Jennifer Nettles Expecting First Child

06/18/2012 at 11:15 AM ET
Christopher Polk/ACMA2011/Getty

Nearly seven months after getting married, Jennifer Nettles has plenty to sing about: The Sugarland singer is pregnant.

It will be the first child for the Duets mentor and her husband, entrepreneur Justin Miller.

“They are thrilled beyond belief,” Sugarland’s manager, Gail Gellman, tells PEOPLE.

The Grammy winner, 37, is due in November, Gellman says, which will coincide with the couple’s first anniversary since their sunset wedding ceremony outside Nashville, in which Nettles dazzled in an Alexander McQueen gown at a chapel nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Nettles and Miller met in 2006 and dated for more than two years before becoming engaged.

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Katie Kauss

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nolen12 on

Congrats. Beautiful Lady. Wishing you both the best. πŸ™‚

Vanessa on

I love her! That is wonderful news!

pagal on

ALREADY PREGNANT? JEEZ, THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG. I guess someone needed someone to hang onto…

Sarah S. on

Fantastic news–congrats to Jennifer and Justin! πŸ™‚

Kimberly on

Congratulations! She is precious!

Janice on


Anonymous on

Not a huge fan of Jennifer musically, but I am happy to hear this news from her! Congrats! πŸ™‚

Jana on

I hope she has it on my birthday, Nov. 3. Congrats to the happy couple.

elleryplatt on

@pagal #1 Getting pregnant after 3 months is not a honeymoon baby. #2 Perhaps they didn’t plan on getting pregnant when they did. #3 and the biggest thing- IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!

That is such a mean thing to say about people having a baby.

I got pregnant (VERY unintentionally) on my honeymoon. People made similar comments to yours “wow, that’s soon” or “you should have waited”. Our unplanned miracle is now almost 2 and such an amazing little boy and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. We are now expecting a (planned) #2. Having a baby in the first year of marriage is not doom.

Go back to your troll hole.

pagal on

I think they should have at least waited a full year.

Jana on

I hope the bundle of joy arrives on my birthday, Nov 3. Many blessings to the happy couple.

Amanda on

@pagal – She’s been with him since 2006. I don’t think she needed to have a baby with him to get him to stay since they went 6 years without one.. just saying.

Chelsea on

@Pagal – Must be sad to be so negative.

forsure! on

@Pagal~ C’mon, are you serious? This couple has known each other for more than 6 years and has been together for a long time. They were together before becoming engaged (which is pretty normal) and engaged for awhile before getting married (also fairly common). Being together and married for just seven months, they have probably made a natural (and common) progression towards children. Why don’t you go to CNN and judge people on their site?

Congrats to them- I just adore her voice

Melissa on

Pagal, she’s 37 years old, will be 38 when baby is born. She’s smart to be getting started as soon as she can, especially if she’d like more than one child. Don’t be a negative nelly.

Amanda on

Congrats!! So happy for them both!!

Kandy on

Pagal – are you for real? Congratulations to them.

Tee on

Wow, didn’t see the news coming! I’m so excited for Jennifer and Justin! A Sugarland baby!!!

Julianna on

Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband.

pagal on

It would have been more sensible for them to wait at least one year.

Irene on

Whoa! Congrats to Jennifer and her husband. She is one of the finest entertainers in the music industry.

SusiQ on

@Pagal. . .what makes you the arbiter of when it’s “sensible” to have a child? are they asking you to babysit or pay any of the expenses? If not, it’s not your decision. A baby is a gift. . .no matter when it arrives; either be happy for them or shut up.

Marky on

pagal, not that I wish to add a note of anything that makes you sound as if you have a right to harp on your viewpoint, BUT, my sister dated her husband for several years and they knew from the time they decided to marry that they wanted to have children. They decided since she was 37, they needed start their family sooner, rather than later. It took a little longer for her to get pregnant than it did for Jennifer, but the only regret they ever had was that she didn’t get pregnant a month after they married, and that he ended up being an only child. They were ready, and others’ opinion was unimportant. You “had your say”, as they say in the South, now have the courtesy to hush!

Daisy on

Love Jennifer! What great news!

Me on

It must be nice to be happy and have this stuff happen…but the people that died at sugarland’s concert never get to feel happy again. My niece lost her aunt(from the other side of her family) in that “accident” and it just hard to for them

Gene Grode on

Such a difference in the way the country singers and entertainers live their lives that those of Hollywood! Congratulations to a sweetheart.
I liked her from the first day I heard her voice in “Your Baby Girl” and she proved only to get better.

Tina on

CONGRATULAATIONS, one of my favorite country singers.

LiLa on

Nashville is in the Smokey Mountains?

K on

Nashville is not in the Smoky Mountains.

K on

*l* Lila, no it is not.

Kelly on

Pagal, who says this was an accidental pregnancy? Since this couple have been together for several years, for all anyone knows they could have been PLANNING on getting pregnant and GASP–could it be? Say it ain’t so! Perhaps they did it on Purpose! Be happy for them. I say YAY and MANY CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER NETTLES AND HUSBAND =)

Rachie on

I can totally understand wanting to start a family right away after being married, especially if you’ve been together for many years already. We actually started trying a few months after getting engaged (always thought I’d wait until after the wedding) because we’d been together for 7 years and I couldn’t wait any long to start a family! Am glad we didn’t wait because still we are not pregnant. At least we got a jump start on all the testing over this last year so we’re not just now starting (biological clock and all, even though we’re still relatively young at age 33).

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! Cute couple.

msfaye2u on

who are these people that are announced EVERYDAY that are pregnant. 90 percent i have never heard of and if i did women have been having babies sense adam and eve and why would we really care. i know this is people and they love to give us the SCOOP, but please who are these people and when they disappear off the radar will we care about this kid. i dread the day kate gets pregnant it will be on the top of the news for each and every day after we find out she got knocked up.

Lauren on

Aww!! Congratulations Jennifer and Justin! I am so excited for them : )

Delia on

Pagal, like the saying goes…..opinions are like axxholes, everyone has one. And yours is wrong. It’s much easier to be happy for her as it does not pertain or affect you in anyway. Close it!

rob on

Congrats! Jennifer will make an amazing mother… her baby will be beautiful!

C Vela on

Been listening to you from day 1. Best of luck. I’d like to see the wedding dress!

Ursula Collins on

Congratulations!! I just said a few days ago with some of the outfits she is wearing at her concerts that she looked pregnant!!

April on

To those saying that at least she gets to be happy when the fans that died at the Indiana state Fair don’t….Should these people be punished for an ACCIDENT that happened? No, and they shouldn’t have to amend their futures so that they can make others feel better. What happened that day was an accident. They happen, they happen because someone doesn’t tighten a screw tight enough, or because of an Act of God, they happen because they just happen. No one intentionally went out there and killed, injured people that night.

Jc2009USA on

She’s a cutie…he’s a cutie…so that little coming baby is going to be a cutie cutie cutie too. Wish them all the very best…and glad their shared their good news with her fans.

Monica on

Fantastic news! I have loved Sugarland from the start and love watching her on Duets. What an amazing voice she has- she can sing any genre and sound amazing. I don’t know when the show was taped (or if it’s taping now) but she definitely does NOT look pregnant at all.

sally on

How does a 37 year old get pregnant so quickly? It’s so frustrating to those of us in our mid thirties having trouble. People need to know that you shouldn’t wait… it’s not normal to be able to get pregnant with your first child in your late thirties, this quickly.

denise on

Yahoo, Congratulations, Best of Luck



jurby on

@pagal – why is it that you think you know what’s best for everybody else and that you know what everybody else should do with their lives? you must be one heck of a control freak and i’m assuming that on top of having no friends, you’re also likely not married, are single and without a boyfriend (with no guy even wanting to even come near you with a 100 foot pole, much less actually marry you because of you’re i-think-i-know-it-all attitude), have no kids, and think that you know it all about everything and how everybody should conduct their lives. you are obviously a very pathetic person with no life of your own to consume yourself over so you prefer to nit-pick about other people and their lives. how sadly pathetic you are…

Me on

@ Pagal… it really your place to dictate when people can have a baby? Get real! You are not God! You really need to get a life and stop being so negative about this. If you don’t like things that are on here, don’t read them…..simple enough! Anyhow, congrats to the lovely couple and their new addition to their families!

Karine on

I am so happy for them… Such a great couple and wonderful entertainers. I wish them both the best that life has to offer.. Health and happiness…

Mommytoane on

Congratulations to Jennifer!!

People here need to stop feeding the trolls. Feeding them, makes them stay around longer. Please don’t feed the trolls.

Amber on

Just would like to point out that the article states that the wedding took place in Nashville and the chapel was in the Smokies. Not possible as the Smokies are three hours east of Nashville. Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

Holiday on

Pagal I got pregnant with my first baby 5 months after I got married… and guess what I was only 21! He is now 6 and we also have a 2 year old and are a very happy family. Are you jealous she is having a baby? Congrats to Jennifer!!

Guest on

Sally, for your information, 37 is not old to become pregnant. I got pregnant at age 40 the second month we tried. And I know plenty of women that have conceieved naturally, like me, after age 38. That was a really ridiculous statement that you made!

Jen on

OMG I am so happy for her. She is my favorite singer. Jennifer and Justin are going to have the cutest baby ever.

sally on

How exciting for them! I really like her! Congrats!

Charlie on

Well, at least she’s married…

Terri on

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for the both of you! πŸ™‚

lili11 on

I am so happy for Jennifer. Pagal you r apiece of work. Get a life or a significant other sounds like you need to get a life.

Lily on

So happy for her. =)

lili11 on

I am very happy for Jennifer she will be a great mother. Pagal get a life or at least get laid u are a misserable person.

Jen on

Congrats to the couple. I just have to add that the Smoky Mountains are not in Nashville and they didn’t get married in both places. Might wanna look at a map. πŸ™‚

lili11 on

I am so happy for you Jennifer you will make a great mom. Pagal you need to get a life or at least get laid.

eily` on


Tina Smith on

People who have problems with my lover Jennifer Nettles need to back off!! If you don’t care or have a problem with the way she is living her life need to find something else to do. You miserable people!! I am happy for her and any decisions she makes….its her life!! It is not her fault that magazines and tabloids have nothing else to do but post her business…so if you don’t like it ignore it don’t comment on it!! Stop being rude miserable people and just be happy!! Atleast she’s not 12 years old and pregnant. She’s married and 38 years old what else would you people expect?? Her to wait until when its good for you?? Sorry not your life get over it grow up

tina on

congrats to jennifer and justin this is great news i love jennifer so much she’s such a sweetheart

soph on

“pagal – why is it that you think you know what’s best for everybody else and that you know what everybody else should do with their lives? you must be one heck of a control freak and i’m assuming that on top of having no friends, you’re also likely not married, are single and without a boyfriend (with no guy even wanting to even come near you with a 100 foot pole, much less actually marry you because of you’re i-think-i-know-it-all attitude), have no kids, and think that you know it all about everything and how everybody should conduct their lives. you are obviously a very pathetic person with no life of your own to consume yourself over so you prefer to nit-pick about other people and their lives. how sadly pathetic you are…”

Are you seriously for real with this? All the comments to pagal are sounding pretty much the same, but this one was the most ridiculous. Talk about pathetic…what a sad little non-stop attack on someone you’ve never met. Any more vitriol you’d care to spew, sweetie, or did you get it all out for now?

Jerry on

I am sooo happy for them. The details are none of our business. May their first child be a healthy male baby to grow to watch over his little sisters.

Betheny on

Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband! So happy for the expectant couple. She deserves happiness! @Pagal Don’t hate!!! It’s non of your business!

sue1s on

Congratulations Jennifer and Justin!!!! I am so happy for you.

Jennifer, my husband and I are such fans of Sugarland, we have seen you LIVE twice and simply adore your passion for what you do!!

Our best wishes to you and Justin and your new soon to be baby!!! Love ya! ❀

Jenn on

Congrats to Jennifer and her husband. I love that everyone has these guidelines when a baby should be born after a couple is married. Honestly who cares. She is knocking on much longer is she suppose to wait?

Deb on

Congrats to Jennifer!! love her and am so happy for her and her hubby!

MM on

He looks thrilled! Look at his body language. He is not smiling, her hand is on his leg but, he is not even touching her! It won’t last!

mary barnes on

Why do some people have to make such rude remarks when someone announces something like going to have a baby. She could have been like others and have the baby before marriage. She could have been knocked up when she got married. Just why do people think she should wait a year. There are so many women who have kids who should have kept their legs together because they are terrible mothers. I think Jennifer will be a great mom. Congratulations Jennifer and Justin and am very happy for you

TIna Smith on

I couldn’t wait to get home from work to throw my two cents in here, well , on second thought I am gonna throw about a dollar’s worth…………….I have been anxiously awaiting this wonderful beautiful woman to announce her pregnancy. I attended a concert Thursday night in Albany, my 10 th sugarland concert, and kept looking for the BUMP. The only thing I saw that could have been a clue is that she looked a little tired, but she still put on a hell of a show. She might be the healthiest 37 year old woman I have ever seen. Now, for you haters, WTF is wrong with you? Who are you to judge when or when not someone should have a baby with their husband? She is a happily married woman with a cemented future and millions of fans all over the world!This is the best news I have heard in a long time. What the hell are they supposed to do ? , wait for an okay from people they dont even know to have a baby? They dont need your permission or your blessings. But I will tell you this, when my sister called me at work today specifically to tell me this WONDERFUL news, knowing how much I adore this woman and all she stands for, I could not stop smiling all day! God Bless you Jennifer and Justin. You will have the most beautiful sugarbaby, I just know it. Don’t worry about your age Jennifer, I was 34 when I had my last child and I have so much more patience and tolerance and understanding as an older mother as will you I am sure. I will forever be your most loyal and biggest fan I promise you that ! I will pary for your health as well as your baby’s, and I know that everything will be just fine . God Bless you Lady. I love you!

Katie on

Congrats to them! I absolutely love her, and she seems so down to earth. I saw in concert last year and she has the most incredible voice. Very talented.

Elisabeth on

People- apparently geography isn’t your strong suit, The great smokey mountains are in eastern TN and nashville is in middle tennessee.

And to those who are being negative with their comments… get a life. She’s 37 years old and will be 38 by the time she has her baby. It’s not as easy to become pregnant after a certain age. If you’ve become pregnant after only trying 2 months good for you but know that’s not at all the norm for someone your age. It takes the average healthy woman 12-18 months to become pregnant.

And for those asking how she became pregnant because it seemed so quick. For one she could have been trying for a while you don’t know and frankly that’s none of your business how she got pregnant. If you’re having issues getting pregnant perhaps this would be a good discussion to have with your doctor. If you’ve been trying for more than a year make an appointment.

As for myself my husband and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married it took three years to become pregnant with our son (whom we lost due to placental issues) and I got pregnant with our daughter 14 months after we started trying again (3 months after we lost him) she was also lost due to an infection I got ( I am a teacher) For us we knew having a baby would be difficult and had we had a child right away that would have been wonderful. But that’s us for those who’ve said it’s a mistake to have one during the first year of marriage that’s your opinion not a fact. Their decisions are not your own nor is their life. They choose how they live it. Big deal she’s married and pregnant that’s actually a wonderful thing!

Guest on


6 years is not long to you? Keep your judgmental comments to yourself. So very happy for them!

jim on

Never heard of this person,, Must be one of those city country singers,

Diana Spencer on

Why would anyone care when she became pregnant, how she became pregnant, who made her pregnant….it’s none of your damn business. She’s having a flipping baby. Say something nice or don’t say anything at all. What’s so damn hard about that????

Leslie on

The Smokey Mountains are in East Tennessee. Nashville is more central. πŸ™‚

aleighcat on

Isn’t this the woman who wrote the song about her affair with a married man, and how she begged him to leave his wife for her? (Why Don’t You Stay?) I wish no ill will on an innocent baby, but I detest this woman *and* her nails-on-a-chalkboard nasally voice. It would serve her right if her husband started cheating on *her*. Yes, I know the comment is mean, but I cannot *STAND* anyone who deliberately tries to break up another’s marriage. Having said that, I hope the baby is healthy, however. That’s as far as my well wishes go concerning this female.

lamadre on

@aleighcat: Watch the video and read the lyrics of that song before commenting on it. It has a good message at the end.

fan on

News says she is “nearly” seven months pregnant, and due in November? You do the math… I just love them though. Thought that odd? So, what is the due date? Should be sometime in September, October at the latest? Congrats to them, they rock!

avalyn on

@aleighcat The song wasn’t written about her personal experience. It was inspired by Reba’s song Whoever is In New England and was written back in 2003.

@fan It states she has been married for nearly seven months not nearly seven months pregnant. She is around five months, give or take a bit according to other articles and is due in November around her one year anniversary of being married.

But what I wanted to say more than anything is congratulations to Jennifer and Justin.

Anonymous on

– TIna Smith on June 18th, 2012


Paradise And Other Urban Legends on

The comment about, “How does a 37yr get pregnant so quickly ?” I don’t think age always plays a factor. I am 45 and have been pregnant 4 times since age 39.

Beth on

to Alegihcat…you are one hateful person! I’m leaving this comment at that! If you don’t like her…keep your hateful comments to yourself! Thank you!

Kandyce on

Sally – what are you talking abuot? There are 18 yr olds who have trouble getting pregnant, and 45 yr olds who get pregnant in one month. It depends on the woman, my dear, not age.

Reesca on

Aww, yay!! Congrats to them on their baby! She’s due the same month as I am – always fun to have a celebrity “baby buddy”. Wishing her a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!! Can’t wait to hear more details.

annachestnut on

fertility is a blessing. I did not have my first child until I was 35 after six years of trying!!!

Noelle on

Although I don’t agree with Pagel’s statements one bit, I find it extrememly amusing that Jurby contradicted her/himself in their comment. You calling Pagel pathetic and nit-picking because they stated their opinion is pretty harsh when yourself did the exact same thing to Pagel. Please rethink you statement before ranting off like a crazed lunatic. Thanks!

tinyval on

So happy for them both!!! A Sugar-baby! πŸ™‚ btw guys, it says outside of Nashville. Not near Nashville, so the writer was correct. πŸ™‚

jessi engel on

Congrats Jennifer and Justin. @pagal i got pregnant unplanned after dating my ex for a month but we were talking for like 3 months b4 we started dating. Im glad im pregnant wit her shes making my life happier.

Anonymous on

congragulations mrs nettles i love you



roadapplescarclub on

Love Sugarland and Jennifer, what exciting news! She’s been through some rough times and I’m sure will make a fantastic Mom! Congrats to them both!

gymnastbecca on

omg i love her and to all that hate on her if you dont know her personally than shut up

chantal on

thats good shes expecting if she didnt wait that will be a big mistake if someone just wanted to get pregnant and dating someone thats a big mistake from wedlock

Anonymous on

Funny how they started dating in 2006, but she wasn’t divorced from her first husband until 2007.

avalyn on

Anonymous, right above me, they met while on the set of a music video in 2006 not start dating then. They kept in touch and remained friends afterwards. She dated someone else after she divorced then started to date him.

Amy on

msfaye2u – If you don’t want to know about it, then don’t read it! No one is forcing you to read the stuff, it seems silly to comment if you aren’t interested.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Justin! It’s definitely a blessing to bring a child into this world. I wish you both many blessings and happiness!!

Linda on

Funny how people think it’s their business to decide when and where someone else should become pregnant. I do not believe that Jennifer or anyone else for that matter has to ask for permission from anyone else whether it is time for them to become pregnant. It was an announcement not a permission slip. I am very happy for them. Congrats and best wishes. (the proper response when hearing such WONDERFUL news!)

gina fox on

Jen is going to be a good mom just leave her alone….

gina fox on

i love jennifer’s music and i wish her the best and for the best with new arrival

Julia on

Congratulations to Jennifer! I wish her the best and for the best with the new arrival!! I am i big fan of her and i love her and her music!!!!!

sara on

congrats to jen and justin. u will be a great mom, u are a wonderful person. i love ur music u have a great voice.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Got pregnant with my first child just on 32, very lucky as it was our first time trying! Hubby and I decided to get a headstart on our wedding, just casually seeing ‘what happened’, only a few weeks before our wedding (because of the timing being so close to wedding day knew I wouldn’t exactly be waddling down aisle, still able to fit wedding dress etc!) as I was 32 yrs by then, not 22 at the time, and we were fortunate to hit the jackpot.

Assumed it may take 6-12 mths, so were lucky & relatively taken by surprise that it happened far quicker than expected!, but am also glad we didn’t wait. I don’t think age always matters, depends on the woman, problems etc, but didn’t want to start family at say 38, 39, 40, if I could help it, circumstances and all – depends on when meet partner etc as well of course & for those people who sadly have issues/delays with conceiving. I can understand her not mucking around at 37, having been together 6 years – it’s their business alone, anyhow! Ideally I’d have had first baby at say 28-30 yrs but didn’t meet hubby til I was already 29 so didn’t have much say there lol