Robin Thicke: No More Kids Any Time Soon!

06/12/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
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Robin Thicke raved about the blessing it is to have son Julian Fuego in his life — but for now, one child is all he and wife Paula Patton can handle.

“We’re not planning to have more kids any time soon,” Thicke, 35, tells PEOPLE. “It’s hard enough to balance things the way they are. I don’t want to throw another child into the mix right now.”

With his new show Duets in full swing, Thicke wishes he could devote more attention to Julian.

“The show is really taking time away from my kid,” he explains. “I try to have him come to the set if I can, and I spend a couple of hours with him. He’s been in my dressing room, playing with Play-Doh. I really love when I’m with him.”

“We just haven’t had a lot of time to spend together,” he adds. “That’s one of the sacrifices you have to make in this business, unfortunately, you know?”

Although both Thicke and Patton have time-consuming careers, they constantly communicate to keep their marriage strong and to give their son a happy home life.

“You can keep sweeping stuff under the rug, but until you really tell each other how you feel about stuff, you really can’t get past anything,” Thicke says. “Even though the truth hurts sometimes, we try to be painfully honest with each other. We try to help each other.”

Calling Patton, 36, an “incredibly strong and brilliant woman,” the R&B crooner — whose latest album Love After War was released in December — says, “I hope I can be as strong and brilliant as she is. She’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met, and I always knew it.”

Aside from his regular gigs, Thicke will serenade the crowd when he takes the stage at the Playboy Jazz Festival on June 17 at the Hollywood Bowl.

“I love Playboy and I love jazz,” he says with a laugh. “Those are two of my favorite things, so put them together and it sounds like a good time for everyone.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Shannon on

Beautiful couple.

robin on

wow his priorities suck…his son comes to the set so he can spend time with him…not too long ago he found time to smoke weed and get caught..i feel very sorry for his son.

Thicke of the Nite on

Isn’t he Alan Thicke’s son? He’s been though allot of GROWN PAINS! Now he needs a tv show on OWN or WE!

G on

Wow, this is news? And I read it. And commented on it.

gigi on

Slow news day People?

gigi on

and anyone cares because?

Kay on

I can not stand it when people call their child “a kid” to me that is so disrespectful. It is the same as saying this is my old man, meaning husband, or this is my old lady, meaning wife. This is my kid…You should always refer to your child as son or daughter. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but it sounds horrible.

Danielle on

That’s a very smart decision… more kids……we are happy too.

Rhonda on

It’s probably a good idea that they’re not having any more children right now since he doesn’t see the one he already has. So many celebrities have children and then pawn them off on the nanny.

I wish this couple all the best and hope their son grows up to be a healthy, happy boy.

Vickie on

A kid is a baby goat! Your child is your child or your son or your baby. He is not a baby goat! That makes me nuts. Also, where are his priorities? There are so many other people in “his business” or are more famous than him that make their family their first priority. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one that comes to my mind.

Ali on

Totally relate. Our toddler is around the same age and is all we can handle at the moment. All our friends are going for #2 and it’s nice to hear someone else on the same page as us.

Diana S Fetterman on

Very sad, he will live to regret it. He is missing so much, no job is that important that you sacrifice your child’s happiness. It will come back to bite him. I think he is very shallow, I wish the child had better parents.

Marcia on

@Thicke of the Nite: Yes, Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son. His mother is the actress and singer Gloria Loring.

Dee on

I wonder if his wife is glad she is not as arrogant as he is. Have you watched him on Duets? He is so self absorbed and the way he flirts with the other gals on the show. Wow. Yes, please don’t have any more children if you can help it.

jenn on

Amen Kay, a “kid” is a baby goat. Maybe they should have thought things over before having the child they have now.

Stacie on

Does he annoy the crap out of anyone else besides me?

lynn on

Geez…why so negative. There are alot of careers that takes the parent away from home….not just celebrities. If you don’t care to read about it, then don’t. Simple. At least he is honest when asked the question. “They keep their marriage strong and give him a happy home life.” That’s what matters.

Stacie on

Does he annoy the crap out of anyone besides me?

rj on

wow, touchy people here. kids, children, whatever. lighten up, crazy moms!

RKF on

I just can’t stand his personality, and don’t care for his wife’s either. I find him to be crude, arrogant, and plain unlikable. It sounds like he should stick to his two great “loves”- playboy and jazz – because his priorities certainly do not include his “kid.”

Ugh. He needs to learn some humility.

Natasha on

I know what he means and I’m not even in the entertainment business. Both my husband and I work full time and different shifts so we barely see each other and I miss my son a lot. It’s hard.

Glad that he brings him on set though.

i♥tom on

the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. both of his parents were entertainers so robin was probably shuffled around. unfortunately, that is all he knows. life is too short. spend as much time as you can with your “child.”

Elizabeth on

I would not want to be his wife, he is so bad on duets, he flirts with all of his contestants. I bet he would cheat in a heartbeat!

Drea on

Can’t stand this guy. He’s a total blow hard.

Britt on

Wait – some of y’all are seriously upset that he used the term “kid”?

Wow…it’s a perfectly respectful term, and decent parents use it all the time.

Lighten up a little.

ruby on

MANY parents work full-time and cannot be with their children even 5 hours a day; not just show business people. My husband is a restaurant manager and he works 50-55 hours every week. I sure wish he had Robin’s salary.

And good grief, he can call his son “my kid.” SMH.

john on

robin thicke is a good singer. he needs to come out of the closet. robin is gay. trust me. i am bisexual cute 23 years old clean shaven with a smooth body. robin loves men.

Stacie on

Does he annoy anyone else like he does me?

indira on

Such hen’s on this website. Referencing is children as “kids” is more than common place. Type the word kid in google and refrences to children come up first before baby goats. As Ruby said many people have time consuming jobs not just entertainers. I suppose nurses, doctors, chefs, serviceman all shouldn’t be able to breed because it takes them away from their KIDS?

Amy on

WOW! Maybe he and his whiny wife should have not had their first baby. When you have children, you make sacrifices and it sounds like these two do not have their priorities straight. SELFISH!!!

court on

I actually found this article to be quite refreshing and can’t believe all the hostility. He’s a performer and the nature of the business calls him to be away a lot. All he’s saying is he wishes he could spend more time with his son. Geez. You have to really be looking for things to hate on if you’re complaining about him using the word “kid” to describe his child. When you ask someone if they have kids, you’re not asking them if they own baby goats!

singlemomof2 on

I adopted two children by myself. I have to work to pay the bills and I take care of everything in our lives. I can’t believe he thinks it is so hard for two adults to raise one child. A lot of people with a lot less support and resources than him have raised children.

gracie on

I too find him super annoying…very full of himself and obnoxious. He is my least favorite star on Duets.

SM on

Although Thicke apparently comes off as a jerk on Duets, his statements here do not make him sound like a douchebag. Any parent who works full time at a job they enjoy would probably make similar statements.

Debbe on

I always liked Robin’s parents but did not know much about Robin himself. I was not surprised at all when I noticed on Duets that he is a genuinely good guy, he is so nice and respectful to others, and funny as anything. I see his parents did an excellent job. Also, Robin’s son is too cute, to me, he looks just like Robin’s mom…how cute…he looks more like his grandma. So cute….he skipped the gene generation from his mama and his daddy and took Grandma’s genes. haha too cute.

shannon on

I watched Duets and he does flirt with the lady contestants!!


“That’s one of the sacrifices you have to make in this business, unfortunately, you know?”

When have kids become a “sacrifice”? He may have nannies or whatever, but these people don’t replace a parent. I’m glad that he’s not having more kids but it’s unfortunate that he has this one kid and think he has to put show business over him…

Paula on


Mary on

Wow people can be so vicious on here,get a life. If what he says bothers you so much, dont read any articles about him or his family. He has the right to live his life like he feels like it , his son always looks very happy when he is with his parents.

Robin is also a excellent singer.

kimmie on

Sounds like this couple is about to break up, watch for the news to come soon!

Marla on

Of the handful of articles I’ve read about Robin Thicke on his marriage and/or child, things don’t sound all that healthy, good or desirable. Somehow he always comes off sounding like an arrogant skirt-chaser. I agree w/ what others have said about how he flirts w/ the women on Duets. Pretty shameless. Paula Patton can do better.

Sugemom on

For everyone complaining about Thicke’s comment here, I’ve read elsewhere that he didn’t work for the first 18 months of his son’s life. Patton had been given the incredible opportunity of the Mission Impossible movie just a few months after their son was born, so Thicke traveled with her and the baby on set – no touring, no recording. That’s when he wrote the songs for his latest album (don’t know the name, can’t stand his music). So clearly his comment here is related to not being used to working out of the home away from his son, now he can only see him in the morning and at night like typical working parents unless he brings him on set. And he finds it hard. Doesn’t that make him a GOOD parent? Jeesh!

ANJ on

I am not ‘touchy’, but I too do not care for the word ‘kid’ in relation to one’s children. Does it bother me when people use it, no, but I prefer the term child.


Diana S Fetterman on

Just as well as he says he doesn’t have time for the one he has. Talk about ” bonding” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paparazzi on

Speaking for my self; He’s such a d*** I Much like another celeb on a music talent show, I liked him until he opened his mouth on the show. He’s an arrogant, cocky, chauvinistic jacka** His comments and the attitude perceived behind his words here and the show do not surprise me in the least. Duets sure hasn’t done him any favors in light of new fans or old ones, IMHO. As for his wife, you can tell they don’t spend much time together by his actions and words. And the whole “kid” thing…he’s so detached from family. But alas, oh well.

Shannon on

She’s announce a pregnancy in 5…4…3…

Jen on

What the heck is up with his hair???

Halley on

The Evolution of Robin Thicke is one of the greatest CD’s I have ever heard. Its amazing. I was a huge fan until he got busted for smoking pot. So disappointing. You cant be a good parent and a drug user at the same time. He needs to get his head together.

tori on

This guy is as arrogant as they come. I saw interviewed recently and he thinks he’s all that but he isn’t! I feel sorry for this child. First his father puts his career ahead of his child then he tells everyone he’s doing it!

Tzarina on

At long last, someone in Hollywood sensible enough to realize that one child is enough. The planet is already overcrowded. Besides I’m tired of reading about baby bumps and babies in general. People should adopt children already born and in need of good parents.

Nancy on

Thank you Britt. Although most of the time I refer to my son or child, I am sure that once in a while, I have called him my kid. It is an acceptable word to use in describing your family. If it was SO unacceptable, then why do people ask how many kids you have? They dont usually ask how many sons or daughters you have.

I would bet that almost 100 percent of celebrities rarely see their children throughout their lives. Just because there is a cute picture and article with the parents gushing on CBB doesn’t mean, their careers dont keep them away most of the time.

So stop picking on Robin and realize that these are ALL celebrities who hand their children off to nannies!!!!!

Liz Johnson on

Self-centered people should never have children, its a shame people like this are blessed with a baby

Alice on

At least he understands that he doesn’t have the quality time that he wants to devote to more than one children. He doesn’t want to pawn his child/children off for the nannies to raise like so many celeb parents do.

Tricia on

He “loves” Playboy? It’s one of his favorite things?? SERIOUSLY?? Can you say shallow?? Real respectful to your wife, Robin. Dumb a*s. I hope one of her favorite things is “Playgirl.” How does that work for you, Robin?? FEEL GOOD? Work it with Playgirl Paula!

Kait on

Tzarina – if you’re tired of reading about baby bumps and babies – WHAT are you doing on a baby blog??? The whole point of this section is to read about babies….

THINKIT – having the child isn’t the sacrifice he’s reffering to. SEEING his child, and having to bring him to set to get time in with him is the sacrifice due to the nature of his job.

Jen DC on

I think he is a handsome man and his wife is extraordinarily lucky to have a talented singer-songwriter so in love with her that he’s written song after song after song about her. That people listen to and play for their OWN girlfriends as representative of their feeilngs. That’s pretty doggone awesome and if you find him arrogant, I feel like his Grammy-winning producing (for various artists) gives him some leeway on the issue. I mean, honestly: When was the last time you turned on the radio and heard your man singing? Yeah, what I thought: NEVER.

Don’t like the word “kid”? Don’t read an article full of the word. Your standards of disrespect are off-kilter. Unless the intent is to be disrespectful, or unless the speaker knows that the person referred to doesn’t like the term, the disrespect is all in YOUR (the hearer/reader) head.

All working parents – including yourselves – make the same sacrifice, unless you’re typing all this vitriol with a playpen by your desk. He has a right to both be a parent and provide for his son with his skill set. His son is lucky enough to have two parents who CAN take time off their careers – alternate – to be there for him. Just because his struggle isn’t your struggle doesn’t mean he’s not struggling with all the questions and conflicts of interest that arise as a man, a parent, a husband and a son. Try a little empathy and respect.

As far as his relationship with his wife, from everything I’ve seen, read or heard (via his music) he is deeply in love with her. Has been since they were in high school, which is at least 20 years together. I can only hope that your relationpships evolve as well as theirs has over the next 20 years.

Who cares about flirting? Flirting is fun and generally harmless as long as everyone is on the same page. As long as he goes home to his wife and child at night, flirtation is irrelevant.

Plus, it’s a TV show. (First of all, what kind of lame lives are you leading that “Duets” is what you’re doing with your time? PLAY WITH YOUR KID. Read a book. Talk to your spouse. Go for a run. Skip TV.)

He’s paid to be entertaining. Robin Thicke is a good looking man, he has a good voice and he’s paid to entertain and does so by flirting with what I am assuming are contestants on this show. IT IS NOT REAL. You know it’s not real, he knows it’s not real, the contestants know it’s not real. So why does this bug you?

“Haters gone hate.”

meghan on

Some serious jerks post on here.

Leslie on

He’s been with his wife since high school and they are an amazing couple. Their son is beautiful and very much loved. Robin is a talented singer songwriter and his gorgeous wife is a very good actress. What is there to complain about?

Janna on


All CHILDREN have the right to have their parents in their lives. I have no idea how much time this man spends with his child, but people who have kids only to leave them for the vast majority of the day, day after day, are disgusting. Who cares what YOU want, what about what your KID wants?

sat on

May their professional and personal blessings continue!!! I am sure they love their kid to the moon and back y’all 😉

Luz on

I used to watch True Blood but the drama got too complicated and too b loody. Most of the scenes show a blood bath and pain. No one is happy there. I now watch programs that are positive.

As for Paula Patton and her husband, I can only say that I did not know him before the show, Duets. I think he has a pretty voice and I have watched Paula in a comedy and she is a really good actress. No marriage is perfect and they both have to pitch in to make it work. I wish them the best because they have children.

Catca on


I agree with everything you said, but you’re wasting your time engaging in tit for tats here. For example, 2 comments after yours, someone named @Janna responded back to you saying that Robin is “disgusting” for leaving his child for vast amounts of the day, day after day. The fact that he says he’s only getting to spend a few hours each day with his child because he goes to work seems to be lost on her. @Janna seems to have missed the fact that all dads unless they are unemployed or a stay at home dad by choice go to work day after day and only get to spend a couple hours a day with their child. But because Robin doesn’t want to take time away from those couple hours to share the attention with another child, he’s “disgusting”. I know many parents who feel the same way as Robin, and many others who feels their children’s lives and theirs are enriched by children having siblings. It’s a choice each family makes with no right or wrong answer. Thus, I wouldn’t bother picking fights with people where logic and reality apparently escape them.

Lila on

It’s refreshing to see a couple being honest about what they can handle and family size. Just because you don’t pop out a “kid” every few years doesn’t mean you are a bad parent or that you don’t love your child. Some people don’t want big familes, and good for them for realizing it ahead of time!

Plus, I don’t get the b*tching about him. He said he is sad the show is taking away from the time he spends with his child. He says he loves him and is glad he gets to come to the set at least. What is so awful about that?

Jen DC on

@ Catca: True. But I do come here to engage in the absurdity and mock people for their false outrage and illogic. And on that note…


Let’s say you spend 7 hours a night sleeping and 8 hours a day at work, with approximately an hour and a half commuting. 16.5 hours out of 24, any average American is away from or not talking to, touching, helping or otherwise engaging their child. That leaves approximately 7.5 hours FOR THE ADULT. Now, let’s assume that little Julian and other two year olds sleep about 9 hours a night and nap for an hour a day. That snaps up THREE MORE HOURS out of 24, leaving about 5.5 hours for parent-child interaction. And that’s if you have a baby at home and not a school-aged kid. If you have a school-aged kid or toddler whom you send to daycare, commuting time goes up and time for interaction goes down.

These PEOPLE of whom you speak are your neighbors, friends and family. Unless you are very firmly middle class with disposable income OR you have chose a material-poor but time-rich lifestyle, few Americans are spending much more than 6 waking hours with their kids a day during the week. Obviously on the weekends that should change, but realistically? This is the American lifestyle.

So please, heap your disgust on literally everyone around you. I’m sure they appreciate it.

Nardia on

Was Robin Thicke on the TV show “Growing Pain” more than 10 years ago? He looked like that kid actor, but really wasn’t sure.

sweetnsaucie on

Sucks to be his kid to realize that you’re so low down on the list of priorities…..playboy and jazz rate above you….wow What a difference to reading Jessica Capshaw talk about her kids….and she’s in the same buziness

am on

Wow! A lot of judgmental people on this page. Robin may be in Show business but I work in an office wither high-powered executives with families (male and female) who are working all the time and traveling for business. What makes him any different from them??

corpse bride on

To all the negative commentors, what is wrong with you all? The man is living his life with his wife and son, why don’t you all a get on with your lives and leave him alone. As far as him getting caught with weed, so what, if you are going to crucify him for that, than you better get ready to do the same to at least 85% of the american population.

lovely123 on

I love the name Julian!!!!