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06/08/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Indira on

The parents that let there kids do that are pathetic. A child should learn to be comfortable with themselves and how they really look. If a girl has hairier legs or a unibrow at 10 or 11, you’re telling them theres something wrong with it by getting it waxed. It sends the worst message about self-image. Obviously as an adult or late teen you change your appearance but the hope is that this happens after some kind of self-acceptance. Doing it too early IMO is just begging for image issues in the future and really shallow kids!

Jillian on

Agree. My oldest just went to his schools 8th grade dance. Wow! I couldn’t believe the girls, their clothes, hair, makeup, etc. I am a young mom, so it wasn’t too long ago I was at prom and it was nothing like this monsterous event. I font know what I am going to do when my girls get older…but o know not let them do what they want! I am the mom!


shannon on

What if you have a child who is very self-conscious about her body hair? Or her facial hair? I’m not saying that it’s right to let a 10-year-old get a leg wax, but there are kids who are bullied by their peers because they have bushy eyebrows, or dark hair on their arms. I think that if it’s something the child wants, the benefits and drawbacks should be weighed before impulsively bringing them to the salon.

Indira on

I was a child that was self conscious about my hair. I’m indian so as a child it was very thick. My hair is very curly puffy and coarse in its natural state. Did I get teased? Sure. It wasn’t the end of the world. Today I love my curly hair. What if my mom had let me straighten it? Then I’d never have learned to like the way I look. I’m sorry but kids tease each other, about every little thing. I’d rather teach my child self-confidence and tough skin instead of fixing the perceived “problem.