Inside Lauryn Martinez’s Angelic Nursery

06/15/2012 at 05:00 PM ET

J.R. Martinez recently moved into a new home with girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones and his favorite room isn’t a man cave with a huge flat screen television — it’s daughter Lauryn Anabelle‘s nursery.

The coupleย welcomed their little girl, whom they nicknamed Belle, on May 2.

While still in the throes of unpacking and organizing their new Los Angeles area home, Martinez — who was burned over more than 40 percent of his body while serving in Iraq — says one room is just perfect. Belle’s nursery “is the best room in the house,” the proud new dad tells PEOPLE.

Justin Stephens

Custom designed by Southern California-based Little Crown Interiors, Belle’s nursery combines key design elements and sentimental personal touches.

The two-toned mix stationary crib and mix single dresser and changing table, from Young America By Stanley Furniture Company, and the whitewashed hardwood floors by Shaw Floors provide the lamb-themed nursery with eye-catching contrast and opulent appeal.

Justin Stephens

While there are stuffed animal lambs and a mini plush lamb chair in the corner where Belle can sit and look at one of the many books she received as gifts from friends and family at the baby shower, there’s also a contemporary flair incorporated into the room thanks to the taupe wallpaper on the room’s far wall, and the geranium globe pendant light in the center of the room by Posh Tots.

Slide open the mirrored closet door and it’s clear Martinez’s little lady already has a flair for fashion with more than two dozen pairs of shoes and a variety of colorful dresses to wear for any occasion.

“I have no closet space,” the Dancing with the Stars champ says, playfully groaning about the downside of sharing a home with two women.

Justin Stephens

Another standout of the room — and Gonzalez-Jones’s favorite spot to nurse little Belle — is the cranberry-colored Cohen glider chair and footrest, available at Oilo Studio.

“I love that color,” Gonzales-Jones says, admitting “before Belle was born I’d come in here and sit in that chair. It’s so comfortable.”

Justin Stephens

At night when the couple get Belle ready for bed, they enjoy the soft lighting the two wall sconces provide. As they lay her down to sleep, Martinez and Gonzalez-Jones are comforted by the sight of the wall mural above Belle’s crib.

Created by artist Chelsea McGraw, the painting depicts Martinez’s sister Anabel, who died when Martinez was a young boy, and Gonzalez-Jones’s sister Lauren, who passed away in January at age 17.

“When we thought about the idea of the sisters looking over her — it’s like we have two angels looking over our little one,” Martinez explains.

Justin Stephens

While Belle was named after her two aunts, the couple agreed they would spell her first and middle names differently so that “she’d have her own identity,” the actor, 29, explains. “It’s a way to honor our sisters and give her the names of angels.”

Now, every time the couple enters Belle’s room, they feel connected to their pasts and their future. “It’s something that every time we walk in here, we fall in love with it,” notes Martinez. “It’s a beautiful room.”

— Monica Rizzo

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Suzanne on

What a cute little family! Congrats on new baby and new home!!

Tee on

The story behind how little Belle got her name is so touching! I love the two angels overlooking her crib!

I must say, though, that I always find it downright amusing when stories like this talk about a baby having a fashion sense or a “flair for fashion” just because she’s been blessed with a closet full of clothes. She’s a newborn, for crying out loud! She doesn’t care about what she’s wearing!

lisa on

Such a lucky beautiful family!

angela on

Although I would prefer to see fewer people having children without the commitment of marriage, I can truly say that she is a beautiful little girl who seems greatly blessed to have parents who love her. JR Martinez is a true hero and I wish him and his newly expanded family much happiness!

torgster on

That man seriously has the most beautiful smile in the world! What a wonderful person he seems to be.

lol on

aww!!! so much hair. he’s adorable congrats to them

Shannon on

The mural is absolutely beautiful.

ang on

why do you guys call these articles a peak into the nursery we cant see a damn thing except the crib i wanna see the WHOLE room. just call it a peak at lauryn martinezs crib be honest.

Lulu on looks just like mom! J.R. seems like a great person. Congrats to them!

christa on

Such a gorgeous little girl.

ruby on

All we can see is the crib.

PeeJay on

Beautiful family, and probably a beautiful room. Who got paid for all of the commercial plugs included in the article?

Mary on

Why is this section called Moms and Babies? JR Martinez is a DAD – a good one, it seems, at that. Don’t perpetuate the stereotype that only Moms raise babies. “Moms, Dads and Babies”, “Celebrity Families”, Parents & Babies”, something like that, please…

kimmie on

What is it on his left hand, it looks like a watch tattoo, what time, and what significance?



Sheryl on

A beautiful story, of a beautiful family.

God bless them with love and happiness together, always.

Ava on

That is so sweet! I would love to see more of the nursery.

meghan on

Kimmie, the watch tattoo is of the date and time that his jeep hit the landmine that caused his burns. Basically the moment when the boy who went to war died and the man he is today was born.

Anonymous on

He seems to be such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

tvdiva on

What a beautiful family and a wonderful story. I wish them all the best that life has to offer.

Christine on

Beautiful story and nursery ! Just one important thing, please remove the bumper from your daughter’s crib. Bumper’s are dangerous and babies have died from them. I use the breathable bumper on my twin cribs.

Coffee on

Let’s hope they get married & make it right. Sweet little baby!

anne on

Just a wee comment to all those with babies. I feel the great need to tell everyone that bumper pads in cribs are illegal in many places. The society of pediatricians has asked that they be banned. Too many babies die every year because of bumper pads. They have lead to SIDS many times as they trap air around the baby’s face. PLEASE remove them and google it for more info. Beautiful family and heartfelt congratulations!

anne on

Congratulations to a beautiful family! PLEASE remove crib bumper pads immediately though as many babies have died from SIDS from these. Check on-line to read more about this. God Bless!

shad on

that baby is gorgeous…god bless them all…

joan on

Now let’s see a wedding…

be on

so very happy for them

Cute Family on

Nice to see such a beautiful family and hero of war. Now when is he going to marry his “Fiancee”?

kaemicha on

I love this story especially after J.R. has given to our country – finally goodness comes to him and his family. Stay happy!

notsosure on

That baby is gorgeous!!! Now let’s hear some wedding bells! Much happiness.

meghan on

It’s interesting. this post has been up for days and now all the nitpickers come out at once to lecture on crib bumpers (something everyone knows about) and marital status. Weird.

Emily on

I bet it’s because it’s being touted on the homepage (along with Lisa’s blog). I’ve noticed the regular CBB readers are relatively normal, but once a story is on the main PEOPLE page, the crazies come out.

Tina Banks on

Congrats to you both of you. Belle is a beautiful baby, looking very much like her Aunt Solange.

Christine on

Hey Meghan the crib bumper advise was only advise. As a first time parent they might not know how dangerous they are. Companies make the whole bedding so cute with a blanket, bumper, pillows etc. All that shouldn’t be in the crib. I bet you any parent that lost a child due to a crib bumper would never have them again. Not everyone is a know it all like you.

SHar on

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is all I can say about this baby, and her room and her parents. This man so so deserves the life he has finally achieved. It really brings home the point that beauty is only skin deep and it is what is in the inside of the person that really makes that person. This guy is something else and I wish him and his family a long and happy, happy life.

marie on

I really don’t get people sometimes. If you want to call a baby Belle, then why not just name her Belle to begin with???

Monica on

They are so cute! I can’t stand it!

Rachel M. Heminger on


Shells on

Very sweet. Touching how she’s named after her aunts. Just always groan when people say a loved one who has passed away is now an angel looking over us. That’s just not true. Angels are created beings, just like humans. Most biblical accounts of people seeing angels lead me to believe they are not sweet little cherubs, since everyone who sees one is afraid. We do have guardian angels (Matthew 18:10), but I’m sure glad it isn’t my Grandma!

Military Mom on

So happy to see how beautiful JR’s life has become with the birth of his new daughter. Much love to them all. And many thanks and humble appreciation to him for his service and sacrifice.

Daffygrams on

So happy for them…beautiful little girl.

meghan on

Christine, I was just pointing out something I noticed. I’m hardly a know it all and I don’t deserve your attitude.

Kat on

I don’t even need to see the pictures to know that it is classier than Beyonce’s or Jessica’s kid’s nursery.

kimmie on

Ok thanks everyone for the explanation of the tattoo, I actually thought it may be the time of the accident but wasn’t sure.

“They have lead to SIDS many times as they trap air around the babyโ€™s face”

@Anne, if the baby suffocates, that is not SIDS, but suffocation. SIDS is when baby dies unexpectedly in its sleep and without explanation (while in the suffocation the cause is determined). Here is a good link with explanation.

Tricia on

Happy Father’s Day, J.R.!! And a belated Happy Mother’s Day to you, Diana!! Both of you have been blessed in so many ways, and you deserve all of God’s blessings. God bless little Belle, and many thanks to her Daddy for his service to his country! xo

anonymous on

fine and dandy, but for gawd’s sake try being unselfish and give the baby two parents that are married for her sake.

anonymous on

now the little baby deserves to have her parents MARRIED.

Janet on

Have many blessed moments with your beautiful daughter, Belle. Congratulations to the whole family.

doro on

The wristwatch tattoo represents a cheap watch he was wearing that kept his wrist from being burned.

Misty on

What a sweet family. And really, who gives 2-you-know-whats if they are married or not? That is a gorgeous baby with a couple of parents who look like they love her, which is more than some babies get.

donna on

Congrats to a real American hero and his family!

Dani on

Meghan:you’re complaining that people are lecturing on crib bumpers “(something everyone knows about)”. I think the concern is that since these people allowed their nursery to be photographed with the bumpers on they may not “know about” them and readers are just hoping to possibly avoid a tradegy. It’s hardly nitpicking. Being a parent is all about getting unsolicited advice ;o) Hopefully they read this and take them off.

Agreed that comments on the maritial status are no ones business but their own. Them not being married isn’t hurting anyone but those bumpers could possibly kill that precious little girl.

ToRo on

I’m thinking they’ll get married when they want to. Not for anyone else.

Alana on

What a cute family! Congrat JR and Diana – Belle is beautiful.

Tyler on

Hey Christine, on bashing Meghan… it’s advice, not advise. You might want to get your spelling in check before jumping on someone. It kind of makes you like a moron ๐Ÿ™‚

Marky on

Congratulations to this lovely couple, ttheir baby girl is so adorable! She has a beaustiful name, as well!

I’m not certain why people become so alarmed about crib bumpers and immediately go off on people about how important it is to remove them because “so many babies die every year” from wicked, horrible crib bumpers! I researched the statistics, and what I found is that 27 babies died during 20 years in the study, That is sad for those people, but I’m not certain I would throw out all crib bumpers because of those statistics. I would, however be careful about checking them daily and making certain the bed was positioned properly and the bumper was installed correctly.

During approx. the same 20 years, 515 babies died as a result of co-sleeping, yet people are all over doing that because that’s what they want to do. It just bugs me that people have gone over the top about something like a bumper, which, if used correctly, is highly unlikely to allow harm to a child. More children die every year in car accidents than with crib bumpers, but we don’t say a baby isn’t allowed in a car. So silly…….and not necessary in this article’s posts, either.

Me on

Ok, now get married.

That said, cutest baby I’ve seen in a long time. She’s just adorable. All the best to them.

Noonah on

I would not my child to live under the shadow of dead people. It’s creepy.

brooke jones on

Mary – It is called Celebrity Baby Blog not Moms & Babies. Not sure where you got that from.

Lillian on

What a beautiful family! God bless them.

mwghan on

brooke jones, look at the top of the page.

kimberlee on

What a beautiful family! I would say that the crib bumpers need to go and be replaced with The Wonder Bumpers. The Wonder Bumper is much safer yet still provides all of protection that the traditional bumper does.

Christine on

Nice Pictures and family! I agree with all the comments about crib bumpers. Babies move around/roll over and have their faces pressed against the bumper. I think Chicago banned them. Parents need to do their own research. Keep the great comments coming to ALL parents.

J on

Brooke Jones, the top of this page says Moms and Babies as the title as well. Whichever works…

J on

Please remove the bumper, you’re upsetting the moms who know everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

Unfortunately, the word “marriage” doesn’t always mean commitment. It doesn’t matter what word a couple uses to define their relationship; commitment has to be felt in the heart, body, and actions…not in the word. A child only knows if they are loved and if their parents love each other…not whether they are married.

happylime77 on

Beautiful baby!! The decor is not my style but it works for them & that’s all that matters!

Melisa on

Tee—I couldn’t agree with you more!! My little ones puked on the high priced clothes just as fast ๐Ÿ˜€

Nana on

Gorgeous, loving, happy parents; gorgeous, loving, happy child. I wish them every blessing life can bring ๐Ÿ™‚

Julianna on

I honest to God love this couple. They seem really thrilled to have Belle in their lives, and the thoughtful way they’ve included their late sisters on their baby’s life is very sweet. Belle is a stunning baby.

(Is it just me, or Diana looks a lot like Jennifer Hudson??)

Rachel on

What beautiful pictures….

Nothing more hotter than a man adoring his child…

Momma and Papi look so happy…

God Bless and may you have a brother for Belle reallllll sooon!!!

love and peace to you.

Jane on

OMG! That baby is extremely beautiful(: She looks just like her mommy so sweet and amazing!!!!!

Morenikeji on

I have been following ur story threw out the whole chapter who u were on danceing with the crew and unitl now that ur girlfriend had ur first daughter for u.Congrating on da birth of ur daughter and I’m expecting myself and I am in my early stage of pregrency.My prays goes out to u and ur family and may the Lord bless u everywhere u go????Amen