Stella McDermott’s Tea Party Birthday Bash

06/15/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Tori Spelling

Happy fourth birthday, Stella Doreen McDermott!

To celebrate their eldest daughter’s special day, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott hosted a pretty-in-pink (and purple!) backyard birthday party at their Calif. home.

Centered around a tea party theme, Spelling furnished the space with her own invenTORI décor and added decorations featuring splashes of bright pink and purple with pops of yellow.

Guests noshed on cookie cutter tea sandwiches — made by The Gourmet Dad McDermott! — edible glitter cake pops, fairy wand fruit skewers, and pink lemonade.

They also played princess party games and, at Stella’s request, spent time crafting.

Keeping up with family tradition, Stella’s whimsical cake was designed by Hansen’s Cakes, the same bakery that has been creating delicious masterpieces for Spelling since her first birthday.

As for siblings Liam Aaron, 5, and Hattie Margaret, 8 months, they stuck to their sister’s theme with a seersucker suit complete with a silk tie and a canary yellow and pink dress.

And, according to Spelling, the end result was exactly her growing girl’s cup of tea!

Check out more fun photos from the big day at

— Anya Leon

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christa on

Flower child.

AmandaC on

She is so sweet, those children are truly blessed!

Mina on

Sounds like a nice party that wasnt over the top expensive.

stacey on

Cute!!! She looks exactly like her dad.

Loni on

Tori and Dean make the cutest babies and the great thing is they cuter and cuter by the day!

Ann Brookshire on

Happy Birthday Stella the pretty birthday girl have a great day! 😀

ang on

happy birthday stella ya gorgeous little muffin X

Allyson on

Just to go Tori’s website and see all the pictures. THis party for a FOUR year old was ridiculous! Way over the top. Too bad these children are spoiled rotten, want for nothing and have no idea what it means to struggle. Tori would have had my respect had she done something much less guady and used that wasted money as a nice sized donation to a Childrens hospital or an animal shelter. Shame on both Tori and Dean for making a party for a four year old so over the top, it puts many weddings to shame.

theatergirl on

@Allyson, I just went to the website as you suggested. I don’t see anything over the top about balloons, cake, a bouncy house. Even the lower-middle class kids I teach have birthday parties like that. If it’s the furniture that bothers you, if you read the captions it’s all her own antiques. What’s the big deal? And, since you’re someone who visits her website you would know that she frequently gives to charity. So, umm…lighten up. 🙂

Amanda K on

Sounds like a nice birthday party for a little girl. She really does take after her dad. Sweet pic of her.

RKF on

What a precious little girl (and lucky to have such fun, caring parents!) What an adorable party.

@Allyson – You wrote, “Too bad these children are spoiled rotten, want for nothing and have no idea what it means to struggle.”

Are you kidding me?! They are small children – of course they have no idea what it means to struggle, as they haven’t had to. Are children better off if they have to struggle in life? Geez… they are children with exceptionally loving parents, and nothing about them seems spoiled. How astoundingly judgmental of you.

Deb on

Am not sure why you think Tori wants your respect. You have no idea about how she choose to donate and as the article clearly says, she did most of the decorating herself and her husband made the sandwiches. You seem like an unhappy person. Calling children you don’t even know spoiled rotten doesn’t seem very nice. Nor does wanting children to struggle. Tori and her husband seem to be loving parents and their children appear happy. What not just enjoy the cute pictures instead of looking for the negatives in life.

Mel on

Stella is so cute! I love Tori, but how many more words can she put her name

Cammy on

Adorable. I think Hattie will look more like Liam. Stella definitely looks more like her Daddy. I can’t wait to find out if Tori will be having a boy or girl! What a great family.

missy on

I don’t think her kids are cute at all. They look better than her though. He’s just plain GROSS and will not be with her forever if her Mommy does not open her purse some to them. Dean is only in it for the “Spelling” money certainly not for Tori . She looks like a He after all and not a very good looking he either.

TLH on

Yes Allyson, all 4 years old should definitely know what it means to struggle. How about Tori doesn’t feed her kids for a day or two – that’ll teach ’em. You don’t have any idea what Tori and Dean do or do not donate to charity.

Shannon on

It’s not her fault she comes from a wealthy family.

Leslee on


You really need some perspective. Tori was essentially cut off after being raised in one of the richest families in the country and decided to branch out on her own to make it. She may not have been in a cardboard box clawing her way up but she has created her own little empire, including her party business. I strongly suspect this pint sized soiree was part promotion for her business but one her daughter could enjoy.

I can’t say I am a “fan” of Tori’s, I do admire and respect her gumption to take the bull by the horns and create her own destiny. Her kids are learning that indeed life is not always just handed to you and you have to work for it.


why is it that when a celebrity throws a party or buys something someone always has to chime in “they should donate to a hospital or a local charity or my favorite one help the homeless”…….I have a idea instead of worrying about how much things cost that celebrities buy.. why don’t you worry about your life!!!