Tamera Mowry-Housley Is Expecting a Boy

06/13/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Wishes do come true!

The baby Tamera Mowry-Housley is expecting this fall is a boy, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“I want a boy because I have two brothers whom I love and adore,” the actress, 33, explained shortly after announcing her pregnancy.

“I helped raise my brothers so I have somewhat of an experience raising boys.”

Now five months pregnant and due Oct. 30, Mowry-Housley’s son will also be close in age to twin sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict‘s son Cree Taylor, who turns 1 this month.

Baby boy will be the first child for the Tia & Tamera star and her husband, FOX News correspondentย Adam Housley.

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emily on

Just one, huh? I thought maybe either her or her sister would have had twins since it runs in the family! Oh well!

LoopsFroot on

I can see where this is going.

Charli on

Good for them!

lovemyboys on

I adore her (and her sister) and it’ll be nice that they both have boys close in age!

shar on

So happy for her and her hubby!!!

lovemyboys on

@Emily, it usually skips a generation

Stayce on

Good for Tamera. I find Tia more down-to-earth, though. Tia seems to be a bit ADHD.

rita on

Yes tamera is more calm then tia! Tamera & adam are a special couple! Tia is too anxious/ and seems to be controlling! But they both are great

sally on

Awesome congrats!

Alicia on

I love Tamera…she is so adorable….i think she’s prettier that Tia now

Josie on

Twins by genetic skips a generation. Tia and Tamera won’t have twins by genetic chance but if they have girls, the girl daughters will have a genetic chance to conceive twins.

Adrianna on

Identical twins are a fluke of nature, and not genetic and only fraternal twins are genetic. That’s what I’ve read. And I thought they were identical! Congrats on her boy! I have a nephew only 3 months older than my son I LOVE IT!

Halley on

I watched their show last season and thought Tamera was the much more genuine, kind, and sweet of the two sisters. Tia seemed very self involved, and she was really off putting to watch. Best wishes for a happy, healthy little boy for the Housleys.

Destin on

@ Emily, Josie, and Lovemy boys:

Tia and Tamera are identical twins – not fraternal.

Fraternal twins is genetic, and yes normally does skip a generation.

Identical twins (like they are) is a freak accident in science where an egg splits, and it is NOT genetic.

Identical twins occur when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote (monozygotic) which then divides into two separate embryos. Their traits and physical appearances are not exactly the same; although they have identical DNA, environmental conditions both inside the womb and throughout their lives influence the switching on and off of various genes. Division of the zygote into two embryos is not considered to be a hereditary trait, but rather an anomaly that occurs in birthing at a rate of about 3 in every 1000 deliveries

Elissa on

I believe Tia and Tamara are identical twins – identical twins do not “run in the family” identical twins are a fluke and can happen to anyone, fraternal twins run in the family. Identical twins have no higher chance than anyone else to have twins.

CallieFTW on

@Emily…it also skips a generation and whose to say one of them aren’t going to? They only each have ONE baby!

Lauren on

I believe Tia and Tamera are identical twins so they wouldn’t have a “default” genetic predisposition to having twins unless there’s a previous family history of fraternal twins. The only genetic link for twins would be a predisposition for hyper-ovulation and only associated with fraternal twins (multiple eggs).

Nadira on

Can I just say identical twins are not genetic. It only happens when a fertilized egg is split and becomes 2 embryos. Only fraternal twins are genetic and can only come from the mother’s side. It has nothing to do with the father’s side, because the woman has to be able to release 2 eggs at ovulation. Sorry I have identical twins and it just bugs me.

lifeasahouse on

Identical twins are a fluke. Fraternal is genetic.

boohoobytch on

whaaaatever @ the twins debate – congrats to her, she seems cooler than her annoying sister

emily on

Oh, I had no idea about that. Nadira- no need to be “bugged”! It’s just not something some people know, judging from the posts on this. Consider me educated- now everyone can take it back down a notch ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicki on

Love, love, love Tia and Tamera. On a side note, fraternal twins don’t necessarily skip a generation! Trust me I know. My grandmother was a twin, one of her daughters (my aunt) had 2 sets of twins. 3 of my cousins have had twins and luckily, so have I. ๐Ÿ™‚

ThreeBoyz on

There is no evidence that twins ‘skip’ a generation. Identical twins are totally random and happen to anyone, they don’t ‘run’ in families. My fraternal twins happened because I hyperovulated, which could be a gene somewhere in my family. But I think it was from coming off of birth control.

Sapphire on

I have to agree with ThreeBoyz, there is no evidence that twins skip a generation–case in point my best friend’s father is an identical twin and my best friend and his brother are identical twins. Taken from the NY Times: “The notion that twins always skip a generation is also a myth”

fancypants on

I can ALWAYS tell Tia and Tamera (identical twins) apart but I can never tell Mary Kate and Ashley (fraternal twins) apart. Twin biology is interesting.

Jan Parris on

I love them both, congrats to the lovely couple.

KGurley on

Congrats on finding out the news that u will b bringing a son n2 the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandee on

Congrats to the happy couple.. Wish them the best in the future along with her sister Tia.

donna on

researchers have proven that twins don’t run in families…it is indeed a fluke of nature…some women will have a set of twins in a family that have never had twins and other women will have single births in a family that has always had twins….it is like so many things…it is just one of those things that happens…my mother-in-laws younger sisters are fraternal twins..they are the first set to be born in the family and there have not been anymore born since then..

Natalie on

I cringe and my heart sinks when I hear people say “I WANT…girl/boy.” It breaks my heart. As if you got a girl…I mean how dreadful!? Geez. I really like her and Tia and their show. But, as a woman who struggles with infertility…and may never have a baby again…how about being thankful and just saying “I don’t care WHAT I have – as long as my baby is HEALTHY.” I don’t normally complain on these types of things…but, this comment always breaks my heart.

Kat on

Congratulations but I hope they come up with a better name.

staceyhead84 on

Aw congratulations! That’ll be fun!

Lilene on

Tamera is so beautiful and I absolutely love her personality and style! Congratulations to Tamera and Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

wondergirl on

My best friend mother was an identical twin Mia and Gia.
mia had twins my best friend carol and her faternal twin cheryl. Now my friends carol sister cheryl had a baby from a faternal twin man. who is Benjamin (his twin was janee) cheryl she still didn’t have a twins. Now Gia daughter Tammy who is not a twin ended up having 2 sets of twins. I guess skip gereration but there were to many twins in that family. wiping my forhead!

MyBiz on

Um why are you all debating on whether or not they’ll have twins? Who cares?! N/e ways congrats to her. I like Tamera more, tia is too self centered and selfish. She never does for her sis but she complains and whines when tamerra doesn’t want to do for her.

KatR on

Glad for the kid’s sake that he’s a boy.

Macrina on

Congrats to Tamera and Adam! I love watching Tamera on Tia and Tamera! I personally feel that the way Tia treats Tamera is terrible.

Ava on

Macrina, I totally agree that Tia doesn’t treat Tamera very nicely. I watched the first show of the new season, but I don’t think I’ll watch any more because it’s just kind of sad to me.

IslandGyal on

FAUX news, she married someone who works at FAUX news?!?!?!?!??!

Shannon on

Yay for Cree!

P. on

Congratulations! On another note, I find it interesting how Tia and Tamera still share the same initials now that they both are married. Tia Mowry-Hardrict (TMH) and Tamera Mowry-Housley (TMH). I love them!!!!

regina on

Congrats!! my stepbrother is a twin, and he and his wife are expecting twins this july. I don’t understand how expecting twins skips a generation.

khats on

I have three sets of twins, identical boys, fraternal girl/boy and fraternal girls. No twin grandchildren although one fraternal girl husband is an identical twin. No twin great grandchildren yet. Congrats to the happy couple.

denise on

yeah, best of luck

Bebe on

Tia and Tamera are identical twins – that does not run in families; it is a freak of nature.

Rhonda on

Please readers, no more biology lessons. It only took one person to explain that identical twins are a fluke and not genetic. Anyway, congratulations to Tamera. I also wanted a son when I was pregnant, but had to wait until he was born to find out what I was having. They didn’t do ultrasounds in those days to determine the sex of the fetus.

Sandra on

I’m very happy for her! She seems like a really nice person. Her sister on the other hand seems like a weirdo. Very different personalities they have.

Ness on

I agree KatR !

Maria on

That’s great she’s having a baby but I think she’s only having a baby because her sister had a baby, she feel like they have to do everything the same because they’re twins…No!

valerie on

It always amazes me how some people can take a story and turn it into an all out war of words! Geez. Just stick with the subject at hand. Congrats of the new of the upcoming arrival of a BABY BOY, Tamara!

Dienekes on

Odd, this article says nothing of her husband; let me guess: another pseudo-celebrity having children out of wedlock and being celebrated for her poor lifestyle choices. Greeeeaaaatt!! This is exactly the kind of filth that is polluting the minds of our tween and teenage girls; right up there with the Albas and Berrys…

alicia on

Grow up Valerie….people are entitled to an opinion. That’s what makes the comment section interesting….everyone is so sensitive these days!!!!!!!!!!!

T in Texas on

Congratulations ! I love these two Tia & Tamera . Their laughs are so contagious .

Liz on

Dienekes, Tamara is happily married and a great role model for our teens.

debra on

i love the show congrats on the new baby.

Glenn on

Tamera and Adam are such a Beautiful Couple..their Son will be So Handsome and So Blessed.

Mary on

I think it’s refreshing to hear a mom wanting boys. I’m constantly hearing moms wanting and preferring to have girls but no one ever calls them out.

From someone who has a boy and a girl, IMO, boys are easier. Sure you can dress girls up cute but they are PURE DRAMA!

Jennifer on

Dienekes–Learn to read before typing your ignorant, holier-than-thou drivel. Let me point you to the last paragraph of this article, you know, where it says “…her husband, FOX News correspondent Adam Housley.”

P.S. Please don’t procreate.

@omega girl on

Wow! this is great news! Congratulations to both parents, and I LUV YOUR SHOW. God bless.

Doreen on

Yah!! I used to think Tia was prettier and I’ve seen what a snob she’s become on the show. What a diva she is!! I don’t like her so much. So spoiled and stuck up. I think Tamera has grown into her looks and she’s the prettier one now!

guest57 on

so not true. its a myth that twins skip a generation. My grandmother is a twin and had twins. She is not the only one I have met like that. Totally up to your egg and the sperm

G on


Tanya on

Star of my childhood is due on my b-day! So cool! But very often women, which having boys, gave birth to them after their due dates.

renebear on

So happy for her & her husband!! I love the show & I love these girls!!

Mary on

Fraternal twins can run in families (mother releases multiple eggs) but identical twins are when the eggs splits in two and that is just a random occurrence.

Marky on

Fraternal twins run in my husbands family, and they have always been every other generation. Don’t know whether that’s always the case, but I know they are in his family, as far as I’ve been able to trace.

lovely123 on

Does anyone know if twins can run in families…I am soooo kidding right now!!!!! There are so many posts explaining the twin thing!! lol!!

Cheyenne on

I absolutely LOVE Tia and Tamera. I miss Sister, Sister. I’m extremely happy for both Tia and Tamera, for their pregnancies and marriages. Congrats Tamera! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lynn on

I have a friend who is a fraternal twin & she triplets!

BuBu on

I love them and their show on The Style Network!

Hannah on

O my gosh congrats Tamera!!! It will be great for Cree to have a cousin so close in age! @fancypants I can always tell them apart too! But only because Tamera has the mole. And sometimes she wears her hair differant. I never knew Mary-Kate and Ashley were fraternal. That is crazy!

Congrats to Tamera, Adam, Tia, Cory, and little Cree-Cree.

Jordan on

You and Adam are going to be phenomenal parents! I cannot wait to see what you do with the baby’s room in the new house! I know it will be fantastic.

C.M.J. on

I love love love Tamera, she’s by far my favorite. I’m so happy for her and Adam. Many blessings for a happy healthy baby boy!! @lovely123 lmbo haha that was funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Lemancia casseus on

Hi guy’s !
I’m a good fan of you. I have fraternal twin boys, they are 14 years old now. I was jealous of Cree, but now I’m happy for both of you guys. I’m watching your show almost everyday. Good luck to both of you. I can’t wait to see tamera’s baby. I love baby boys!!!!!!

syreeta on

Congratulations Tamera… I adore them both (Tia & Tamera) and I think both of them are absolutely beautiful.. I’m happy that they will both have children close in age…

manahi on

I’m happy for her and I love them equally(Tia and Tamera). Is her pregnancy gonna be telecast

neicy on

I love tia and tamera both. They are such beautiful sisters and they love each other very much. They do support one another from what i can see. Congrats to tamera and adam on their new baby to be. And yes cree-cree will have a cousin to play and grow up with. Yaaaaayyy!!!!

barbra on

I understand but sometimes Tamera can be controlling but in the end they both are hurt

Jen on

CONGRATULATIONS!! I think Tia and Tamara both ROCK!! I love their drive, ambition, realness, and abilities to be so mature in such an insane world of celebrity craziness. You know…some people would love to meet them and just get a hint of celebrity life. I would love to meet them and get to know them because I think they have an amazing outlook on life and have great heads on their shoulders. Aside from that…who doesn’t like to have seriously beautiful girlfriends to hit the spa with!

Anonymous on

I so happy for u and your sister

Anonymous on

How cute you are