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06/12/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Stella Bella on

It’s important to note that the same sex parents study was mostly a study on children being raised in MOM- Mixed Orientation Marriages.

Rachel on

There is so much wrong with that study that it’s not even fair to bring it up. The biggest factor — only TWO of the respondents in the entire study even fit the description of having been raised by lesbian or gay parents!?! Other factors that could contribute — were the children foster children (ie; had come from highly at risk situations before being placed in gay homes), were these situations where the parents had tried to have and maintain heterosexual lifestyles only to not be able to continue the lie as time went on. Also, these adults were compared only to adults raised by married heterosexual couples… is this to say they’re worse off then those raised by teen parents, or by single/divorced or widowed parents. What gives?

meghan on

That study is already being discredited. The people they spoke to don’t reflect actual same sex relationships. It more parents who basically screw around. Not people who have relationships and raise children toegether. Awful. They just hope that people will read the headline, ‘samesex parents are dangerous!’ and not look further. Then the people who already beleive that go “See! This is what we’ve been saying!” I hate studies that so obviously have an agenda. They sought out to prove what they personally beleive, they don’t care about facts.

Rachel on

Exactly Meghan! I can see people now — “Well the study said…” – but it didn’t say at all. All that study really confirmed is that children who come from screwed up families have a higher risk of having issues as adults. I think we all knew that (I think we also know that it doesn’t mean it will happen to everyone). Of course if a child is living in a home where a mom and or dad in a heterosexual couple or marriage is screwing around with someone of the same or even the opposite sex, there are going to be problems.

The fact is, there will be factors in every single study they could ever do on this matter that could skew the results. It’s all relative to the situations.