Deliver In Style (and Comfort!) with the Birthingown

06/14/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Birthingown

Welcoming your baby into the world is one of the greatest moments of your life. So what mommy-to-be wouldn’t want to look — and feel! — her best, too?

But, truthfully, how hard is that when you slip on the not-so-attractive hospital gown upon your arrival?

The solution: Swap out that drab dress for the Birthingown, a super soft jersey dress that is designed to adapt throughout your stay.

From the wrap style (which allows for easy access to the back area) that is secured with a tie sash to the velcro shoulders which make breastfeeding and IV placements a breeze, you won’t have to worry about keeping your assets covered.

And the beautiful color combinations — cocoa/blue, blush, sky, and cocoa/pink — only add to the dress’s appeal so new moms can even wear it around the house after the hospital.

Suddenly, posing for snapshots with your newborn just got more flattering.

For more information on where to purchase, visit

— Anya Leon

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Maryanne on

Maybe for after birth. But I couldn’t see spending 65.00 on something that would get ruined. It is beautiful though.

Grace2 on

These kinds of things are so ridiculous. The last thing I’d want to do when bringing home a new baby is wash some bloodied, mucousy gown that’s been sitting in a hospital for a few days.

And guess what? Giving birth is messy and primordial and an insanely incredible, awe-inspiring, intense event. Can’t we give moms a break from being glamorous? Nonsense.

I wanted to look nice afterward, but during? Not so much.

Dakota on

I just gave birth Sunday. And while these are beautiful, it’s crazy. I’m sorry but so much goes on in the delivery room, (And most of it is super messy) I actually had to change gowns after several large amniotic gushes.

No thanks, give me a hospital gown any day. I save the normal/pretty clothes for when actual visitors come.

onefauxmommy on

i had one of these gowns for my delivery last year and it got so bloody i had to trash it! keep your $$$ mommies!

megan on

Clearly trying to sucker first time moms. Anyone who’s given birth knows you won’t give a darn what you look like once things get started. And birth is always messy and immodest, nothing you can do to change that, hello

Shannon on

LOL this would only work as a throwaway gift because it’s a waste of money.

Kimberly on

In the wonderful world of child birth, this gown is awesome, cool enough for those hot labor moments and when you are walking the halls trying to get the party started it is great covers everything. It was great for nursing too. I even wore it prior to labor because nothing else fit comfortably in those last days of my pregnacy. Yes giving birth is very messy, you lift the gown up under you so it doesnt get bloody. great item

Poppykai on

Because when you are in labor you really want to try and remember to lift up the $65 piece of oversized fabric so you can save it in a box and forget all about it. I would rather spend the money on a good nursing bra or a cute outfit for baby. Just my practical two cents. I have to agree that this is a money trap for new mothers. I had a friend who had a fancy labor gown and unfortunately ended up not able to use it due to needing a c section. If labor was not a messy business then I would be on board with this but I can’t change nature 🙂

ForeverMoore on

I think this is beautiful…for after having the baby though! I really enjoyed putting on something pretty after having my babies. But during the whole process, it was the furthest thing from my mind.

Tee on

I can understand that a lot of women would see this gown as a waste of money and a foolish purpose. I have to say, though, that I have never felt comfortable in hospital gowns, no matter what the circumstances. I might not buy a fancy gown like this but I would bring my own clothes to birth in.

I have to say, though, that the mindset that every woman’s modesty goes out the window when giving birth bothers me to no end because it simply isn’t true! As a midwife, I’ve seen many a woman maintain their modesty through labor and delivery and part of my job is to protect that modesty as much as possible. Don’t assume that every woman is content to flash her body around just because she’s giving birth.

megan on

“Yes giving birth is very messy, you lift the gown up under you so it doesnt get bloody. great item”

“Don’t assume that every woman is content to flash her body around just because she’s giving birth.”

Wow. I cannot believe this site is allowing the vendor to post fake comments like that. And clearly this vendor has never given birth, because you don’t lift a gown up like you’re trying to step over a mud puddle. You throw up, you sweat, bleed, change laboring positions, etc. I would never buy from a vendor who was nasty enough to refer to women giving birth as flashing their bodies around.

cn tower on

The fake “glowing” comments and praise are a familiar theme on this site….What’s funny is they usually kick in after there have been some negative, cynical comments. Very predictable.

Tee on

Megan, rest assured I have nothing to do with the vendor. I post on this site quite frequently! And I’m sorry if you misinterpreted what I was trying to say! Let me see if I can re-word it in a better sense…

You often read comments, both on this site and elsewhere, about how any women that has given birth knows that you lose all sense of modesty and just don’t care about who sees what. My point was that this simply isn’t true! I have seen women that will flash everything during birth because they don’t care about their modesty in the moment. (Emphasis on “in the moment.” I’m not disputing that this happens.

What bothers me is that some people assume all women are like that and it isn’t so. I have met many women (working in a childbirth setting) that actually do care about their modesty quite a bit and I go out of my way to protect that for them. That’s what I would expect from my caregivers in any kind of situation that requires me to be in any state of undress, so that’s what I do for others.

My point was just that it’s not right to assume that every woman loses her sense of modesty while giving birth. I really am sorry if I didn’t word it well.

For what it’s worth, I actually agree with you about how this site seems to allow an awful lot of comments from the vendors on these types of posts. That bothers me, too. I also think that this site has started posting way too many advertisements. (All in my opinion, of course.) But like I said, you can rest assured that I’m not one of them!

katie on

LMAO ok i am guessing there is a market for it. not my cup of tea, i have pics of me in my birth pool no clothes, no mess, though i forgot to do my hair it looks pretty wild and frizzy!

Marky on

I have been an L&D nurse and have also had several babies myself. I have seen women freak out and lose all sense of decorum (for lack of a better phrase) and sweat, vomit, ripe off half their clothes, and scream at their partner, BUT that is the exception, in my experience. I know i sure didn’t do any of that with any of my deliveries. That doesn’t make me award-winning, but I just never thought it was so horrible, and no, I didn’t have an epidural. My daughter didn’t either. nor did my DIL. I have seen women deliver very calmly and even deliver with a sheet over them because they were that modest. They didn’t have their legs up in stirrups, so it wasn’t an issue.

I see deliveries as being like breastfeeding. Some of us totally BF and never end up flashing anyone or exposing our breasts to strangers. My daughter thought the best way to BF was to take her shirt off (not in public) and show her breast to whoever happened to be around at feeding time. I showed her how to do it without everyone’s eyes bugging out of their heads, but her style didn’t call for that. Just sayin’ that some people stay very calm, don’t go through a lot of super messy stuff, and others don’t. Doesn’t make someone wrong or over-the-top, just their style. If this fits your style, spend the money; if it doesn’t, don’t…….

I’m with several others; why are there are so many ads lately? Clothes, baby equipment, maternity stuff–I know it’s a baby site, but ads like this one? Why?

Sara on

I gave birth to my second two weeks ago. It was so quick I had her naturally standing up, the dress I happened to be wearing hitched up around my middle. I don’t even remember who took my underwear off or who was in the room, or the animal-like noises I was making. Articles like this just make me laugh.

andrea on

Birthingown?!? Seriously?1? I was stark naked and screaming, all three times. RIDICULOUS!!

Emily on

They aren’t ads, they’re style and gear posts. Look at the categories they are filed under. If something is a paid ad, it is clearly marked ADVERTISEMENT (like above this comment box and along the right hand side of the side). Do none of you work in sales and marketing?

MiB on

Thanks Tee, I was about to step up and defend you when I read your second comment.

If I were ever blessed to give birth I don’t think I would bother to buy a birthing gown, but I have to say that of all the custom made birthing gowns I have seen on the Internet, this one does look the most comfortable!

Melissa G on

I’m pretty sure most delivery rooms in your standard hospital don’t let you give birth in clothing of your choosing. I mean once things got started for my delivery I was asked to change from my clothes to the gown…I didn’t get to be back into my own clothes until the next day. Who are these women who are demanding to put on a better outfit when they are in labor?

Jessica on

While this looks cute and comfy, I’m guessing that they’re making all of their money on first time moms who have no idea how messy childbirth actually is! After I had my daughter, it seriously looked like someone had been murdered in my hospital bed.

Tee on

Mia, I appreciate that! Thank you! Looking back, I could have worded that one sentence better but outside of that, I don’t see any problems with my original comment.

Melissa G, I can’t speak for anyone else but I would refuse to wear a hospital gown. I have always refused to wear one and the only exception I make to that rule is during actual surgery. For me, it’s a modesty and comfort issue. I feel extremely uncomfortable in a hospital gown and see absolutely no reason to put myself through that discomfort just because it’s standard for a hospital. So yes, I would be one of “those women” that would demand to wear their own clothes. But for me, you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with wearing a better outfit. It’s all a matter of being comfortable. And the hospital staff can NOT force you to wear their gowns! If you ask to wear your own clothes, they have to abide by those wishes.

whatever on

Ha I like how it says it’s to help mommy look her best. Um save looking your best for your wedding day because trust me nothing is going to make you look your best even a blood and goop covered formal gown. Seriously she looks like she’s going out to lunch. I knew a lady who took her panties of in the hospital elevator in front of a shocked teenage boy and his mother during labor. Please first time moms if you read this don’t do it. Go to the shop and get something cheap if anything.

Anna on

Such mean comments! I have seen these gowns and used them. What is wrong with a laboring woman wanting to feel something soft against her skin that happens to make you look and feel pretty while giving birth? It’s obvious much thought and experience went into the development of this product. Yes, they get messy but they clean up beautifully. And if one gets gross, as they inevitably will, then buy two. And, as far as being “allowed” to wear what you want, WOMEN! Wake up!

Marcy on

I saw these at a birth related gathering and I have to say that I think they have great qualities. I think it really beats the ridiculous hospital gowns that are dewomanizing, for one. Also, I think it is functional in the event that there is a necessity for IV lines etc. As a lactation consultant, I saw how conducive it is for breastfeeding. 24 years ago, when I had my first child, I wish I had this as a choice. With that being said, I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturers. Warm regards, Marcy

Ann on

How lovely it is for all of you to assume that all women experience – or want to experience – childbirth in exactly the same way. Or that anyone wants your super-specific input on a personal experience.