Spotted: Pink and Willow Roll with It

06/11/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Splash News Online

They’re on a roll!

Pink shares a giddy bike ride with daughter Willow Sage, 1, on Sunday afternoon in Venice, Calif.

The rocker, 32, was stuck in the hospital having her gallbladder removed while her baby girl celebrated her first birthday earlier this month.

“Happy Birthday to my angel, my purpose, my biggest blessing. I love you Willow Sage,” Pink Tweeted.

“Thanks family for bringing my lil girl’s party to the hospital all weekend for me. I suppose it doesn’t matter where you are when you eat your 1st cake!”

She adds, “oh and p.s….. F YOU gall bladder! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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A on

Anyone know what the name of that baby bike seat is?

JM on

aw, what a cute little baby.

Erika on

Willow is such an adorable little girl! I can’t believe she’s one already! It’s a shame that Pink had to spend her daughter’s first birthday in the hospital, but it looks like she’s feeling better.

Tee on

Ach, such a shame that Pink was stuck in the hospital over Willow’s first birthday! Glad to hear that things are well right now for her! Happy birthday, Willow!

And very glad to see the little one wearing a helmet!

Jen DC on

Mom needs a helmet JUST AS MUCH.

meghan on

Mom’s an adult. Let her assume her own risks.

Anon on

Funny, I was just coming on to comment about helmets! I was curious whether the US has helmet laws or not? I see lots of photos of celebs on bikes and they never wear helmets – just the kids (Naomi Watts etc). Is it not a law there that you have to wear helmets on a bike?

Jennifer on

Such an adorable picture! Hard to believe Willow is already a year old! Gosh, time flies!

Julia on

That is a GMG Yepp seat. And where I live, helmets are extremely rare (on both children and adults).

TV on

Anon, when I lived in CA it was actually the law to wear helmets if you were either riding a bicycle or motorcycle. In fact I distinctly remember whenever our family bought bikes the cashier at Toys ‘R’ Us couldn’t sell them to us unless we were also purchasing helmets.

Anonymous on

What an awesome picture. They both look so carefree and happy!

Kim on

Yeah I always wonder because here in Australia you get fined if you dont wear a helmet, adult, child whatever and I think its a great idea. Why wouldn’t you want to wear one for protection and set a good example to your kids? But anyways happy birthday Willow shes one of the sunniest happiest looking celeb babies around and hope Pink recovers quickly, I guess she may have had gallstones or something to have to get the gall bladder out, I have gallstones and they can hurt like hell, good luck with recovery!

JLL on


NickyAngel on

Willow is such a cutie… 🙂

Marky on

Gall bladder surgery isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be to recover from. Pink looks great and Willow is adorable!! Pink looks as if she has lost weight and her pink t-top is perfect for her! This family seems very happy; hooray for them!

Sandra on

This photo truly made my day. Such a beautiful child and happy mother. The happiness of this photo is amazing.

JMO on

Willow is so adorable!

I am not sure of all laws but I know sometimes it’s just for children. Here in PA there is no motorcycle helmet law therefore I can’t fathom why we’d have a bicycle helmet law!!

Jillian on

I also live in CA. The state law doesn’t require anyone older than 18 to wear helmets.