Jason Lee Welcomes Son Sonny

06/26/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
LuMar Jr./AFF

He’s here!

Jason Lee and wife Ceren welcomed a son, Sonny Lee, on Saturday, June 16 in Los Angeles, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. Arriving at 2:57 a.m., Sonny weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.

The couple are already parents to daughter Casper, 3½, as well as son Pilot, 8½, from Lee’s prior relationship with Beth Riesgraf.

Lee, 42 — who wed his wife in July 2008, and renewed his vows last November — most recently guest-starred on NBC’s Up All Night as Maya Rudolph‘s character Ava’s love interest Kevin.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Abbie on

I love the name Sonny for a boy! Congrats to the family!

Catca on

Reminds me of Don Johnson’s old Miami Vice character Sonny Crockett and sounds great with Lee. Congratulations on your new baby boy!

bh on

Casper and Pilot? OMG

klutzy_girl on

After Pilot Inspektor and Casper, I was not expecting a normal name like Sonny!

Congratulations to them.

Jordan on

Casper’s a great name for a girl. Sonny is god awful…like naming your son Buddy.

Shannon on

That’s his formal name? Not a nickname? Eek!

Jen on

Love Sonny for a boy. Makes me think of the Godfather!

Leslee on

I know Casper is an odd name but I have loads of men named Casper in my family tree, although no females. Casper seems pretty normal to me, due to that.

I’m wondering what baby Sonny’s middle name is?

christa on

It’s a much better name, then Pilot.

Emily on

Well, I do like the name Sonny better than Pilot…

Aliye Jafer on

I read somewhere that this child’s name was going to be a Turkish name since his wife’s father is Turkish. What happened to that, Sonny is as much Turkish as Derick would be, then again choices always change when the time arrives to actually select.

Lala on

Maybe when you have a name, as common as Jason – you try to give your kids something more unique? I don’t know, congrats to them though! 🙂

Sweets on

Congrats on the new rugrat! I still miss Memphis Beat!

Hawk McPuck on

Considering his other children are Pilot and Casper, Sonny is a step in the right direction.

SkaterMa on

I feel for poor Pilot!?!?! They went from picking the oddest name ever to a simple one!

Kay on

Makes me think of Sonny Bono…eek…

Leslie on

Sonny \s(on)-ny\ as a boy’s name is pronounced SUN-ee. It is of English origin, and the meaning of Sonny is “son”. A nickname, sometimes friendly and sometimes a little condescending. Also a short form of Santino. Entertainer Sonny Bono.

Have to admit this is a huge step up from Pilot Inspektor, but why do people insist on using nicknames as proper first names? Especially one that is so diminutive and forever labels your child as a boy not a man?

Why not give your child a proper name and then just call him Sonny as a nickname? That way when they are grown they aren’t stuck with a childish name? I feel the same way when people name their babies Debbie or Katie… why not Deborah or Katherine, and let choose when they are an adult which they prefer? Sometimes it’s nice to have a formal name for resumes, applications, research papers, books etc.

Parents should realize they aren’t just naming a baby, they are naming a grown person who may want to have the formal name at some point.

faun on

I know a few Sonny’s, a few Buddy’s and my real given name is faun. i think that people over emphasize the name thing. i have a cousin named echo and come from a long line of just strange, unique, different names. many french-creole as we are from south louisiana! i wouldn’t change my name, know no one who would and know a few people with strange names that they are perfectly happy with. my daughter’s name is Mylo. she really likes having something different.

@leslie- parents realize they are naming a person. they are also picking what they like, not what you or i like, so back off. it’s not your decision.

Niko on

Congrats! For a second there, I thought his wife was Shannyn Sossaman. Uncanny resemblance!

bjjohnson on

Stop with the distain for Pilot. It’s a great, strong name for a boy. He’s a beautiful, bright 8 year old kid. A video featuring him skating with his dad has over 140,000 hits on Youtube. It’s adorable. Don’t have a link but if you search for ‘Jason Lee, Pilot Lee..” on YouTube, you can see this very real child, who is old enough to read these posts.

bjjohnson on

Pilot is a great name. Very strong. LOve it.

Anonymous on

who gives a rats ass.?

Jason on

Mark my words Jason Lee will win an Oscar portraying tragic soulful piano rocker Richard Manuel!

stephanie on

nice name!!

ruby on

Lee is a Scientologist, be thankful they never named the baby “planet visitor’ like the brother’s “pilot inspektor”

Anonymous on

Aliye Jafer- Perhaps Sonny has a Turkish middle name?

SkaterMa- Actually, they didn’t pick Pilot’s name. Jason and his previous girlfriend (Pilot’s mother) did. Casper and Sonny not having as off-the-wall names is probably due to Ceran. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them!

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the Lee family, and thank G-D they named him something normal.