Kendra Wilkinson: Plans for Baby No. 2 Are Always Changing

06/22/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

When Kendra Wilkinson‘s son Hank IV was only 10 months old, the reality starlet and hubby Hank Baskett were already geared up for having more kids right away.

But as time has passed, Wilkinson’s been consistently unsure if she’s really ready to take the plunge.

“We did plan on having another kid pretty soon,” she recently told PEOPLE. “Every day our mind changes.”

Wilkinson, 27, explains that even just about a month ago, she went from assuredly wanting another little one, to changing her mind right after a visit from her best friend.

“Hank and I were in the kitchen and I was scooping some watermelon and I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s have another baby within in a couple of months,'” the Kendra on Top star says. “I don’t know. It was just a sudden spark. And he was all excited and we kind of just made this decision.”

But when Wilkinson’s pal brought along her newborn son, the thought of having more kids running around made the former Girls Next Door star cringe.

“I just got really nervous,” she explains. “The baby was crying and had poopy diapers. And I just got an instant baby phobia. I looked at Hank behind my best friend’s back, and I shook my head, ‘No.'”

But Baskett didn’t want to accept his wife’s negative answer. “He really wants another baby,” Wilkinson shares. “He was like, ‘Look how cute he is,’ and I was like, ‘No!’ The reality set in and I was like, ‘Oh, God.'”

The antics of Wilkinson and her two main men can be seen on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

“Reality TV is what I’m used to,” the mom says. “I love people getting a chance to be in my life. [Hank and] I are not parents who have completely killed our social life and party life. We are parents who still embrace our youth. We just love to share that and it makes for good TV.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Paula on

Who cares????

Marky on

While I know some will “freak out” on what Kendra is saying about cringing when thinking about all the poopy diapers, crying, etc, that goes along with having another baby, I wish more people thought about what they are really getting into when they have children.

I had the easiest first baby anyone’s ever had; smart, loving, slept all night at 6 weeks, (9 pm to 9am, every night from then on), cute as anything and just amazing. I was pretty sure they were all going to be that way, because we had a “real handle on the parenting thing”! Wow, the truth is, no one knows what the baby will be like until s/he gets here, and you better be ready for anything! If #3 had been #1, I would have had a ligation within 6 months, hired a nanny to help me take care of that one child, and gone back to work as quickly as possible! Whew, what a handful and nothing like #1 or #2! I love that child dearly, but he is still a handful as an adult.

Kendra has a lovely family, and may end up saying “one’s enough”, which is fine. It is enough for many people I have known, and it should be okay with the rest of us. It’s called choice, and we all have it. They have a precious child in Hank 4, he may be all they ever need or want. And I also believe both parents should be ready and really want a child before they deliberately have one. JMO.

Romy on

She seems to barely like big Hank these days when you watch Kendra on top. She seems very into herself, and not as into him now that he’s not an NFL player. Maybe that’s just my perception, but she sure does not seem loving and supportive unless she needs something.

Rachel on

I don’t think your ever truly “ready”. I struggled for a while with the decision to have another one. Now I’m expecting and I can’t wait to meet my new baby.

Maria on

I haven’t seen this season of her show yet- when and what channel? She is okay but I think big Hank is a babe and a sweetheart so I will watch to see him! So anyway- my husband and I have one 2 yr old little boy- and we think pretty likely we will keep him as an only child. I get pangs for sure- every month really, of wanting to create another life. But the work of it turns me away from doing it. I like having time to spend with my husband and alone- and to be able to give our son the best of everything we can. I may regret some day not having another but I know so many parents with more than one who are so much more overwhelmed with parenting than we are with our 2 adults to one child ratio. They feel like they can’t ever give their kids full attention as it is divided. Of course one of my siblings has 5 kids and loves that so to each their own but I think a mom dad and one child can make for a lovely and compete family.

Zelda on

My husband and I have a toddler son and are only planning one. The truth is I don’t miss the baby days, but he was a very difficult infant (major colic, horrible sleeping)….he has turned into such an easygoing toddler and we enjoy him so much, but neither one of us misses the infant stage one bit and we like our little family of three.

It’s just our style. Everyone is different and IMO each couple has to decide how many kids to have (or if they want any at all). We’ve gotten a lot of flack about our choice to only have one…like, “How can you do that to your child?” kind of deal. MYOB!!!

stacey on

kendra, DON”T have any more kids. You’re alreadyb wanting to push the little boy you have out the door by sending him to school at 2 years old, and now you are cringing at the sight of a newborn. You’re really not the motherly type, ya think????????

Sandy on

GROW UP Kendra!!!! So it’s still all about you??? Maybe Hank would like someone to play with when your out partying and shaking your thang! Selfish indeed.

blessedwithboys on

I think if you aren’t ready yet, or just know you are happy with one and done, then it’s very mature to decide to hold off. Too many people reproduce without forethought. I think Mrs. Baskett is very smart! Go Kendra, Go Kendra!!!

JMO on

Having a baby is scary whether it’s your first or your sixth! All kids are different. But no matter what you got to be prepared and if your not well….it’s going to be a lot more difficult to handle in the end.

Sandra on

I don’t think she wants to have another baby, just by the way she thought about it one minute and then changed her mind the next. She wants this kid of hers to grow up so quickly and it seems she only thinks of one person and that is her! What’s wrong Kendra? are you afraid you might lose that figure that you worked so hard at getting back after having your precious Hank Jr?

tinabina on

I think it’s good for some women to take a breather between kids. My first was out of diapers when I had my second. They are 3 1/2 years apart. Although there are some women who like to have their kids very close in age and don’t mind having a few in diapers at the same time. There is no right or wrong. Good luck to Kendra, whatever she decides.

meghan on

Kendra, you don’t have to update us every time you change your mind. Jeez. Her kid is two and it’s still all about her.

Jo on

This creature has had her 15 min. of fame. No one can tell me she didn’t get knocked up on purpose for ratings and now she is stuck in a marriage with a kid that cramps her slut party life. I feel as sad for the 2 Hanks as I do for Kris Humphries. All were used by white women for their own benefit. Stop this FAKE reality garbage now PLEASE !!!

Grandiose on

Hey moron Kim kardashian is Armenian not white

Danny on

I wonder if Kendra has ever considered getting something done about her messed up face?

Hank Fan on

Wow surprised so many people think Kendra is selfish. A woman knows that in the long run she may not be a great mother. I agree she should not have any more it would be unkind to any child.

Amanda K on

It’s her life and her choice if she does or doesn’t want another kid. I wish them well.

Big Fan on

Kendra rules. She’ll do what’s best and rock it either way!

Stayce on

Kendra’s little boy is so cute! He looks like her, especially by the eyes, and also a lot like her husband. The choice of a family size is a very personal one. She and Hank should discuss the matter among themselves and be sure that they want to expand their family — and when they want to do so.

Guest on

The newborn phase isn’t enjoyed by everyone, but it eventually passes and you have a child that eventually becomes more and more independent. They really need at least one more. I always feel so sorry for only children, and the first thing I think is what a selfish parent who’s not willing to sacrifice their own wants and free time. Poor Big Hank and Little Hank.

Tiffany on

I get the feeling their marriage will not last. They seem too different. He is ready to continue their family and she is worried about going out. Can’t make a ho into a housewife. Sorry.

cute hank on

her son is the cutest boy in the entertainment business, sorry but I think Kourtney’s Mason is not so cute. My opinion.

A reader on

I love my 18 month old daughter, but she’s 3x more work than I expected! Before I became a mom I wanted 4 kids, but I’m too worn out! Everyone keeps asking when we’re going to have another and I’m not so sure we will.

laura on

Seven billion people. More every second. MORE EVERY SECOND.


Meredith on

I appreciate her honesty. I go through the same thing. My son is 2, and I love the idea of him having a sibling (esp since I’m an only child). But I think of 13 months of nursing, 18 months of no sleep, pumping 2-4 times a day at work (thank God I work part time!)and THE COST-day care, braces, college…and I honestly don’t know if I can do it again.

Anonymous on

Hank can teach Hef a thing or two about pimping. No job Mr. Moming BITCH BETTA HAVE MY MONEY….. P.I.M.P. He has flipped the game meant for him….golfing painting….primary caregiver for the child. ALIMONY with custody and CHILD SUPPORT. Keep whoring for the cameras Kendra, a good look while OTTA PLAY PIMP is at home looking loyal and mistreated.

Jen on

I have one child. Part due to going through infertility to have him and part my age. However, if truth be told I bet most parents that have only two kids would say they only had the second so the first wouldn’t be an “only child” but would have been more than happy with one. I see so many families, at the movies, the beach, a supermarket with more than one kid and they are constantly snapping at them and have no patience. Where as with my “only” I feel like between me and my hubby we don’t have those issues. Just my opinion. Everyone should do what is best for them!

Leslee on

Nobody should have more children than they want to have but you do have to consider the needs of the marriage and family as well. Having children, or not, is a very big part of life for many, stringing your spouse along either way is unfair and could lead to the relationship falling apart.

Danielle on

Kendra needs to keep on working to support her husband…..if she stays home with another baby….what’s going to happen…?

Elle on

Haircut for the kid please.

Kvastas on

I hope Kendra and her hubby don’t let their egos get out of wack…
Let’s hope baby No.2 isn’t named Hank V and the next one.. Hank VI…

Kendra wishes she got the part of Tina in Ghost Busters III…
But at least she met Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy.

LaLa on

Hank Jr. is so cute if they have more kids they will be cute as well. I love this couple! She was my fvorite when Kendra was on DWTS.

Amanda on

I understand where she’s coming from as I struggle with the same decision. I have 2 children. My first was an incredibly easy baby. If they were all like that I’d have a dozen. My 2nd child was born with numerous medical issues and despite making tons of progress is still a handful at age 5. I would love to have another child but then the reality of it starts to set it and I go nooooooooo! lol So yeah, I get it.

tom on

enough of her next she will tell us when she is ovulating

shannon on

I said no more after the delivery of my first son. I had such a horrible labor experience and it took me a along time to want another one. Then one day the baby fever just hit me. I love my little guys so much and I’m so glad I got that baby fever.

Sandra on

What’s wrong Kendra, are you afraid you might get fat?? LOL! Are you afraid you might lose that lovely shape you have and will have to work at it again to get the body back again?? She is so into herself and only thinks of herself and that is why she doesn’t want another kid. Women like this really p*ss me off bad. They are afraid they might get stretch marks on their body and then they are ruined. Give me a break. I can’t stand this b*tch!!!!!!!

Philosoraptor on

Man, I don’t blame Kendra at all. That’s a really mature way to think about parenthood and having a child.

Our first was so easy, slept all night, never cried unless he was sick, easiest baby ever. Our second screamed 24/7. He’ll be 4 in 2 weeks and he still won’t sleep in his own bed. He just WON’T. His tantrums are legendary. He never shuts up, he’s constantly getting into things, destroying things, ruining things.

He’s adorable and beautiful and we love him and would not trade him for anything! BUT, if he had been born first, he would be an only child. So bravo to Kendra for thinking critically before doing it, even if it is for selfish reasons, it’s smart.

doodlbeug on

The most wonderful gift my parents gave me was not a car or designer clothes, not a fancy private school education, or doting on my nonstop and making me the center of attention. The most wonderful gift they gave me was my siblings. I learned early how to share, that I was not the center of attention, how to get along with others and how to put others first.

Now that my parents are gone my siblings and I have each other to help us with the loss, grow old together and share this crazy life.

I feel sorry for only children. They have missed so very much!!!

karlac on


Holiday on

I agree that a siblings are wonderful for children! My son and daughter ADORE each other. Its like having a playmate for them all the time. Most moms who CHOOSE to have just one child are either selfish and want the most “me” time they can or have a spoiled little brat who they feels needs to be the center of the universe and should not have to share. And yes many parents do talk about how bratty your spoiled only is.

julia on

i dont know why she gets so much shit. Having children is a lot of work. Not everyone wants a ton of kids. Ive been lucky enough to have 2 sisters, and i would love to have more than one child of my own one day. I think for her age and her life experiences she has learned a lot about herself. Kudos to her for being able to make decisions that are right for HER!

Anonymous on

Elle- I, for one, hope they leave little Hank’s hair alone! His curls are the cutest! 🙂

doodlbeug- Don’t feel sorry for only children! Having siblings is great (I one myself and can’t imagine life without them!), but being an only child can be great, too. Just ask my mother. She’s an only child, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! She had cousins that she was (and still is, for that matter!) very close to (so much so that she sees them more as siblings than cousins) and played with a lot, so she was never lonely.

Not only that, but she has often said that she had “the best of both worlds” growing up. She could go over to her cousins’ house (they lived right down the street) or invite them over to hers if she wanted to be with other kids, or she could enjoy peace and quiet by herself.

She has as many happy memories from her childhood as I do from mine, and the last thing she’d want is for anyone to feel sorry for her because she’s an only child (in fact, she’d more than likely feel a bit insulted!)! Bottomline: Only child doesn’t always mean “lonely child”!

christie on

Kendra, you ain’t all that girl……you ain’t!!!

Athina on

She’ll be riddled with guilt if she doesn’t have a second one. I don’t know what the big deal is. It doesn’t seem Hank, Jr. is much of a handful. She has the money to hire a sitter if she wants to go out several times a week. A lot of people don’t have that option. Once she has the second one, the guilt will be over and she can close up the baby making shop and just enjoy her two children.

Eileen on

I feel sorry for her husband, It’s all about her. I hope she doesn’t have another kid, she is a spoiled brat, that never grew up ..

Lisa on

Why is her life even a show? Just because she was in a relationship with an 80 year old man and 2 other women at the same time? Have fun explaining that to your son when he hears about it. Enjoy your 15 minutes because it won’t last.

carrie on

I was a huge Kendra fan until I realized she is like every other celebrity mother. She has a nanny, dresses like a slut, goes clubbing often and is never with her son. Horrible example to her son and poor excuse for a mother. You only have one chance to be a mom and your child is only little once but she obviously doesn’t put him first. She doesn’t need to have another child for a nanny to raise.

LizzyM on

I respect someone who holds off on having children or on having another child because they are not yet ready. It bothers me when people have children at a certain time because it is what is expected of them.

My son and daughter are 18 months apart – not our plan to have them so close in age! They are now 6 and 7 1/2, which has its pros (both out of diapers, easy to travel) and cons (sibling rivalry!). We discussed having a third, but have now decided on two; having children very close together can turn you off to having anymore.

I am glad she is choosing what is right for her. Kendra is young, and she has plenty of time to decide to have more children.

Sandra on

Have a baby when both of you are on the same page at the same time.

There is nothing wrong with that childs hair- He is adorable.

To the poster complaining about a nanny, Why? Having a nanny does not make you a bad parent. God knows that if I had the money I would have had one to come in an be a help to me, besides I don’t see where the nanny is with the kid 24/7.

Kendra and Hank are charged with providing a stable life for their son and if she is not feeling another baby right now nothing more needs to be said.

Having a child to please another person when you are not mentally, physically or emotionally ready will always end in a disaster of some sort.

Nikki on

My daughter is a year and a half. We planned to have another at the 1 year mark, however, I’m like Kendra. I’m nervous and cringe at the thought.

It’s not that I hate my child (she’s wonderful), it’s just scary to think about going through it all again. Doubts if you can handle another plus the one you already have.

I also went through PPD and the thought of possibly going through that alone again is even more terrifying.

v on

I have an only child ..thank you very much. and yes we made that choice. One was enough for us, he was a hard baby with stomach issues and cried ALL THE TIME till about 2 because of the problems. It was hard on him and us… like you would not believe. So we choose to have just one. He is now 11 and you know what he is a great happy loving child who loves animals, swimming, he is smart as a whip, can hold conversations with any adult or kid, has great manners and a crazy weakness for all things potatoes. LOL

Why are siblings so great? He is good, his life is good and he has lots of love around him and family. People who say having one is bad should really shut up. I am sorry, but who the hell are you to judge us single child folks? I work hard at my marriage and raising my son. I am content with our choices on family and I don’t judge people about how many they have.

Bringing a life into the world is the biggest thing you will ever do. It is not just something you should do because people tell you to. I don’t care if you have 1 or 10 but i do care if your ready and if you want the baby. It takes a lot of courage to say one is enough, I know! I still get crap about it all the time but it is what is best for the 3 of us. And you know what we are all happy….we really are.

Katia on

A lot of people get very negative when someone like Kendra admits that she isn’t ready to be tied down with another new baby, but that isn’t being fair. If a parent isn’t ready for a child (even a first one), then they shouldn’t have one. Being a parent is a huge lifestyle change and a huge long-term commitment. A person should really want a child very badly before creating one. It’s in the best interest of the child as well as the other existing family members.

Lili on

Such a cute little boy but please…cut his hair!!!!!

Amanda_M87 on

Honestly, who cares. If she wants another baby, go for it. If not, that’s fine too. Having only one child almost seems to be the norm these days anyway.

RG on

In my thoughts, she is being very mature and honest with this decision. My husband and I thought for sure we would have another child after our daughter was born. But we did the same thing, we were ready for it, then get around our friends with several children and that scared us away. Now, 22 years later, we feel we made the best decision of having one child. I ask my daughter if she ever felt cheated out of having siblings. She says “Are you kidding me??? No way :-)” Everyone is different, and that’s ok! Good for you Kendra for being honest!

Lydia on

Lot of jealous people out there. She has to have a kid to appease people, but then if she does people say she does it for ratings. Whether she has a kid or not, it is her damn business. They seem happier than most couples and her family is gorgeous. Get a life all you haters.

Kate on

At least she knows she is not ready for another child. She is not rushing into something. Personally, when I watch the show, I feel like she is too busy being immature. The last episode I watched was when she went out till 3am while Hank was busy watching Little Hank. Just not something a mother does. I respect Big Hank and I respect that he goes with the flow. Of course, we don’t really know what happens when the cameras stop rolling…if they stop rolling!

Amy on

I am so there. When I see a newborn, my first thought isn’t, “oh what a precious darling”. It’s, “oh, sleepless nights, full boobies and poopie diapers”. I don’t miss the infant stage AT ALL. My twins are 3 years old and I am perfectly content never doing the infant thing again. One is totally enough (in my case 2). However, I think they would make a BEAUTIFUL little girl…I mean look how pretty Hank Jr. is and he’s a boy! Can you imagine?!?!?!

Jessica on

Before another kid comes along, let’s get this one a hair cut. Cute little boy, but his hair needs to go. Just sayin

brandi on

Her husband seems to be such a sweet and wonderful guy…I have watched their show and he is always taking care of Little Hank while she is out and he just seems so awesome she is luck to have a husband like that!!!

Sacma06 on

For the people who say that she’s being selfish and maybe Hank wants a sibling to play with…really? So the child gets to make life-changing decisions such as having another child? I don’t think so. So many kids are brought into this world unwanted. What is wrong with having one child? How is it selfish to want to be able to afford to put a child through school and college, plus give them the attention they deserve while growing up? Playmates are not just siblings; there’s something called friends and cousins (in most cases). We live in the 20th century now and all the research and myths on only children was never proven or backed up, yet we still suffer from it. Children with siblings are just as likely to be spoiled brats. It’s the parents that make all the difference. It’s not that hard to teach a child to be selfless and have some humility and compassion for others.

Alex on

What surprises me about the comments is how so many people think it’s strange for someone to stop at one. I have one child, and I chose to have one child. My son was born, and I felt complete. I didn’t long for another child.

I LOVED the entire experience. Staying home for 4.5 months was amazing! Watching my son learn to walk, learn to talk, use sign language, smile, laugh, etc. has been the highlight of my life. But I don’t sit there thinking I need another. I questioned whether I should have another to provide my son with a sibling, but I realized that that’s not a reason to have a second child. I should have a second child (or any child) because I want to raise a human being.

People attacking Kendra because she’s not sure she wants a second child is really foolish. Honestly, the comments attacking her exude immaturity. Let me repeat: one should have a child because they want to raise a human being.

Lila on

“I feel sorry for only children. They have missed so very much!!!”

Please save your pity for someone who needs it. You know who I feel sorry for? Kids that were born just as a playmate for existing child.

I LOVED being an only child, and my daughter loves being an only child. Neither of us would have it any other way. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything good. I always had tons of friends and was involved with tons of activities. I wasn’t bored, lonely, sad…I had an awesome life. And I have an amazing relationship with my parents.

I don’t get why people act like being an only child is such an awful thing. Most onlies I know wouldn’t have it any other way, and most of my friends with siblings can’t stand them. Having another child in the home is not the deciding factor on whether or not you will have a good life.

Mina on

OMG I feel the same way as Kendra! I want another child so bad. My son was amazingly good! Then I wonder if I will be so lucky to have another good one. My sister had a baby and he is around QUITE often. He is a disaster! Almost 2 and still awake 3 times a night, refuses to hold bottle, tantrums, runs around without stopping and touches EVERYTHING. My son was the child who was mature, even as a young a child. He never cried, slept thru the night, held his own bottle, never touched anything and was content to let me get chores done.

Whenever my nephew is around I think dear gawd no way will I ever have another child (because he is so exhausting). But I have always really really wanted another. I feel like parenting is over for me already and I am only 29 and that makes me sad. It has its ups with an older child, (I can do things I want without the demands of a baby) but BEING DONE is so….final. I flip flop all the time too!

Holiday on

Mina I was done by 26 but with 2 kids. I am sad there will be no more babies but feel so blessed with my son and daughter. You should go for a 2nd! You will never regret a child that you have.

Ronda on

God almighty, when did women get the idea that having children was A) SELFLESS or B) terrible if you only decide to have one?? I see a few posts here calling Kendra selfish because she wants to, ya know, HAVE A LIFE while she’s still young. I’d call it common sense that she’s thinking having a 2nd child is a bad idea. Regardless of what any man wants, 98% of the time, the majority of the work of parenthood falls to the mother, so every woman must decide for herself if carrying a baby for another 9 months, recovering, slaving as a milk machine for a year or two, losing sleep, taking on the tremendous stress that takes a toll on a woman’s mind and body is worth it. Kendra HAS one beautiful, healthy son, and being an only child is a perfectly wonderful thing. They tend to be their own people, have better focus and wits, and surprise surprise, usually don’t grow up martyrs who think they MUST bring 2, 3, 7 more children into an already crowded world. Having a baby, certainly having more than one is a society-approved act of SELFISHNESS. And we’ve all decided, since most of us want families, that that selfishness is acceptable. However, the least we could all do is acknowledge that we’re adding to a system that’s already buckling under the weight of overpopulation, and admit that while having a baby is a beautiful, transformative experience, we’re doing it NOT to help strengthen the human population, but because WE WANT THAT AMAZING EXPERIENCE. It’s not doing anyone any good but our own selves. So with that… I say, Kendra… think LONG and HARD before you have another baby. Hank is gorgeous, and will bring you all the joy of motherhood you will ever need. You have a free spirit, and you’re allowed to say NO to more children. Hank is blessing enough. And he’ll be thrilled to have ALL your attention.