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06/22/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Tee Tee on

The story about the man denied custody of his children due to his weight makes me angry. Yes, he’s seriously obese but let’s not lose sight of the fact that he has lost quite a bit of weight! He’s obviously working hard to correct the problem. I’m sorry but it’s not the government’s place to interfere in the home like this.

I do realize that there might be more to the story that hasn’t been reported but just going by what was written, I disagree with the decision. The government needs to get out of the family home!

Tee Tee on

In regards to the article about the sunburned children, I actually think both the parents and the school are at fault. As a parent, it is your job to take care of your child and that means taking precautions. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining or that it won’t dry up! Come on, that’s just common sense! And since her child has a health problem that makes her even more vulnerable to the sun, I would think she would slather that child in sunscreen no matter what the weather holds.

But it’s also downright ridiculous that the teacher/school staff refused to allow the child to rest indoors or apply sunscreen to herself. It’s hard to believe that a burn that got that bad wasn’t visible to the teacher at some point during the day. That should have been a warning sign that the child needed help. Sunburns are more than just a nuisance. They can lead to sun stroke, dehydration, skin cancer, even actual burns. There is no excuse for allowing a child to go through that. Should the parents have been pro-active and put sunscreen on their child that morning? Yes, absolutely. But since the parents failed in their responsibility, the school should have picked up the slack. This is directly related to a child’s health and it’s not fair for the school to essentially punish the child because of the mother’s poor choices.

Jen DC on

Tee Tee – I agree on both points. I see the logic of the court’s decision in #1, but I think they could have come to a less draconian decision than outside adoption. A foster family willing to work with the Dad to regain full custody as he reined in his weight seems like a functional compromise.

As far as Washington State’s law – they need to find a way to exempt common sense things like sunblock. Honestly, if a 9 year old is ASKING for sunblock, there is clearly something going on. It’s as if many teachers these days have allowed these rules, regulations and laws to take the place of common sense. I am NOT ADVOCATING BREAKING THE RULES, but a simple look at the girl should have been sufficient to tell she was burning and to allow her to go back inside, particularly since the school had notice of her albinism. To let her be outside for 5 hours without protection was dangerous and stupid. But Mom… if you KNOW she has albinism, why not call the school and REMIND THEM FOR FIELD DAY, “My daughter will need to be allowed to go inside if she feels like she’s being sunburnt.” DONE.

Jillian on

Jen DC, I agree with all of your points!

Friends of ours were trying to adopt and they were told that until they lose weight they can’t adopt. Now I know that is slightly different, but its in the best interest to have a child who may be around long term. He lost the weight and now they have a beautiful son. The story stated that he lost custody “in large part due to his obesity.” This clearly states that this was not the only reason. He has a history of drug abuse and anger.

Caring for children with special needs is a full time job and losing weight and caring for yourself is as well. I understand why the judge didn’t grant him custody. If his doctor states he is short of breath and can barely walk….how could he safely care for two special needs children? That would just need be practical or safe. Too bad that wasn’t any other family. He stated he hasn’t seen his children since Feb/Oct of last year….they don’t keep your children from you because you are obese. They allow visitation, so there must be more to it.

Also, he was offered gastric bypass surgery and he refused because he wanted to lose the weight himself. Again…..far more to it than we are being told.