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06/25/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

Judge orders mom to cut off daughter’s ponytail in court

Well for starters they should take the 13 yr old daughter away.Give her to someone who will parent her! This woman is a failure as a parent! And the child has serious problems. Let’s hope she can become a productive person in society someday!

meghan on

Wow, that mom just does not get it. She’s really doing a bang up job, raising a daughter who cuts off a child’s hair, going to another store to buy scissors and coming back? Premeditated assault. Having her hair cut off is the least of her problems.

Rachel on

Every single time I read an article or hear something else about Sandusky I feel more and more sick about the whole thing! Reading about the young man who TOLD his counselors in school that he had been abused and instead of doing something for him, told him they didn’t believe him disgusts me. I sure hope that if those individuals are still around they’ve been fired or severely reprimanded. If a child EVER came to me as their teacher (because I am one) and told me something of that nature I would 100% report it immediately. I wouldn’t care who it was about – even if I thought the person was a saint. It’s not for me to decide. Instead the poor child was told he was wrong… made to feel that he was lying. How sad and sick that this is the kind of world we live in.

meghan on

There is a large number of people who will burn in hell for letting Sandusky continue his pattern of abuse. It sickens me when I think how many boys could have been protected from trauma if he had been stopped ten years ago, twelves years ago or fifteen years ago. It’s unconscionable that this went on for so long and was such an open secret at State College. If that counselor had done their job, what would have happened? Who would have been spared?

Rachel on

Exactly Meghan! — and people question why these boys didn’t come forward sooner… well holy heck, if the people they’re supposed to trust to help them tell them they’re lying or making things up, then what does that teach? Kids can make things up and sometimes do, but never EVER should an adult turn away a child who says something like this has happened. Sick.

Jillian on

I don’t think the child should be taken away from the mother. THat is a bit drastic. The mother needs a wake up call. I don’t know how I feel about this. I have never believed in “eye for an eye” punishment. Plus the punishment is over too quickly. She assaulted the girl and should be punished for assault. I don’t believe the mother has a reason to be upset with the judge, she should be upset with her daughter and needs to do something about it.