Jessica Capshaw Welcomes Daughter Poppy James

06/21/2012 at 08:00 PM ET
Todd Williamson/Wireimage

Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan‘s delivery surprise is here — and it’s a girl!

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 35, gave birth to their third child, daughter Poppy James Gavigan, on Wednesday, June 20, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Our hearts are bursting with love and gratitude upon the arrival of our baby girl,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

Poppy joins elder siblings Eve Augusta, 20 months, and Luke Hudson, 4½.

“I don’t really think about what the challenges are going to be,” the actress told PEOPLE in March.

“I keep thinking about how lucky we are. For some reason, even with the third one, it really is never, ever lost on me that every single baby is a miracle.”

Capshaw and her husband, co-founder of The Honest Company, announced the pregnancy in January.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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mandy on

Love that name

klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay, I’ve been waiting for this ever since JCap’s siblings, Sasha, and Theo posted pictures of the baby last night. (here: and here:

Surprised by the name choice a little, but I like it. And congratulations to them!

Rhonda on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

stacey on

horribly retarded name

Faith on

That may be the worst name I have ever heard in my life. Why oh why would they name two of their children such beautiful, traditional names … and saddle this little angel with … Poppy.


Just. Wow.

Diane on

It’s actually Jessica Alba who owns the Honest Company I believe…..

Nicole on

Diane, Gavigan co-founded The Honest Company with Jessica Alba. And Stacey, retarded? Seriously?

Viv on

Christopher Gavigan (who is Jessica Capshaw’s husband/father of her children) is a co-founder of the Honest Company with Jessica Alba, if you look at their website you would know that.

Sam on

Really bad name choice, why James for a middle name? Jessica, Christopher, Luke, Eve, and…Poppy? They’ll probably think she’s the pet. Not that I’d care if I had all the money that child already has being Speilberg’s step-granddaughter.

JessicaB on

wow, not a great name. james us for a boy, and poppy sounds like poopie. school years will be rough. perhaps a nice nick name.

Katrina on

My baby girls middle name is James! I love that name so much I would have made it her first. Poppy is such a happy name too.

Erin on

I pretty much love the name, it’s different and unique, and I think the newest Baby Gavigan will be showered with love. Congrats Gavigan family!

kjc on

I really like the name, and I love those delivery surprises! Congrats!

Amaryllis on

It’s better than Moon Unit.

Melody on

Love the name Poppy but am a bit confused by the choice of ‘James’ as a middle name. To each their own, but I was always of the impression that James is a boy’s name (casting aside Jaime King, who used James as a modelling pseudonym). Seems a slightly strange decision (though perhaps not as strange as Maxwell Drew!)

Massive congratulations to the family on Poppy’s arrival!

Jane on

Diane- Jessica Alba co-founded The Honest Co. with Christopher.

I’m not a huge fan of the name, but, dear lord, do people who don’t like it have to be so horribly rude about it? If you want a baby to have a name you like, go have your own!

Alexandra on

I don’t get the “James” trend for girls. It’s not a girl’s name. It’ll never be. It’s like naming your daughter “John.”

jeneen on

I LOVE the name, (all the kids names actually) and I love her.

Beth on

There is nothing more precious than your children. So if the parents happen to read the responses about their choice of names, how do you think it makes them feel ??

ruthie on

Anyone given any thought to the fact that James might be a family name?

dinamarie on

I actually love the name. It put a smile on my face when I said it. Good luck to the family!

Shawna on

There is nothing wrong with the name Poppy. Poppy is a flower, just like Rose, Lily, Daisy, etc. Why is it okay to name your child Daisy but not Poppy?

donna on

maybe they were had boys names only planned and no girl names…

Kelly on

Stacey, The ‘R’ word is just as bad as the ‘N’ word. Grow up!

mazie beth on

quite frankly, I have loved that name ever since the movie Happy Go Lucky and it fits just right. and Stacey, you should make like a snake and just hiss off!

Lois on

Congratulations to Jessica and Christopher. I think your daughter’s name is beautiful and unique. There is no law that says that the name James should just be for a boy, if you think about there are a number of girls names that were originally names given to boys for example, Stacey and Shelby. Once again congratulations on the birth of your daughter and she and her siblings live a happy and blessed life.

Mina on

I LOVE the name James for a girl. It has a feminine chime to it. My daughter will be James Allison!

Lucy on

Has anyone here ever heard of Poppy Montgomery?

I really like the name Poppy. James on the other hand I dislike it so much for a girl, but at least it’s better than Maxwell Drew.

liz on

I like the name but agree it doesn’t quite fit with the sibs. Anyway, congrats to them!

macey on

love the name…so cute….

Grace on

What a beautiful, classic name! I love this family 🙂

Poppykai on

Poppy is my daughter’s name so I obviously think she picked a great name. Perhaps James is a family name or the name they had picked out in case it was a boy. I think people will find anything to criticize on this site; whether it be a too unusual name or a too common name, so to each their own. Like several people have said, if you don’t like the name, don’t give it to your child. Congrats to Jessica and her family! She seems like an incredibly kind and fun person.

An on

I love the names of all the kids & wasn’t phased by Poppy or Poppy James – I immediately thought that James is likely a tribute to a family member – a beloved grandfather perhaps or a last name from their lineage that they are honouring. I’m guessing they might dub Poppy “PJ” down the road and regardless, it’s not off-the-chart weird by any stretch – it’s a lovely, not overly popular, sweet name. I am pretty phased at just how down to earth & normal Jessica seems to be & wish the entire family nothing but a long, happy & healthy life together!

faun on

@Stacy- “retarded” isn’t an insult- it’s what many people happen to be. Making it into an insult is a horrid thing to do. It is just as bad as the “N” word. Words hurt. Grow up and realize that.

For the record, Poppy used to be a fairly common name and I like it. It was my girls name when I had my son. It’s not ugly, it’s not completely and utterly strange, but it’s not common either. If you don’t like it, don’t name your child that.

kaemicha on

I love the name. It’s fun and fresh!

Lisa on

Stacey, are you 12? Grow up and have some class. Talking like that makes it sound like you just crawled out of the nearest dumpster.

Nikko on

As a female with the middle name James I think its an incredibly beautiful middle name. I was given the middle name James because it is a family name and growing up I did not like it and wished that I could have a more feminine name. However I grew to love it and once I understood the meaning behind it I loved it even more! Poppy James is their daughter, it is their choice to name her as they choose. I wish people would stop judging others on their choices in life, so long as it doesn’t affect you why do you care? I love the name for them! Congrats to your new addition!

Nikko on

My middle name is James, I am a female and I think it is a lovely name. I was named for family. And I love my name! Congratulations to the family. People should be more sensitive to what others choose for their own families.

Elise on

I’d be entirely cool with James just so long as if they had had a boy, his name would have been James Poppy Gavigan. Unfortunately I just don’t think that was likely.

I’m no traditionalist but there is definitely a double standard with boy/girl naming. Girls get boy names but rarely is it vice versa. I’m assuming there’s a reason why they’ve chosen James since they don’t strike me as the type to be trendy and go for a non-feminine name for no reason. Based on their other kids’ names, James just seems like such an odd choice for them though. Really unexpected.

Anyway, congrats to them! Love JCap/Arizona! I thought she would have a girl.

deb on

Congratulations! I just love the name Poppy! May they have a lifetime of joy with their little girl.

Anonymous on

I don’t get the “James” trend for girls. It’s not a girl’s name. It’ll never be. It’s like naming your daughter “John.”

– Alexandra on June 21st, 2012

lol I had a student (a girl, of course) named Johnny a couple of years ago.

L on

I like Poppy but i’m a little confused by James. Maybe it’s a family name like someone else suggested.

Ladylou on

There it is! She says she never really thought about the challenges of raising a child. Just how lucky they are! This is the reason why so many children are raised in unhappy homes and have mental problems. As soon as those challenges come up – alcohol and drugs come into play. They really should teach these challenges in school for both the future parents and the children. Let’s call it how to deal with life as it is. However, their money will probably carry them over the hump or it could make it worse. I wish them the best of luck – they are going to need it with the way the world is today.

Catca on

I love the name! And for all of you hung up on “James” being a boy name, it’s been trending as a girls name for a couple of years now and is now really more unisex. Leslie is actually a traditional boys name and was unheard of as a girls name until the 1950s but now is thought of more as a girls name than a boys name. This kind of trend is not new. And “Poppy” is a flower and while not commonly used as a name, it has been growing in popularity and isn’t some crazy made up name. I don’t get why people are up in arms over the name. I think it’s beautiful and feminine.

Congrats to the Gavigan family on your beautiful new addition!

TM on

I love the name Poppy! Lovely!

Tanya on

So interesting and beautiful name!!! I’m already fell in love in this little girl! Want to see baby Poppy!!! Congrats to Capshaw-Gavigan family!!!

mary on

the name is adorable. not my style personally, but there is nothing wrong with it! People are so ridiculously rude, it is a real name and very cute.

maybe James has a family connection, or maybe they just liked it. congrats Jessica and Christopher and family!

Melissa on

I love the name Poppy! Congrats to them.

I don’t understand why people are so rude, if you don’t like the name fine, but it’s not your kid. Get over it! sometimes celebrities read these comments and it’s just cruel to read some jerks comments that make fun of their babies.

SusiQ on

Perhaps there’s a family connection for the use of James as a middle name we know nothing about? I’m Southern and people typically use the mother’s maiden name as a middle name for children and altho it’s not Jessica’s maiden name perhaps it’s to honor someone else in the family? In any case, it’s their child and none of our business and I congratulate them all on this blessed extension to the family

Romy on

I really like Poppy, but I prefer it as a nickname for Penelope. I don’t like James for a girl.

Emma on

Love the name! So cute. Congrats to the happy family.

cricket on

I’m ok with the James part…not traditionally for a girl but classic. But the entire name would have been much more beautiful to me if it had been Penelope James or something like that and she could be called Poppy for short.

Gina on

Beautiful couple! Congratulations on your new baby 🙂

kaitlyn on

Love, love, LOVE the name Poppy!!! Don’t get what all the fuss is about over her name. Poppy may not be popular in North America but it’s fairly common in other parts of the world.

Lyoness on

Love it! It’s a sweet, happy name. I like James too. Even if it’s not a family name, it’s a good solid name. Just from what I’ve read Poppy seems to be a popular name in England but not so much in the US. Congratulations!!

Maddie on

There was a time when Madison, Taylor and Morgan were considered ridiculous names for girls; now they are mainstream.

Poppy is bright and sweet, and once very popular.

Get over the name choices; she’s not yours. go have your own and name her Plain Jane.

pigeonmajormedicalboy on

I am not trying to be horribly mean, but the names ‘Poppy’ and ‘James’ are terrible. James is fine for a boy, but as girl’s name? WHY? Anyway, congrats to the happy couple.

mrsw on

Any of you people saying disrespectful things about James as a middle name consider that they may have chosen it to honor a loved one? I think the name is really cute. As someone said, if you want naming rights for a child, go have one of your own.

mel on

My 9 year old daughter has an Indian boy in her class. His name is Ashou, pronounced “a shoe”. Not once has he ever been made fun of by his classmates. So saying “Just wait until he gets in school” is overrated, in my opinion. For that matter, all 4 of my kids have unique names and they’ve never been made fun of either.

Elizabeth on

Poppy isn’t my favorite name, but at least it’s an actual girls name… unlike something like Apple. James could be a family last name they wanted to pass down. My husband and his sister have the same middle name which is an uncommon last name. Doesn’t matter since middle names aren’t used much.

cyd on

Congratulations Jessica and Christopher!

From a person who has a not so usual name, I think its a beautiful name and dont worry, she will love it too!

Tee Tee on

Another daughter! Congratulations to Jessica and her family. I’m very excited for them and think Poppy is a sweet name.

I honestly don’t know what to make about some of the comments left on this site. Calling a child’s name retarded? Really?! And telling a woman to tie her tubes because she’s had three children? Being ugly because of a simple quote about just diving in to motherhood? Good grief, people, some of ya’ll are just plain rude. It really saddens me.

Jess on

I know right people can be so harsh sometimes! I don’t know who people think they are that gives them the right to criticize make fun of and ridicule a celebrity and her adorable family! If you don’t like the name so be it, u don’t have to name your child that, but keep the negative rude comments to yourself and to use the word retarded is horrible!

Halley on

Hey, People Magazine. The “R” word is as bad as the “N” word. Are people allowed to say the “N” word on this website? I would hope not. The comment containing the “R” word should be removed, as it is highly, highly offensive.

Janie on

LOL @ Betty! Jealous much?

Love the name Poppy. It’s a sweet flower name that’s not too popular. Good choice.

Barbi on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Unusual name, but, to each his own. I’m sure your daughter will come to love it.

Jessica on

I love the name they chose. And James is a perfectly suitable name for boys & girls alike. My daughter’s middle name is James & we get a lot of comments about that too. However, my daughter was named after a cousin that passed away while I was pregnant with her. I told him we would name the baby’s middle name after him regardless of the gender. Turned out we were having a girl & I just adore her middle name!

soph on

Janie, how exactly did you get jealousy from Betty’s comment? Please try thinking of insults above a third grade level.

Debs on

Why do these woman (Jessica’s) give their daughters boys names? Don’t they realize how cruel other kids can be. Must be the dumb blonde syndrome.

Jess on

Talking about dumb blonde syndrome I think u have it whether ur blonde or not

Lauren on

Poppy is a sweet name for a girl. Think of Poppy Montgomery, the actress who was on Without A Trace. It seems it was more common outside the U.S. rather in it. Sort of like Pansy and Petunia…. Give them a break…if you don’t like it, don’t name your kid Poppy.

Lauren on

It’s a good name, really. The worst name I ever heard was Kale — even after I asked the mother if she knew it was a vegetable/green (she did not), she insisted she wanted her child to have a different name. And what about Apple, Gwyneth Paltrow’s child? Can Zucchini be far behind?

Anonymous on

@Debs-said the dumb blonde…

Sue on

I know others baby names are none of my business .. but Luke and Eve are beautiful then #3 gets trendy, flower name? Don’t get it, 3 under 5 God Bless

JE on

Such a beautiful family! Congrats!!

Anonymous on

I think Poppy’s a cute name, but holy cr@p, I just read the Kendra article before this one and now I keep misreading the name as “Poopy”. Not so cute.

Poppy on

My name is Poppy. I absolutely hate it. I was teased relentlessly as a child. In college I was advised to use my middle name on resumes. I used Poppy and was never hired. Once I used my middle name I was snatched up by a company I had previously applied to as Poppy. When I was settled in I asked why and they said, “Poppy is just not very professional. It’s like hiring pop corn or poppycock or pop rocks. Might as well have the name Pop Tart.”

I’d never saddle my kid with such an atrocious name. When I get married I am changing my first AND last name. Count on it.

Sarah on

“PJ” is cute.

Sam & Freya's mum on

I actually like the name (it’s not like they gave her James as a first name!), as well as liking her other kids’ names also. Each to their own. Congrats to the family on their new addition!

carla on

Tie Your Tubes? Really Betty? Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Jessica has three kids, not 50. And even if she did have 50 so what. Her body, her family, her life.

janie on

Poppy is a common girls name in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Jody on

We named our daughter Poppy June in May after my grandfather. After reading some of your comments I think half of you are the rudest people I have ever met! My Poppy is beautiful and we have received nothing but compliments about her name! For the Poppy who didn’t get hired because of her name, why would you want to work for a company so petty that they would hire you based on your name rather than your skills?

Jess on

Poppy June is a great name! Unique but not ugly!! Beautiful name!! I don’t know why people are going off about the name poppy it’s awesome!

dora on

i think most of you are rude and impolite its there baby girl poppy james and shes beautiful. and jessica does not have dumb blonde syndome.congets to jessica and christher and there family.

Nunya on

To the idiot who said “Poppy sounds like poopie,” clearly phonetics are lost upon you.

Poppy is a flower. A beautiful flower, at that. Perhaps they chose that name for that reason.

And to Lois, no, there isn’t a law that says James is a girls name. There are no “laws” against names anyway, so that point is moot. However, the name James is a Biblical name, derivative of Jacob, and is traditionally MALE. While not exactly a logical choice, perhaps they had their reasons for selecting that name. It is not a family name through Jessica Capshaw, so it may be a family name through Christopher Gavigan.

Gabbi on


Gina on

Beautiful family. Luv ya Jessica!