Spotted: Jillian Michaels’s Malibu Outing with Kids

06/11/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

It’s a family affair.

Weeks after their debut in PEOPLE, Jillian Michaels and partner Heidi Rhoades were spotted out with their little ones Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

Michaels pushed Lukensia, 2 — whom they brought home last month after a lengthy adoption process — in her stroller as Rhoades held on tight to 5-week-old son Phoenix.

It’s just another outing for the fitness guru, 38, who hit the beach with Lu on Memorial Day.

“I don’t even answer email. I don’t have time to care about anything else,” she told PEOPLE last month. “I want to be really present.”

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Shannon on

They look like sisters.

tammy on

What a happy looking family! So sweet!!!

Jax&Sarah4life on

I had no idea she was gay. right on.

guest on

I see her totally different now that she’s come “out”. Sad. Why can’t there be tough women that don’t have too many male genes in them.

Catca on

Wow – Jillian’s girlfriend is really pretty! And yes, they do look like a very happy family, wonderful to see!

Kathryn on

“Guest” is a moron.

Christine on

re: Guest —- What on earth are you talking about?! I am so glad I am not as closeminded as you. Must be so frustrating to have to live with such a horrible way of looking at life/other people.

Linda on

Its not that shes “gay”. Shes stated this before, she dates men and women. She doesnt care the sex as long as there is “love” there. She doesnt do labels, and neither should we.

Lori on

Everytime I see the name Lukensia I can’t help but see the word leukemia. Thats not really great, huh?

Carol on

I love her!!! So happy for you Jillian…beautiful family..

meghan on

Well, since it bothers you, Lori, they should change it. After all she’s only had it for two years and it won’t be traumatic to lose her identity. And she really shouldn’t have a name that is part of her culture or anything. She’s an American now! Let’s get rid of all remnants of her culture.

Spence on

She has stated that she dates both men and women. I know she doesn’t like labels, but this makes her bisexual in my book. Which is absolutely fine. I wouldn’t care what her sexuality is. I like her for the person she is not her sexuality. Kathryn had it right, guest is a moron.

Nell on

I find it interesting that she says she doesn’t have time to answer e-mail or care about anyone else because she wants to be present. I wish I could say that but I have to work. I don’t have the time or the luxury to be “there.” I’m too busy working to make sure my kids have the life I couldn’t have. I find this a very selfish statement on her part.

mary on

This is a beautiful family and I am wishing them the very best in the future- everyone looks so happy- Just great to see this!

T Mason on

Aw, say it isn’t so. I didn’t know she was gay, and right or wrong, it DOES change my opinion of her. Negatively.

K.B. on

Beautiful family. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Lauren on

Good for them. They look happy! Congrats Jillian! Your family is beautiful

cBlack on

@Nell… If you had the money/career she has you WOULD be able to do what she has done. But since you don’t you do what YOU do.

Pat on

OMG what a beautiful family, much health and happiness

meghan on

@Nell, because she is blessed to be able to take time off to be with her kids and you can’t, she’s selfish? She should go back to work to make you feel better about your lot in ife? Get over yourself.

@TMason, do you think she cares what you think about her? My opinion of you is negative and I suspect you will manage just fine.


Wow…I didn’t know she was gay

jessicad on

Awe, two gorgeous and happy women with their family, adorable and made me smile! I hope Jillian still makes time for work because I absolutely love her videos and her spirit always keeps me going, she’ll be an excellent role model for her children. 🙂

Sara on

Wow, Meghan, calm down. I think Lori was just making a comment about a thought that went through HER head, which she realizes is a little silly. It wasn’t a putdown. Relax. People take these comment boards WAY too seriously.

Lori on

They look so happy! I love Jillian Michaels! She is one inspiring women. Good for her.

Beth on

@ Guest, she didn’t just come out idiot. She said years ago she was looking for love and it didn’t matter if was a male or female.

Ms Porta on

Love her! but…not too busy to make a statement to People. Who’s zoomin who?

Elizabeth on


I am amazed that you consider Jillian selfish. She works hard. No, she’s not answering calls and emails because it’s called PARENTAL LEAVE and when you are on PARENTAL LEAVE, you are not obligated to do anything work related.

Way to abandon your kids though! And all so you can give them the life you couldn’t have? What? Didn’t you have food, clothing, shelter and love? Amazing how you put material possessions as a priority for your children.

Elizabeth on


Leslee on

I’m glad they are a happy family and I hope that they stay that way. It’s a blessing how rapidly their house filled with children. Heidi looks great for just having had a baby!

RKF on

@Nell, some would say you’re selfish for having children – when clearly you could not afford to do so. Some would also call you selfish for working instead taking care of your own children.

Your children may also grow up to believe you’re selfish when they realize mommy’s priority is her job.

sharon on

Love is love no matter what, when your lucky to find love in this world it’s a blessing! I don’t care if your two men, two women or a man and woman your lucky if you can find it.

They look very happy, very much in love, just because Jillian is a hard a$$ when it comes to her job doesn’t mean she’s got male genes god!!!!!

Means she takes her job seriously and wants results and is caring enough to try and help out her client. You didn’t know she was gay because other then that she’s very feminine!

I think both these children are very lucky to have two parents that love them as much as these two do!

God Bless their little family!

Erin on

I think its more close minded to slam people for not agreeing with your way of thinking, you know “Gay is the way to go”

betty on

@Nell. Maybe you should go back to school learn to work your butt off get some education and then you can take some time off, I think everything Jillian has done she got it on her own now she can sit back and enjoy all her hard work, quit being so jealous and look at yourself for all your answers to your problems.

Becky on

Think they are a cute family and both babies are adorable..

@meghan..I don’t think that Lori was being ugly, she was just making a comment about what she thinks..I thought the same thing the first time I saw her name..

Lulu on

Whether anyone wants to say it or believe it…gay is NASTY!!!!! These children will have to deal with teasing all of their lives. Yes, I will say it…if it was meant for two women to have children man would not have been made….woman can not give woman a child….sick, sick, sick and we wonder what he hell is going on in this world! I do not have to be “politically correct” and refuse to be…I do not let the world tell me how to have an opinion!

WJones on

Wow – I cannot get over some people who claim that now that they know she is gay they don’t like her or respect her.

And yes, she did mention years ago that she likes both men and women. It’s not a big surprise.

The family is absolutely beautiful!

Carmel on

I don’t care if she’s gay or straight, I can’t stand her personality. The screaming in the face thing is so forced, but at least it’s better than her pathetic attempts to psychoanalyze 400 pound people and comparing her teen “chubby” phase to their struggles. That’s not insulting at all LOL

Guest on

Thank goodness she doesn’t look like a man!!!! I love the freak show!!

Kate on

How great! What a beautiful family!

And to all the closed minded people…I am sure if everyone on here knew every aspect of your life, it would be ripped to shreds for things you do that others don’t. Shame on you for judging!

Congratulations Jillian!

meghan sux on

Yes, ever-so-self-righteous Meghan – could you not tell that Lori was making light of the whole thing? Stupid troll.

seriously on

disgusting…gay people shouldn’t have kids!!

Free speech guest on

People should not be accused of “judging” for stating their opinions. It’s a shame she’s gay.

LaQuesha on

@ guest and lulu
you are both 100% right!! in the original creation of man., it was for a man and woman to be together not man and man or woman and woman but man and woman. so sick of all of the gays trying to force their sinful lifestyles down our throats!!

Guest2 on

You know what? I agree with the previous “guest.” I admire tough women who are tough because they are equally allowed to be so, rather than because they are genetically or psychologically programmed to be that way because they are gay/butch/masculine/whatever. It’s a feminist thing. And, NO, that doesn’t mean that fems can’t be gay or pro-gay. It’s hard to explain and THERE’S NO POLITICALLY CORRECT WAY TO SAY IT. I just understand what she meant. Don’t try to psychoanalyze, haters, and I have never once returned to a page I have commented on so attacking me would be fruitless; I won’t see it.

Sandy on

They are still losers. AKA – Mothers.

Guest2 on

p.s. I don’t have an opinion on the right or wrong of being gay. I have a gay sister and a gay cousin and I don’t love them any less. I don’t care what they do. As a psychology graduate, I understand that it is genetic (the gene has been identified) and that it’s in the wiring – they CAN’T HELP IT. Religion says it should be denied, but not everyone is religious. Blah, blah, blah.

Rebecca on

I don’t understand what the big deal is…So what, so she is bi-sexual. The true point is they have a loving and wonderful family. Can’t people just be happy for someone else without being so damned ugly about it?!

notsosure on


A. on

I don’t get why Jillian’s sexuality is a big deal. She obviously has two kids she adores and a partner she loves. Is she hurting anyone? NO! So, why should it bother you?

stacey on

I need a barf bag!!!

karilyn on

I don’t care if she’s gay or not, she still looks like a horse…

Chris on

I find the comments about offensive – as a working parent who choosing to be able to provide for my family (as most of us are) it does NOT make us selfish. Most don’t earn the salary of a celebrity & even the leave offered by our employers doesn’t begin cover it so I say keep negativity to yourself, there is already enough of it in this world & just be happy that these babies have loving parents – no matter the choice to work or not. So many don’t – and have to live with it. It seems that both sides of the argument love children (their own or not) & come from places of caring……..lets spread that around a little

Chris on

If my previous comment makes it on here I do need a correction – the “Selfish” comment by Nell was a bit much but again, not everyone can afford the leave offered by their companies or makes what a celebrity does – lord knows I don’t & I have to work to provide. Enough with negativity people. Let’s find positive in this world

Vickie on

I hope that is bad lighting or something on the poor baby’s legs because if Lukensia’s legs are ashy like that both moms should be ashamed of themselves. Shea butter, ladies! Shea Butter! It’s better than lotion and anyone can use it!

Tenderloin on

While I hope they are happy I find Jillian to be a coward. She basically stayed in the closet until she made millions..millions she may not have made if she had been more open years ago.

Machelle on

You all can say how beautiful this is all you want to. It doesn’t change the fact that homosexuality is wrong, deviant, and disgusting! I pity the poor children who are forced to grow up in this type of environment. There will be a day of reckoning for this type of behavior.

A. on

What’s really wrong, deviant, and disgusting are all the homophobic and hateful comments that make up a great deal of this thread. I especially find it disgusting that the bible thumping religious zealots use a forum like this as a sounding board for their so-called “opinions.” They act like what they say is under the guise of “free speech.” It’s pure BIGOTRY. It’s as simple as that. So to all of the bigots in this thread, please come back and defend your cowardice. A majority of the other posters will not be backing you.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, people aren’t expressing their opinions in a respectful way. They are acting like profoundly judgmental and spiteful cowards who probably don’t have the guts to spew such hate in front of others. They instead hide behind the internet. SHAME ON YOU!!!

P. on

Ever notice that the only people adopting black children are rich white folk? how come no rich Black are adopting?

Tracy on

God bless their happy, healthy family. Many many years of laughter and smiles. ❤

laurieandmatt on

Gay Shmay, put some lotion on that poor child’s legs!!

neutral on

I dont view her any different bc she is in a homosexual relationship with children. I guess it is a valid observation that women werent designed to give each other children and therefore could possibly be “wrong” or “immoral”. BUT I dont personally KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that this and similar lifestyles are wrong. They seem happy and healthy to me. They dont seem to be bothering or hurting anyone else and it appears they are dedicating their efforts to lovingly raising their children. So if anyone thinks thats wrong, I disagree. Do what makes you happy. Love and dont hurt others. Period.

Mike on

Ironic is it not? People who don’t agree with gays are closed-minded! Unnatural is still unnatural. Family was set up by GOD and He did not change His mind.

dash on

If you are so sick of “gays shoving their sinful lifestyles” down your throat, i’m pretty sure others are sick of you shoving your close minded opinions down theirs. I know I sure am. to each their own.

sara on

Jenny you are the sickening one with your bigoted views.

sara on

Mike god is all in your imagination. If you choose to shackle yourself by made-up rules, you’re free to do so, but you have no right to impose them on the rest of us who don’t allow fiction to rule our lives.

B.J. (the girl) on

As a lesbian, it always makes me smile when I see same sex celebrity couples out with their kids. It makes me feel more hopeful for my own future. Despite the ignorance that is still obvious in this comment page, I know we are making strides towards progress and equality.

Very cute family 🙂

Maddie on

I agree, B.J., as another lesbian woman seeing same sex families out with their children and all looking genuinely happy makes me happy as well.

jessicad on

I really can’t stand when people bring God into their ignorant argument against homosexuality. God made these women attracted to one another, and God gave them two beautiful babies to raise, so obviously “He” doesn’t have a problem with it and you shouldn’t either.

To "BJ" on

Um, “BJ” – it’s not ignorance, it’s disapproval. Can’t you tell the difference?

SMiaVS on

@P: Has it occurred to you that perhaps it would be less obvious to the outside observer when someone of African descent adopts a child of African descent? Nobody pitches a fit over white parents adopting Asian children. Why is it any different for a white parent to adopt a black child, African or otherwise?

Love is love, and if there are people in this world with the resources to share their love with a child who needs it, regardless of where that child is from, then that’s fantastic. End of story.