™‚

Without pointing anyone out, people have always had a right to their opinion, but until the Internet came along, people understood manners and how to keep negative opinions to themself. There has been more than 1 celebrity admit they read the comments so don’t think they may not see your comment. Also, just because the Internet disconnects you from seeing the reaction on a person’s face doesn’t change the fact that your comments are ill mannered and rude. As the old adage goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Lau on

I don’t believe that no babies are ugly either (actually I don’t believe that every person is beautiful, and babies are people, so there) but I actually find her sort of adorable. She’s obviously too tiny still to be super cute, but there’s something about her expression!

Kelly on

Beautiful baby. I love her chubby cheeks!

Shannon on

Oddly enough, the baby looks like Nick Lachey. A lot.

Sarah on


mamato3littles on

I think she’s cute! My 10wk little girl looks a lot like her so maybe thats why πŸ˜‰ love the squishy cheeks!

Liz on

She is beautiful and sweet! How cruel the first poster is. Absolutely to everything catca said

Pandabear on

She’s so so cute! Her eyes are SO big! What a cutie. And I really mean it.

Romy on

pretty cute baby, but not a good pic. those lips!! so sweet

jane on

soooooooooooooooo adorable!!! toooo toooooooooooo cute, love the eyes and cheeks and lips!

Anonymous on

Adorable baby..she is going to be gorgeous too.

Jen DC on

What a big pretty girl! I think she looks like her father, but again, only 8 weeks old so it’s hard to tell. But that is a sweet mouth and her eyes are sooo biiiig!

Her hair is looking a little ginger, but maybe it’s the light… Cute, though.

Sarah on

Well said, Catca! I also find it obnoxious when someone posts a rude comment then encourages other people to get into it with them. “Bring it…” ??? Grow up.

Maria on

I am not a fan of JEssica- I find her very un attractive and I hate the name maxwell but yeah the baby is a cutie pie

ecl on

I think the baby looks just like her. Cute!

Traxie on

I have never rated Jessica Simpson as particularly attractive or interesting but this baby is seriously cute! I can’t understand why anyone would call her ugly. This site should bring back moderators

Marky on

Maxwell Drew is a darling baby and I think Jen DC is right; she is starting to look a bit ginger! She has the sweetest cheeks and adorable mouth–so cute! Jessica and Eric are very blessed…..

Mia on

Someone looks like her daddy! – pretty sure she is blonde….might look red because of the light.

So Ummm... on

I think all babies are beautiful.

What I don’t understand is when their mothers give them masculine names when they are female or feminine names when they are males. And then they proceed to dress them in confusing colors.

I’m the mom of a five and six year old – one of each. My daughter wore blue. My son wore purple. I’m not perfect or even trying to judge – really just trying to understand.

When you have an adorable baby girl named Maxwell dressed in what appears to be red and white stripes, it is very hard to discern from the naked eye the sex of the baby. Granted, I had many people come up to me as I strolled my newborn daughter around the mall dressed head to toe in pink saying “what a sweet little baby boy that is”.

I think for us “normies”, we’re allowed that.

If you purposely put your family in the spotlight, as is the case with this photo and with Jessica Simpson’s latest news, you are subject to scrutiny. Sorry, but that IS the way the real world works.

I would just propose to Jessica that she do SOMETHING to identify her child as male or female when she interacts with fans. What she does in her private life…so be it. But when she throws it out there for comment (and $$), I would caution that she be more thoughtful. Just my random midnight thoughts. And, btw, I am actually a fan of Jessica’s. I think she’s beautiful and talented. Beyond that, I won’t comment. I do think she’s a marvel, though. And I hope the best for her and her family.

Holiday on

I think she is adorable! She has full lips and big eyes… cute little girl!


Gail Capone probably doesn’t have children her/himself. 8 week old babies look like that. They usually get “commecial-suitable cute” a lot later. Tsss…some people just post without thinking.

Anonymous on

Maxwell is adorable! Also, it looks like she has a birthmark on her forehead (I think it’s what’s called an Angel’s Kiss or storkbite). It wasn’t there in the PEOPLE photoshoot, which means they obviously photoshopped it out. And that makes me angry. A birthmark does not make a person any less beautiful! It just makes them even more special and unique than they already are! πŸ™‚

When are we going to learn that babies are perfect just as God made them?!

lorena on

Phew… my faith in mankind has been slightly improved. I was afraid people would start mentioning negative things about the bottle of wine or champagne in the background…..

Not me.. I am a fan of Jessica and don’t care who knows it. The baby is adorable πŸ™‚

Abbie on

That baby is so cute!!!! How can anyone call her ugly? Considering what Maxwell’s parents look like, I would be shocked if this kid doesn’t grow up to be beautiful. Why are people so hateful, it’s a baby!!!

heartsease57 on

You mean that bottle of WATER in the background Lorena?

Diana on

LMAO – I think you are right obviously Gail Capone clearly doesn’t have much experience with babies because this looks very typical of an 8 week old. Like you said they don’t usually get “commercial-suitable” until I think more like 6 months.

TJ on

Cute! But I just can’t get over her name. Sorry Jess. I bet she’s going to be adorable when she gets older and then we have to call her Maxwell . Please come up with a cute girly nickname!

Monica on

Oh my gosh those cheeks- I just want to eat them!! And what amazing lips. Beautiful baby!!

Blue Buddha on

That’s a cute little girl right there. Such a little Kewpie-Doll.

And I love Jessica’s manicure. The metallic gray looks cool!

miss trinia on

It’s such a sad day and time when all anyone can do is spew negative comments about a baby/child.. I could understand if this was TMZ, Yahoo,or Perez Hilton.. but this is a baby blog.. parents, are suppose to encourage each other and discuss the challenges of raising their kids… be proud to show them off… and all you guys can do is say someones child is ugly or their names are not good enough for you… is this the type of negative attitudes you are teaching your children.. is this how bullying starts, at home… find some happiness within yourself yes you have a right to your opinion but at whose expense.. how would feel if someone called your child ugly.. I wish sometimes people would think about the things they say before they say.. yes they are in the public eyes.. but does that make bullying and nasty comments ok?

Kendal on

My daughter had a storkbite in the same area as Maxwell, they are not birthmarks, they go away over time. My daughter is 11 and hers is not even visible anymore. A birthmark is something that stays with you always.

She is so ADORABLE!!!

Yikes on

She still hasn’t grew into her looks yet I see Jessica’s sister nose though! Precious Baby!

stacey on

She’s very cute!!!!

rashida on

she super cute….just like her mom

Brooke on

She is so precious….Love her chubber cheeks and that little stork bite on her forehead.

Brooklyn on

I think she’s cute. Look at those little lips!

Leslie on

Gorgeous munchkin! She’s got lovely features.
It’s nice of Jessica to share the picture.

Sofia Jacobsen on

Enjoy her when she is little but they do grow up very fast!!!

Doreen on

She looks like Jessica!!

Jennifer on

Can’t wait to see her and big cousin Bronx together! πŸ™‚ Such cuties!

amy on

Adorable baby,ridiculous name for a girl.

Anonymous on

She’s a delicious looking baby!

Jillian on

I find it disgusting for anyone to verbally or type out negative comments about another child. As a mother of five myself, I protect and love my children and would never say anything negative about another child. How another mother or human could do something like this, amazes me! Children harm themselves and kill themselves everyday over the hurtful comments said about them. Now I know, this baby and Mason and Suri are too young now to do harm to themselves, but these things stay on the internet forever.

I wonder if it makes one feel better about themselves to say it. I mean, why say anything at all. There are plenty of children that I don’t think are the most beautiful….I just don’t comment on those posts. I would never say they are ugly or fat or a brat.

There are many celebrities who read these pages and even comment on them. I think comments of those nature are also hurtful to them as mothers. We as mothers and women should be uniting together not bickering and acting like evil people.

And don’t bother telling me you are allowed to voice your opinion and that is why you do it. That is a lame excuse. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Children should be off limits.

Amy in Oregon on

There’s more than one bottle in the background and they look like liquor bottles to me, not to mention that wine glass….I guess everyone deserves a little nip if that’s what they choose, but I just hope she pumps and dumps!!!! lol

tiff on

I have to admit, the first pics of Maxwell in People Magazine I didn’t think she was very cute, but this is an Adorable photo., but I must say she could pass for a cute lil boy, with the gender neutral outfit and faux hawk hair ‘do. Either way, a cutie pie!!!! as for the comments on the bottles in the background, that is clearly a FIJI water bottle with the blue cap, you can read it on the bottle, and the green bottle looks like a Perrier bottle

Magic Man on

@Miss Trinia, I agree with your post 100 percent. As a substitute teacher, bullying and teasing are traits that children are learning from their parents and no one else. If a child is bullying and teasing others, it’s because that child’s parents refuse to teach that child what to say out of their mouths or the correct thing to say out of their mouths. Children always do what they see guess who? yes us adults do. We adults want to pretend that children are bullying and teasing other children in a vacuum. As if none of this could possibly be the fault of their parents or other influential adults.

Yet, I come here and the first comment I read is from a mentally unstable adult calling an 8 week old innocent baby ugly. As if Maxwell Drew has any control whatsoever over how she looks at 8 WEEKS OLD. You can’t be that stupid or deranged to be calling a 56 day old human being ugly. What is wrong with you? This is why children and teenagers think it is perfectly all right to bully and tease other children and teens. If your most intelligent comment is that an 8 week old baby is ugly then my advice is for you to SHUT UP!

Annabelle on

Enjoy every moment with your adorable daughter! These days are so precious and I bet you are just soaking up all that you are experiencing. You have a beautiful family and I wish you all the best!