Inside Kayte Grammer’s Rooftop Baby Shower

06/13/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
The proud parents – Barry Brecheisen

A toast to double the trouble!

On Tuesday actor Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte celebrated the upcoming July arrival of their twins with a summer soiree overlooking Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

Hosted by Grammer’s Boss costars including Sanaa Lathan, Hannah Ware and Kathleen Robertson, the parents-to-be mingled with close family and friends at Raffaello Hotel‘s new rooftop lounge, Drumbar.

As guests sipped on La Marca Prosecco throughout the evening, the expectant mama was treated to her very own namesake mocktail, Kayte’s Honey, created by the hot spot’s Benjamin Newby.

Drumbar – Anthony Tahlier

Surrounded by breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, the entire group partook in a variety of fun baby shower games to celebrate the couple’s future additions. Votives and napkins custom-designed by added to the atmosphere.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals,” Grammer, 57, told PEOPLE in January. “[Kayte is] one of the most loving, amazing, warm human beings I’ve ever met. She’s an amazing person and I think she’ll blow [the kids] away.”

Kayte’s Honey – Barry Brecheisen

Making a last-minute appearance at the intimate get-together was Glee‘s Jonathan Groff, who will appear alongside Grammer on the second season of Boss, premiering Aug. 17 on STARZ.

Kelsey, Hannah, Kayte, Kathleen, Sanaa and Jonathan – Barry Brecheisen

— Anya Leon

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Jordan on

Just cracks me up..cheats on his wife and is “all over” with this tramp. I think he is scum !

christa on

These two make me sick.

look on

I feel sad for his other children in California as they’re now forced to grow up without a Dad in their immediate lives. He seems to have just packed up his life in a suitcase one day and never looked back. Fine for a young man, fine for a single man, but a married man with children has responsibilities, and throwing money at the kids, which is obviously what “Frasier” can do, is no substitute for being present. Hopefully he’ll stick around for his new children and wife.

Karen on

You really shouldn’t judge someone because their sin is different than yours.

Kendal on

I see pink napkins, must mean she is pregnant with girls.

Terry on

the napkins are pink. wonder if that means girls or just the colour she wanted.

Emry on

You know hes got her completely brainwashed, because what woman in her right mind would be with this trash knowing what hes done? She has no reason to trust him, hes got something over her, unless she has done the same things he has and therefore knows she cant argue her point. Trash, trash trash, those poor kids, as soon as she gives birth to the twins, hes going to jump on the next young tramp and get her knocked up, its just what he does.

Anna on

Blechh. He reminds me a little of Michael Landon in that when he tires of his family he just goes out and gets another one. Except from what Michael Landon’s kids say, I don’t think Michael Landon threw money at his kids, far from it lol.

alexis on

I guess she has no friends of her own huh?

AVC on

I really don’t think “amazing” and “warm human beings” sleep with men that have a wife and children at home. That’s just me… I think they’re both a joke.

Corrina on

He seems like he needs a wife that greatly admires him. Once that fades, he no longer feels special and moves on to find another young and impressionable girl to prey on.

His behavior is embarassing. The recent tattoo on the hip and tweeting about it? What a joke.

Anonymous on

Nice looking family

Lila on

LOL So he cheated…big deal like he is the only one in Hollywood who ever did. Jennifer Aniston pouted when Angelina ran off with Brad, then she turns around and did it to Justin Theroux’s common law wife….it is the nature of the business to be scum. Kelsey Grammar’s ex is not that much of a pillar of society either…so I wouldn’t be so quick running to her defense.

KD on

While we wouldn’t know if there was trouble in the Grammer household while he still married I think he did a number on the ex wife and kids. He’s a piece of crap..especially as he’s cheating on her w/ this new wife, who I think he met on a plane. She’s clueless…love is blind. I feel sorry for the kids he already has.

Laura on

Who I feel sorry for the most is his other 2 children, it’s like Kesley just up and left them in the wind. Maybe the word of the da is Karma!!!!!!!!

KellanLutz_is_creepy on

WOW Kelsey, maybe you won’t screw up these kids like you did with Camille. Kayte, darling….when you marry a cheater, you will be left by a cheater: The rules don’t change for you! Retards!!!

Samurai on

It’s interesting that it’s his friends and nothing about her family or friends present. Very telling.

Kristy Lou on

Where are there pink napkins? I would like to vomit right here and now as this dude makes my stomach turn! Leaves his other Wife for this chick, impregnants her and leaves his other kids behind, like dust in the wind..Sicko!

Jen on

What an ego this guy has! He has children he already is no longer involved with and didn’t get his nuts cut? Wow, he thinks he has super sperm.

Cara on

THis guy is a complete pig. Let’s see how this new wife feels when she gets cheated on & dumped. Both are vile humans.

pagal on

Completely trashy couple. Both of them. I have no respect for either one of them.

meghan on

Nobody cares, trash.

meghan on

@Lila, there is no such thing as common law marriage anymore.

Susan on

She’s an amazing person and I think she’ll blow [the kids] away.”As will he when he tires of them and finds someone else. This man is a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!

lisa on

He is a poor excuse for a man. I hope he stays around long enough to actually see these kids grow up. I also hope she realizes she won’t be his last wife.

Jen on

People! (The people on here, not the magazine)…get a life!! He is not the only guy in the Hollywood world who has cheated and is not involved in his kids lives that much, and honestly, I do not know why everyone on this site gives him such a hard time. Clint Eastwood cheated! Charlie Sheen cheated! Rod Stewart cheated! They all have kids with other women. No, it may not be right, but geez. WHY is it that everyone on here gives them passes yet KG is “trash”? Ever heard the phrase, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones? Get over your own man hating because of your own cheating husbands, and let the guy live in peace.

Melissa on

I had an affair with a married man once. The sex was awesome and I didn’t have to worry about the drama because when I was done I just sent him home to his wife. LOL

Karen on

Lisa, you nailed it….he is an embarassment.

Maxie on

Is that a beer Kelsey is drinking? Thought he was an alcoholic?

showbizmom on

I’m happy that she’s having a healthy pregnancy. But I always wonder about girls that sleep with married men. I mean she had to have known that he was married. No matter what he said, ‘oh, we separated’ or ‘she and I have an agreement’ I as a woman would have so many red flags go up, so would my family and friends. I understand love and sometimes we fall in love without warning and maybe with someone who isn’t available, but you put that aside and wait. If it’s true love, you wait till the time is appropriate especially when kids are involved. It’s sad to me, no matter what was going on in his marriage to that reality tv show woman, he should have been a man and done what was right before ‘falling in love’ with his now wife.

jsp81355 on

And when Kelsey gets tired of Kayte he will just throw her and the kids under the bus the way he did with his other wives and kids. He is absolutely no bargain whatsoever.

kripkeownsme on

Do these two not have real friends? Kelsey’s costars of about a year threw the shower for them? How totally bizarre. This isn’t a group of the couple’s “close family and friends”, People!

Jean on

Yeah, where is his family? hers? Where are his kids? Across the country. I think Camille is a bit trashy herself, but this Kayte is a moron. What makes you better than Camille? He cheated on her but he won’t cheat on you? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Women can be so, so stupid. I have met so many women in my life who stay with men they are convinced will change. He has shown his true colors and you and those kids are no more important to him than his last family–all disposable when the next thing comes along.

Anonymous on

Poor babies!

Donna on

Kelsey – what a jerk you are – why have more kids when you ignore those you have – Kayte hope you take note on how he treats his kids – out of site out of mind

Kathy on

Who does People Magazine insist on shoving news about this pig and his homewrecking whore down our throats. I think the entire relationship is absoultely disgusting. I saw a pic of them kissing and it made me throw up in my mouth a little, it looked like a young woman frenching her grandpa…

Anna on

Jen, what you said about those other cheaters is true but I don’t see that the people here are giving them a free pass. It’s simply that THIS article is about Kelsey Grammer and so HE is the one being commented on, and rightly so IMO. When those other celebrities are featured in an article, people will have the right to comment on them then too.

Donna on

Kelsey is a jerk – kids are out of site & out of mind – beware Kayte of who he really is!

ifonlyuknew on

Good for them! Hope they had fun! Geez!! So many stone throwers in this place. Unless anyone here was living with any of the parties involved…I don’t see how you hold a position to pass such judgement. FYI…I am also an ex whose other has moved on but in my case…I accept that when a relationship ends..ALL parties involved hold a piece of the blame!

Kay on

I love love LOVE reading the comments from women who say “we don’t know what was going on in their marriage” and other such clap trap. OMGoodness if its so important that you condone this kind of behavior makes me wonder about you too. This man is a walking STD and the little chippie he boinked while still married to another woman is just as bad as he is. Personally, I hope this chippie takes him for everything he has. He’s a fool and you know what they say about him and his money? There’s something in her eyes that says MASTER MANIPULATOR and I think she might just wring him out to dry. But my note is especially to Jen – Jen, sweetie – the minute you quit being disgusted by people and their reprehensible behavior is the minute you start rationalizing your own acts. I would never give anyone a pass on this kind of garbage. I think People magazine did because if normal people edited even this website there wouldn’t be a mention of Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian or this moron. People is just feeding the beast with this kind of crappy story…and unfortunately women eat it up with a spoon.

Emily on

At first I was going to write about how nice this looks, but to be honest now after hearing about what a douchepacker he is, I wish somebody else was celebrating babies with this beautiful shower.

This couple doesn’t deserve it.

Catca on

Actually, Kelsey is on-location in Chicago shooting the tv series he stars in. He’d be there even if he was still married to Camille.

Kayte is from England and probably doesn’t know that many people here yet, seems really harsh to criticize her for having a baby shower thrown by Kelsey’s co-workers. And this may be the shower that ended up in People because it was attended by other celebrities. Good bet she had a shower with family and friends back in England, or maybe one here with friends she met that was low key and not in the tabloids.

As far as Kelsey not seeing his younger children, he does try to go to there events and continue to be involved in their lives, but there was a very contentious child custody dispute with Camille. Yes, he cheated on Camille (reports are that Camille also cheated), but they both moved on and both seem happy. Let them be.

Rae on

SHAME ON YOU, PEOPLE MAGAZINE for posting this TRASH. She is a husband stealing whore and he is an adultering pig. NOBODY wants to share in their happiness because they trampled on other people to find it. Between them and LeAnn Rimes and HER adultering pig husband, its as if People Magazine is encouraging that kind of behavior. Expect a letter to your editors. Disgraceful. And Kelsey will leave her just the way he did his other two wives. SCUM.

Win on

He is old enough to be her grandfather. disgusting.

Shannon on

not them again

B.J. (the girl) on

Gross. I used to like Kelsey Grammer but just looking at him… His face just screams “slime ball”!

Sami on

Eh, em…those who are actually defending Kelsey must be cheaters or saints!!! LOL!!!!

Leslee on

I want to be happy for these two but find myself unable to cross the finish line on that. I hope that they are happily married couple and family for the rest of their lives, sometimes people just click but I don’t think so.

Kelsey seems to idealize women before marriage and/or babies but then later finds them to be the complete opposite of what he said to begin with. They always fall from grace, no longer the woman that saved him, loved him like no other or the one that truly needed and wanted him. She knew what she was getting into but these babies didn’t and I just hope the best for them.

Jordan on

Yes, he’s a puke…but she’s a gold digger. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She knew what she was doing. I only feel sorry for the babies she is bringing into a disfunctional atmosphere. That’s just sad.

little one on

Uggh/Ewwww!! He’s like any other MAN!, cheats on his WIFE! and has a baby by the other WOMAN! I hope Kelsey reads these, because he is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! he needs to be SHOT! for what he did to Camille and his other two kids that he dosen’t even SEE! And kayte is just BLINDED by FAME!!! After all, she did work on an AIRPLANE!! hahahaha!

Emma on

Is her name pronounced “Katie” or Kate”? Interesting spelling of it.

Angela on

OMG Grammer is only 57? He is not aging well.

lol on

is he paying to write news stories about him and his wife who cares

Debe on

Cheaters cheat. If she thinks she is the “one” for him – after how many wives? – she’s a nutcase. She needs to get all the moola she can right now, cause he is going to dump her butt soon!

G on

He has cheated and impregnated four times!!! He currently has 4 children with 3 different women (and what would have been another child with a fourth mother had it not resulted in miscarriage). This will be mother number 4 with babies 5&6. This girl is either an total idoit (if she really believes his crap) or a genius (is she takes him for a boatload) depending on how you look at it.

Nan on

Glad he FINALLY dumped Camille—she was a skank. Happy for you Kelsey!!!

CeeCee on

They deserve eachother. He’s old and pathetic, she’s young and frumpy. They both think nothing of others when considering their own desires. Wow, let’s hope the kid has morals at birth, because this baby certainly doesn’t have much chance of a genetic moral compass. I don’t care what the reasons, it’s awful to publicize any of this. There are others who were hurt by this union and they should keep it to themselves.

megan on

No way his wife is younger than me. Geez louise, she looks old

Star on

I like them both, They seem like really nice humble people that truly care about each other and are not all about the fame. Congrats!

Judy on

I’m curious why with all Kelsey’s money, she had to wear a dress that looked like she pulled it out of a sandwich bag. Couldn’t the housekeeper press it for her?

mary on

Praying for the best for the babies on the way!
they are who will should all be concerned with.
Young innocents coming into the world that need both a mom and a dad that love them and will take care of them and raise them.
Doesn’t anyone care about the long-term gift of raising children?

Julianna on

She looks about to pop any day now…

Melissa on

Interesting how many people will sit behind their computer desk and bash others. No one knows what happen in their marriage except the parties involved. Usually when a person cheats it is because their partner stopped putting out or sucked at it so they looked else where. IF you’ve been cheating on maybe it is time to look in the mirror!

mrs mac on

Kesley Grammar is pure evil. As soon as Kayte learns the word NO she and her kids will be gone. I won’t watch any of his programs because just to look at him makes me sick. I’ve watched Camille on the RHOBH and she had no idea the pain in her face from Kelsey was so real and again the man is pure evil. I also think this man has a secret side because when he left Camille he left behind a pair of size 10 heels. Don’t get me started on the kids he left behind. I can’t wait for the tell all book these kids will be writing.

meghan on

That’s lovely Melissa, nice to know where your priorities are. I wouldn’t be so smug. It can happen to anyone.

pat on

Sure she’s ‘amazing’ and ‘warm’ now. Wait till he walks out on her and the baby. don’t know why People likes to glamorize people who throw their kids away.

Beeno on

I wouldn’t be too concerned for Kayte if I were you. She’s in it for the $$$$$ pure and simple. And popping out little Kelseyites is always part of the the charade. More kids, more money. Why else would he be attractive to her. She’s not very cute, but compared to him, she’s young (Camille was no beauty either), and she likely has the skills (;-P) to compensate for her lack of beauty. When (not if) he’s done with her, he’ll be off to an even younger girl, and she’ll be rolling in the dough. Quite typical. And only the children will be hurt. So naturally that makes it okay. Right?! How pathetic he is.

sylvia on

I agree with Jordan. Grammer is scum!

Mandy on

What a nice life she must be living now, from stewardess to summer soirees…christ.

He is so sleazy… it’s hard to respect him. I guess she can’t help that she fell in love, but there never should have been an opportunity for that. He was married, he knew better…

I have a lot more respect for Camille knowing that she put up with this egomaniac.

A. on

Das Schwein und die Hure. These two disgusts me.

cn tower on

I don’t know very much about their history as a couple and only know him from Cheers, but I’ve never seen a post with multiple comments where there were so much consensus. Yikes!!

missy on

I remember him saying the same thing’s about his other wives . LOSER!!!! Who would want his kids , only another LOSER!

meghan on

His quotes about Kayte are the same exact stuff he used to say about Camille. And Tammi, the fiancee that he dumped before he met Camille. And probably the first two wives before that. And probably the mother of his illegitimate child. And probably the underage babysitter, too.

lc on

Arent you all so perfect, being able to pass judgement on someone you do not even know. Only God has the right to judge us. We are not meant to be perfect.

meghan on

@lc, that’s true, we are not meant to be perfect. We are also not meant to be raging douche bags either, but that doesn’t stop him.

Sarah on

Once the romance wears off he’ll be on to the next new thing. I give it less than three years before he cheats again. The new wife and new little kids will bore him too eventually. Likely when the babies start to walk he’ll walk too.

Nancy in Illinois on

I agree, he is scum. And, Camille is much better looking than that Kayte person. I can’t watch that show he’s on, put a fork in him, he’s done!

A. on

@meghan LOL! Totally agree.

@lc could the motivation behind your comment be because you are a cheater yourself?

Lauren on

Two more babies for Kelsey to ignore. Sad for those babies! Wonder how long until he cheats on Kayte with someone younger and knocks them up with his next bunch of kids.

Anonymous on

They are trash and deserve each other, at least until he cheats again.

Victoria on

Kelsey left Camille for THAT? Yikes! She’s definitely not very attractive. I wonder how long it will be after he sees her all covered in stretch marks before he decides he wants someone more attractive. And in better shape than her.

Guest on

GTFO of Chicago already…we hate you here! Can’t wait to see them in public so I can spit in her disgusting horse face.

Hope those kids are stillborn!! Kelsey Grammer and his gutter whore don’t deserve happiness!

Dani on

While I do not like the methods used for him to get together with her we don’t know everything. We just don’t. We don’t know how long he lived with his ex in an unhappy marriage. And, we don’t know that he doesn’t see his kids. He may see them often. I will say this — he looks really happy. He looks in love.

Catca on


You are hoping innocent babies suffer and are stillborn? You need therapy.

Gina on

The only thing I can think of as to why Kayte married Kelsey is MONEY. Kelsey on the other hand is a serial cheater. He did you a favor Camille by leaving.

Mila on

Camille looks like a dumb trashy whore, no wonder he left her. This girl looks clean, smart and natural. Why the negative comments? He cheated on his wife -big deal! It happens to many people. And considering who his wife was I am surprised he didn’t cheat on her sooner.

TJ on

Yea in a couple years or so he will move on to another woman and dump his family yet again. If they are girls, get ready for more boys names. I think he hates woman in general and doesn’t like to name his girls girly names. He needs to stop having kids too.

whatever on

If it was just Camille we were talking about I would be like ok the poor man had to put up with that but come on he’s had multiple children with multiple women. The track record is not good. If she thinks it won’t happen to her she is seriously disabled. Women who sleep with married men are slags and should never complain when that man or any man cheats on them I don’t care how much he tells you he’s unhappy. you don’t deserve to be happy.

Alexandra on

@Mila Lol. The world has become very sad if cheating on your wife isn’t a “big deal.”

Joyful on

Karma is about to get him, she is going to have those babies and take off and go back to her country and hit him with child support like he’s never known before! Kelsey wont care about that.

Miss Anne on

Tacky. Oh and her outfit also.

Anonymous on

I think Kelsey and Kayte look very happy. Best wishes to them on their marriage and the births of the twins.

Schae on

Both Kelsey and Kayte are VILE people. Kelsey is a disgusting pig, who happens to be a serial cheater. Kayte’s not attractive and I don’t know what she sees in that disgusting pig. Well, to each their own. Doesn’t he have a daughter that is not only older than Kayte, but also recently made Kelsey a grandfather? I feel sorry for his other kids, whom apparently he doesn’t see that often (and work ISN’T an excuse).

CaliKim on

Kelsey looks HAPPIER then he ever has! Good for him. Hopefully he’s finally found what he’s been looking for.

Tara on

I am sure at her age (29) and his (57) it is true love… or true love of money! Come on, I am 34 and could not even imagine getting it on with someone as old as my dad, so gross. And he has been married 4 times, that should be a big red flag. He isn’t even attractive. I just hope he isn’t a jerk to her, she seems sweet…

Kelly on

My 1st husband cheated on me and divorced me for some chick he knew in his school years (before college I might add). My new husband and I agree “If he cheated with you, he will cheat on you”. These two just puzzle the heck out of me.

meghan on

CaliKim, he always looks this happy at the beginning.

Lori on

People should not continue to keep this cheater in the news. What a scum bag! And her too, she is just a gold digger who was smart to finally get pregnant so she can collect his money eternally once they split.

Barbi on

It’s incredible how fast some women get pregnant when they land a celebrity! Hope it lasts but I would bet it won’t. What’s easily obtained is easily forgotten. If he was able to forget the mother of his children, what would make this different? I feel sorry for his children.

Alan on

I don’t believe that Kelsey Grammer is a bad guy. Nobody gets married to get divorced, and nobody’s perfect. Break-ups happen. Kelsey and Kayte look supremely happy together, and I wish them all the best.

Anonymous on

I have absolutely NO respect for Mr. Grammer and his wife I hardly do either. I don’t doubt that she is a warm person, but she NEEDS to marry someone her own age. She is an attractive young woman who I feel could do better. But good luck to her and the kids!!

whatever on

Oh and Melissa you keep telling yourself that when you’re banging married men. “She must be uglier, she must suck in bed, she must be mean to him”. It’s all bs honey. You are not prettier, better in bed or nicer to him. The facts show that usually the mistress is uglier/slaggier than the wife because the cheating comes from feelings of insecurity on the mans part. The fact is you’re just a slut and there’s a reason he goes home to his wife instead of wanting to be with you. Watch and see one day. Women who have low self esteem usually are magnets to jerks (i.e. like your married friend) so one day when you finally get someone to marry you chances are he’ll treat you like crap and you’ll be on the receiving end. Have fun with that.

s on

His PR person must really be working overtime to get these stories plugged! She is a nasty tramp and he is disgusting and should get snipped. What goes around comes around. She will get what is coming to her one day. Poor babies! The two of them make me ashamed to me a New Yorker

maria on

It is a nice pic, hope all are happy now and bless the new babies.

maria on

Good luck to all; don’t judge folks; we don’t know the whole story with them.

maria on

Lots of luck to all; don’t judge folks we don’t know their love story as they do.

Anonymous on

what blows me away in the media is as long as you are rich and famous it doesn’t matter if you cheat on your spouse, do drugs or have dui’s. People put their pants on one leg at a time. We are all the same. These idiots just have “fans” because they are rich or famous. Who cares how much they make or how many t.v. shows or movies they have done. They should be held to as high a standard of morals and values as the rest of us if not more considering they are in the spotlight and kids look up to celebrities unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I used to like watching his shows and now he sickens me. He’s just an old man who cheated on his wife shacked up with this chick and she’s no better because she stepped into a marriage whether they were having problems or not there were children involved and she should have kept it in her pants until he was a free man. I guarantee if he was some broke guy on welfare she wouldn’t give him a second look. Gold digger