Lisa Loeb’s Blog: The Baby Has Been Showered and the Bags Are Packed…

06/15/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Thanks for welcoming our celebrity blogger, Lisa Loeb.

Currently expecting her second child in June, the musician, 44, and husband Roey Hershkovitz are already parents to daughter Lyla Rose, 2½.

In addition to her number one single “Stay (I Missed You),” Loeb also had hits with “Do You Sleep” and “I Do.” In the years since, she’s recorded two children’s albums, written a kids book, done voiceovers, developed an eyewear line and started the nonprofit Camp Lisa Foundation.

She can be found on Facebook and on Twitter @lisaloeb.

In her most recent blog, Loeb writes about her baby shower and the trip to the hospital that turned out to be a false alarm.

Me, my mom Gail and my sister Debbie at my shower – Frances Iacuzzi

I almost had the baby! Almost, or so I thought. Since my first child came three and a half weeks early, I’m open to the possibility of this baby coming any day. The other night, after lots of crazy contractions coming every five minutes or so, my husband and I decided to head to the hospital.

Of course, we hadn’t fully packed our bags yet, and so we rushed to load everything we needed into the car including my pillow, some clean clothes for the baby, books, DVD’s like Bye, Bye Birdie, Annie Hall, and Office Space (even though during my daughter’s labor I couldn’t imagine watching anything), makeup (not sure what I’m thinking), mini packets of almond butter and pretzels (they say to bring snacks), and a million other things.

We raced to the hospital, using the contraction-timing app my husband found online, but by the time we got into the hospital and hooked up to some monitors, the contractions started slowing down. So the decision was made to go home. No baby yet, but yay (!), now we have our bags packed and have successfully done a dress rehearsal of our trip to the hospital.

Another sweet baby event happened too: my very close friends, sister and sister-in-law gave me a beautiful, intimate shower at the restaurant Simon L.A.! My mom Gail came, and my sister Debbie — who’s also a mom of a 2-year-old — left her busy schedule of making music and developing TV projects in Dallas to celebrate with me.

We ate mini crab cakes and endive salad, roasted chicken and fish wraps, fresh chips and guacamole and pizza, and even though we were stuffed from lunch, no one could resist the comfort food dessert platter.

It included fresh baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, regular and chocolate rice crispy treats, mini vanilla milkshakes, mini sno-balls, cupcakes, caramel popcorn with peanuts, and enormous bowls of cotton candy! I brought some of that home for my daughter, who’s only heard of cotton candy in Dolly Parton’s kid’s book I Am a Rainbow.

Otherwise, everyone asks how I feel … well, honestly, I’m so tired. Seriously. It’s like getting jet-lag randomly, and I feel the baby’s head just getting lower and lower.

It’s the cave-woman/biological reality kicking in — if I were an animal, I think I’d be a fat cat laying on the bottom of a dark closet looking up longingly at my owner’s face, waiting for the birthing day. But I’m a working mom instead. I’m doing what I can to slow down but I still want to drop my daughter off on school days, finish up working on my next record and continue designing for my eyewear line.

All that with the weekly doctor’s appointments in another part of town, it starts to add up. The doula that I’m working with told me that it’d be a good time to start resting. I do take a nap part of the time while my daughter naps, but I was wondering what “resting” means exactly.

I thought going to the drug store to pick up a prescription or checking out a carpet for my new baby’s room was more like “resting,” but it turns out she means putting my feet up (which are starting to look a little sausage-toe-ish), and reading a magazine or watching TV and keeping quiet. Off my feet.

I laughed out loud. Is it because I don’t know how or can’t find the time? Does anyone actually do that unless it’s at the insistence of the doctor, officially called “bed rest”?

Talking about not resting — for my birthday in March, my husband gave me tickets to see Roger Waters performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall with him, and I was so excited to go! We’re still trying to fit in date nights, although with me being so tired, sometimes it’s more like date late afternoons.

In the middle of May — less than a month before the false labor event — we went to a really nice dinner in downtown Los Angeles, where we had the best corn soup ever. (I know, sounds like a funny thing to comment on, but it was so, well … corny.)

We thought it would be more convenient to leave our car at the restaurant valet and take a cab a few miles to the arena to avoid concert parking. Oops! The traffic ended up being so extreme that we got out of the cab, walked to the venue and then around it a few times to find our tickets and our seats.

I was having some unusual nerve-y feelings from the pressure of the baby on my legs, which meant a very long, slow walk through a very crowded (and poorly lit) outdoor coliseum, which reminded me of a 1970’s rock concert. Eventually I had to be the party pooper since it was hours past my bedtime, and we went home. I love The Wall, but I think a super pregnant woman wasn’t necessarily supposed to be there…

Has anyone else ever been to a place where they shouldn’t at the end of their pregnancy? I’d love for you to tell me about it!!

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a mom of two! In the meantime, follow me @lisaloeb.

— Lisa Loeb

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court on

So she’ll be 60 and 62 when her children graduate from high school? I can’t even imagine carrying babies in my 40s.

ruby on

Dear “court”
Not your business. Take a hike.

Vmunz on

@court: Nobody asked you to have babies in your 40s. Don’t be rude & judgmental about other peoples lives.

Go Lisa! Hope you have a smooth and safe delivery

CRM on

Lisa seems like such a down to earth person. Wishing her and her family all the best with their new delivery!

Court- why the uncessary comment? Perhaps you were just showing off your math skills?

Amanda on

Oh god, spare me the lament about women being “too old” to be moms in their 40s. Yes, women are so weak and fragile come age 60 — it’s a wonder we’re still allowed to drive a car much less watch our children graduate from high school! She’s lucky she found her dream guy and now they get to have adorable babies together. Things don’t happen for everyone on some ideal timeline.

Ami on

44 IS old to be having a baby.

meghan on

I don’t know why any entertainer would want to blog on this website. So many judgemental jerks picking at them. Just say congratulations or shut up. Good luck Lisa. You probably have more energy than I do at 28, so more power to you! Lyla will love being a big sister!

pagal on

I agree with COURT. Plus, add in the fact that she already looks old. How will she be able to keep up with her children in the coming years?

Liz on

Lisa-I always went out to the bars with my hubby or friends. Since we live in a college town, that’s about all my friends do. And they’re DJs, so the bar scene is fitting. I never drank once I found out I was pregnant, but did have some fun with people and my mocktails!

Alissa on

@Ami and Court: Just because you think something doesn’t mean you have to say it or in this case write it. When I growing up, I thought have kids at 35 was old, but as I am now 36, I see more and more of my friends start their families in their mid-thirties. I can’t personally relate since I had my children in my 20s, but I don’t think it really matters on a personal level what age women become mothers….we all seem to go through the same things.

Since the last of my three will be starting college when I’m 45, I have a different perspective for that age, but then again, I didn’t have an amazing career in my 20s and 30s like a lot of other moms did. Thank goodness there is more than one way to live a happy life!

Personally I can’t wait to read Lisa’s next blog about juggling two kids…and to see photos of course!

Cindy on

Wow, I’m so glad the pregnancy/motherhood police are chiming in. Eyeroll.

Rae on

It’s so judgemental, and wrong for anyone to say she is too old to be having a baby. If her body conceived, she isn’t too old. My grandmother had a change of life baby in her late forties and she is still alive – her youngest is now in his forties. She has survived two of her ten children, both of whom, sadly, left behind young children.

Angela on

I went to a Third Eye Blind, standing only, concert at the end of my last pregnancy. In the summer. Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it! All the standing and the heat.. but it was fun.

Emily on

@ Court: Some people don’t necessarily “choose” to have children in their 40s. I sure didn’t but I am thrilled to be expecting my 1st baby at 40. Ever heard of something called infertility? Perhaps you were lucky enough not to have to deal with it, but many women do.


This woman is making a big deal about her pregnancy and delivery and THIS IS HER SECOND CHILD…Okay Lisa Loeb you got enough attention…People like “you” are always dying for attention or complaining about something

Lisa on

I personally wouldn’t want to have kids in my 40s but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good decision for other people.

look on

Seriously, if you can get pregnant at 40 or 44 without struggle and keep the pregnancy then obviously you’re not too old to have a baby.

She’s waited a long time to start her own family, as the opportunity didn’t present itself earlier in life. Is there an age cut-off for happiness I’m not aware of? Sheesh.

Gumparde Zumppa Zapple on

She needs to write a “Nine Stories for Kids” book…You say I only hear what I want to You say I..

Madison on

I wonder what she will name the baby…

Patricia on

You asked about places pregnant women went at the end of their pregnancies. I actually was at Knott’s Berry Farm on my due date with my second daughter. I knew I wasn’t about to have her. People were looking at me like I was crazy. Several women asked me how far along I was. I ended up having her a week later.

meghan on

Today, is a second baby somehow less miraculous and exciting than the first? Don’t tell your second born that.

Bluebird on

I don’t recall doing things like concerts in my final trimester! I do recall going out in my final month. I’m a short girl and the baby was average so I looked like I was carrying a baby hippo. I got stares and comments everywhere “Wow, you look like you’re about to pop!”. Actually got kind of tired of it and spent more time at home!

Stephanie on

I don’t understand why unfamous, non-celebrity women have one baby shower, as is the norm and proper etiquette, but celebrities have a baby shower for each and every one of their pregnancies. It’s not as if celebs can’t afford a new crib or carseat. Explain, please.

Karen on

Ok, I’m 43 almost 44 and still haven’t had children yet. When I was young, I thought it was so awful to be an ‘old mom’. Well, karma got me cause I will be one when I have kids.

Age doesn’t mean anything. My mom is 72 and my dad is 74 and they kick my butt in the energy department. It’s not fair to judge people on age.

I knew alot of women that had their kids young and couldn’t deal with it. I learned that it doesn’t matter if physically you’re in the best shape, if mentally you’re not prepared to have children that will trump age every time. Many abused children have young or younger parents who can’t handle the stress. There are people who are blind or in wheelchairs that handle parenthood much better than able bodied people. So live and let live.

highdesertblue on

It is refreshing to read a first-person perspective of pregnancy that is so well written. You are as relatable in your writing as in your songs. Thank you for sharing. I’m about to be a grandma again, so I will forward this to my daughter. Bless you and your family.

LuvLeeRita on

Wow, people can be so cruel and nasty with their comments here and everywhere for that matter. Since when can’t we GIVE OUR OPINION on a topic or story. Last I heard we still lived in a free USA. If my opinion doesn’t match your opinion I’m wrong?

Charli on

I like Lisa and wish her family the best…However, I don’t like some of these comments. Some of you are just mean and cranky people.

My mom had me at almost 40 and she ran circles around all the mom’s in their 20s and my parents also had better income.

I never suffered or felt like I was short changed. My mom is energetic and awesome!!! I hope I am the same when I am a mom.

Charli on

My mom had me at almost 40. She is an awesome energetic mom and ran circles around all the 20 something moms. My mom and dad are the same age and my dad is the same way. I never felt like I had “old” parents and they provided a great life for me. They were even able to provide more because they were financially stable and mature. You meanies need to grow up. Congrats Lisa!!!!

MollyF on

LuvLeeRita, there is stating your opinion and then there is attacking a person cruelly and the person posts a blog here.

If I were Lisa I’d stop posting here, because so many people here have a negative opinion. Yeah, she may have thick skin, but words can still hurt.

I don’t understand why People doesn’t partner with Facebook so you have to connect to it to post to get rid of the anonymous posters.

Rachel on

I love Lisa’s and her sister’s tops. I’m expecting. I wish I knew were Lisa got her blouse. If it’s reasonably priced I’d like to get one too.

meghan on

LuvLeeRita, I’m sorry, but where in Lisa’s post does she state that the topic is older mothers? Cause if she did I missed it. And if she didn’t then, people certainly aren’t commenting on the topic of the post and they are being innapropriate.

Charli on

How about if you think it is a bad idea to have a baby after 40 you just don’t do it and shut up with the rude comments!

Dawn S on

I went to a Springsteen concert, main floor seats at a sports arena. It was 1992, and I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. Walking back up all those stairs was nearly impossible! Worse yet, my husband thought it would be awesome to go to the U of M football opener in ’89. I was again, 8 months pregnant with our son. It was 85 degrees that day, and we had nosebleed seats! I was HUGE. Let me tellya, I felt really bad for the guy next to me on that bleacher!! After the game, I was swelled so bad, I made my husband hail us a cab to get to where we parked our car!!!

ecl on

I agree. Not sure why anyone blogs on here. Maybe JR Martinez should start. He appears to be above reproach.

starbbycat on

Congrats Lisa on your life – I remember a few years ago watching a show about you trying to find love. Wishing you the much happiness with your two little ones!

Carol on

So happy for you Lisa! You are truly a wonderful person. God bless!!!!

PS on

Oh my goodness, she does look like she’s ready to go any day! Much luck and blessings to her.

As for those judging her for having her kids when she’s older – she’s doing it when she wants to and the time is right for her. Would you rather she have started having kids when she was younger and probably not as ready to have kids as she is now, just to please you?

LuvLeeRita on

I’m all for honest posting but there’s a way to do it without the insults. I just came off a news story where people were hurling insults at each other because they had different opinions on the same subject. Wow, it can get ugly just like here.

cb on

Lisa, I’m 35 and still haven’t found the right guy. I’m so glad to read about women having kids in their 40’s. Thanks for giving me hope! 🙂

JessicaB on

i had my 3rd baby at 40. my parents could NOT understand why i would have a baby so “late in life”. my dad acted as if i was almost circus freak for having a baby at that “advanced age”. that baby is now in middle school, and i have no issue keeping up with her or her activities. people have babies when they are ready now. isn’t it great that we have the option!

Rosie on

Wow, I didn’t even know Lisa was married. I remember her reality show when she was looking for a guy. Anyway I remember being 8 1/2 months pregnant at a Rolling Stones concert. Everyone was standing and I thought I would pass out. When I tried to sit on the floor the bouncers made me leave. This was many years ago but I’ll never forget it.

lovely123 on

I am one of those women over forty with three kids 8, 6, and 1. Yup, that is right. I have four sisters that had their kids in their 20’s, and I just never wanted kids nor marriage for that matter. I was too busy with a career and a home. Then comes this nice man when I was thirty. We waited until I was 35 to have our first. Crazy, but true. Was it worth it? Yes, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Besides, after 15 years of marriage it is still good between us. As for my sisters…they have a combined divorce ratio of 7 and a great amount of b.s. from their ex’s. I guess you get that no matter what, but things work out for a reason. One never knows how long life is, just enjoy the ride.

Sandy on

All these stupid, ignorant women posting she’s to old to have a baby- um way back when- way before all the modern conveniences of birth control devices- women had babies way into late 40’s- some in 50’s due to the fact they still have periods and are still fertile and can get pregnant! SO women must have been meant to be able to have babies later in life. Do NOT judge others. She’s young and healthy and has every right to have her babies in her 40’s. I get the feeling some may be jealous because she seems to have it all.

Jenn on

How dare those who feel the need to judge the age in which they believe its acceptable to have a child. Or whether or not its acceptable to have a shower for a second child. Really? Have you nothing better to do with your time? Reading all those posts absolutely infuriates me.

God Bless you and your family Lisa. Best of luck always!

Sandy on

So I had my kids late- 37 & 39 and wouldn’t change a thing! While all my friends had their children in 20’s- I was off traveling and doing a lot of fun stuff with hubby. No way I was gonna have kids and not be able to stay home and take care of them so we waited. We sowed our oats and spent a lot of quality time together. When our kids came along- we had the money for me to stay home with them-LOVE IT! and were settled and happy to have them and give our time and attention to them. 40’s are a great age to have kids. More risks-yes but great time mentally and financially. Good luck to her!

Shannon on

This site is always full of people trying to seek validation for their life choices and circumstances. Do what works for you and your life. End of.

I think 50+ is old for having children; 44 seems OK. Obviously nature agrees.

Melissa on

She was just giving her opinion. Jeez, relax yourself. I personally can’t see myself having a child in my 40’s, but that’s because I had my daughter at 20 and when I’m 44, she’ll probably re ready to start a family of her own a few years later. Some people just like to start young others enjoy their freedom when they’re younger.

Vickie on

I went to a baseball game at Comerica Park in the later part of my pregnancy. We parked and walked a few blocks thinking it was the smarter choice, rather than getting stuck in traffic close to the stadium. Wrong! Started having early contractions and felt just awful the whole time. We were meeting my family for my mom’s birthday so it wasn’t like we could say we were leaving right away…Went in 2 days later to see the midwife and I was actually dilated. UGH. Normal trips out are never easy in the 3rd trimester! Hang in there, Lisa!

Cammy on

Re having a baby late. I got married at 31, and knew I wanted to try to have my kids before I was 35, and did. But some women don’t for various reasons such as –
1) Their work comes first
2) They aren’t married and haven’t met anyone yet
3) They can’t get pregnant.

So some things can happen
1)They meet a guy and even in their late 30’s early 40’s want a baby.
2)They have a child when they thought they couldn’t

Yes, there can be health complications for an “older” Mom. But it’s a personal decision. I think Lisa looks wonderful, takes care of herself, and could look like someone in her 30’s. She’s financially secure, and her child will be loved and taken care of.

Marie on

Way to go Lisa! I had my first baby at 45 & I am now 47 & pregnant with twins.

I am at the point in life where I can be a devoted Mother.

Kat on

Lisa, I went to an outdoors, standing-room only rock concert two weeks before I had my daughter. It was muddy and I almost fell over and had to be hauled out of the mud by strangers. Also they made a video of the show, and I am on it lining up for the Portaloos. Then we had to walk back to the car to go home and I was wrecked afterwards.

amanda on

Stephanie, she said she had an intimate shower with close family and friends. She didn’t mention a busload of people and presents. Perhaps they just wanted to celebrate the blessing that is the imminent arrival of a baby?

Emma on

44 is not too old to have kids. Good for her and her family.

JenLaw on

I have two adult sons I had in my early twenties and a set of twins I had at 38 which were unplanned. I am a much better mom now than I was in my 20’s. Plus I look way better than 3/4 of the moms in their 20’s who drop off their kids at school still in their pajamas.

Rikki on

Some of these comments are super rude! Wow!

Lisa, I adore you! I remember being at a hockey game a week before my third baby was born. Walking around the arena was not an easy task and the seats are not that comfy. Plus, there isn’t a good place to put your nachos. If I had been at home, the baby-bump table would have worked, but alas, out in public, I didn’t want to end up on People of Walmart-like site. eek.

Sending well wishes to you and your family. 🙂

Holiday on

44 is OLD to have a baby, face it. Advanced maternal age is 35 and over so at nearly 10 years past that its safe to say she is an old mom. But its her choice and if she wanted to wait until she will be a senior citizen when her children are in high school then thats her issue. Jenlaw my son goes to a private school and I have never once seen a young or old mom in pajamas at school! Where are you sending your kids to school??

Seriously?!? on

Congrats to Lisa! As far as her age, more power to her. I had all mine by 30, but to each their own. A friend just had her first at 47. She was shocked and thought for the past 25 years that she couldn’t get pregnant. The baby is perfectly healthy and he is such a surprise blessing in her life.

Lisa seems very sweet and down to earth. May she have an easy, healthy delivery.

Jen on

I agree with everyone- so inappropriate to comment on the age of a mother-to-be!! When I was in my teens, I admit I thought I’d be a mom by 25, but it turns out life has worked out differently for me, and I am happy with the outcome so far, thank you very much!!! What I am saying is that not everyone marries young and starts a family. Some of us establish our careers, or go traveling, or just are busy living in otherwise pleasing ways! STOP WITH THE JUDGEMENT!!! CONGRATS LISA ❤

lyn on

Good for her that she is having a healthy pregnancy and feels up to going to a concert while pregnant! I got stuck on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy so I didn’t do much except read and crocet half a baby blanket.

Diane on

Went to see Pink Floyd at 8 1/2 months…loved the concert and how sensitive the other concert/party-goers around us were to the baby. We laughed about her enjoying the music of Floyd while floating. 18 years later she still loves Pink Floyd, plus lots of other music!

Samantha on

Who cares if she is over 40?!?! Women over 40 have healthy babies all the time. I know there can be risks involved with advanced maternal age, but I am sure her doctors are watching her close. They warn you about these things when you get pregnant. I personally wouldn’t want to have a baby in my 40’s (my son will be 14 when I am 40), but I don’t think anyone should judge her for that decision. I have an older mom, and I think it has been the best because she hasn’t partied and been the “crazy” young mom.

Anonymous on

Samantha I was 22 when I had my son and 26 when I had my daughter. I Am A young mom but never party and spend all my time with my kids. Young moms can be good moms too!

lovely123 on

My mom had us when she was young, and unfortunately passed away when she was young too. Just enjoy what God blesses you with and take care of yourselves.

Pele Valentina on

Holy Mother of… what bunch of crazy people hijacked the comment section and started turning it into Bedlam for Bozos??!

I can’t imagine being 9 months pregnant and reading some of that crap. It’s so hurtful. I think that there was a genuine willingness to share and exchange thoughts on Lisa’s part, and then the Judgement Brigade starts attacking from the shore. Geeez, ridiculous! (rolls eyes).

Regarding Lisa’s question, I remember being pregnant and, at nine months, all I could do was watch Law & Order (a show I previously couldn’t give a wazoo about)…so I commend the amount of chutzpah it took to even attempt a concert!

Also, some of you people need to stay up on the latest research. For instance, it was discovered that some of us are actually aging at a rate 7 years less than our peers. Is she 44? Or is she 37? Or is she 51? For Heaven sakes, who cares!! Obviously Lisa has good genes. She looks amazing and has more energy than all of the young complainers put together. And at least she is doing GOOD things with her time, instead of ranting on and spewing negativity like others we have unfortunately seen here.

Anyway, my mother used to say, “Watch out for social diseases, those are the worst. They’re from people who had bad examples of love and classy behavior, so they spread what they know: hurt.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog, Lisa. I don’t know how you keep it all together, but job well done. Hope you are able to get some rest and all of us *sane* people will be looking forward to hearing about the safe arrival of another bundle of joy for you and your family.

Cheers! Pele

Sabrina on

Coming from someone who works at a hospital where 14 & 15-year-old moms (plus the occasional 12-year-old) are very common. . . seeing a 44-year-old is a relief! She won’t be pineing over the things she never did because she’s probably already “been there, done that”. And she waited for the right person to start her family with!

Congratulations Lisa! I wish you all the best for your upcoming “special” delivery.

Jeanny on

You look fabulous Lisa and I hope you don’t have too many dress rehearsals before baby really does come.

I did what you did when I was a week away from delivering my son. I was very large and emotional and slow and we had tickets to go see Jeremy Hotz in concert. I probably shouldn’t have gone but the show was so good it was worth the looks and impatient muttering as people squeezed by me or had to wait for me to get somewhere.

pedrn on

I just had to take my 2yr old to the circus before his sister was born. Baaaad mistake!! No strollers allowed, and somehow the policeman did not want to let me park in a handicapped parking spot. And did I mention I decided to take him by myself? The pregnant brain does not always make the best choices! Good luck with your awesome family!

Katie on

Wow Lisa, sorry people can be so mean and hateful! 44 is definitely not too old to have children. It is hard to have a 2 year old and a new baby at any age so make sure and get as much rest as you can! Good luck on your delivery!