Spotted: Harper Beckham Is a Mini-Minnie

06/07/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Check out those Minnie Mouse ears!

Harper Seven Beckham got into the spirit of the day Wednesday, sporting a fun headband during a trip to Disneyland with parents David and Victoria Beckham and big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

The 11-month-old got a grip on the pixy-stix her eldest brother gave her to hold while he enjoyed a ride at the park.

The boys didn’t have all the fun though — later in the day, Harper was spotted perched on Dad’s lap while taking a spin on the Dumbo ride.

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Anonymous on

OMG, she is sooooo cute!

M on

It seems Harper eats more than Victoria. She is toooo cute!

Hea on

She is super cute but daddy looks kind of old here. I’m surprised.

Margo on


Janie757 on

HEA – that’s what having four kids does to you.

Nicole on

Could she be any cuter?!?

mary on

just adorable for sure! too cute and what a doting family Miss Harper has. She is indeed a very fortunate young lady!

Julianna on

Harper is an adorable little girl. Look at those cheeks!

eldalee on

spoiled rotten by her Daddy, so cute!

Kendal on

She has changed so much from the airport pic in the grey dress, her hair has gotten lighter. She is so cute!!!

An6ra on

The baby is very cute….but I think she is Victoria’s worst nightmare…she is sooooo fat and chubby and you just want to pinch her :)))!!!

gracie on

Harper is adorable and I have to say, this family , for all the celebrity , seems rather normal. They have outing together, the kids seem to spend lots of time with the parents and everyone seems happy. It is nice to see, it really is.

REba on

Holy cow is that kid cute!

Nellie on

she beautiful!!

merry on

@gracie I was going to say something similar. I like this family and Harper couldn’t be more cute!

maryhelenc on

She is just too precious!

As for comments about her being Victoria’s worst nightmare, I’m sure she is thrilled that her daughter is healthy and beautiful.

guest on

She looks like her dad.

Jax&Sarah4life on

She is soooo cute!!! and incredibly lucky to have 3 older brothers!

guest on

I bet that Harper is dad’s girl.

Brooklyn on

Super cute!

Sara on

I’m not surprised that these two make cute kids, but Harper is a beautiful baby. And I love the name.

Jeana on

She is such a chunky cutie pie!

Ebony on

She is adorable! babies are supposed to be fat and chubby. she’ll no doubt slim down when she starts toddling around as most babies tend to do. Her mom seems pretty sensible so im sure its not her “worse nightmare”

Motheroftwo on

Aww how adorable! I love chubby babies, so cute!!

Kim on

O-M-G….could she be any cuter!?

Jessica on

OMG—she is SOOOOO cute!! Love the little chipmunk cheeks–could just eat them! lol

christa on

Babies at that age adorable.

Andrea on

What a sweetie! I just wanna squeeze those adorable cheeks! She looks so much like David and she’s a definite fashionita just like Vicky!

Ruby on

Stinking adorable!

mimi on

she’s just precious! what a little cutie!!

crystal on

awe she’s getting so pudgy, love it, what an awesome family! i bet those boys are all just so in love with their baby sister, best love ever!

Pam on

Sweet picture. She is adorable!

Brennan on

Victoria doesn’t ignore her kids at all… in fact she volunteers in the lunchroom and on the playground at her younger sons’ school… I am not sure why everyone always assumes the worst of her and why the media paints her in such a bad light. She is genuinely a nice person in real life (out of the public eye.)

audrey on

@An6ra: I don’t believe that your comment about Victoria Beckham’s position on her baby daughter’s ‘size’ [why should babies have to deal with this anyways] is fair. Victoria herself maybe quite the svelte woman, but her boys all look happy and healthy, and I don’t believe Harper is any exception.

Joyful on

@jessi and all the other bitter Bettys! Victoria knows what you think of her…..and shes ok with it! LOL. Victoria loves her family very much and they love her back! I am a fan of hers and I think she if this is how she presents herself so be it..she is a good mother and it is quite evident that she is!

Jillian on

You beat me to it! The crap people make up about the celebs and what they think they know, has my head spinning and makes me sick. They are real people with families. I can’t personally speak for this family but we do know others and it blows my mind how off base the dumped are about them. Why?


Sandra on

I love David Beckham, I mean this dude obviously is one of the biggest celebs and his schedule must be bananas but every time, I mean every time I see this man, he’s with his kids. He’s always making time for his children and that makes me happy.

Sandra on

Ughhhh I can’t tell Victoria pays attention to her kids. She was just in the news last week because she had forgot one of her boys at home. How do you forget your kid???

Jessi on

Look how caringly David looks at his cute Baby and smiles at her-
Victoria Beckham is more interested in staring into space and looking cool (Ha!) for the cameras. To Victoria Beckham, when a camera is around her kids might just as well be invisible. She wants people to look at her, when she won’t even look at her kids.

Roselind49 on

O M G – Harper is so very cute and adorable. She is just gorgeous.

Shelley on

What a doll; she is so cute!

Marky on

Sandra, karma will bite you in the butt if there’s any justice at all. Victoria left her son at home because she was supposed to take her oldest to school, and after buckling in Harper, she jumped in the car thinking her 13 yr. old was already in the car. She pulled out, drove down the road and realized her wasn’t there; drove back home and the whole family was there laughing. It could and does, happen to anyone. Take off your sanctimonious hat, and thank God it hasn’t happened to you. It was no big deal and she realized it in a few minutes, not an hour later! Uggghhh, you are so judgmental and rude! This family seems like a happy well-rounded group to pretty much everyone!

Teresa on

She is NOT cute!! Stop saying she is.

sarah on

gonna be so pretty when she gets older!!!!Good genes

Shiv on

Some of you people like Sandra kill me having something to say about Victoria. You act like she left the kid at home alone. David was at home with the other 2 so it wasn’t like she was trifling and left them intentionally. Sh1t happens. Get over yourself and off your high horse.

cmaryfitz on

OMG I can’t believe you people. Jealous much?

Victoria Beckham had 4 kids, people who don’t like children don’t have four of them, even if it is with David Beckham (yum!)

If you had cameras flashing in your face all the time you’d be frowning too. They seem like a very nice family. Any working mother who hasn’t at some point or another screwed up picking up your child, congratulations on being perfect. Harper is adorable, and all 11 month olds are chunky. Once she becomes a crazy toddler, and can walk and run, that weight will fall right off. Thought I doubt Posh seriously cares.

Sandy on

Adorable!! Love this family, love seeing them do things together.

Megan on

Ohhhhh my god such a daddy’s girl! After having three boys, I’m assuming he’s wrapped around her finger

mb on

she’s so cute and chubby! I love babies at this age. 🙂 I can see how people would think Victoria is unfriendly or unhappy, from her pictures, but if you read any interview, you would change your mind. She seems to love her life; her devotion to her family and her business sense is admirable.

Stacy on

It won’t be long and Harper will be carrying Victoria … oh I’m only joking. Harper is a beautiful healthy baby – and there will be plenty of time for Victoria to worry about her weight later!! =)

KT on

All of the comments about this baby’s weight are what is wrong with today’s society. Everyone complains that celebrities and models are too thin, especially Victoria Beckham. Now people in this post are saying this 11 month old baby is fat!!!!! That is outrageous! Most babies are chubby and they do thin out when they become toddlers, but at this point who cares!

I think it is funny that everyone has an opinion as to how celebrities are as parents…it’s harder than it looks. I have two kids and I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of schedules and where and when to pick up and drop off…I can’t imagine having 4 kids.

I realize the Beckham’s might have some help in the form of nanny’s, but they seem to be more hands-on parents than most celebrities. All I can say is that I couldn’t imagine having a camera in my face everyday scrutinizing my every move as a parent, I think they are doing a pretty good job of it from the looks of things.

AFwife2001 on

Oh my gosh she’s too cute! I want to squish those cheekies and tickle those toes!!!!

jsp81355 on

What an absolutely precious little girl, and what a beautiful family.

kica on

She is so cute it should be illegal!!

Rhonda on

What a cute chunky baby! I adore her.

Denise Smith on

I would assume people think Victoria is a snotty bitchy woman because she always has this look on her face. I realize she probably hates the intrusion but if she cracked a smile once in awhile, people wouldn’t think that about her.

Melissa on

That little chunk is adorable!!!