The Rancics Plan for a Traditional Baby Name

06/20/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
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After leaving their recent baby shower — where the couple announced they’re expecting a baby boyGiuliana and Bill Rancic took a long stroll together, not only to “walk off too many cupcakes,” but to discuss baby names!

“We walked almost an hour and a half,” the E! News host told PEOPLE, at Nivea‘s National PDA Day event in New York on Wednesday.

They haven’t settled on a name, but “we have a short list,” Giuliana, 37, says. And the couple is leaning toward old-fashioned.

“We’re going for traditional but not commonly used,” explains Giuliana. “None of those Hollywood names. It won’t be anything like Stereo System or Flag.”

The two are planning on traditional baby clothes as well.

“There was a baby boy at the shower wearing a fedora,” recalls Giuliana. “Yeah, not my son,” Bill interjects with a laugh. Adds Giuliana, “the baby didn’t seem to like it. If I have a girl one day then I’ll have a lot of fun dressing her up. She’ll have an edgy style.”

Giuliana and Bill, 41, said their baby will be born in Colorado this August and will travel with them to Chicago and then on to L.A.

“My parents brought us everywhere, every vacation, every dinner,” said Bill, “That’s what we’re going to do with the baby. As for the birth location, “Our surrogate is in Colorado and we don’t want to take her away from home,” notes Giuliana.

The two already have high hopes for their little one. “Bill wants an NFL player,” says Giuliana. “Or a CEO,” quips Bill. “Honestly, I just want a healthy baby,” says the future dad, “I hope I’m half as good a father as mine was.”

— Janine Rayford

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I just hope baby will look like daddy

Shar on

These two are growing on me! They seem very sweet and sincere. Much love and happiness to them as they expand their family.

Gamby74 on

Flag. I like that. Thanks Guiliana and Bill.

Olivia on

They seem cool and very down to earth considering her job. They say good things about how to raise a baby.
I have the feeling that at least his middle name will be of Italian origin.

Anonymous on

I never liked them before, but I’ve changed my mind seeing how obviously happy they are about finally having a baby after all these years of trying! Congrats!

Kendra on

These two are going to be fantastic parents! Love them!!

Tammy on

You will be great parents!

Pam on

I just love the 2 of them. I am so happy for them and just wish all the love and joy they so deserve with the arrival of their baby.

Alisa on

I didn’t use to like Guiliana but after seeing a documentary on her and seeing how she handled herself throughout her health ordeal…I’ve begun to really like her. I think they are very real and that is very refreshing.

Amy on

So thrilled for them to experience parenthood. They will be exceptional parents & this baby will be so blessed to have them for his mommy & daddy.

crystal20 on

I also hope the baby looks like Daddy. Jualianna has a big wierd face.

gina on

Crystal, you might want to learn to spell before you down someone. You look like a total idiot. Good luck with your baby Guliana (correct ) spelling and Bill.

yewrachel on

It’s Giuliana.

Sara on

Stereo System! LOL!

anonymous on

I love them they will be such great parents 🙂

Lilipet on

I agree, hope baby boy looks like Daddy, he is a hottie. And I love them as a couple, they are an inspiration.

Amanda on

I think Edward or Eduardo/Eduordo is likely going to be part of this sweet baby’s name. Edward was Bill’s late father’s name and Eduardo/Eduordo (I’m not sure of the spelling) is Giuliana’s father’s name.

I wish them all the best in their new adventure!

4coconuttymonkeys on

Stereo System, that’s my son’s name! ;o) Only kidding. I think they’ll pick out a great name and the little guy is going to be adorable. They seem genuinely excited about being parents and I wish them all the best in their new adventure with the baby. Parenting is tiring, can be stressful but is the biggest joy one will ever experience… the attitude you have going into it sets the tone, they have a great attitude about their sweet baby to come.

sandra on

I think their honesty about infertility and then surrogacy after all the health issues and set backs, has been heartwarming and sincere. Best Wishes to them as they move on to parenting!!

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for them! Congrats on the baby boy!! I have 4 boys ages 9 and under!

GL on

My cousin is friends with them and apparently Hudson is their top baby name right now.

fan of on

I’m so glad they are finally going to have their baby, now, I’m rooting for The Little Couple. Both are such sweet couples.


This is not a women you should be bashing about her looks. #1 she is a very pretty women who has gone through a lot these past couple of years. I get that she makes fun of herself on the show but there is no need to be negative about it. I hope they have a happy healthy life together best wishes!!!

Lori on

I hope he looks like his daddy, too because his daddy is CUTE! 🙂

Glad to hear how down to earth they are… I think they’ll make great parents.

SS on

I hope these baby crazy people finally get what they want and shut up about it. Geez.

CR on

I met Bill a couple of years ago and talked with him for over an hour. He was dating Giuliana at the time. He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! A real genuine good guy! I am thrilled for them! They will be wonderful parents!

Amy on

I am so happy for Giuliana and Bill! Unlike other celebrity reality shows, Giuliana and Bill show the world that not everything is roses and sunshine in their celeb lifestyle. Their reality show seems more REAL than many other “reality” shows. I love how they have been so honest and forthcoming about virtually everything in their lives. It helps people connect to them and it keeps people wanting to know what will happen next. I always find myself pulling for the Rancics’! I have cried with them and laughed with them. I too dealt with fertility issues, not nearly to the extent of the Rancics’, but I can definitely relate to the frustration and disappointment that Giuliana and Bill faced while trying to concieve. I am so happy and excited that they are finally going to be parents. I pray that everything goes well and that Baby Boy Rancic is a happy, healthy baby.

jones on

It’s nice to see a couple that sticks together and supports each other through highs and lows. I am looking forward to hearing what they name their son and seeing pictures of him.

Ana on

The only good thing about having them for parents is this child is going to be spoiled w/materialistic items. How can one be good parents, when within 1mth. of him being born, they are taking him on a “road trip” as said by Bill Rancic, so that Giuliana can introduce her clothing line at a Home Shopping Network. Then she has signed on for another 3yrs. w/ENews, when she should of taken a leave of absence for minimum of give this “Miracle Baby” a good start to his life & strong bonding, which is critical for a child’s well-being & development. It’s not that they’re strapped for money & have no choice but to work. Then she & Bill are hosting a series “Ready For Love”, Bill is co-hosting another show w/Leeza Gibbons & still does his Speaking tours & is a Restaurant owner(Check how tired he looks in majority of his photos). Then there is still all of the travelling back & forth to L.A. & Chicago, which by what Bill states in the above article that this poor baby is going everywhere they are! That is pure craziness!!! A newborn needs serene surroundings, not to be in the middle of a Kaotic airport, travelling over 4hrs. because of the selfishness & greed that both parents exhibit & reason why they get along so well because they are fame/money hungry people, who have no true love for their child, when they haven’t done anything to slowdown for the sake of their child. Instead they have accelerated their lives & schedules, and shame on all of you who praise them & give them accolades, instead of seeing what they’re truly about & are about to be putting this innocent life through. All of you are so niave & just empowering them to think they’re so good, when the truth of the matter is they are the worst parents a child can get. I’m sure the Grandparents are going to be burdened when the Nannies need a break from raising this boy & I strongly believe that God was not allowing for Giuliana to get pregnant because not only was she not worthy of this gift, but he knew her selfishness & need for notoriety, are not attributes conducive to raising a child. And the proof is all in the news & their reality show of what their busy lives entails. If you want to continue w/this lifestyle then you should remain childless!! My Heart goes out to this innocent soul that will suffer for his parents choices, which haven’t taken him into consideration at all, they just think they can pack him like they do their suitcases & away they go onto the next venture. Really! Child Services should be called to investigate if what they are planning to put their child through would be considered “Child Abuse”

pastafina1029 on

@SS – I love that you took the time to go to a website devoted to nothing else BUT babies, and you also took the time to bash a couple for being “baby crazy”

Are you kidding me??

God forbid a couple would pursue having a baby for more than 5 minutes.

I love love love Bill and Giuliana, and I wish them nothing butlove and happiness!!

I can’t lie…watching their reaction to having a boy online, and seeing Bill’s name recommendation (Enzo) made me hope Bill gets his way, as I have a handsome Enzo myself 🙂

Ladybug on

Good idea. Our son was the first boy for either side of the family. We also like traditional names, so we named him after both grandfathers. I think Guiliana and Bill will be great parents!

Cortney on

^^^^ ANA How in the hell did your comment make it on this site??? needs to get a grip on posting such garbage!!

Betsy on

@Ana: you must be kidding.

gracie on

Wow, Ana…where do you get off being so judgmental? And who are you to know what God allowed or didn’t allow? If you look at the facts of their story, If Gulianna had become pregnant and carried a baby to term, most likely she would have not discovered the breast cancer until a much later stage.

In retrospect, It seems through all their heartache, God was guiding them to a better place. Had they not chosen to try in-vitro one more time and had they not visited the infertility clinic in Colorado and had Guilanna not had the required mammogram, her aggressive breast cancer would have gone undiscovered. Again, seems God knew what he/she was doing. Gulianna is cancer free and they now have a miracle baby on the way. I say, three cheers for a benevolent and loving God.

That said, babies adapt very quickly to their parents’ lives…no matter how busy or not. Any good pediatrician will tell you that. What, is every celebrity couple supposed to remain childless?? Is every celebrity mother supposed to stop working and cater only to her child? Doing that is what makes for children who are very messed up, indulged, spoiled and egocentric. You are living in a bubble…a very judgmental, archaic, totally irrational bubble.

hbomb1225 on

@cortney – Ana was pretty much saying anyone who is a working parent shouldnt be allowed to have children because thats child abuse, thats what I gathered. And I am pretty sure that if it was “Gods plan” for her to not have kids then he would have made sure that her eggs wouldnt take in another woman as well.

Rita on

So happy for the two of you!! I am a new fan but just wanted to say that it is so obvious that you two are in love and now you will get to share that love with your son! Enjoy every minute – it goes by very fast!!!

Sharon Little on

They should use Liam,it comes from William.By the way,she needs more cupcakes,not to walk them off.

Anonymous on

@Ana Instead of staying quiet and using the old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, you have decided to spew your nonsense to the rest of us reading. Hopefully you do not have children that are exposed to your judgemental attitude. How dare you assume you know God’s plan for perfect strangers or anyone for that matter. Shame on you… Take a hard look in the mirror lady, it may not be as pretty as you think.

Christy on


Please…what you are saying is ridiculous…you are not there and do not know what is going on. You also need to look up the definition of child abuse and really read it before you spout off such awful stuff. While you are at it learn how to spell and correctly use grammar!

Sarah G. on

Whoa, ana… Dont get your panties in a wad, the baby isnt even born yet. Sounds like you had peice of crud parents..

Amy on

I hope that if Giuliana and Bill read these comments that they totally disregard Ana’s crazy comment. Everything she said is absolutely absurd…sounds to me like she is a stay at home mom who has nothing better to do during naptime than to research celebs and make up ridiculous ideas about them in her messed up head. Not all parents are able to be stay at home parents, nor are all parents meant to be stay home parents. Some people are better parents to their children because they do have full time or part time jobs, and the time that they do share with their kids is more special. Giuliana and Bill’s lifestyle may involve lots of travel and stress and chaos at times, but they seem to manage it all pretty well. I agree with Cortney, I think Ana’s comment should be removed…its absolutely insane.

Sassy on

Ana- I only took 6 weeks off with my baby. Gonna call CPS since I didn’t take 3 years off? Seriously woman, get a freaking grip. And PLEASE don’t ever reproduce. We already have enough hatred-filled bigots like you in this world.

Isabel on

I am absolutely thrilled for them. They’ve been through so much. I, like many of you, wasn’t really fond of her before. I thought she was a loud mouth and embarrassing on the red carpet shouting things at celebrities and making them feel awkward. But now that I’ve watched the show, and particularly after she has faced such horrible trials, I really and truly admire her. And I think she also became more mature and down to earth because of the entire ordeal.
*I just had one random thought though, I bet that mother who was invited to your shower and dressed her son in the fedora didn’t appreciate that comment too much! 🙂 I would have been so embarrassed to read on that she didn’t like how I dressed my kid! ouch!

Marcia on

Thank god! I’ve gotten to really like them but then I read somewhere that they were going to name the baby Rush. Blech! Rush Rancic sounds terrible, and the connection to that bloated disgusting racist OxyContin addict (you know who I mean) is really distasteful. They have too much class for that.

Ollie on

We are also struggling with infertility and I hope that our story has a beautiful happy ending just like yours! Much luck, I know how excited you both must be!

Tags2 on

Oh my Ana you really need a life,These people have waited and wanted this child for a very long time they are very smart people,I really don’t think any harm will come to this will be very loved and well looked after,I am so happy for these guys,they will be fantastic parents and this baby will have the best of grandparents as well!!

Karen on

Just started watching their show and really enjoy it. So happy for them and their soon to be born baby boy!

megan on

“not only to “walk off too many cupcakes”

Goodness. I know they’re half joking, but Guiliana already works out several hours a day and has a ridiculously strict diet. Does this lady really need to work off cupcakes ? Oy vey

megan on

“My cousin is friends with them and apparently Hudson is their top baby name right now.
– GL on June 20th, 2012”

You should point out to them that Hudson is not an unpopular name. Everyone and their brother has been naming a kid Hudson for 5+ years lol

donna on

Ana must be a total moron for the remarks she has made. Hope that nut never gets pregnant.

nancy on

So glad they are sticking with traditional baby names. Bill hasnt lost his midwest roots and gone hollywood. Wish them the best of luck!

Donna on

I’m glad they are having a boy. The baby will be carrying on his father’s family name and Bill seems like someone who will make a wonderful father. Giuliana has been through the wringer and deserves this blessing more than most. May God bless this family.

Marky on

Having worked with DHS as a foster parent, and for a time, a worker, gotta tell you…taking your child with you on trips, and mother working instead of taking off for 3 years–neither is cause for charging a couple with abuse in my state. Raping your child, or allowing your boyfriend to, not having floors or doors in your house, starving the child, breaking arms or legs, or slapping your child across the face, are some of the reasons for removal or investigation. You need to stop reading books that make you think everything has to be quiet and parents can’t even go to the bathroom without the baby dangling around her neck, or go to the grocery or church or anywhere else lest the poor little thing be damaged for life. That is not a necessity at allWow, you need to file your judgmental attitude under “who cares?”, as my mom used to say.

Jazzy on

Wow, Ana, can you tell what God thinks? Wow. You must be someone special.

Stephanie Piatt on

I love Giuliana and Bill – and I wish them the best of luck with their new baby boy

Anonymous on

My mother was a big believer in names that appeared in the bible or were used for royalty were good guides for names. So John, Matthew, Peter or Luke would work from the bible and Henry or George or Edward would work from the Kings list.

Adriana on

I will admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Giuliana’s at first, but I have really grown to love her. I am so glad that their dream of being parents will finally come true. I wish them the best and hope they give their baby boy siblings in the future!

Grace on

I can see them naming their little one William Edward Rancic….and calling him Will for short instead of Bill….I love these two and wish them good health, long life and a happy healthy bambino!! Saluti!! Tanti Baci!!

eva on

@Ana- you need to put your crack pipe down. seriously, your comment is so absurd. are you honestly saying that any parent that doesn’t take years off when they have their baby or travels with their baby or even picks up to go to the store with them is a bad parent? forget that they can afford to take the time off and not work. that’s not the issue. people work. that’s what productive people do on a regular basis. that’s how they pay their bills and put kids through school and then college and then have something saved for retirement.

we can all assume to know that nannies will take care of a celebrities child, but what many people forget is that a nanny is an in home care giver. just like a babysitter or daycare is an out of home care giver and lots of working parents use those. both of them have family around that will love and work to raise this baby. that’s like many, many families in america today.

i also think that child abuse is more along the lines of that crazy lady who shot her teenage daughter up with heroine more than 200 times and pimped her out to a drug dealer than a mommy and daddy who take their newborn from colorado to chicago to stay with family before heading back home.

i really hope that you don’t have kids, now or ever, and raise them to be so self absorbed or self righteous. you don’t know this couple, you’re making assumptions and you know what they say about those that ASS-U-me..

Sara on

I think they are sincere – but why is this news? – people?

I feel like E! is trying to make their hosts into reality stars – all of them. Everyone does not need a show.

I think Guiliana has an interesting story – they seem very nice. I just think it’s weird when she’s hosting and then she’s talking about all her personal business.

I will never understand reality TV!

Jenn on

I love these two and I am so happy for them. I went through years of infertility and uncertainty to finally have the cutest baby boy! I cannot wait to “meet” their baby. I am so freaking happy for them!

Christina on

Ana, seriously? Who are you to tell anyone what to do with their own child. As long as they are good caring parents that is all that matters. They have waited so long for this child I wish them all the best.

A. on


Either you’re completely goddamn nuts or are joking. I’m hoping it’s the latter of the two…

Eve re: Ana on

Blah, blah, blah…’re a jackhole

Chill on

@ Ana When we adopted our daughter, I decided to quit my job and become a stay at home mom, not because I thought everyone should do it but because I wanted to. I wonder why God didnt want me to have a baby of my own. I wonder why after 10 years of trying to have a baby and all kinds of medical problems I ended up having to have a hysterectomy. I mean I stay at home with my lil girl, but hmm I wonder why God didnt allow me to give birth to her. Do you mind asking him since obviously you are so close to him and seem to know EVERYTHING?

Joan on

I love your program, and find it frustrating that I have to watch the Today show or Wendy Williams show to hear announcements that your going to make…Being a loyal follower, I wish you would make these announcements to your fans first…

Paul on

Plaxico ! A boy should be named PLAXICO !

Julianna on

It’s obvious that Giuliana and Bill are over the moon with their son, and this is so heartwarming. I wish them all the best.

MiB on

Not to be nitpicking, but newborns do not need serene surroundings, they have just spent 9 months in one of the noisiest surroundings they’ll ever spend time in; a Womb!

Catca on

As a fellow Chicagoan, an early welcome to baby boy Rancic!

Tiffany on

I really like them. They seem very much in love and have great amounts of respect for each other. I wish them nothing but the best and I am glad a celebrity child will have a normal name! Hope one day in the future they can have a daughter as well.

Rachel on

@Ana—mind your own business….

If what you say is true then, I and millions of other mothers who HAVE TO WORK are subject to being charged with child abuse….

Bill and G-Rizzle…. I love you and am bursting with happiness on your behalf….you two will make loving parents and you son will be loved and spoiled by his momma and kept in check by his dad… LOL…

Stay strong and remember the best is yet to come!!!

G will get her little girl on the next go round…

Love and peace to you.

Sina on

Congrats to you both and wish you every happiness.

I love the name CORBAN or Korban which means ‘a gift devoted to God’ for your boy.

Jillian on

I am so happy for the both of them. They are really genuine people and truly deserve all the happiness that is coming their way.

GL, Not sure where your cousin is getting their information because Hudson is not on top of their list.


Wõzhíè on

im so happy that God has finally answered your prayers

maria perez on

Ana……..not only r u uneducated…u sound like an idiot…and i think you posted it to get attention…you might have a phycological problem…and u want attention…so go away…please dont ever have kids …or maybe thats why you say stuff like that because nobody wants to have a baby with you…

maria on

I love bill and G ….very happy for them…

jere on

I am a huge fan of Guiliana but I wish she would stop with the “you know what I mean” or “You know what I’m saying” after EVERY THING SHE SAYS. IT SOUNDS LIKE SUCH BLACK STREET TALK!

jere on