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06/21/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Anonymous on

Love the banana split story!! It brought a tear to my eyes, and a smile to my lips. This story really puts in perspective how lucky we are to have our children in our lives, and even luckier if they have goid health. God bless this wonderful family!!

K on

Uh-oh! 10 signs your husband dressed your kid –

Seriously?? SERIOUSLY?! Hey, how about the next top 10 list is “Top 10 Signs You’re a Bitch Who Treats Your Good-Hearted Husband Who is a Good Parent and Makes an Effort Like Sh*t While Our Feminist Groundbreaking Ancestors Roll in Their Graves!”

Tee Tee on

I can’t decide if the 10 ways to know your husband dressed your kid article is either tongue in cheek or if the author is just an absolute jerk! I completely understand (and agree) that a lot of Dads don’t pay attention to the little details when dressing their child. Mismatched socks. Striped pants with a flowered shirt. A church sundress with the beat up, play-in-the-sandbox tennis shoes. That kind of thing. But to say that a man put the baby’s diaper on outside of the onesie is downright ridiculous!

I am a person that believes women should stay at home with their children whenever possible. A lot of people use finances as an excuse and I do understand that there are times when a person literally can’t stay home. (Single Moms and whatnot all.) I also know that a lot of people could, though, if they were to be very careful with their budget. But even if a Mom is the primary caregiver to her children, that doesn’t automatically mean Dad is an idiot! Dads seem to have this rep as being the “baby sitter” and nothing more. Sure, I know that’s true for some men but I don’t think that is nearly as wide spread as people make it out to be. We (as a society) really need to stop making Dads out as bumbling baby sitters, people that we allow to watch their children and should just be grateful if the house is still standing if we leave them alone for the night. No, we should treat them with the respect they deserve. They are fathers. Not baby sitters. And most of them have enough common sense to put a diaper on correctly or to make sure their child has a jacket in the winter!

Sheesh, I didn’t realize how much that annoyed me until I went off on this little tangent!

(I want to stress that what I said above about stay at home Moms is strictly my opinion. This is what I believe to be right and I know and appreciate that not everyone feels the same way.)

Kim on

Brooke Burke sounds like a miserable human complain complain….

meghan on

I cannot stand the whole, dad as babysitter mentality. My husband is a FATHER and not a damn babysitter. I couldn’t do it without him and he couldn’t do it without me.

megan on

“Uh-oh! 10 signs your husband dressed your kid –”

What a crappy, sexist article. I’ve noticed on parenting boards that “Toddler dressed funky by mom = I’m letting my kid be independent + stop judging me as a mom, I don’t have time to dress them fashionably” but “Toddler dressed by dad=ugh, you can’t trust husbands to do anything.” Ticks me off.