Leigh-Allyn Baker: I’m Having a Boy!

06/22/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
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During both of her pregnancies, Leigh-Allyn Baker was certain she was having a girl — until she spotted a certain telltale giveaway during her ultrasounds.

“The first time with [3-year-old] Griffin, I saw it and was like, ‘Not a girl!’ I caught it this time too,” the actress, who is expecting her second son in September, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I was really excited it was a boy. Even though I would love a little girl for me personally, I love being a mom to boys,” says Baker, who plays a mom of five on Disney Channel’s hit family sitcom Good Luck Charlie.

“And I kind of wanted Griffin to have a same-sex sibling. They’ll certainly have more in common, and it will be easier to develop a friendship when they’re the same.”

The big brother-to-be already has a strong opinion on at least one matter: the baby’s name.

“He wants to name the baby Myber,” says Baker, 40. “I don’t know where he got it. My husband [Keith Kauffman] and I will be in the other room discussing names and we’ll hear, ‘I said “Myber!”‘”

Of course, Mom and Dad get final say, and Baker reveals they’re leaning toward the name Jasper James.

“I fall for those names that are kind of traditional and have been around forever but are not on the Top 100 list,” she says.

Meanwhile, her alter ego Amy Duncan is delivering her fifth baby in a special one-hour episode of Good Luck Charlie airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on the Disney Channel. Baker revealed her real-life pregnancy to the cast and crew at the end of filming the episode.

“I said, “Now that we’ve had a baby, I guess I should tell you all, I’m pregnant,'” recalls Baker. “People laughed because they thought I was making a joke of the fact that Amy Duncan had so many kids. And I had to say, “No, I’m really pregnant!” They were really surprised and really happy.”

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, I love the name choice! I really hope they decide to go with it.

Can’t wait for GLC on Sunday! And LOL at everyone thinking Leigh-Allyn was joking when she told them she was pregnant.

Anonymous on

We love your show, it always makes my husband I laugh. Your Good Luck Charlie is wonderful. Please keep it going. We always watch it. Congratulations to ALL of You.

Alexandra on

Her sons will have cool names for sure – Griffin and Jasper.

Tanya on

I love the name of her son Griffin, and I like the way she wants to name her second son! Why Leigh-Allyn not attends in “Who’s due next?”

Ms. Button on

Boys are great! I love her name choices. My 4 year old is named Griffin and Jasper made the short list for our second baby, who turned out to be a girl!

kjc on

When we were having our baby, the doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender. We said no, and she told us she’d stay away from that area, or give us a head-up to look away in case. I was so sure I was having a girl anyway, come delivery day I was incredibly surprised to have a baby boy.

Also, my 4 year old nephew is named Griffin James. I love the name, although it sounds like it is becoming more popular.

Alli on

Myber? That’s funny. I wonder where he came up with it. I know a family who gives all of their kids names that start with B. When they were expecting another baby, their older kids wanted it to be named Butterfly or Batman.

JMO on

When my mom was pregnant with me she found out she was having a girl but she kept it to herself – not even my dad knew that she found out behind his back LOL.

Cant wait for GLC baby. It’s such a cute show!

DaisyMoon on

LOL…my nephews are at this very moment watching the “Good Luck Charlie” birth episode two feet away from me!!

Great show, they’ve got me hooked.

Loved Leigh-Allyn on “Will & Grace” too…she was so hilarious on that!

Sonja on

I love “Good Luck Charlie”. I think she’s funny, so good luck Leigh-Allyn!

Jailene on

She just gave birth to Toby about an hour ago , lolol. Congrats 🙂

Mandy on

Guess its fitting they had a boy on Good Luck Charlie then!

steve-o on

My daughter had her second baby but since she doesn’t have a stupid TV show noopne cares.

Well who cares about whats her name. Try to get something better for us- this is annoying.

jake on

shut up steve o

jake on

i love GLC it is so cute. i love the names griffin and jasper! i hope you have a safe and healthy delivery!

Mommy 2 Princesses on

I absolutely love Leigh-Allyn and Good Luck Charlie! It’s one of those shows I can actually sit with my 5 year old and watch and not want to run out of the room screaming! Congratulations! Having two of the same is really a blessing!

SusiQ on

I guess I don’t have children of the right age to recognize this person cuz I have absolutely no idea who she is. ..but a baby is always a blessing

Just Me on

That was my teacher’s son’s name! Jasper! She had kids with weird names though… :)She seems so nice and sweet! One actress that seems down to earth and nice to be around 🙂 I also agree that GLC is a show I can stand watching. Most Disney shows now are just plain annoying. But that ones a good show 🙂 Congrats Leigh-Allyn 🙂

Kimberly on

Steve O you sound crazy really…of course they are going to report on someone who has a tv show, congrats I have two boys myself and they are lovable and I have always loved little boys!!

Jocy on

My family is a huge fan of GLC. I wish Leigh and her family nothing but the best for her new arrival! Congrats!

lovely123 on

Jailene, thanks for the spoiler…

msik143 on

Sounds like Griffin has a pretty good idea of “My brother” for Myber, blending the two to make a shorter version for the words. Jasper is a sweet name. My daughter Carsyn loves Good Luck Charlie and sang one of Lemonade Mouth’s songs for her Girl Scout talent show. Good luck w/your new baby boy. And tell Griffin…MYBER is an awesome name!

Sophia on

Aw, congrats to her!! GLC is actually a pretty funny show, one of the only good ones left on Disney now. She is a beautiful actress, and portrays Amy in a hilarious way. Laughing at how no one believed her though!!

Melisa on

I gotta say….I do enjoy that show. It’s nice to be able to sit down with my 11, 9, and 3 year old kids and not have to worry about what kind of smut they are going to see. The kids get to laugh at the thing the kids do….and I get to identify with the parents.

Jen on

Congratulations! Boys are great, enjoy them. My family loves your show. I hardly get to watch what I want because every time my kids see that your show is on, that’s it, they have to watch it!

boohoobytch on


Sophie Herber on

Oh My God!!!!!! Super excited for you Leigh<3 Hope nothing but the best for you and your family. By the way, I love Good Luck Charlie so much and Amy is like my favorite.

P.S. Tell Mia and Bridget I said Hi
P.S.S. Bradly is so hot!!!! Hahaha
Sophie Herber, Rollingstone, MN

name o on

What about good luck Charlie will she still be on the show?

keegan on

leigh allyn baker what bare all of ur kids name !!!! i love u !!!! i love ur new baby !!!! i hope ur still on the show

keegan on

i love good luck charlie u are a great actress leigh allyn baker

Anonymous on

As a woman with a brother, I have to very strongly disagree with this statement of Leigh-Allyn’s: “And I kind of wanted Griffin to have a same-sex sibling. They’ll certainly have more in common, and it will be easier to develop a friendship when they’re the same.”

My brother and I are very close, and have been ever since we were little. Our friendship developed pretty much the moment I was born (He acted as protector to me and loved to hold me and have me nearby. And what did I give him in return? My first smile AND my first laugh!), and we had plenty of stuff in common (to name just a few things we both liked: Legos, building forts, reading, conducting “science experiments” with things like silly putty, using our imaginations by doing things like using the couch cusions as stepping stones to cross the “lava” floor, and walking our dog).

There are many things that dictate if and how well siblings get along, but whether or not they have the same equipment between their legs is not one of them!

Qt on

Congrats to Mama Ames! I love GLC! Great show.

I disagree. The equipment down below in some cases dictate how well sibs get along. What she said is true boys tend to have more in common with other boys. Relax!

Magilicudy Clan on

First, I want to say how much we as a family LOVE your show. I have a 16 year old boy, 15 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. When new GLC episodes air we have special family nights with dinner…and my teenagers look forward to it as much as the rest of us!!! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible family show. Secondly, Charlie is the cutest little girl ever and we hope that she becomes more and more a part of the show. Leigh-Allyn Baker you are awesome…and congratulations on your new little guy coming aboard. I love the name Jasper…or Jake:) You look great for being prego!!! Bob, P.J, Teddy and Gabe…you guys are so funny…all in your own ways! We love you guys! Thank you again!!!

Magilicudy Clan on

Also, my daughter is a competitive swimmer in High School and on her team there are two brothers named Griffen and Jasper!!!! Good Luck!!!

Bridget Mendler on

steve-o, that was not nice. Don’t say that about Leigh 🙂 💗

Kylie Smith on

I hope that she has more children and that she has to big again on Good Luck Charlie.That would be awkward though….Just saying.

Beatriz on

O bebe q faz o tobby é filho dela na vida real podem ver q na serie na 5 temporada ela aparece gravida sim e barriga de vdd ela estava gravida do bb dela na vida real q faz o tobby