Molly Sims Welcomes Son Brooks Alan

06/19/2012 at 10:30 PM ET
Jim Smeal/BEImages

Molly Sims is a mom!

The model and actress, 39, delivered son Brooks Alan Stuber on Tuesday, June 19, PEOPLE confirms.

Baby boy is the first child for Sims and husband Scott Stuber, whom she wed last September.

“They both couldn’t be happier,” says a source close to the couple.

After announcing the pregnancy in January, Sims revealed the sex of the baby in April.

“I am a little nervous about the delivery and breastfeeding,” she admitted to PEOPLE later that month. “I hope I can do it, I hope we come through. I am so excited to meet him and just hold his hand.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Vanessa on

Congratulations…can’t wait to hear the name (please be a normal one!)

Sarah Ciarciello on

Congrats! I hope she names her son a normal name. 🙂

Leslee on

So glad everyone is doing well. Yay for honeymoon babies!

Me on

Wow…judgemental and rude already!!! What you may think is a normal name, others may think negatively about that same name. Do you think she gives one care in the world about what you name your children? By the way…many people (including myself) think sarah and vanessa are hideous names! Get over yourselves!

Kate on

Your name obviously SUCKS, or else you would have put it instead of “me”.

Just sayin’.

Anna on

Wow, time flies, I feel like she hasn’t been pregnant very long! Of course it probably seems that way next to jessica simpsons 17 month pregnancy.

Anyway to the poster “Me”: You say they are judgmental and rude, but then you personally attack their names? Very mature. Please act like an adult, or do not bother commenting.

They were just making simple comments saying they hope this child is not burdened with a strange name, such as Telephone Poll, or whatever celebrities name their kids these days.

momof3 on

Sarah, Vanessa, & Kate…. good names! I’m hoping for a “normal” name too. And all this BS about “don’t judge”, well guess what, Apple is a crazy name and always will be. Just sayin’.

Me on

anna – someone can make a simple comment in reply to their comments.

gb on

Congrats to Molly and Scott. He must be a beautiful baby. As far as the name calling… Vanessa and Sara (both lovely names) did not say anything nasty, however you ‘me’ did. You need to look deep inside yourself and figure out where all this anger is coming from and then get a grip!

Marilyn on

Congratulations. My daughter was born June 19 too, but 13 years ago. Can’t wait to hear what she names him.

Bree on


I am sure whatever they have chosen to name THEIR son it is a beautiful name because it was chosen with love.

Everyone needs to relax, it is impossible for everyone on earth to like one name and parents are well within their rights to name their child whatever they want.

Their are people who hate my name (Sabrina Louise just so that I don’t get accused of hiding), my daughter’s name (Elianna Josephine Louise AKA Elly) and everyone else I know. You can’t please everyone so really as long as you are happy all the haters can go blow, and hopefully learn some manners along the way!!

KGurley on

Congrats on the birth of ur son. Can’t wait 2 hear what his name is and how much he weighed. 🙂

Marky on

Wow, some of you need to read Jenna’s blog! Whew, take a breath; the name will be just what they want it to be. Looking forward to pictures and, of course, the name.

Smurfette on

Congratulations and all the best for the happy family!

Marie on

Why does anyone care whether or not it’s a “normal” name? It’s not like it’s going to be yours.

Lori on

People find the names of my children to be odd, but I actually went way back to very old names. Perhaps that is why they sound so strange now. At any rate… I love the names I chose for them. Given the way Molly has always conducted herself in the public eye, I am guessing it will be more traditional. Whatever it turns out to be…. don’t judge!

nicole on

Happy news to Molly and Scott! congratulations, cant wait to hear his name!!!!

Ava on

Congrats, Molly!

allen on

Just watched the last episode of Las Vegas yesterday so I guess the timing was right for ( Delinda ) excuse me Molly to have her baby.

Congrats and Good Health to the family.

boohoobytch on

Since this convo has switched to names, I love mine and always have – Maya…you don’t need to know my last lol…back to the subject at hand, congrats on the arrival of their healthy baby

StormRider on

Congrats to Mom and baby! Glad all are fine. As for the rude remarks made by “ME”….just shut up and quit giving orders to people. You are the one that is rude.

Me on

Congrats to the couple!!! She seems like she’ll be a great mom!

Stormrider – how can you tell “me” to stop giving orders yet you’re giving him/her orders to stop giving orders! Not to mention, people are rude saying they hope it’s a normal name. Even if Molly Sims names him “dvd player” it’s a name that this couple loves enough to choose for their son. People that think a name should fit into their standards and have the attitude to say it, then those people are rude!

soph on

And I guess you’re all sweetness and light, StormRider?

Lauren on

Allen-my thoughts exactly! Delinda or Molly has been pregnant forever! hah

Congrats to Molly!

J on

Oh God, Delinda was the worst character. She wanted to be a tough girl but then always wanted daddy or “Deeny” to save her.

I agree with Soph and “Me”. The trashing of Me is uncalled for for a simple comment. It’s ok for others to trash her yet she can’t make a simple comment. Nice..

Tonya on

I think whatever they name him will be right for them. I named my daughter Mercedes and my mother-in-law didn’t like it at first but it was the perfect name for my daughter. My daughter is 12 now and she loves her name.

Krayjee on

Celebrities always seem to go over the top for their children, just like any new parent would. I am sure whatever they name him will be just fine and dandy for them and perfect for their son.

As far as the hate in this article.. wow. How old are we again? Sure we may not agree or like their children’s names.. but I’m sure they don’t care let alone care what we name our children. Given, I understand how some people feel these names for celebrity children are a bit over the top such as Maxwell Drew, but hey if they like it go for it. If people think kids will make fun of them for their name.. oh boy. There’s tons of teasing kids get growing up not just over a name.

Harley on

Aw, congrats to the happy couple on the blessings of adding a little one to their family!

As for the rest of you spewing negativity on a positive update – good gracious; go put on your big girl panties and find something more productive to do. Sheesh.

gina on

Congratulations Molly and Scott!

lovely123 on

They should rename this section to “Haters” instead of “Comments”.

Brooklyn on

I like Brooks. I wouldn’t use it myself, but it’s nice.

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