Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge Welcome Daughter Dixie Pearl

06/22/2012 at 01:30 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

A king and his queen now have a little princess.

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb FollowillΒ and wife Lily Aldridge welcomed their first child, daughter Dixie Pearl Followill, on Thursday, June 21 in Nashville.

The baby girl arrived at 1 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs., 11 oz. and measuring 22 inches long.

“Mom, Dad and baby are happy, healthy and enjoying their new addition,” a rep for the band tells PEOPLE.

The couple tied the knot in Santa Barbara in May 2011. Even then, the rocker was excited to start a brood with his Victoria’s Secret Angel bride, 26.

“I can’t wait to raise a family with her because she’s a great woman,” Followill, 30, told PEOPLE in August.

Caleb isn’t the first King to have a kid. His cousin Matthew Followill welcomed son Knox, 13 months, last April.

— Kevin O’Donnell

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nicole on

yay….love them

Anne on

Cute name actually.

gilda on

Is it me, or does this woman look miserable?

eva on

@gilda- it’s just you. love the name. congrats to the couple!

heather on

gilda, she probably just can’t stand his crappy music anymore.

host on

why do we need to know about everyone’s having a freaking baby??

goldca on

Baby is born the same day as her ex (Mike Einzinger). Ironic.

Congratulations Caleb and Lily on your bundle of joy.

Beebop on

Congratulations to them; I absolutely love them together as a couple. I bet their daughter is going to be gorgeous and she has such a beautiful name, too.

NCSouthernBelle on

Dixie Pearl is an adorable name!!

Shelby on

Congrats! I saw them at a restaurant in Nashville just 2 weeks ago and was wondering when she was due. They seemed very happy and love…not to mention how GORGEOUS Lily was sans makeup. Lovely name as well!

Brooke on

Dixie Pearl is adorable…..How seet.

Siera on

Congrats to Lily and Caleb on their new arrival πŸ™‚

@host. Maybe because this is the Mom & Babies section of people. Keyword: babies.

... on

why do we need to know about everyone’s having a freaking baby?? [2]

Lia on

She couldn’t find anyone better looking?? they don’t make a nice couple… love is blind but congrats on the baby.

carla on


This is a site about celebrity babies. DUH. What did you expect to find here?

Jen DC on

Not fond of the connotations of the name “Dixie.”

Marky on

What a sweet looking couple and can’t wait to see pics of their new little Dixie! Bet they are thrilled!!

JenDC, Dixie Carter was a lovely lady and tremendous actress, and that’s what I think about when I hear the name “Dixie”. If you’re thinking something negative, you’re digging mighty hard, bless your heart!

gilda, I don’t think she’s looking miserable; I think she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and used to having a certain expression when posing for the camera.

As far as her husband’s looks, think for just a minute. How many fantastically handsome men have you met, known, dated–whatever–and they turned out to have the “big L” on their forehead!? I had an uncle that was more gorgeous than any movie star I have ever seen, and he was married 4 times–left every wife after she had children, even the model he was married to. Get real, looks can be gone in a minute; accident, fire, cancer, ask J.R. Martinez. What matters is that person’s spirit and heart.

I love being married to the man who loves me, warts and all, and wasn’t consumed with my appearance when I went through a year of surgeries, chemo, etc, for skin cancer on my face. I could look worse, but I will never look like I did before. He’s had a spinal injury and is in a wheelchair, but I love him just the same as I did when he played racquetball and could run. Many of the super-handsome guys I dated would never have been the person to go through the “long-haul” of a real, true marriage.

Lucky them, that Caleb and Lily know all that!!

K on


Fantastic remarks πŸ˜‰ I applaud you.

Sandra on

I have read somewhere that the Followills’ go by their middle name – so I am assuming that she will go by the name Pearl. Personally, I like the name Dixie so much more πŸ™‚ But Pearl is a nice name too.

Stella Bella on

Everything Marky said. πŸ™‚

Paola on

I bet this baby is gonna be gorgeous and an amazing musician

zasm on

Awesome, another homophobe in training. Congratulations!

Nancy on

Dixie—great. Looks like Pearl is also making a comeback.

Marky–isnt it the truth. When you stand up to get married, you talk about “in sickness and in health” They should add in “old age”. My husband is my best friend–always will be.

Indira on

His wife is very pretty, he looks like such a dork. I don’t like the name Dixie Pearl, it sounds hoakey like some unmentioned character on the beverly hillwilliams.

soph on

He doesn’t always dress like that, I don’t think (luckily)

Cute name.

Jen DC on

Oh, Marky, sweeeeeetheaaaaartttt (in my best faux southern accent), as a native black Alabaman, I don’t have to dig far or hard to find obvious and not-distant historical record of negative connotations of the name “Dixie.” The white experience of Dixie and the black experience of Dixie are very different, and regardless of all the “great and talented” individuals who have borne the name, I will never like it. That you want to dwell solely on Dixie Carter and not on the historical reference and relevance of the name is wholly unsurprising; most Americans would prefer to sweep the darker parts of our shared history under the rug.

whatever on

Lol @host everyday someone does or says something that reminds how stupid some people in this world are and today it’s you congratulations.

I love these two. Beautiful woman, sexy as hell man and gorgeous name. Congrats.

Leigh on

I am from Bama too! But I guess I have been taught that bygones and bygones…………

Marky on

JenDC, mah deah, I don’t believe I mentioned that I, too, have lived in Alabama. I also have a mixed race family, and I myself am NA. Talk about having a right to be upset!

I don’t know how old you are, and I have no idea whether or not you, like myself and my friends, marched with Martin Luther King, grieved at his death, and/or were part of making sure black people could eat food in a restaurant, or drink water out of a fountain with white people, but I see younger people as having a bigger problem about every little thing and wanting to be upset at every turn–whether there’s a real reason to be offended or not–and I also see it as a huge waste of time and energy to do so.

I personally believe it is more worthwhile to help build a better future based on real, honest issues, than to waste my time and energy on being upset about something as paltry as whether these people named their child “Dixie”. I sure don’t go around singing the song; I do what I can to make things better in a real way.

I don’t want to start a whole big “thang”, all I’m saying is we don’t have to chose to be offended where no offense was meant.

Indira on

Can someone explain the hullabaloo behind dixie? I’m west-indian and not southern so i don’t know the history.

just me on

ugly name

emily on

I’m very surprised to see people commenting on his looks! I think he is damn handsome!

Catca on

Congrats Caleb and Lily on the birth of your beautiful baby girl.

I find the debate between Marky and JenDc interesting. I have to say I agree with Marky in the sense that I seriously doubt they named their daughter Dixie in reference to the negative history associated with the name. For starters, Caleb is english and probably isn’t acutely aware of the history. And Dixie Carter was a wonderful actress.

But I will say being from Illinois where we elected the first african american woman to the U.S. Senate, Carol Mosely-Braun, I do recall the story about Carol’s first week in office when she shared an elevator with Sen. Jesse Helm’s of North Carolina who proceeded to whistle the tune “Dixie” to her in the elevator. That was less than 20 years ago so the racism and ugly history associated with Dixie is still fresh in many southerners minds. I can definitely empathize with where JenDc is coming from. She doesn’t have to have marched with Martin Luther King to understand the connotations and feel a natural repulsion to the name. That’s just being human.

Emma on

The Followills are not English (although KOL did first hit it big in the UK rather than their home country, which may be what you’re thinking of).

Lily posted a lovely tweet this morning: “Thank you everyone for all the sweet words! We are so in love with our darlin Dixie Pearl πŸ™‚ much love to everyone xoxox”

Jen DC on


I see you have a problem with reading comprehension. I never stated that I was “upset” or “offended” by the name. I very restrainedly stated that I “was not fond of the connotations.” I generally refrain from “getting upset” or “offended” about things only tangentially related to my reality; instead, I state my misgivings and move the hell on.

I went on to explain the basis of my misgivings, but again, never reached the level of “upset.” Whether I marched or not (old enough to have done or not), how I feel about a given word/name is subjective and based solely on my experience and examination of the historical record. Your subjective assessment is that it is sweet. My subjective assessment is that it’s a word with a terrible history that can’t quite be overcome by Dixie Carter’s stellar acting ability or the passage of time.

It would never become a “thang” (thanks for adding in the vernacular; your responses are so much more real that way) had you held your tongue and declined to criticize my mild distaste. Instead, you sought to score a few cheap points and get all condescending with your “bless your hearts” and follow up “But I was there!” and “I focus on ‘real issues’!” as if I don’t. And?

So… if you are so firmly against “getting upset” about trifling BS and only focus on “real issues,” why did you even bother to comment on my lack of excitement for Dixie Pearl’s painfully contrived moniker and instead simply fill your space with as magnolia butter and sweet tea as the character limits allowed?

No response necessary; my work is done here.

Also, there is a space between “Jen” and “DC”.

emily on

Marky is right. Jen SPACE DC is wrong. The end.

Jen DC on


How can not being fond of a name be right or wrong exactly?

Jen on

Talk about an odd looking couple! She’s gorgeous and he’s, well, let’s just say I didnt see this coupling happening. But congrats, because there is more to attraction than just looks! πŸ™‚

meghan on

Not fond of is just a ‘nice’ way of saying offended.

Anonymous on

lmao @some of the comments above. I’m a die-hard liberal, born and raised on the West Coast (California to be precise), Asian on my father’s side, and I absolutely adore the name “Dixie” AND the song.

Marky on

Jen DC, let me make this clear…I have no argument with you or anyone on this site. Your feelings are your feelings and I am not saying you don’t have a right to them. I thought you were interjecting a bit of humor when you imitated a “southern accent” (your words) in stating your opinion, and I responded in kind, simply giving my opinion, but certainly having no desire to be seen as “trifling” or slinging”BS”.

I do not want to argue with anyone, nor do I want to offend anyone. I view this site as a fun place to go and read the “new baby news” and maybe there will be some interesting discussions, but I absolutely do not want to be at odds with you or anyone. These people did not name their child in order to bother anyone, they just chose a name they liked. If I find out differently, I’ll apologize to all.

Jen DC on

Indira, “Dixie” commonly refers to the states of the Confederacy or, more politically correctly, a swath of southern states including Louisiana, Missisippi, Alabama, Georgia, (currently only parts of) Florida, Tennesse, the Carolinas and Virginia. Historically – depending on your version – these states were either fighting to preserve slavery or for “states’ rights.” These were the same states that enacted Jim Crow laws through reconstruction through the dismantling of those underpinnings in the ’50s and ’60s.

Sigh. Marky, you are, yet again, misconstruing my exact and very clear words. I did not call *you* trifling or claim that you were slinging BS (I would have said full of sh*t instead) – I called your FOCUS on my distaste trifling and BS as compared to what you referred to as “real issues.” I also never said that my belief was that they named their kid (Christ) “Dixie Pearl” to be offensive. Frankly, I think they are simply too self-involved to think past what they believe to be adorable hipsterism. I mean, really: DIXIE PEARL? *Dixie Pearl*?! Contrived. Although maybe there is some family connection other than simply being southern. Perhaps they will provide additional insight. We’ll see.

Apologize for something you didn’t do? That’s foolish. Apologize for being condescending *if you want*, since that’s something you DID do.

The easiest way to avoid arguments is to avoid belittling others’ opinions. And then don’t follow up with your Civil Rights bona fides and your age as if that information suddenly makes your opinion about “Dixie” more valid than my own. If you are so knowledgeable and were, in fact, there, then the fact that others have and maintain negative feelings about “Dixie” shouldn’t be so shocking as to require comment.

I also reiterate that I am not offended by the name (Meghan – check and grow your vocab); I simply don’t like what the connotations are *to me*. Opinions are subjective and can’t be right or wrong (Emily), only based on erroneous information. My information is historical fact; thus I’m perfectly comfortable stating that what “Dixie” means to me is nothing good, Dixie Carter notwithstanding.

Hey, Anonymous, I’m glad you like it and the song. I find the song disgusting in its message. Doesn’t mean it’s not a catchy tune, but you won’t find me wandering the streets happily singing about the debasement of my people.

Lauren on

Okay time to stop Jen DC. You’re only embarrassing yourself now…

Nancy on

Jen and Marky–kiss and make up!!

There is all kinds of racial discrimination out there, but I don’t think that Kings of Leon or a VS model are a part of it.
Case in point: 17 years ago, I placed people into jobs at an employment agency–The only man who was in there applying stole my purse while I left the room for a minute. I filed a police report, gave them the name and address of the guy and he told me that because the man was Mexican, they couldnt question him. A cop told me this!! He had to be VERY CAREFUL because of his race.

FInally, lets be happy that they didn’t name their child Bear, Moon Unit, Apple, Pilot Inspector, Sundance or Blue!!!

meghan on

I have a perfectly fine vocabulary Jen DC, thank you. I also know when someone is saying one thing and meaning another. And you are, condescending jerk. You are making WAY too big a deal out of this not to be offended. Because you are offended (and make no mistake, you are offended, no matter how much you try to convince us otherwise) Caleb and Lily are airheaded hipsters, who thoughtlessly chose a name that has negative connotations. No they chose a name that they thought was pretty and feminine. Apparently anyone who dares to disagree with your hypersensitivity is just not smart enough to get it. No, we just don’t go around looking for things to get offended by. Grow up and stop sweating the small stuff.

Lola on

JEN DC, instead of focusing on the southern history of the word ‘Dixie” try to focus on who Caleb and Lily are as people and maybe the name wont bother you so much. I honestly cannot believe that because Caleb is from the south, he is looking down on his beautiful new baby girl and purposfully giving her a name to disrespect an entire race of people.

Caleb was raised by deeply Christian parents. His father was a traveling preacher and his mom is a evanglist. The Followills always talk about traveling around preaching and spending a lot of their time with people of different colors because of the church. For all the boozing and fighting that he does he is still an extremely God-fearing man. He learned to integrate and repect people because of how he was raised in the church.

Quite frankly, when I hear the word dixie, I think of Dixie Carter or Dixie Chicks who are positive influinces in Southern History. I’m seriously tired of everything becoming about race or racial issues. That not what it’s always about. A newborn baby’s name shouldn’t inspire an spirited debate about the deep south. Good southern men have a right to take pride in who they are. It’s Caleb’s home, its where he lives, its everything about himself, his family and his music. Pick up the KOL doucmentary and learn something about the man not just a simple word. It really doesnt seem to me that he is being racist with a name. Dixie and Pearl are two of the prettiest and girliest names I have ever heard and being that her mom is a Victoria’s Secret model, it makes sense that she would want something so feminine.

I only say shame on you JEN DC, because I’d imagine your trying to teach us something that’s important about our history but you are dumbing it all down by ranting on a baby blog because of a name. I understand that part of our history and we all should never forget it so we dont go back to it, but there is such a thing as ‘crying wolf’. Everybody’s crying ‘racist’ so when it really comes up, people are just desensitized to it. And THAT should never happen.

Pick your battles more carefully JEN. I hope you dont take this as critizism or negativity. Its just a baby name and its a pretty one at that!

Catca on

I didn’t realize Caleb was from the south. I thought Kings of Leon was an english band! lol!

I also think we should lay off JEN DC. While I like the name “Dixie Pearl”, and I think Caleb and Lily associated the positive connotations with it, there is a dark nasty racism associated with the name. Because the racism connotation is still there and for JEN DC to simply say she’s not crazy about the name because there is that association is not some off the wall thing to say. She didn’t try to lecture anyone until people starting slamming her for even mentioning there are very real negative associations with the name. I don’t think JEN DC is the one that needs to pick her battles more carefully, she didn’t start this battle.

Seriously, lay off her. Her responses are very human.

Jen DC on

I appreciate that you are able to see both sides, Catca. It is a gift, one in short supply.

Meghan, given everything else that has transpired here, does it seem logical to you that, if I had found the name offensive, I would have stopped at the gentle criticism implied by “not fond of the connotations”? Or does it seem more logical to you that I would have affirmatively stated, “I think the Followills are racist, hipster twits for dumping ‘Dixie Pearl’ on their helpless li’l baby”? Ruminate on that for a while, then on the painfully obvious logical fallacy of your conclusion.

What offends me is the inability to express distaste for the name/word “Dixie” without being at the receiving end of misplaced lectures. IF IF IF (three times, so you get it) I am offended, I’m offended that my words have been misconstrued. I have been frustrated by the board’s general inability to understand my basic premise and accept my simple, straightforward explanation of my POV. It’s like plain English goes over your heads. I can’t put it any more simply than I have.

Lola, I have no need to consider the Followills as individuals, because my statement was a general one. I have also gone on to say at least once during this conversation that I don’t believe that they have chosen the name “Dixie” out of a desire to be offensive. Nay, in fact I think they have likely chosen the name to honor his place of birth and upbringing.

All I am saying, with regard to the name, is that I don’t like it. I don’t like what it connotes generally. Luckily, since I will likely never be in such proximity to these folks, it will never matter that if I had to call the newest Followill I would have to learn to do so without an internal cringe every time.

I don’t need you to agree with my assessment at all. And I won’t be ashamed for holding it or expressing my contrarian POV and if anyone needs to learn to “pick their battles,” I’d put your name, and Meghan’s and Marky’s and Leigh’s and Emily’s and Anonymous and Lauren’s before mine for failing to understand that I wasn’t fighting in the first place – at least not over “Dixie.”

Shannon on

Two idiots give their baby an idiotic name. Shocker. He needs AA and she needs to honor her vows.

nora on

So happy for the Followills – lovely family. Sure the baby will be beautiful just like her parents.

Jen on

Love, love the name. I am a Yankee but my people are in the South. I do not equate the girl’s name “Dixie” with the South at all. It seems people are looking for a reason to be angry about our history, which is just that, history. It was a long time ago and we have learned from the mistakes of the past and need to move on folks. Congrats to mom, dad, and I’m sure a beautiful baby with those genes.

crystal on

@Marky-you hit the nail on the head! being a couple is about sticking to it through the good and bad, as hard as that is at times. so many people run as soon as the waters become a little rocky…it’s too easy to get married, but hard through divorce. that is so great for you and your hubby, you are obviously wonderful soul mates that prove what love really is all about, such a gem to have, that too many people take for granted. love.

i love this couple, i love his band, she is beautiful, i hope they can make it work. can’t wait to see pic’s of their baby!! congrats to them πŸ™‚

bella on

Congratulations Caleb and Lily! I’m sure she is a beautiful little girl. The name is very fitting considering Caleb’s southern roots. And for those who don’t think Caleb is attractive, you obviously haven’t seen the man perform on stage. He is one sexy man as is his brother Jared!

Anonymous on

Catca- I’m with you. Jen DC simply stated that, as a POC from the South, she can’t stand the name Dixie because of it’s negative connections with her ancestors. She certainly didn’t deserve to be attacked for respectfully stating her opinion! I mean, really, if she were Jewish and stated that she couldn’t understand naming a child Adolph because of what Hitler did to her ancestors, would those of you that criticized her still have done so? I didn’t think so!

Anonymous on

know what? Over in Europe, especially Germany as far as I know, Dixie is a other word for portaloo. That has nothing to do with any linkage to the southern states of the US, but is simply due to the fact, that the main producer of portaloos over there is a company named Dixie.

Bedazz'elle Phoenix on

Awwwwww congrats to Lily and Caleb on the birth of their daughter. May Lots of love, good health and happiness be bestowed upon this family ❀

eva on

Dixie Pearl sounds like the name of a stripper. Dixie on it’s own is ok, Pearl on it’s own is tolerable (even though I had a parrot called Pearl) but Dixie Pearl?
Still , I’ve heard worse…