Rob and Amber Mariano Welcome Daughter Isabetta Rose

06/14/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Leave it to winning competition show veterans Rob and Amber Mariano to know nothing beats reality TV quite like reality itself.

Amber, 33, gave birth to their third daughter on Saturday, May 5, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Delivered in Pensacola, Fla., and weighing 7 lbs., 3 oz., “Isabetta Rose was born on Cinco de Mayo,” Amber says.

The newest Rose joins Lucia Rose, 2½, and Carina Rose, 18 months, in the ever-expanding Mariano household.

“Isabetta was born with a full head of brown hair and blue eyes,” notes Amber.

“She still has all of her hair almost six weeks later, and her eyes are still as blue as can be. Her sisters can’t get enough of her. They always want to hold her and I’m not sure who gives her more kisses — her big sisters or her parents!”

Amber says although she thought of ‘Isabetta’ as a potential name last year, “we never name our babies until we actually meet them. When we saw her for the first time that afternoon, we knew it was the perfect name for her. ”

Isabetta Rose – Courtesy Mariano Family

Retaining the Rose name is a tradition for the Mariano family. “Rob really liked the idea of all of our girls sharing the same middle name,” Amber says. “Many cousins on his side also share Rose as their middle name. ”

While Amber has enjoyed motherhood away from the spotlight in the past few years, ‘Boston’ Rob, 36, has continued their other tradition — reality shows — winning Survivor: Redemption Island and appearing on History Channel’s Around the World in 80 Ways in 2011.

“Three girls under 3 has made life a little crazy at times,” says Amber, “but that is what Rob and I are all about. We are absolutely loving life with our three little princesses.”

Carina, Isabetta and Lucia – Courtesy Mariano Family

— Cynthia Wang

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Heather Lynn on

Wow, I did not expect this! Congrats to the Mariano family!! I love all of their girls names and what gorgeous little princesses! I’m shocked at how much Carina looks like Rob. I’ve been a fan of theirs since their days on Survivor and love hearing updates on them. Glad they’re out of the spotlight and living a normal life!

Tricia on

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Jac on

Awww! So cute! Congrats to the Marianos!! Will always be my favorite reality tv couple 🙂

Tina on

Those are some cute babies! 🙂

Dana on

They are absolutely adorable and May 5th is my daughter’s birthday also!

Pam Macaulay on

What three beautiful wee girls, loved Rob on Survivor.

Anna on

Wow so close in age! I mean I’m sure that works for them, but yikes they must be so tired! Haha. I don’t think I could do it, 2 years between 2 was even a little close for me.

Congratulations and good luck to the new parents.

bevvie on

so cute and precious! congrats!

Elle on

Adorable girls!! Congratulations!

Daffygrams on

Adorable little girls!!

Dash on

The poor middle child is the only one not dressed in stripes! Middle kids always get the shaft… The new baby is adorable. i love newborns who keep their hair, so frakking cute!

alicejane on

Beautiful girls! That last picture makes my heart skip a little, it’s so sweet! I love the family connection with Rose as a middle name for all girls.

October on

Awww, congrats to them! I always liked them as a couple. I also had 3 girls in less than 3 years. It’s been so much fun for us and I’m sure it will be for them too.

Britt on

Isn’t it amazing to see how fast babies grow? Though they are all close in age, each one is at a different developmental stage. You don’t get to see that often within the same family. I’m sure every day in that household is a day full of discovery.

sabby on

Aww sooo cute, congrats to them! I have loved them since survivor

SusiQ on

precious babies. . .but I kinda doubt the line on the article that it’s a People exclusive. In this day of instant information I doubt that a baby born on 05/05 wouldn’t be announced until 06/14.

Amy on

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! Love this story! One of my twins shares the middle name Rose too, love that name!!! Congrats to the oh so very busy parent’s!

Someone You Know on

OMG…how adorable…many blessings to the Mariano family.

Lucy on

They’re all BEAUTIFUL girls, and Rob and Amber seem really happy!

But my mother and her sister shared the same middle name (Marie) and since they’ve grown up they’re like “You couldn’t have thought of two different middle names?”

jones on

They are all beautiful and I think it is cute that Rob is totally outnumbered by girls in their house. I like Amber’s comment about not settling on a name until the meet each child. I have names in mind, but will definitely wait until I actually see my children before naming them.

sarah on

Congratulations Rob and Ambah! Loved you guys on Survivor and so glad to see you still happy with 3 little ones.

Indira on

The two oldest look so much a like, very pretty girls.

Laurie on

absolutely adorable…

Anonymous on

I love Amber & Rob, congrat’s on a beatiful family!

Julianna on

What a beautiful little girl! The picture of Carina, Lucia and Isabetta is adorable!

anon1 on

stoney, was that a necessary comment to make? i mean, seriously these are not ugly babies and even if they were is it necessary to call babies ugly?

Brooke on

They are extremely good at keeping Amber’s pregnancies a secret. Isabetta is a very cute name….

Meg on

So cute!

Tee on

Awwww, love the sleeping pic with the posey on her bottom. And Carina’s the lil blonde cutie chub. I think they all look like Rob. They’re all precious and cute! Considering they have won $2 million or more, my bet is she has hired help, which is fine.

The girls all have Italian names and my guess is they’re Catholic (most Italians are and most females get the Marie middle name for some reason). Their middle names are something they share, and I’m glad they didn’t pick Marie, but I bet when they’re older they’ll ask why didn’t you give us different middle names (especially sense cousins also have the same middle name).

@Dash, guess you’re blind, Isabetta (the 3rd child) and Lucia (the first child) BOTH have stripes on – therefore Carina is the middle child and she’s in flowers (DUH)!! I love Lucia’s manicure too (fun). Bet they try for at least 1 more hoping for a boy!

Charlotte on

Three under three! These two are very brave parents. 🙂

Beautiful wife with three beautiful girls. Rob is a lucky guy.

Congrats to the family.

lu ann on


Just My 2 Cents on

Congrats Rob & Amber! I loved him on the last survivor he did, was sooo glad he won! Those girls are just gorgeous!!

kjc on

Wow, I definitely see Rob in those two older girls, but with Ambers fair coloring. I can’t tell with little Isabetta yet though.

I love the names they’ve given their girls, they flow together very nicely.

Tee- reading comprehension eludes you today. I think you need to re-read Dashs’ comment. No need to be rude – duh!

Mb996 on

wow I didn’t even realize they had one kid, come to find out they have three, hahaha! How adorable and I love that they are all girls. My sisters and I are very close so I hope these three will be best friends. 🙂 I bet they will try for a boy too… and have twin girls!

CestLavie on

Beautiful kids…but who the heck are their parents?

Ami on

Cute baby. But why such a hurry to keep popping them out? I would rip my hair out with 3 under 2 1/2. They are crazy.

KLP82 on

Wow, what beautiful little girls they have! I love this couple! Loved them both on Survivor and Amazing Race. Only reason I watched both those seasons! Congrats!

Sheryl on

Bellissima! Complimenti alla famiglia!

bh on


denise on

Congratulations 3 girls yeah!!!! Best of luck.

stacey on

They are adorable!!! The two oldest look just like dad. Don’t like their names at all, but I’m so jealous…..three girls in a row!!!!!!

Alexandra on

Lucia and Carina look like they could be twins! Very classy names for all three girls though 🙂

sal on

They are going to be very busy, lol! How sweet, I love them and their girls are beautiful!

kimmie on

Tee, that’s exactly what she said, the middle child … why do you think she’s blind when you are basically confirming what she said earlier

Jen on

What beautiful children Rob and Amber make!! Congrats to them and their gorgeous girls!!!

Shauna on

cute cute kids, and she is one busy mommy 😀

missy on

Just darling children. Maybe a Boy next time…………..

Lillian on

Too Cute!!

Donna on

Sweet babies! congrats! They live in Pensacola FL? That’s where I live!! They know who has beautiful white beaches!

Michelle on

Congratulations to Rob & Amber!!! And all the nay-sayer that said it was all for show & wouldn’t last – HA!!! And as for those 3 unbelievably gorgeous daughters of theirs, TRIPLE CONGRATS!! They are sooo precious. Keep up whatever it is you are doing to have a happy marriage & lovely family. I for one was a fan from day one & had a strong gut feeling this was NOT for show or publicity. This was the start & now solidification of true love & committment on both their part.

Marky on

missy, why do you think they are trying for a boy? Many people are happy to have whatever children they get–girl or boy. Not everyone feels the need for a particular sex, but are happy to have healthy children! Congratulations to Rob and Amber! Cute kids and love their names. Rose is my favorite middle name for girls……

notsosure on

Okay – they win for having the cutest babies EVER! They are all beautiful. I think Amber’s gorgeous, but Rob’s a doof. But okay. They got a lot of his looks. Hopefully, not his brains 🙂

Amy on

Very pretty babies!

Jordan on

Jeez, is she ever NOT pregnant?? Hahahaa. Love that Rob is outnumbered by the girls!!

kaemicha on

I’m so happy for – and proud of – this family. What nice news!

suzy diamond on

WOW….three girls and they are so beautiful!! What a glorious family they are. Glad to hear of this update and that they’re happy and doing well. Rob and Amber are favorites of mine. Enjoyed them on Survivor and Amazing Race.

Kristin on

@ DASH….and the poor oldest child is the only one without ruffles. Should we be worried? I’m guessing you are a middle child and have felt shafted your whole life! Try not to read so much into tiny details.

Kristin on

@ TEE…wow, blind AND ignorant! By stating that the middle child is the only one not in stripes Dash meant in age, not in the picture. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out, DUH!!!

Jax&Sarah4life on

Congrats to the couple–The babies are sooo cute and adorable! Yes they are still all babies and always will be to their parents

NickyAngel on

OMG, those girls are way too cute 🙂

Janet on

Beautiful little Angels!! Rob & Amber I love you guys i’ve followed you all thru the Survivor episodes and i was so glad you guys won. You have a Beautiful Family congratulations on your new edition.

Ella on


claire on

I adore this couple- I loved them on All-Stars, on their respective Survivor Seasons and on the Amazing Race. They make beautiful children, so precious. For the one who said they hope the girls don’t get Rob’s brains- he may seem like a doof, but his brains helped lead Amber to win Survivor, he won Survivor, had it not been for a pilot turning the plane around that had already left the gate they’d have won Amazing Race and quite likely made it further on All-Stars had it not been for a “luck-based” challenge on All-Stars… 🙂

Just love these two, wish them all a life time of happiness

Ed on

Beautiful family. But never heard of them.

hitchschild on

How is this news…………. Who cares??????????

jsp81355 on

Oh my goodness, what absolutely beautiful little girls. God bless.

LuLu on

They are so adorable!! Carina looks so much like Rob!!

deweysmom on

Tee did you read her comment and understand what she said??? Why you need to feel the need to bring up 2 million dollars and having help is beyond comprehension!!! Watched these two on survivor and I am so happy for them they are a beautiful family- who cares if ots all girls? why must everyone mention hoping for boys??? Be happy with what God gives you!!!

darcy on

So Cute!! Three kids under three should make Surviver look like a piece of cake. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, it is over way to soon.

Jen on

Beautiful family, God bless. Enjoy this age, they are gone before you know it.

laurie on

i’m so happy for you i also have three girls with the same middle name (MEG) but not so close in age the first and the last are 16 yrs apart but i love that they all share thier middle name good luck and your girls are beautiful. laurie from rochester ny

Persoon on

Having the girls close in age means they will be close play friends

Joan on

Too adorable!! Congrats!!

Amy on

Beautiful girls! I love the names. Pretty sure they probably wanted to have kids so close together, if not it’s easy to not. I wouldn’t read so much into the outfits, I doubt it was planned.

MEB on

You know they had to have been shooting for a boy. You know he wants a son to take to Fenway.

Michele on

Congrats!!! Your kids are so beautiful.. Enjoy them they grow up so fast….

cookie on

Congrats to Rob,and Amber.Although I didn’t care for them on Survivor,and TAR,I did come to like Rob,on the season he won Survivor.Amber still not so much,because she always had Rob do the dirty work.Yet still to see this family grow,and the love they have for their family is amazing.So maybe the Bachelor,and the Bachelorette should do Survivor if they are looking for love.Again congrats Rob,and Amber on your beautiful family.

Cindy on

What a nice family. Much happiness.

susan on

Ummm – Rob; the try for the boy by having three kids in under three years isn’t workin…. NEWSFLASH! let the old lady rest up and give it one more try – like when those kids are OLDER…. Sheesshhhh…………

agywilson on

Congratulations! Enjoyed you on television, so happy you’re doing well in your private lives! Your family is beautiful.

Jillian on

You clearly didn’t read what Dash wrote because you said exactly what she did, while trying to make a fool of her, you only sound ignorant. I also don’t see why you think they would be trying for a boy! I have yet to hear them speak of this. Many, many families don’t have a need for both boys and girls. Based on how they speak, I don’t believe they are one who need to have a boy. I also don’t know of anyone who would be upset that they have the same middle name as many in their family, especially if its a family name!! We do that in our family, and I love it, as do my Italian cousins. Its a great tradition.


roxy on

Wow, I didn’t expect this. I just love them both. Congrats Amber and Rob Love you all in Survivor. From your die hard in the Philippines.

deb on

Congratulations to Rob and Amber on their gorgeous girls! I’m so pleased to see that they are both still so happy together.

Jade on

Lucia looks like Amber and Carina looks like Rob. Isabetta looks like both of them.

Donna on

These girls are beautiful.

Hope they stay in touch with People as their family grows.

Patty on

Congratulations what a beautiful Family God Bless You All

SMiaVS on

@Tee, ‘Marie’ is French; the Italian variation of the name is ‘Maria.’

TJB on

TEE–My Name is Tiffany Jane & do you want to guess what my sisters Emily & Sarah’s middle name,s are?? We just accepted it as kids do,and it does not bother any one of us!

There are 3 lovely looking kids—Who cares what they are dressed in,stripes/ruffles.Amber is prob so tired she just put on a cute outfits!!

golden brown eyes on

IT’S LIKE SAYING “I HOPE MY KID’S EYES DON’T TURN BROWN” what’s wrong if they don’t stay “blue” ??????????? i hope my baby has golden brown eyes..they are the best and it looks awesome with blonde hair. blue eyes is as adults is actually a sickness. it’s not normal.

Linda on

They are my second favorite couple with Bill and Guiliana my favorite. Anyway, I wish them all well. Three daughters was my dream. I only had one but I have two granddaughters. Guess that counts. I always wished for three girls and now I have them. Not exactly like I expected but still the greatest gift I have. I miss seeing Rob and Amber on TV but they have really been busy. Hope to hear from them again soon.