Reese Witherspoon: ‘I’m Feeling Very Round’

06/25/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Timothy Hiatt/Getty

Reese Witherspoon has got the glow — and the belly to boot!

On hand as the recipient of the Gene Siskel Film Center‘s Renaissance Award in Chicago on Saturday, the expectant actress — who dressed her bump up in a navy shift — graciously accepted her fair share of compliments, but admitted looks can be deceiving.

“Thanks, but frankly I’m feeling very round tonight,” Witherspoon, 36, told reporters.

But despite her curvy figure, the mom-to-be reveals she is still trying her best to steer clear of certain foods — including Chicago’s world-famous pizza!

“It’s not easy,” she says. “I’m always feeling like I’d like to eat everything in sight!”

Before the fall arrival of her first child with husband Jim Toth — the newlyweds are keeping quiet on baby’s sex and possible name choices — Witherspoon has been busy wrapping up her latest film in Atlanta. Costarring actor Colin FirthDevil’s Knot centers around a 1993 crime.

“It happens in Arkansas, and it’s what I’d say is a very American story,” she shares, before adding, “And, after I finish that, I’m going to take a little time off — and go have a baby.”

— Anya Leon

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SusiQ on

she looks lovely altho I don’t understand People’s fixation with pregnant women and I’m grateful they weren’t around when I was having my children; I was so round it was quicker to lie down & roll than to walk.

klutzy_girl on

Reese looks amazing when she’s pregnant. Can’t wait to find out what she’s having.

Cass on

She’s feeling “round”…she doesn’t look it. Kinda silly.

Kelly on

She doesn’t look that round at all. I am guessing she’s having a girl.

L ANN on

Feeling very ROUND…..

YEP….a little GIRL baby in there.

L ANN on

Feeling and looking “ROUND”….all signs of a baby GIRL !!!!

Julianna on

She looks adorable.

Charlene on

So refreshing to see a classy and beautiful pregant actress. Reese looks great. To the catty people, just because you say you feel round doesn’t mean you are. I am currently pregnant and everyone tells me how tiny I am but BOY do I not feel it. I feel round and uncomfortable. Congrats Reese! You are the classiest actress out there in my book. Keep up the great work.

Ladybug on

Love her!

J on

Get pregnant and you’ll understand, Cass.

Tara on

From what I can tell, she and I are due around the same time. I’m just as petite as she is and I definitely feel round although I look similar to her. It really irks me when people tell me I don’t look it. Telling a pregnant woman she doesn’t look like something she feels is really annoying.

Trevor on

You need to have a couple more babies, while you have to stay at home with this one. We have seen ENOUGH of your movies, and you are RICH now. Have more babies!!!

jess on

it doesn’t matter how you carry a baby or what the heartbeat is…a baby decides what its gonna be before you even start to show….i carried my 2 boys different and my girl same as 1 of my boys….so no its not how you carry on depending what ur having!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim on

She looks adorable. And why the catty remarks about her saying she feels very round? Seriously? She said she FEELS round. A person can FEEL a lot of things they don’t actually LOOK like.

Lauren on

@SusiQ …something tells me if you were pregnant right now you still wouldn’t have to worry about being in People magazine.

Mikesgirl on

Both of my babies basically stood up & I had one of each (feet in my ribs so I had a very flat & longish belly rather than being round) so I think the “how’s she’s carrying argument” is out the window. No one ever thought I was prego & I agree that telling a soon to be mommy what she does or doesn’t look like is annoying! I think Reese looks great and I love how she talks about her kids – such a good mom! My $ is on a boy!

Shannon on

She doesn’t look round to me.

Alma on

How the belly is shaped has nothing to with the gender of the baby…

Deb on

My thought is she looks like she is growing very quickly and now she is saying she feels round so that lead me to think she may be having twins. Just a thought!

ForSure on

She’s having a boy! Reese looks so good

Jen7471 on

I carried “round” for 2 pregnancies and all over to my other 2 and I have 4 daughters – those old wives tales mean nothing

Lynn on

Has anyone else noticed that she is never seen with hubby. Looks like a great marriage. And don’t tell me that they choose to keep their relationship private, she is always one for publicity.

Karen on

Her face looks so cute, pregnancy definitely makes her look younger.

Gamby74 on

She is one of the best dressed pregnant women I’ve seen in Hollywood recently. And her style is chic, convenient, and comfortable looking. I wish she had been pregnant when I was so that I could have copied her style.

klutzy_girl on

Lynn – While he may not appear with her on the red carpet, Jim and Reese are seen out a lot together.

While it’s still 50/50, I think she’s having another girl.

kaitlyn on

I read on another site that she’s having a boy. I get her comment that she’s feeling round, she normally looks a lot bigger than what she does in that dress.

paul on

I bet she is having a boy or a girl, lol

Paige on

I love Reese. She just seems so down-to-earth and tries to keep her private life as private as she can.

Best wishes!

MB on

She looks beautiful! One thing I don’t agree with is the idea of calling pregnant women curvy. Most pregnant women have a difficult time with all the emotional and physical changes that come with pregnancy and calling them curvy because of their growing belly is just not nice. Either way, congrats to Reese and her husband!

Jana on

I feel this is the time in a woman’s life where she SHOULD treat herself to decadent foods. And of course the baby will appreciate it, too, lol.

mari on

Ok. So no ones going to bash her about not wanting to eat certain things?. What? Reese is perfect? Is that why?

Anonymous on

Mari, you sound so stupid…shut up

Darlene on

I’m so so happy for you and hubby and I hope as we know things will go great. We have God in our lives and watch’s over each and everyone of his children and were one of them and now he’s blessing you with another which brings tears to my eyes of happiness. God bless and enjoy
Darlene Sheen

Lisa on

Never a dull moment with the comments, lol. I figured the issue would be the eating thing, and yet everyone’s arguing about gender and roundness 🙂

Amy on

Deb-NO WAY there are twins in there! I have twins and was that size by the start of my second trimester! I love, love, love Reese Witherspoon. I am happy for her and her new hubby! She deserves all of the happiness he has to offer!

JLL on

Reese looks great. I Just gave birth to my 3rd child on June 23rd. A beautiful daughter. What a blessing children are. Enjoy every moment.

amy on

One thing is for sure: she’s having a baby and it will be..wait for it…either a boy or a girl!

ecl on

I see pictures of her with her husband all. the. time. Going to church every week, for one.

Karla on

You are Rich now, no need to do Movies. Stay home and have more babies!

Lisa on

People saying she is having a girl based on her being “round” are sooooooooo wrong. Those old wives tales mean nothing. The way a woman carries has nothing to do with the gender of her baby. UGH!!!

mari on

Anonymous-if I sound stupid…then You are just as stupid for responding. If this was another celebrity cbb fans would have skinned and hung her dry for her comments. All this proves use that we can sometimes be really biased-then try to justify the hell out of it when most of us aren’t any better.

emily on

mari i agree with anonymous. shut up

MiB on

Good Lord, People are really critizising her for wanting to eat healthy during pregnancy? You do realize that one of the reasons why some celebrities bounce back really quickly after birth is that they keep eating healthy and excersizing through pregnancy, right? Not to mention that it is good for the baby too (as strange as it may sound, babies don’t need pizza to develope properly in utero). I for one am not going to blame a pregnant woman for eating pizza if she craves it, but I am also not going to chide her for not wanting to either.

Anyways, she may feel round, but Reese looks radiant nevertheless!

Anonymous on

emily- What’s wrong with mari’s comment? Can’t she state her opinion? You can state yours too of course, but you could have done it in a much nicer way. Telling her to shut up was, in my opinion, completely uncalled for.

Anyway, she looks great!

Jillian on

Mari, You are right. No one will pick on Reese because it is Reese! She is America’s Sweetheart 🙂 Jessica Simpson was bashed for her food choices as were some other celebs that are as “likable.” That is the way hypocrites work.