Nick and Vanessa Lachey Expecting a Boy

06/20/2012 at 07:45 PM ET
Yitzhak Dalal/Hilton Media Group

It looks as though Vanessa Lachey is getting her wish.

“It’s a BOY. Nick and I are incredibly excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby boy,” the Wipeout host, 31, announced on her website Wednesday. “We can’t wait to meet him soon!!!”

She and her husband Nick Lachey — who recently snapped a sexy sunset photo of his expectant wife — will welcome their first child in September.

Although the couple just wanted “a healthy baby,” Lachey did reveal she had a bit of a preference.

“I’m excited either way! But I always wanted a boy first,” she Tweeted in March.

— Sarah Michaud

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Liz on


Amy on

It bugs me when people publicly proclaim their preference (try saying that three times fast!), especially before they know the baby’s sex…what if she’d had a girl first?! But I’m truly happy for them- I know all they wanted above all else was a healthy little one! Their little guy will be gorgeous 🙂

Karen on

Congrats! Nick must be thrilled he’ll have someone to play sports with & teach!

Kim on

I’m glad its a boy otherwise all the gossip magazines would compare Jessica’s daughter to Nick’s blah blah blah…………

Gigi on

Congratulations!!! How sweet, boys are a joyful blessing!!! I love Vanessa and Nick!!!

ruforreal on

Sure you wanted a boy……….. what else are you gonna say

Sarah S. on

Aww, that’s nice–my first one was a boy too. I’m thinking she’ll have her baby the first week, maybe Sept. 4th like my daughter’s b-day? Hahaha. Anyway, congrats to them–they sound super excited! 🙂

Melissa on

Congrats to them both. I hope for a healthy baby

@Karen and all the rest im not trying to be mean at all because I know your post has all the right intentions but it always nags at me when someone says that “oh great your having a boy, you’ll have someone to play sports with” Believe it or not not all girls like the color pink, play with barbies and some of us like sports. Some of my favorite memories are playing catch with my dad, ok ok I do like the color pink lol

lovemyboys on

@RUFORREAL: she was quoted awhile back saying she preferred if it were a boy and she was slammed for saying that

Ladybug on


donna on

now wouldn’t be something if their son met and fell for jessica’s daughter….after all there won’t be much age difference..

Rory on

Is this national Nick and Vanessa Day? other than that Congrats to them

Big Fan on

who cares?

Musical1 on

I hope Nick and Vanessa have a healthy baby, and I wish them all of best.

Elara on

Nothing wrong with having a preference…it’s not as if anyone actually loves the child they do have any less. I always wanted to have a son before a daughter…but it doesn’t mean I would love my daughter less if I never had a boy, or love my son less if I never had a girl. People need to seriously chill out and stop taking EVERY comment so literally.

Terrie on

Congratulations to the both of them!! We all know that Nick is over the moon now he is finally getting the son he has always wanted. (-:

Sara on

Yay! Congrats Nick and Vanessa! Boys are so much fun (I am a mommy to two boys myself)!

happylime77 on

Maybe Jessica’s daughter will marry Nick’s son when she grows up! Wouldn’t that be a hoot?!?!? 🙂

mom of 2 on

Yeah, so happy for them! That is gonna be one heartbreaker for sure. Can’t wait to see pics when he get’s here!

britt on

Congrats! having a boy is so much fun! Wouldnt it be funny if like many many many years from now nicks son would date jessicas girl

Kara on

I am having a boy in October!

Jessica on

HAH! What if Jessica’s daughter married Nick’s son????

Anna on

That’s great, Nick and Vanessa! I will save congratulations for when the baby comes. But please, no more “sexy” baby bump photos, pretty please.

anonymous on

she did want a boy, and she got her wonderful. if their baby wasnt a boy, they would have been thrilled too. they are a fabulous couple…just great. so glad he and jessica arent together anymore. she is a trainwreck.

stef24 on

Of course they just wanted a ‘healthy baby’…but since she announced her pregnancy she’s been stating she wants a boy right away…I HOPE that she already knew at that time she was having a boy…can you imagine how a daughter would feel knowing she wasn’t ‘first choice’? Same goes for that Mowry twin..(sorry, can’t remember which is now pregnant)…when she announced her pregnancy she kept stating that she wanted a boy…I hope she knew at that point it was a boy…

Bree on

Congrats to them 🙂

My husband always said that he wanted a boy first but all that changed the second the ultrasound tech said that the little squirmy worm in my belly was a girl, he grinned like I had never seen him grin before. And now that she is here (She is six months old) he falls more and more in love with her every day, and tells anyone that will listen how amazing having a daughter is and that he can’t wait for tea parties and dress-up and dolls (Personally I think he was born to have a whole hoard of daughters but that may just be my wishful thinking coming out lol)

I think it is human nature to, whether you acknowledge it or not, have a gender preference for your kids but in the end it stops to matter once they put that beautiful amazing little bundle in your arms for the first time, all that matters is that they are there and that they are yours and that they are (hopefully) healthy (Unfortunatly I know all to well that that doesn’t always happen) their gender is one of the last things on your mind.

Anyway, I will get of my soapbox now lol!! That is going to be one handsome little man!! So happy for them, they seem like such a great couple.

sharon on

Awwww this couple just looks completely in love and I’m just so thrilled for them. I love my son to death (only have one child) he’s the light of my life…

I loved the pic Nick took of her in the sunset in a bikini showing the baby bum, it was really a classy pic it was just her silhouette and it was beautiful!!!!!!!!

They’re going to have one beautiful little boy and I hope she has a easy labor, I’m glad they found one another.

Unlike Jessica, Nick has handled everything with a lot of class and I really hope he gets Regis old job.

Good luck to this very loving couple!

Anonymous on

Yayyyyyy!!!! Another Reds and Bengals fan!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

as long its a healthy baby that what counts!! she wanted a boy cause she new Jessica was having a girl!! she so childesh!! poor Nick!!

noel on

They’re phonies. I don’t like them.

Anonymous on

@Amy & Steph24: I am pregnant with a boy and thrilled. However, I made it very clear before we knew the sex that I really wanted a girl and I still tell people that I want a girl before I’m finished having children. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I am already so in love with my unborn baby boy and love him NO LESS than I would a baby girl. It’s okay to have a preference…in fact, most people I know, despite what they say, do!

Amanda on

To all the people criticizing her for wanting a boy… my parents wanted a boy. I was their last (4th) baby and they were thrilled when they were told I was going to be a boy during an u/s. Imagine their surprise when I was born without a penis. 😉 Anyways, they’ve told me this story 100 times and it doesn’t bother me at all. They loved me completely, even though I wasn’t their dream son, so lighten up people!

kayla on

wouldnt it be nice if there lil boy ended up with jesscia lil girl

Andrea on

Oh well! Didn’t get your wish did you Vanessa? Can’t compete with Jessica for having a fashionable child. Home wrecker!

BetC on

Wow she looks gorgeous in this photo – pregnancy really agrees with her!

StellaJoy on

Congrats to them! That little boy will be absolutely gorgeous. I’m pretty sure I heard Nick say on Live with Kelly awhile back that if they were having a boy, they would name him Collin.

cynlee on

Congratulations, but where has the element of surprise gone?

Abbe on

@Andrea…um, what?!? She DID get her wish, she wanted a boy, that’s what she’s having. As for the homewrecker comment…how exactly is she a homewrecker? Nick and Jessica divorced 5 years ago, way before Nick and Vanessa started dating. Nick actually dated a bunch of other girls first, including Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavalerri…maybe do your research before you judge someone?!?

Amanda on

Andrea, I think you have some jealousy issues. First of all, boys can be very fashionable too. Second, I’m pretty sure Jessica dumped Nick so why how would Vanessa be a home wrecker???

Gwena on

How is Vanessa a homewrecker? Jessica wanted out of the marriage, not Nick. They started dating after it was over. Why can’t they be hapy. They took time to build a relationship. They are married, and they are going to have baby. Jessica and Nick are over!

Ava on

I hope there are a few girls being born this year…EVERYONE I know is having a boy!

ellise on

I don’t get what the fuss with the media is over pregnant celebrities. Pregnancy is part of life…doh!

Like great, we get it she is pregnant…okay, she is pregnant again, oh wow, she is still pregnant. Thanks people for making this top news every time I come on here.

Jennifer on

For all you idiots who are still comparing Vanessa with Jessica…GET LIVES!!! It’s been over between Jessica and Nick for years before Nick and Vanessa got together, and now they moved on by being with other people. I don’t understand why can’t you people just drop it???

Dwelling on other people’s past makes you sound pathetic. Seriously, if Jessica and Nick can move on…WHY IN THE HELL CAN’T YOU?!?!?

Mina on

I hope they dont name him Nick Jr lol. Makes me think of the Spongebob Squarepants show on Nick Jr.

Stefanie on

I am offended by soon to be parents that say “I don’t care as long as they are healthy…..well, what if they are not healthy, are you going to reject them????

Stephanie on

You think hoping for a boy is distasteful? Trying hearing this one growing up: “I always wanted a girl … maybe not the one I got.” Parents can be disappointed by not getting the desired gender or the personality they were hoping for. It’s okay to like certain things. Doesn’t really matter what they wanted as long as you turn out the way you want, honestly.

Rory on

Jennifer arnt you the same idiot who went on the vanessa baby bump story and called people idiots telling them to get over it yup you are the same idiot the only person that needs to move on here is you get something new to say idiot. just another bully and coward behind a computer screen and and please change your name from jennifer to idiot, it fits better

Denise on

Why do we have to know about this? It’s wildly narcissistic of this couple to believe the world cares about them. I detest the way celebrity culture functions, these days. When did it become a boost for one’s entertainment career to have children? It’s all very contrived and manipulative.

Michelle on


victory on

Nick will make a wonderful father, his mini me. It took him awhile, but I couldn’t be happier for this lovely couple and his future football buddy.

Sue on

I am really happy for Vanessa&Nick. They really come a long ways, not easy being in show business with all the media and gossips.

Who doesn’t want a son, we did but it all doesn’t matter at the end.

jen on

They look so happy and so good together. The people that hate on her because they like nick with Jessica need to get past all that. Look at that smile on his fast, he found the person he was supposed to be with all along and that’s Vanessa. Congrats to the both of them !

Eileen on

My husband is an Eagle Scout. The Scouting part of his growing up that he did with his dad as a leader, was incredibly meaningful.

That said, I always hoped for a boy so that he could share that with his son, and perhaps give him the same meaningful experience. So I don’t think it’s wrong for a person to want a certain sex child for that reason.

Now, if we had had all girls, I know he would have found ways to share their lives too.

People need to CALM down over this.

Bridget on

I miss Nick and Jessica wth!

Alyssa on

@Amy, good grief there is NOTHING in this world wrong with a woman who desires to give her husband a son as their first born. I don’t think she would love a daughter any less at all. Congrats to the beautiful couple. Your child will be gorgeous!

Tanya on

Well… her dream comes to true in 3 months!!! Congrats to Vanessa & Nick on their baby boy!!!

Ashley on

Great news. I was waiting to hear the sex of Baby Lachey. Vanessa got her wish and I am sure sports enthusiast Nick is over the moon that his first born will be a boy.

Sharon Little on

These 2 are like SO OVER!

Jordan on

“Breaking News’ huh ?

Evelyn on

congrats Nick and Vanessa I love little boys. I am the proud aunt to 16 year old Brandon and nine year old Adam plue their 17 year old sister Marina

bree on

Awww…I know that’s what they wanted….congrats! May he be healthy and adorable!

Denise on

wow, great news. Best Wishes to Vanessa and Nick!!!!!!

Ronnie on

Homewrecker??? seriously? Jess dumped Nick when she did that goodness awful remake of the Dukes of Hazzard as well as Employee of the Month and SHE was the one creeping with several married men (remember Dane the comic)…while she was still married. Besides Nick and V got together years AFTER Nick and Jess were DIVORCED. How does that make her a homewrecker? OH I know, because they took their time to date and get to know each other, she is not the pin cushion that Jess was after she realized her big mistake in letting Nick go, because she is naturally pretty and not a bumpkin…yeah V is such the homewrecker. Congrats Nick. You all will be a beautiful family inside and out. I wish you nothing but the best and many more kids to come if you wish.

boohoobytch on

aww, congrats to them

boohoobytch on

awww, congrats – he’ll be gorgeous

Jennifer on

@Rory…Before calling me an idiot, why don’t you learn how to spell, and know how to use English grammar correctly.

Your comment to me is a HUGE run-on sentence that doesn’t make ANY sense, and has a lot of misspellings!!!

Who’s the idiot now???

Rory on

@ jennifer, my comment makes enough sense for you to understand that your an idiot.

G's Mama on

I will never understand why people read articles on people they don’t like. Obviously you are interested and just want to lie to yourself! They seem very happy and in love, and I for one am happy for them.

When I was pregnant with my first, everyone knew I wanted a boy. What I got was a beautiful baby girl, who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. She is the love of my life, and I couldn’t be happier with her. I’m now patiently waiting to find out the sex of my second. I still want my boy, but will be happy either way. At the end of the day, I got what I wanted, a happy, healthy child!

Julianna on

That’s awesome! I adore Nick and I think he’s going to be a great daddy.

donna on

I knew i was having boys both times even without ultrasound…i always wanted a girl…we finally adopted our daughter when our boys were 14 and 12…..i think all women want a girl eventually and all men want a boy eventually..just my opinion…

Lisa B on

When my husband and I found out we were expecting, I was torn. I always liked baby girls, but in this case, I knew he already had a daughter from his previous marriage, and would have liked a son. There are no more boys to carry on our last name once all the girls in the family get married or pass away. So for that reason alone, we hoped for a boy. We ended up with a girl, but she is so gorgeous, so sweet, so creative, and goofy like me. She is my Tootsie-Wootsie and always will be. My hubby as just as sweet on her and loves her to death. Having a preference is not necessarily a bad thing. Just like everything else in life, you may have a will of your own, but God has a bigger will, and you find out in time why His is a BETTER will. In this case, God’s will for us was a spoiled, cute, little princess. LOL 🙂 on

Congratualtions, Nick and Vanessa! Your love is inspiring and we love you. 🙂

Mrs T on

Congrats to the happy couple!

Traci on

Nick and Jessica split in 2005 and Nick and Vanessa hooked up in 2006 so in other words, Vanessa is not a homewrecker.

I’m happy for Nick and Vanessa. I’ve always been a big fan of Nick.

He’ll be a wonderful father. Congrats to both of them.

guest on

I cannot wait to see him-hope he has some Vanessa in his look-she has a beautiful nationality

lvb on

Who cares, they both bore me especially *ick Lachey. She use to hang with Loser Lohan, great choice *ick! They bore me so much, always have. She’s the host of some show, I don’t even watch, he’s hosting a “Idol Wannabe” show.

Yeah, she can have “What’s Left of Him,” which isn’t much! I don’t wanna see him on that morning show either, morning shows are to help get people up, he’s enough to make me wanna turn the TV off, and pull the covers up over my head.

Erin on

Anybody thinking what I’m thinking….Jessica Simpson’s baby girl and Nick Lachey’s baby boy hookup 21 years from now!

lvb on

They don’t look good together at all! I hope that kid, takes after, one side or the other, thay don’t look like their features would blend well. He looks like a busted old Ken Doll, and she isn’t aging well at all!

Jennifer on

@Rory…Fine, I’m an idiot. You want to call someone you don’t know names…fine. It just proves that you are unintelligent.

You want to act infantile…fine. That’s your problem.

I have a niece who is 2, and she has more intelligence than you will EVER have!!!


they should go visit an children’s hospital. Then say they want a boy.
Point….just be thankful to have a HEALTHY child!!!!

Sydney on

Vanessa and Nick are an attractive, married show-biz couple. Keep the stories about them coming. I enjoy reading about the Lacheys. Congrats on Baby Boy Lachey.

Rory on

jennifer I believe it was you who started your post with “To all you Idiots” and now somehow Im the one who started calling you names? I don’t think your an idiot I think your a see you next Tuesday and I would LOVE to meet you in person so I can show you what I really think of you> You are a coward plain and simple. we can go bacj and forh all day but im not gonna spend anymore time on trash like you

Rory on

Does anyone else think that Jennifer is actually Jessica simpson sitting at home calling everyone idiots and telling them to get over it When we all know that Jessica simpson is a huge idiot just like Jennifer

Sarah on

Now their baby can date Jessica Simpson’s baby when they grow up! Weird…

Beebop on

Congratulations to them! I will admit though that it’s not the best idea to proclaim you prefer one gender over the other, before you know what you’re having because it can lead to hurt feelings in the future. However, I understand completely what she said. Before I had children, I always wanted a boy first as well because I grew up with an older brother and I would love for my children to have the same experiences I did. I was lucky enough to have two boys before having two girls so I lucked out as well as Vanessa!

Beebop on

Now their baby can date Jessica’s? Their baby could date Jessica’s daughter, regardless if they had a girl or boy. 🙂

newsfan on

Vanessa swooped in as soon as Nick and Jess split. It was insane. Not years.

Cassie on

Whooooo cares when Vanessa and Nick started going out. Fact is it was AFTER their divorce. Jessica was the one who slept around before she left the marriage. If anyone should be called names, it’s her.

And seriously – I doubt they will ever date in the future. I mean c’mon….

Congrats on your baby boy Nick & Vanessa! You’ll give that little boy so much love! 🙂

Esther on

She didn’t “swoop in”. She actually met him some months later, since Jessica divorced him in October ’05 and they started dating in March ’06 or something like that (according to Wiki and other news sites). If she hadn’t met him on the set of his music video this would of never happened. And actually, like Kate Middleton, they broke up but decided to reunite and then got married.

Anyway, I’m glad she got what she wanted. This must of been really hurtful towards Jessica, though, since she’s the first child and was a girl. Plus her mom was the same thing but said she doesn’t care about her kids genders. Hope she pops soon enough.

Holiday on

I think it’s nice she wanted a boy! So many woman do not want boys at all. Where I live girls are the prized gender and boys are definitely the consolation prize! And the ladies with multiple boys everyone just pitied! So it’s nice to see a lady actually want a boy. I had a little girl first and then boy and everyone wanted me to have a second girl.

Jean on

Why can’t you just be happy for them? They’re a beautiful couple who are very much in love with each other and they’re having a baby!!!!!!!!! How great is that??? Jessica left Nick and he dated others before Vanessa. He and Vanessa dated five years before they were even married!!!! These two don’t seek out the spotlight either. I’m very happy for them and am pleased they’re getting the boy they both wanted. Everyone should be as happy for them as I am!!!!!!!!

kal fos on

How funny would it be if Nick’s Son and Jessica’s Daughter date and get married!

J on

Stef24, Ihave a feeling the child will be just fine if they explain it to them. You make it sound like it will scar the kid for life.

Cyndi on

Congrats to them, they will be great parents. And I highly doubt they would let their son anywhere near Jessica’s daughter… much less socialize with the Simpsons. Move on peeps, these two couples have.

Kudos to Vanessa for staying in perfect health during her pregnancy. It must make Jessica regret looking like a COW.

Emilia on

Well I honestly feel a bit relieved that they want a boy only because where I live NO ONE wants a boy and thinks you are second prize if you have one son. I have two sons and a girl and it’s my daughter who is always celebrated and spoiled with gifts and stuff (and it’s making her into quite a diva) while my sons don’t get much attention and are in the backburner. Maybe I just live in a girl frenzy circle and everyone wants girls all the time, even when they have multiple girls, they flat out are against a son and want a another girl :(. It made me feel like my sons are worthless but reading someone wanting a son makes me feel better. All kids are special regardless and it’s ok to have a gender preference as long as you love your child to the max, regardless of gender.

By the way, I also do not get why she is bashed for wanting boy. There were posts on here where celebs wished for a girl and everyone was on her side and wish she got her little girl. Even when Jennifer Garner was expecting her third baby, Jen seemed she wanted another girl and majority of the posters were wishing it would be a 3rd girl. So it’s ok to want a girl, but not a boy?? Are boys inferior? Sorry if it comes out offensive but some of the comments here made me a bit defensive of my sons.

pigeonmajormedicalboy on

For all of you comparing Jessica with Vanessa, STOP. It’s so annoying. I’m sure that both couples are happy in their current lives. Who cares what they do anyway? Anyway, congrats to the happy couple.

KRS on

Wait a minute… there an imposter “Holiday” on this thread?! Because the Holiday I know and love has said time and time and time and time and time again on this blog how she has a son first and then a daughter (son 6 or 7 and daughter 2) Yes, it’s weird that I know this, but I have a good memory for the silly stuff. I smell a rat!

Josie on

I’m happy for Vanessa and Nick, but grossed out by the idea of Maxi Pad and Lachey boy hooking up. What’s that pickup line? My dad doinked your mom, let’s do this thing? Maybe they can ask their parents for pointers on how to nail each other? Hey, Mom, any ideas on what Nick Jr might like in the sack based on what Daddy Nick liked? Hey, Dad, what made my future mother in law scream in bed so I can try that with my girl? It’s not cute. It’s gross.

Also I’ve got to believe Nick’s kid can do better than Maxi Pad. She’s just a baby now, but she’s going to be spoiled senseless. Jessica’s already said as much. She’s proud of the fact. Unless Maxi Pad decides to pull a fast one and be a nerd or tom boy, just to stick it to her van, dippy mom. In that case, I’d hope the best for her. I’d still think it’d be gross to have sex with your mom’s ex husband’s kid though.

Tina on

Wow…why is it a big deal that she wanted a boy first and made it public? I doubt if she had a girl first, she would feel any less loved because her mom said she wanted a boy first. Any responsible or loving parents top priority over the sex of the baby is having a healthy baby and they seem like just that! And why is is a problem that she wanted a boy to begin with? It seems like there are so many women out there who want baby girls and act like baby boys are the plague?? And those of us who are pregnant with boys are made to feel like we got the next best option. I HATE THAT!! Some of us are really thrilled to be having a boy first.

KRS on

Tina, the problem people seem to have is not that she had a gender preference, but that she stated it so publicly, potentially causing future hurt feeling for her child had it not been a boy. All you have to do is put yourself in that position…imagine if your parents stated to the world that they hoped for something and got you instead! Maybe you wouldn’t care at all, but maybe you’d be a little hurt. BTW, no need to let anybody try to make you feel bad about your baby boy – those idiots are probably jealous of you and your good fortune. Best of luck to you!

Nina Pie on

To the people who say it’s okay to have a preference, it isn’t always. I have no relationship with my father because he chose to ignore me throughout my entire childhood. All simple because I was the second girl and what he really wanted from the get-go was a boy. I’m not from China or India and our family doesn’t belong to some weird sexist culture, we’re just normal people like you. Look what happened to us? In fact, I’ve seen it happen in other families too. It is sad, because the reality is preferences don’t go away just because you didn’t get the one you wanted. It’s selfish and pathetic, but in the end you’ll find out the hard way. My Dad whines to me all the time how he regrets we aren’t close. It’s the price you pay for ego, I suppose.