Jessica Simpson Wears Eileen West for PEOPLE Cover

06/07/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Tony Duran; inset courtesy Eileen West

Jessica Simpson swooned about baby girl Maxwell Drew in last week’s issue of PEOPLE, where the star and fiancé Eric Johnson shared their growing family’s precious photos. The new mom glowed, nesting with her daughter in equally sweet white frocks.

And as for the source of that lovely white nightie? Jessica is wearing designer Eileen West’s Heirloom Dream Ballet Gown ($85). The demure cotton nightgown has details like delicate lace, pintucks and akoya shell buttons.

Coincidentally, Angelina Jolie also wore a West design (the Opal Devore Gown, similar to the current collection’s Moonlight Sonata Gown, $69), for her 2008 PEOPLE cover following the birth of twins Knox and Vivienne. Pretty times two!

Brooke Showell

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Sara on

I was going to comment about the similarities to Angelina Jolie. I liked AJ’s look better, though, because it looked more natural. Jessica just looks too done up to be weaaring a nightgown. Pretty, though.

Steph on

I also noticed how similar Jess’s night gown was to Angelina Jolie’s. Turns out to be the same designer and everything. I think I would have gone for a different look since this one’s been done already.

J on

This look has been done already? Oh for pete’s sake.

martina on

A nightgown and a ton of makeup / fully done hair. Yup, makes perfect sense.

Steph on

Of course it’s a “look”, put together by a stylist. And it’s been done. If I was going to be on a magazine cover, and was employing a stylist, I would be unhappy if she made me look exactly like someone else from a famous cover from like 4 year ago. Of course she looks pretty, but this is still a business. Would she rather be an innovator or a copycat?

Aimee on

She looks nothing like AJ and has her own style regardless. Beautiful family.

Shannon on

Must be comfy.

Deme on

Anyone else notice the necklines are different?

Lisa on

psst Eric, invest in a box of hair color before the next photo shoot. 😉

emily on

Lisa, that would imply there is something wrong with gray hair. And there isn’t.

Mya on

Geez @ the comments.

And the grey hair? Come on. I have a patch of grey in my hair and I embrace it because it’s ME.

Marky on

Really?? You think it’s unbelievable she has full makeup and actully combed her hair, and the baby was 2 1/2 weeks old? I know lots of women who did that before they even left the hospital including my DIL (who showered, washed her hair, and put on her makeup within 3 hours of delivery #2) and myself. No one has to look like crap, just because they had a baby. Jess looks fine; were you the same ones complaining because she didn’t have her hair “done” in the rain a couple of days ago?

Janna on

Lisa, you’re an idiot and you represent the worst in people.

martina on

Marky, I think you misunderstood the comments. It’s not about the makeup & hair; of course she is going to be done up for a shoot. But the combination of a very soft night gown and Jessica’s loud makeup / helmet hair is just odd. Not a hair out of place while laying down in a nightgown? AJ wore the same gown, but looked so much nicer with normal hair and minimal makeup.

Holly on

I think the problem is that Jessica is looking at the camera and not at her newborn. I love Eric’s look and he has nothing to be ashamed of about his hair. It has a very natural look to it. I believe another problem is that if you cropped Jessica out; the photograph would look a lot better. Whoever styled her should have used less make-up and should have reminded her that the photo shoot was/is about family. This photo makes it seem as though Jessica does not care about her child or husband. Also, did anyone notice that her eyes seem strange in the picture? Overall a lovely picture of a beautiful family.

cntower on

I understand (and wholly endorse!) the concept of make-up, hair and lighting for a photo-shoot, but there’s something a bit off with Jessica’s face in this picture. Can’t put my finger on it, but she doesn’t look the same.