Baby No. 2 on the Way for Chad Lowe

06/25/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa USA

There’s a baby on the way for Chad Lowe!

The Pretty Little Liars star, 44, and wife Kim will welcome their second child this fall, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple — who married in August 2010 — are already parents to daughter Mabel, who turned 3 in May.

“Kim is extraordinary,” Lowe told PEOPLE in 2009.

“I can’t believe my good fortune to have a partner that is as committed, loving, tolerant and present as she is. She is the best mom I could ever imagine.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Rhonda on


JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

She is hard on the eyes.

Jagger Murphy on

How could anyone name their kid Mabel?

RKF on

@Justiceisblind – Would you rather a stunningly beautiful model that was a horrible individual?

He said she’s a partner who is “committed, loving, tolerant and present.” Sounds like an exceptional person to me.

Congrats to them!

meghan on

I’m sure your beauty blinds, justice.

meghan on

Cangratulations to Kim, Chad and Mabel!

Daffygrams on

Judge much, JiBbSitD??

Alicia on

Total congrats to Chad and his wife, but am I the only one who thinks she looks a LOT like Hilary Swank?

soph on

She looks like Susan Downey to me…

Sammie on

well congrats. if he was still married to swank he wouldn’t have any children since she is too consumed with her own life and doesn’t seem to want them.

meghan on

It’s just you Alicia.

Mary on

BOOM! I yo face Hilary!!!

flower on

I agree – it is strange how much she looks like his ex wife!

jennifer brooks on


Marky on

Don’t see it at all, Alicia. She looks nothing like Hilary Swank. Sounds as if they are happy together and doing fine…..

L ANN on


I think someone must be “blind”…because she is a pretty lady. Your comments are not very nice.

linda on

People are so mean…keep your mean comments to yourself and look in your own mirror! I think she is pretty inside and out and I always thought he was a cutie. Congrat’s to them both!

Amy on

No Way!!! She’s much prettier than Hilary Swank! They are a super cute couple. I have never seen their first baby, but I betcha she’s a cutie pie!

Terri on

Congrats to them. I agree with Sammie, He wouldn’t have any children if he was still married to Hilary. So very happy he found the right woman to have a family with. And she is a very pretty gal also. God bless them all. 🙂

ecl on

Maybe if she was still married, Hilary Swank would have children now. But she initiated a divorce because of Chad’s substance abuse problems. But yeah, let’s attack her. And if she never wants children, big deal!

JessicaB on

good for them. i felt bad for him when he and hillery swank split. he seemed to really want a family and to be settled.

BuBu on

That is a bad picture of his wife Kim.

Jen DC on

I’m glad! He seems so much happier.

Is there something wrong with not wanting kids? Is it somehow better to be wrapped up in your own life and have kids ANYWAY?

She apparently doesn’t want kids; he did. They divorced so he could get what he wanted; she moved on as well. Everyone wins. That Chad is feeling more successful in his life is a reflection of that fact.

CanadaGirl on

I am really happy for Chad and his lovely wife. It is nice to see that he came out on the other side to find a great woman and have baby # 2 on the way. Congratulations times ten! Have a happy life and don’t disappear from the screen again…this is a very gifted actor as lots of us already know.

Linsey on


MABEL is what Helen Hunt & Paul something named their TV baby.
Congrats to the Lowe family!

Kelli on

Her name may not be pronounced “Mabel”…I know a lady whose name is spelled that way but it is pronounced May-Bell.

I think his wife is very pretty and I am happy for them!

bh on

She looks like Kelly Clarkson. Very pretty.

Kelly on

Better looking than Hilary Swank IMO.

Ann on

She is pregnant…so of course she may be tired and not at her best and it may not be the best picture. She is beautiful, as you can see if you look at the other links… and they are a wonderful family. Best wishes to continued happiness…and good riddance to Swank!

sunny on

Good for him- I am glad he found someone who wanted to build a family.

veronica on

On the show, “Made About You,” Helen Hunt’s character had a baby girl. She and Paul, her husband, were trying to decide on a name. Carol Burnett played Helen’s mom on the show and her character loved acronyms. Carol told Helen to name her child Mabel which meant, to Carol, “Mothers Aways Bring Extra Love.” So, really, Mabel is a beautiful name. 🙂

Carole on

I’m so happy for them! They are a beautiful and obviously loving family and I wish them many years of happy times together.

theatergirl on

You know it is possible to be happy for this couple without tearing down Hilary Swank. We don’t know them, so to speculate on why they divorced or if she wanted children is kind of ridiculous. So congratulations and best wishes to you Lowe family! 🙂

Kate on

@Sammie – People who know that they don’t want kids are selfish because they didn’t have them??? Are you kidding me? I would say quite the contrary, they would have been selfish if they had them because YOU thought they should!?! You sound like you are an arrogant and self absorbed individual – to judge someone you don’t even know for something that is absolutely none of your business is beyond shocking to me. With an attitude like yours I hope you don’t have any, the world has enough poorly raised and ill-mannered children already.

Tania on

@Sammie – what on earth is wrong with not wanting to have children? There are so many hideous parents on this earth that definitely should have never had (and won’t stop having) children like they are a litter – with no care for the child as a human being whatsoever. People who take the time to actually THINK about whether or not they want to become a parent, regardless of their ultimate decision, are to be commended. You strike me as someone who thinks their way is the only way to live, and that is the kind of judgemental, self centered thinking that is the root of a great deal of the evil in this world. Live your own life and let others do the same. You’ll be much happier.

KP on

She looks like Melissa Rycroft

suhon on

Beauty isn’t everything. He married someone out of the show business, less competition, and someone who was willing to have children and not worry about jeopardizing her career or figure! Hillary Swank, albeit a great actress, is currently not starring in anything right now, making her more of a “B” lister rather than “A” lister. Fame and popularity go away, and when you’re pushing 45 – 50 and no family, you hope you have made the right decisions. You can’t get that time back for yourself. Hillary also divorced Chad because he was allegedly had an addiction she couldn’t live with. She had to make a choice for herself also. Best of luck to both of them.

Kat on

Mabel = Mothers Always Bring Extra Love

lissy on

She is an ordinary looking lady as was his first wife. Who cares? They look happy. Congrats to them on their new baby.

lisa on


It stands for ‘mothers always bring extra love”…a lot of little girls are not being named MABEL .

I like it..

Shawna on

LOL at those who keep posting that Mabel means Mothers Always Bring Extra Love. That is NOT what the name means. That is how it was used as an acronym on an old television show. Mabel is an English name meaning lovable. I am fairly certain that when they chose the name they were not thinking about Mad About You.