Spotted: Jillian Michaels and Lukensia Cuddle Close

06/24/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Snuggle up!

Jillian Michaels gives daughter Lukensia, 2, a lift as they attend LG‘s 20 Magic Minutes event, held Saturday at The Garden at Ascona Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The personal trainer, 38, traveled to Haiti in May to pick up her little girl, just days after partner Heidi Rhoades delivered their son Phoenix.

It’s been a busy two months, but Michaels seems to be adjusting to parenthood quite easily — although she still has a few questions.

“My 2 year old has tons of toys yet she insists on playing w/ only my stuff,” she Tweeted recently. “My phone, glasses, keys, computer — someone please explain this.”

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K.B. on

That little one is gorgeous. Look at that little face! So, so cute.

SusiQ on

Com’on, People mag; a mother cuddling with her child??? REALLY??? How desperate are you to fill space? A lovely woman, a precious child but hardly publish-worthy.

Kiki on

Maybe it’s just the way I look at it, but really, it looks like the little girl doesn’t even know Jillian (in other pictures too).

I hope they bond, but really, it looks like they haven’t yet.

Emry on

I understand that its a wonderful thing to adopt a child from china and Africa, and places like that, but why is it suddenly the new “thing” with celebrities now? its almost like a baby boom, but its with the adopting of those kids, it wasn’t really big until Angelina started doing it.

Nunya on

Yes, really, what where you thinking by publishing it under “Moms & Babies”?! SusiQ, where do you think it would fit better? Royals? Red Carpet? Or perhaps, Style?

Shawn on

The baby is cute..glad she has a home but there are plenty of children in the US that need adoption too!

Allison on

That kid does not look comfortable with Jillian at all.

meghan on

sara, I doubt it would be a good idea to take an infant to an event. I’ve seen a few pics with the double stroller, so I’m sure all is fine. Lukensia is gorgeous.

KiKi, you can’t determine bonding from a handful of photos. Give the child a chance to adjust.

Leslee on

Here we go again with the “why not adopt domestically” superiority trip. People have always adopted internationally, it’s not new and it’s not unfair to domestic adoptions.

Nice way to treat people that open their heart to a child they are not obligated to care for but choose to love.

abby on

I guess this girl needs some time before “cuddling” with her new mom, it might not be an instant feeling to be adopted and feel that’s your new family right away. She doesn’t feel very happy. Hope she adapts to her new life!!

Guest on

Oh Christ!!!!

Guest on

It’s obvious the little girl is still adjusting to her new mom and life.

sylvia on

I agree with Shawn completely. What has happened that babies from China and Africa are being adopted and babies in the U.S. are not? I don’t get it. Usually people who are wealthy and are known to the public can get anything they want in this country, even U.S. born babies. I don’t get it!

Monica on

Give it a little time folks! The child is two and getting adjusted to a new land, new family and to add to it the flashing lights and strangers.

Rhonda on

Who cares about the country where an adoptive child comes from? A needy child is a needy child. As long as the adoptive parent(s) will love and provide for the child that is all that matters. We don’t need to get hung up on the nationality of the child.

Donna on

Someone needs to teach Jillian how to comb her daughters hair.

Kara on

Wow…who are you all to judge Jillian and her family as well as other families? Are your kids happy in every single picture that they take? Are you even happy in every single moment of your life? The camera just caught that one second in their day…who knows if she was giggling in the next second?

Also, on the whole adoption front, at least they are adopting a child who needs a home. That’s a huge personal and financial decision and like many have said before, it is an even more difficult one to do domestically when the courts make every effort to reunify kids with their biological family members. Also, their biological families have a greater chance of taking the child back. It doesn’t matter HOW much money you have. Just listen to Mariska Hartigay’s story.

I don’t believe anyone should judge anyone who adopts. At least they’re doing it. Are you? Have you ever taken a child in need into your family? It’s an incredibly wonderful, but challenging choice to foster a child. Please don’t make judgments behind your computer about people you don’t even know. Especially if you’re not willing to step and do the same.

Ellen on

I don’t think the little girl looks unhappy, she looks like my kids do when they are just plain tired. That kinda just staring into space look….

Denise on

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting sick of seeing her parade this little girl all over Hollywood like she’s a trophy. She just barely adopted her and has already made up for lost time in front of all the paparazzi. Let the poor kid adapt to her new family and country out of the limelight.

essie on

regardless of where they are adopted from, good to see ALL children find better homes than probably what they came from.

here’s an idea- when you adopt from overseas you are paying for a child and money ideally goes to fund the orphanage where the child has been residing. when one adopts here, the money goes to make the adoption companies richer and richer. the prices may be the same here and over there but i would rather my money go to help out the struggling orphanages around the world than to fund some private richer than ever adoption “agency”. just my 2 cents….

June on

I personally would not have put the child on a red carpet. Too much noise and flashing bulbs. She might be too young and for sure is not used to it. Not something I would do, but she is not my child, so her mother is free to make her own choices.

And for those who keep insisting that others adopt domestically, I ask how many children they have adopted from the US. If none, then don’t criticize others choices unless you yourself can talk about what you yourself have done.

Genevioeve on

LOL, I had to giggle. My kids were always happy with plastic measuring cups. Spending zillions on toys is always overrated.

Shannon on

Lukensia is beautiful but the child isn’t even looking at Jillian nor is she smiling. There is no connection whatsoever. She’s probably wondering when she can go back home. poor baby.

Jen DC on

Maybe the fact that she was adopting with a female partner led her to choose to adopt internationally… We can speculate as much as we want, but at the end of the day, a child hopefully has a happier home!

I’ve seen other pix where Lukensia seems happier to be with Jillian. Maybe the oddity of having her picture taken by a group is what’s throwing her off, or maybe she is just tired and it’s nap time. Again, speculation will get us nowhere…

Maija on

What’s to explain, Jillian, the little girl is enamored of you and that’s her way of expressing it. From the looks of the picture that love goes both ways. How lovely!

alicejane on

There are pictures from this same event with Heidi, Jillian, Phoenix, and Lukensia all together, for those wondering why Jillian isn’t seen with her son. Maybe Lukensia doesn’t look comfortable in this picture, but remember that it is a snapshot of just one moment of their lives. She still is very new to America – it probably takes a long time to get used to the hustle and bustle of LA and the cameras and people calling out Jillian’s name to look at the camera at these events. We have no idea if Lukensia is bonded to her parents yet (which can take time but each case is unique) and a venue like this event is probably not a good place to try to determine that.

Pippi on

I would guess Lu’s still getting used to English and doesn’t fully understand the words being thrown her direction. I’ve worked with several kids that were adopted from other countries. Some at age 1 and some closer to 2. It takes time to learn a new language. Especially when being adopted after learning to talk in their original language. You’d be uncomfortable, too, if that was the case!

She’s a cutie! Jillian finally go what the children she’s wanted for a long time. Both kids are definitely loved!!

Tee Tee on

I can understand why someone would look at this photo and think that Jillian and her daughter have not bonded well yet. It does look like little Lukensia is sort of disconnected in the photo.

BUT… there was probably a lot of noise. A lot of cameras flashing. A lot of activity. It could have been nap time, for all we know. Maybe the little girl wasn’t feeling very well. There are a million reasons that a child might not be looking at their best in the moment. So while it’s certainly true that it’s possible that they haven’t bonded quite yet, I don’t think it’s fair to make that judgement from a few pictures.

And even if they haven’t quite bonded yet, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It takes some children and mothers more time than others to adjust to each other. That’s true with both adoptive families and biological families. Lukensia wasn’t a newborn. She’s already two years old and older children bond differently than newborns. And she hasn’t been with the family long, either. Let’s cut this family some slack, ya’ll. I will flat out say that I am not a fan of Jillian Michaels AT ALL but I don’t think it’s fair to judge her family either.

Luna on

Before introducing the adopting child to the world (events etc), one should spend months introducing him firstly to the closest family as well as spending more time at home. In this way, you can define his/her space and make him feel comfortable. It looks to me, as if Jillian’s eagerness of having a family makes her jump a very important step in the post adopting phase, namely defining your own environment.

Claire on

I have no negative opinions on their bond or whether Jillian should’ve adopted domestically or internationally. However, I do have to wonder why parents all over (not just celebrities) allow their children to do things they’re not comfortable with. Your two year old “insists” on playing with your expensive items? Please! There is no law that states you must allow your baby, toddler, or any other age child to play with your designer sunglasses, purse, keys, phone, or computer. Just say “NO!” My kids know (and have known from day one) that my personal items are off limits. They have never once played games on my iPhone, or played with any other expensive personal items. They’re children, they’re not able to comprehend how pricey these things are and how they should be treated! I’m sick of listening to parents whine that their toddler flushed the car keys down the toilet or dropped/broke their cell phone, or lost their wallet (or worse, wandered off with the cash and credit cards). Buy your kids their own toys! Or, better yet, give them a big box of boxes, fabrics, blocks, wooden spoons, emptied out food containers, and paper towel rolls and let them be creative in making their own fun!

maria on

LUKENSIA?? Worst name ever…

Machelle on

I feel sorry for this beautiful child. She needs a mom and dad not two “moms.” There are plenty of married couples who would have loved to adopt her. I do not believe two lesbians raising a child is in the best interest of that child!

wjn55 on

Its a wonderful thing to adopt a child, hats off to her. Still, I wonder why so many Americans travel outside our country to adopt. Are the adoption procedures/requirements that tough in America?

lizzy on

machelle, how dare you pass judgement. i would rather see a child in a loving home with same sex parents than in an orphanage or worse yet an abusive home. as long as that child is loved, cared for and provided for who cares if its 2 moms, 2 dads. grandmas, aunts or whomever wants to provide a stable life for that child. she is one of the lucky ones. people like you make me sick, you and your closed mind is whats wrong with the world.

ecl on

I have no problem with this family for the most part. But I agree that a red carpet might not be the best place for a child that was adopted less than two months ago and is still getting used to her new family. But it’s hard to tell from the picture. Maybe the girl is adjusting well and this was no big deal. I would have erred on the side of caution though, since she is an older adoptee and the transition is bound to be more difficult.

Charlotte on

I saw other pictures of Lukensia smiling and hugging Jillian. Even without them, a single snapshot is not enough for judging whether they are having bonding problems or not. Jillian wanted to adopt for a long time, so I really enjoy seeing her with her daughter.

Debbe on

From personal experience of being white and having a half Japanese baby, I just got not adopt a black baby. I feel like it isn’t in the best interest of the child to be in a white family. The child will grow up and have no one in her family look like her, and this does bother a lot of children believe it or not. My OWN SON who is half of me resented not looking like my all white family. He is better about it now but he wanted for so long to look like us. So, I could never put a black child through that, they need to be adopted by black parents so they can feel like they belong. ANYONE who does not think this is a big issue, well, it just means you have not gone through it yourself.

stacey on

I totally agrre Debbe, kids need to be adop[ted into families of their own race.

cali on

@ Kiki, you must not have children. My niece has the biggest personality..UNTIL she gets out of her comfort zone and around people she doesn’t know. Then she gets non-responsive just like the picture above. It totally looks like a face she would have if someone were taking her pic and trying to get her attention!

Chya on

Jillian, I’m happy for you but please learn how to take care of her hair.

pat on

It’s great that Jillian adopted a child, but it would be much better if she adopted American baby first before going to abroad. Sure there would have many American babies need to be adopted.

Leslie on

I think the issue is, that we assume people aren’t adopting domestically, but the reality is, most of the time, those adopting domestically, look (ethnicity wise) like the children they are adopting, so it isn’t as obvious.

I believe it is those who have never considered adoption who assume people aren’t adopting domestically. As someone who did their homework, because adoption was very much a possible option, I found that the number of international adoptions is not as high as you think.

Regardless, a child without parents to care for it, needs parents to care for it. Why does it matter if they are from America or another country?

nettrice on

Making a transition to a new country and a new culture is hard, even for most adults. Imagine what it’s like for small children (with strange people putting cameras in their faces). As a black American girl the very first images I was aware of did not look anything like me (in school and in the media). Coming to terms with exclusion was very hard and sometimes it still is. I read some of the comments posted here and memories of that early confusion and pain comes back. Unless you’ve experienced it how could you understand: it’s perfectly fine and natural for a Haitian toddler to wear her hair like that.

J on

This kid hasn’t looked thrilled with Jillian in any of the photos taken of!

meghan on

Sounds like the morons are out in force today.

J on

Oh good Lord, Debbe and Stacey. Debbe you can’t really say that some who think it’s no big issue haven’t gone through it themselves. I have friends who adopted black babies and they are white and there have been no problems from ANYONE. Just becuase you have issues in your own family doesn’t mean other families all go through the same thing.

winston on


Shannon on

Maybe she should shield this little girl from the spotlight for a while. She has to get used to new culture, language, family, etc. and the paps? Too much, too soon.

Lukensia is a Haitian name, I believe. I’m sure the name Maria is weird, ugly, etc. to some cultures. Just saying…

JoJo on

J “Oh good Lord, Debbe and Stacey. Debbe you can’t really say that some who think it’s no big issue haven’t gone through it themselves. I have friends who adopted black babies and they are white and there have been no problems from ANYONE. Just becuase you have issues in your own family doesn’t mean other families all go through the same thing.”

As someone who has gone through it like Debbie, I concur with her that you cannot know if you haven’t. Your attempting to say that you know the experience just because you have a “friend” who was adopted doesn’t count. It’s like saying you’re not being racist because you have a black friend. Oh, and btw, it’s not something we adoptees share with non-adoptees so I highly doubt your friend would have ever told you her true feelings about it.

shrimperdan on

This is in response to Machalle’s comment:

children need love…children need structure….children need a happy and loving parent. it just not matter if parents are gay or straight.

come on and join us in a world of acceptance of all kinds of families.

And to all who have issues with where the adoption occured…doesn’t it only really matter that a child is loved and in a safe home?

And one picture is no true indication of whether bonding as occured or not.

Steph on

There are many American babies that need adopting and who need families, but they are being quite well looked after by our ‘system’. It sucks not to have a family, for any child, however, a bad day in America is nothing compared to a bad day in parts of Africa, Asia etc. We have access to medication, education, police protection….other countries don’t have this.

Jenn on

To all of you saying “there are plenty of children to adopt in this country” have obviously never gone through the adoption process. I struggled with infertility/miscarriages for 6 years and started to explore adoption. Do you realize how expensive it is to adopt domestically? Anywhere from $35,000 to $55,000! I wish I had that kind of money but I do not! My dear friend, who also suffered from infertility, adopted the sweetest young boy from Ethiopia for $25,000. That is still a ridiculous amount of money but they decided that was the best route for them. Do no judge adoptive parents for the routes they take, just thank them for being parents to babies who needed homes.

Miss Anne on

Please comb that hair! She has been home long enough for Jillian to have sought out help for managing her hair. I really can’t stand it when a child is not groomed for no good reason. I don’t know what pic you are referring to but that baby is looking at Jullian like a stranger.

Sarah K. on

Actually Machelle, there are not “plenty” of straight couples who would have adopted this child. She was a toddler in an orphanage before Jillian saw her, by chance. Older children do not have a high chance of being adopted because most people want newborns or babies under 1. Regardless, a child needs love and a home – Lukensia now has both.

Kim on

I also thought that she looked uncomfortable with her, Jillian is obviously very happy but the little girl looks unsure and every pic I’ve seen she’s the same. I’m sure she will take a while to get there, having had a hard life trusting someone else not to up and leave her would take a while but I wouldn’t call the pic ‘cuddling’.

cb on

Ms. Michaels, that poor child’s first two years probably were exhausting, frightening, confusing, etc. Please stay home with her in a quiet, calm environment, please, for at least the next year or so.

Marky on

It doesn’t appear that Lukensia is wearing her hair much differently than most little Haitian girls, and she looks a bit tired, but otherwise, just fine. It always seems the photographers can choose whatever picture they want to make the situation look however they want. People does the same.

I have adopted both internationally and domestically, and my Asian daughter was always friends with people of all races as she grew up. She told me once that the only difficulty she ever had with people anywhere was that they all assumed that she was brilliant because she was Asian. Since she was of average intelligence, they were always shocked she wasn’t in Honors classes and planning a career in Science or Math. She was always a hard-working student and today is the teacher she wanted to be from the time she started Kindergarten. She is the child who grew up to be most like me, and has been a delight to us. From the first time she saw us and fell into our arms, exhausted from the flight, she knew she was home and was happy in our family. We weren’t, however, able to leave her with anyone else, for about a year.

While I am well aware SOME adoptees may have some regrets about adoption, that is not the case for all. I had cousins who were placed for adoption, and one struggled and had difficulties. Another was very happy and had a wonderful relationship with his adoptive family, and another loved her adoptive mother enough to spend years caring for her carefully and lovingly, because she loved her. Some adoptees are light years better off in adoption than being left with bio parents who may have been dreadfully abused and left on their own for days.

Some children in Haiti, for instance, have no family or anyone to care for them. I’ve worked with an orphanage there for a long time, and I assure you, there is little space for all the children who are orphaned, or whose parents have walked away and disappeared because the situation is so difficult down there; think about how things were after the last earthquake. In many areas, the children get badly burned because the adults are cooking on charcoal and the kids fall in the fire; there is so much violence and rioting at times and I know a young woman whose mother was murdered for her house and nothing happened to him–he simply moved into her house, and fortunately, there was a couple working there who adopted her and brought her to the States. Many of you complaining about these people who adopt abroad, should wake up and either research before you post, or save your judgments for someone else.

Littlemo on

To those who are giving a litany of reasons why it was okay to adopt outside the U.S. remember Sandra Bullock managed to adopt a child outside of her race right here in the U.S. Her son, Louis, is from New Orleans. There are unwanted kids here and while the average person with less financial means may have a long wait and a financial burden, celebrity adopters with considerably more funds are getting babies much faster than John Doe or Mary Smith. While it’s nice this little girl has a home, people should help their own house/homeland kids first before going outside our borders.

LittleMo on

Marky: Unless you can swear that you have “researched” life in an inner city, lived in the worst part of ethnic group’s “ghetto,” or survived a neighborhood that is a constant battleground for gang wars, why don’t YOU get off your “moral high horse” about YOUR “judgement”? The rest of us have opinions which may, and probably do, have a very definite basis in fact and reality.

Leigh-Anne on

Jillian and her partner have an obligation to properly learn how to care for the childs hair.

Anonymous on

So I just googled some pics of Jillian and her daughter. There are many pics of her with her daughter that they look happy, and well bonded. They look like a typical, happy mother and daughter. And the little girl’s hair is done in some of the pics, for those that like to criticize every detail!! The little girl just looks shy in this photo because she has a crowd of noisy strangers taking her picture. Many 2 year olds would respond the same way. Jillian has a busy life, that often includes events like these, and I think it is great she wants her daughter to be there. What proud mom doesn’t enjoy showing off their children? Lighten up all you judgementall prudes!

lily on

That kid does not look happy at all.

Janna on

Ok, so just to be clear:

• She shouldn’t have adopted with a female partner
• She shouldn’t be ‘parading’ the child in public
• She shouldn’t have adopted a non-American child
• She shouldn’t have adopted a black child
• She shouldn’t let the child play with her keys
• She hasn’t bonded with the child
• She doesn’t care for her hair properly

Oh internet hags, did I miss anything? Someone should really send this list to Jillian so she knows what YOUR rules are.

You people are absolutely vile.

Mabel on

Janna I am with you!

Why can you just be happy that a child that needed a home has found one? it does not matter from which country, whether her hair is nicely done, if she has bonded with her mom or not..look at the big picture. She is going to grow up in a country full of opportunities, probably lead a life healthier than most of us since JM is into fitness..When my son was born I wanted to take him everywhere to show him off and I did..the difference is I am not a celebrity, but if she wants to take her baby to a party that does not mean she is parading her child. Stop judging! Be happy for her! It does your body good!


@Janna, love it, you tell ’em girl!

Devon on

As an adoptive mother, from Ethiopia, I have a few things to say to the posters about international adoption. First off- if you want to adopt an infant or very small baby- this is hard to do in the US. Ever check out your classifieds? There are TONS of adoptive families asking to adopt children.

Yes, we do have a need here in the USA as we do have a lot of children who grow up in the foster care system. However, poor in the US isn’t poor in a third world country. Our foster care system isn’t great but on the whole… most kids are fed and sheltered and educated. Poor in other third world countries… well I won’t explain it now, but it is a nightmare for most adults, let alone infants and toddlers and children.

In Ethiopia alone there are more than 5 MILLION orphans! Check the stats on Chinese girls. In most of the 3rd world countries, foster care or orphanages don’t exist or the ones that do are slam pack full. The rest of the orphans live or die in the streets or wilderness. To open more spaces in the orphanage- the children in them need to be adopted out.

My point is… children in need are children in need. Whether you adopt here or internationally, a child is given a family and we should celebrate.

Last point- as for her hair… yeah Jillian should learn to do her girls hair. As a white mom to a black son- I know I will be scrutinized if my kids hair is a hot mess. And I need to teach my child to care for himself- if I can’t properly care for his hair- how will he learn?


Jillian, PLEASE take that beautiful baby to a kid’s salon to have her hair done until you figure out how to care for black hair!

Elisa on

I think Lu is just shy… but mamma looks very happy and proud of her little girl!

She looks tiny for a 2 year old, but I bet she’ll grow up faster now!

I’m very happy for Jillian, her girl is precious.

Lisa on

For the love of Christ Jillian, PLEASE get some black friends who can teach you how to do that precious baby’s hair. You obviously have NO clue!!

Karen on

Oh forgot its the new “in” thing to adopt a black baby.. Since Sandra did it now everybody is doing it… guess that makes it cool….the baby dont look too happy to me!

Alysssa on

Oh, jusy shut up.

Here’s a pic of Lukensia looking relaxed and happy for all of you who think they’ve not bonded and blablabla. Yes, in this picture the kid looks tired and confused and perhaps she should have stayed home, but who doesn’t take their kid to places they don’t want to be in sometimes? It’s part of being a parent.

lynn on

Anyone who has adopted will tell you is that it takes time to bound with your child-esp. one this old. She just got her in May, I don’t quite get why she takes her to this huge events and puts her in front of camera. Maybe one story, picture, but she is not an accessory. Not that she should be locked away for months, but it’s better to have a lot of small group interaction so that child attaches to new family. Is she putting her out there or are the press hounding her like they do Angelinas kids?

Joe on

Oh look at me and my new accessory. Check out my moral superiority too!

meghan on

Go Janna!

Kevin in Cincy on

WAY TO TELL-EM, JANNA! It never ceases to amaze (and disappoint) me when you combine a closed, self-righteous and judgemental mind with a keyboard. Would half of these comments even be written if it were not for the fact that Michaels is a lesbian? I think not… 😦

meghan on

Maybe it was too early to take her to a public event. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it’s none of your business. Jillian and Heidi are the parents. These decisions are theirs, not yours. You don’t know Jillian and you don’t know Lukensia. You don’t know how she is adjusting and you can’t figure it out from a few pictures. You also can’t tell from pics how her hair is being tended to or how bonded she is. All of which is none of our business.

ace on

The first picture printed by People of Jillian and her 2 new kids, showed this little girl looking unhappy and scared. Yet again she looks scared. Getting uprooted from another country and living with strangers who are hugging you and showing you affectionate must be terrifying. I dont think Jillian should be parading her around for photo shoots and parties. Although I’m no psychologist, I am a mom of 2, I would think building a loving trusting bond inside the home away from the cameras would be the very best opportunity to give this child a good foundation. Letting her adjust safely to her new home and surroundings would be what a caring, loving, knowledgable parent should do.

Laurie on

Why don’t these celebs adopt kids from the USA? There are so many kids in our own country that need Love and a home. I think it’s all just status quo..have to do this because everyone else does. It’s so fake and I don’t think any of these people even really want children, just the attention and getting the “atta boy.”

Obvious on

I commend her and her partner for adopting a child that needs a home regardless of race however I hate to see Caucasian women adopting African America girls and fail to learn how to properly manage their hair care. I have several friends who get lessons on hair care or take their child to get their hair done. It is possible …..

Diane on

Why do all of these adopted children always look so sad? If you look at the Jolie-Pitt kids, Madonna’s daughter, Sandra Bullock’s son, etc. they all have the same look. I don’t get it. None of them look very happy.

Obvious on

If you adopt a child of another race learn the proper hair care that comes along with it. I have several Caucasian friends who have taken classes and or go to the hair dresser. If a little Caucasian girl was paraded around with matted hair the media would be stirred up. It is not cute…

Cassie on

I don’t know but if it were me, the last thing I would be doing with a newly adopted child is parading her to media events….doesn’t seem right. She has enough of an adjustment to make with out that kind of circus.

Kelly on

@Diane- Maybe all these “adopted kids” don’t look happy because the pictures you see are when there are paparazzi harassing them and their famous parents. You don’t get to see photographs of their private happy moments.

Another reason they might not look happy is because the children are photographed at airports and most kids, adopted or not, aren’t happy with long flights.

Dave on

That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

meghan on

Why do you idiots feel the need to say the same thing five people said before you?

Dave on

Are there no American kids that need a home and some love. How fake can you get? This Jillian person is a scumbag. That kid is nothing more than a fashion statement or something. Like a new purse. Losers.

Mandi on

the reason people adopt overseas babies is because they are easier to pass the background checks and the prices are easier on the bank acct. To adopt a baby from here there are considerably more rules, regulations and a TON more money.

Cassie on

Hey meghan, perhaps it’s because some people don’t have time to read every single response? Or because they feel like it…!? Why does it bother you so much that you have to call others names?


meghan on

Or perhaps they are just jerks Cassie. As far as name calling, well, I call a prick a prick.

nettrice on

Coarse African hair is NOT matted. Black women who wear weaves and silky extensions are just trying to meet white/European standards. There is nothing wrong with this child’s hair.

kimmie on

“My OWN SON who is half of me resented not looking like my all white family.”

Really, Debbe? Perhaps if you spent less time passing on your racist judgements onto your OWN SON and stressing his looks, and spent more time loving him for who he is, he would resent you less.

Marky on

Diane, I have seen so many pictures of the Jolie-Pitt children smiling from ear to ear, laughing and having a wonderful time than I have ever seen of them looking the slightest bit tired and worn out by photographers. The same with Louis Bullock; he is so handsome and always looks content and happy when out with his mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a model sometime, since he is so cute and knows how to “work it”.

Little Mo, you just need help. I spoke of my own experience, not criticizing anything except the constant judging that goes on in some of the threads on this site. I grew up so poor and in such circumstances, you have no idea. What on earth do you think was going on in my family, that my own cousins had to be raised by strangers in the first place? I have lived in a major city for many years, and worked with DHS for 13 years, in multiple capacities. I know at least 100+ people who are adopted; I know what my family went through, and I have seen that 9o% of the adoptees, of any kind, that I know are happy and doing well. The few I know, including my relatives or friends, who have not fared well, have been in homes that didn’t understand how to discuss adoption, or know how to discuss it at all. Those statistics are as good as any I’ve seen about biological children and how the feel about the same issues.

What is wrong with civil discourse and, if you disagree with someone, just do so without trying to be unnecessarily harsh in the process? The question is simply for thought……

Abbie on

to me it might just be that there are camera’s in this little girls face and she doesn’t know what is going on, not that she is not adjusting to her mother. people need to lay off. also, if you don’t adopt your children what right do you have to judge another person for doing so. That little girl is stunning, congrats Jillian, i know how long you have wanted to be a mom and you are glowing with happiness!