Alisan Porter Celebrates Her Baby Shower

06/26/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

First came the wedding — and now it’s time for baby!

Curly Sue star Alisan Porter is all grown up and celebrated the impending birth of her first child, a son, with a baby shower Saturday in Agoura Hills, Calif.

“It was a perfect day,” Porter, 31, tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful. There was so much love and I can’t wait for everyone to share it with our son!”

Jordana Weiner Photography

Thrown by her younger sister Jordana Weiner and mom Laura Weiner, some 50 guests joined Porter at the low-key backyard bash. Sipping on lemonade, feasting on Mexican fare from a taco truck and enjoying sweet treats like banana pudding and graham cracker cupcakes, made by her sister — an aspiring chef — guests later gathered to watch a homemade video questionnaire featuring the couple and their differing takes on child-rearing.

Craft stations were set up throughout the home where friends could create colorful squares for a baby quilt and write notes of advice that baby-to-be Mason (yes, she’s already named him!) could later read.

Jordana Weiner Photography

To round out the shower, friends and family gathered in the back yard for a special baby blessing. Surrounded by a drum circle, guests showered the future parents with rose petals and sent messages of love to little Mason.

Porter, a singer-songwriter and actress — best known as the star of 1991’s Curly Sue, directed by the late John Hughes — is due in July. She married husband Brian Autenrieth, 34, in March in an intimate ceremony at a historic ranch nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Jordana Weiner Photography

— Jennifer Garcia

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SusiQ on

a baby is always a gift but how sad that, all these years later, when the mother is mentioned it’s referenced back to one movie she made years ago; would hate for that to be my legacy

Cameron on

And in other completely un-newsworthy events, I had a ham sandwich for lunch! This girl hasn’t been in the public eye in 20 years- how is this even a story?

Beth on

Gosh Curly Sue grew up to be just adorable!

kekeb on

loved loved loved the movie curly sue. congrats to her and her husband. mason is a great name for a boy!!

TayQ on

AWWWW I love Alisan Porter-She had a great career on Broadway following Curly Sue! Congrats

Paula on

Awwww, yay!!! Congrats to Alisan & Brian! I had a feeling that Mason was going to be his name, since Alisan’s good friend Adam Lambert mentioned MASON in the liner notes to his latest album “Trespassing”, in regards to her & Brian!

lovemyboys on

@susiq…what a ridiculous thing to say! she’s obviously happy as an adult, why cant she be proud of a cute, sweet movie she did as a kid? she probably made good money and now is living life as she chooses. you WISH you had your name attached to anything.

gigohead on

Adorable!! Great to see kid stars all grown up (even better when they have left the industry unscarred) Congrats to her family.

Shea on

Had me until the circle of drums and shower of rose petals. sheesh.

Lauren on

@SusiQ …really? you’d hate to have starring in a sweet family movie be your legacy? I can think of way worse things to be known for.

mama hart on

I love her dress!

Ray on

Congrats to Alisan. Happy to see her back in the public eye. I love the interview she recently gave for that “kids from the movie Parenthood reunion” that was all over the internet this weekend. Hopefully her kid won’t throw up on her like she did to Steve Martin. You should totally check it out on Snakkle if you haven’t seen it. She’s so adorable!

Ariel on

What a lovely surprise to this story. I’d rather see Alisan on this page than some the people featured here.

SusiQ – She’s mentioned on twitter that she chose to leave the business. She seems perfectly content with this being her legacy and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

Having had the pleasure to see Alisan perform at the 2008 Zodiac Show, it’s lovely to see someone so successful in there own right. She’s a talented singer/song writer. I wish her and her husband the best with Baby Mason.

taunyacurry on

She was a very cute little girl that grew into a beautiful woman. I did not realize that she was 31. Many wonderful blessings sent to the beautiful couple. God bless!

meghan on

Always nice to see a child star who has grown up to be normal and happy. Congratulations to Alisan and Brian on this exciting new chapter of life!

Tamara on

Aw she’s beautiful! Congrats!

cindy on

the movie was great. and who cares if that is the only big thing that she has done that you guys saw. she is livin her life and happy apparently. so back off. not all actors care to be super famous. she did it when she was a child

cindy on

girl can sing

james levine on


Just because you don’t know what she did since Curly Sue doesn’t mean she did’t do anything. Infact…she’s been in the public eye quite a bit. How about 2 broadway shows?? She’s also majorly hooked into the music industry writing HUGE songs on records for folks like Adam Lambert….

How many people know your name?

ruby on

Holy crap, she grew up to look almost identical to my older sister. Weird!

meghan on

cindy, thanks for posting the video. She’s got serious pipes!

Mimi on

OMG! She looks friggin adorable and HAPPY! How great is it that she is doing exactly what she wants to do with her lovely life! I would love to see her in another movie sometime in the future though! 🙂

Paula T on

Congrats to Alisan and Brian! I’ve seen Alisan with her band, The Canyons, as the opening act for Adam Lambert, and she’s an incredible singer! So glad she and Adam have stayed friends all these years.

Lady G on

She’s still a Hurley Sue to me. Ugly and a no talent. Pitchy singer, to say the best.

Lady G on

Why didn’t we get baby showers like that? So natural and peaceful, I’m envious. She looks amazing in those pics. I was never a fan but it’s always nice to see a woman with that baby glow, looking happy. Ahhh.

linda on

All the mean people go away and stop judging a nice person UNLIKE yourselves who are not nice..shame on you.

I am happy for her and her hubby and is cool that they are giving the baby a normal name. LOL A lot of people in the Biz come up with the strangest names like Apple. LOL

Tina on

Alisan Porter is awesome. She has been around in the music industry for quite a while. She’s definitely multitalented and I don’t think she has been in the public eye too much because it doesn’t seem like she cares about the fame. She’s a true artist.

onewifeslife on

congrats on the new bundle of joy!!

Cortney on

One of my fave parts of hers was in Parenthood when she says to Mary Steebergens? character Mommy what was that? Mom: It was a giant ear cleaner! LOL! Congrats on the baby Alisan = )

lifeasahouse on

I wish they would have mentioned her Broadway career in the article. Good for her.

Ray on

Here is the recent interview she gave about Parenthood. Love her!


Rachel on

Alison has been around, performing, singing up a storm, and just because some people aren’t aware of it, they feel the need to be snide. A simple, “she’s grown into a beautiful woman and congrats on her baby,” would have sufficed.

Niko on

Curly Sue all grown up. Hard to believe, lol. Hope you have a healthy baby, Alisan!

mimi on

i find it strange that people are like “wow, she’s all grown up”.. it’s something you would say about an 18, 19 or 20 year old.. not a woman in her 30s!

regardless, she looks great, happy and healthy. and her husband looks like a doll. good for them!

Leslie on

Looks like all of Alisan’s friends and family showed up to defend this whackness. This article is a stretch even by people magazine standards. I guess we are supposed to be interested in non-celebrities who rush into marriage at 6 months pregnant and have drum circle-tied died-woo woo-baby showers then you might be into this. By the way, she wasn’t in a Broadway musical. She is very much off Broadway. Must have a decent agent to get on here though. Next.

gogo on

Hmm… I see the Glambert’s are out to defend their god’s bff in full force, today. I don’t understand why she’s even news.

Sally on

@Leslie, Google is your friend:

“When she was eighteen, she moved to New York to audition for Broadway shows. She was cast as Urleen in the show Footloose.

Porter is based in Los Angeles, where she has been working on her music career. During this time she starred as Miriam in the smash The Ten Commandments: The Musical at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles alongside Val Kilmer and Adam Lambert and Broadway star Lauren Kennedy. In 2003 the band The Raz was formed, with Porter as the vocalist and main songwriter. The Raz split up in 2004. In March 2005 she announced the birth of her new band, The Alisan Porter Project. During 2006 she performed in the 2006 revival of A Chorus Line as Bebe Benzeheimer at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York City.”

Holiday on

I had no idea she was 31! I would have guessed her at 27 or so… I thought she was younger then me. I remember being 7 or so and watching a double movie at the theater of Curly Sue and My Girl!

Leslie on

Sally I checked wikipedia before I wrote too and read exactly what you posted. The Kodak theater is not on Broadway it’s in Los Angeles, which would be “off broadway.” Alisan was in the touring footloose show, also off broadway, and she was in the revival of A Chorus Line” which is exactly that… A revival. It was at the Schoenberg but the play was considered to be a Broadway regurgitation. Just calling it like it is. All of this was in the last decade. Hardly a relevant Broadway star.

meghan on

Leslie, what is your problem? Work is work. Who cares if it’s on Broadway or off? And who are you to decide which child stars get press coverage or don’t? I’d much rather hear about Alisan than Danny Bonaduce’s latest shenanigans. Curly Sue and Parenthood were favorite movies of many people. Are you some frustrated actress who can’t get the time of day from casting agents or something? You sound bitter.

JMO on

I think when kids do movies and they grow up (no matter what their age) people still think of them as those cute chubby cheeked kids!

When I see Mary Kate and Ashley out and about I still think wow Michelle Tanner what happened to you? lol. Of course MK and Ashley will always be referenced back to Full House even though they’ve gone on to do successful tv shows, movies, clothing lines etc.

There is no big deal in referencing someone back to what they did which in the end also made them famous. Had she not done Curly Sue we may be sitting here saying, “who is this girl and why is CBB reporting on her!” I’m sure Alisan is blessed to have a career as a child and now can move on to other things including motherhood.

Leslie on

Nope Megan, not an actress and not bitter… Just setting the facts straight. She’s not a Broadway actress and her last movie role was over two decades ago. People magazine is really digging deep with this post.

meghan on

Leslie, her last movie role was two decades ago, because she is involved in music and musical theater. She doesn’t have to be doing what she was as a kid. Again, I ask, who are you to decide who is worthy of press coverage?

Leslie on

Megs, This is a website dedicated to celebrities and their children, not people who had a couple movie roles two decades ago and then became private citizens. No one would blink twice if Alisan walked by on the street. This just reeks of desperation for publicity on her behalf. Keep the kooky pics for friends and family who actually give a rat’s ass about the fact she’s knocked up.

kacey on

Well Leslie, any normal person who isn’t interested in a feature just wouldn’t bother to read it. I skip many, many stories for just that reason. But you got some ax to grind. lol

meghan on

Leslie, still not getting why you think only the people you deem important are worthy of being reported on. I also don’t understand why you would comment on, and return to make multiple posts, when you don’t care about the person in question.

Anonymous on

Leslie, exactly. This a blog dedicated to celebrites who have children, and Alisan is a celebrity. She may not act much anymore, but as meghan said, she’s now a singer and does music theater. So she’s still involved in the business, and therefore still a celebrity. And as for the pictures, how exactly are they kooky? All I see is a loving couple who is ecstatic about the impending arrival of their child and having fun with their friends and family.


Hi guys,

Wow, you are all awesome. Thank you for defending me on here….what a trip to read this stuff….

ANYWAY I just want to say that I have been in two ON BROADWAY shows. Footloose and A Chorus Line. BOTH on Broadway. A revival is far from an off-Broadway show. Most musicals on Broadway are in fact revivals, aka Evita, On the Town, How to Succeed etc. I’ve never been in a touring company of anything.

Although Curly Sue was maybe my most famous role, I have continued to work in this biz my whole life and am now a songwriter, writing for amazing artists and continuing to work as an artist myself.

My dear friend wrote this article and I am so honored she did. Why do we only have to care about certain people……Why can’t everyone be important enough to be in PEOPLE? Ha.

Well, thank you for those that support me always and please google before you write false facts about someone. Isn’t that what the internet is for?


carla on

It really is a shame that Alisan felt the need to come here and defend herself against negativity and false information. This is supposed to be a place where we celebrate celebs and their babies and birth announcements, not get into fights over who is famous enough to be mentioned.

I will never understand the people who look at a headline and see an article that is clearly about someone they do not care for but still choose to read it just so they can bash the subject later on. What a complete waste of time and effort.

Anyway, congrats Alisan and Brian!!!!!

Amber on

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! You didn’t see that coming, huh? Crunch.

Congrats, Alisan!

ladyraynbow on

How PEOPLE magazine neglected to mention Alisan Porter’s connection with the Los Angeles musical group *The Canyons*, is beyond me:

She even performed a song, “Aftermath”, which she co-write with her friend, pop-rock star, Adam Lambert, at the Henry Fonda Music Box in Hollywood on 12/15/10, at the end of Adam’s *Glam Nation* tour.

Lori Seago on

I took my daughter to see curly sue many years ago….we both enjoyed it so much! To know that Alisan has continued in the business and continues to enjoy her work is enough for me! She was beautiful then and beautiful now……best wishes to you Alisan~

Lori Seago on

I certainly enjoyed *and yes very much remember when I took my daughter to see Curly Sue. I’m proud of Alisan….those of you making negative comments should take a close look in the mirror and ask yourself “Why do I feel the need to make negative comments and post false information about Alisan Porter, when I don’t even know her?” Makes me wonder why they’re so many rude people in this world….shame on you all! Didn’t your momma teach you any better? IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE…..DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!

Marek on

Nie mogę na to patrzeć! Ona miała być moja, a nie tego gogusia-frajera, eurocwela. TOUGH LUCK :/