Simone Masterson-Horn’s Second Birthday Bash!

06/06/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Happy birthday! Simone Masterson-Horn celebrated turning two on Saturday with a purple and pink-themed birthday bash hosted by dads Bill Horn and Scout Masterson at their L.A.-area home.

“We decided to do Simone’s party at home this year,” the couple tell PEOPLE. “Planning and executing Simone’s dream party with our friend Jenny Keller was a lot of fun! We were still hanging tissue paper fans at 2 a.m. the night before.”

Scout, Simone and Bill – Frances Iacuzzi

“The Guncles” were joined by family and friends, including Tori Spelling‘s children Liam, Stella and Hattie, Selma Blair and son Arthur, and Kimberly Van Der Beek with kids Olivia and Joshua.

Liam, Simone and Stella – Frances Iacuzzi

As guests arrived, they were greeted by rows of three-foot pink balloons adorning the entrance. Activities at the party included a giant birthday cake-shaped bounce castle, face painting, glitter tattoos and an over-the-top, prop-filled photo booth by Vizid Booth. In lieu of gifts, guests brought a donation of diapers for the family’s favorite charity, Baby Buggy.

Diaper donations for Baby Buggy – Frances Iacuzzi

Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies flew in from Seattle and designed, baked and styled an extravagant dessert table including an ombré multi-tier buttercream cake, sugar cookies, cupcake-flavored popcorn, and her famous cake pops. (She also was the “confectionista” at Simone’s first birthday party, as seen on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.)

The dessert table! – Jenny Keller

Guests feasted on made-to-order tacos, quesadillas, taquitos and a salsa buffet featuring fresh fried tortilla chips. To accompany Jenny Keller’s desserts, the couple created a tricked-out sundae bar with nearly 20 different toppings.

“We’ve always loved entertaining. Now that we’re parents, we enjoy throwing amazing birthday parties for Simone,” Horn and Masterson tell PEOPLE. “We wanted to throw a party that was both stylish and tons of fun for the birthday girl and her friends.”

Masterson-Horn family in the photobooth! – Frances Iacuzzi

Simone matched the theme of her party by wearing a pink Lilly Pulitzer dress with purple Sun-San sandals.

“She had the most amazing day,” say her dads. “We had to pry her out of the bouncy castle kicking and screaming well after all the party guests had gone home!”

The birthday girl! – Frances Iacuzzi

— Sarah Michaud

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christa on

Go Guncles, you did well for your little daughters birthday bash.

KD on

I”m not sure a child this young can talk about her “dream party” but..happy to see the event was about giving back and making a donation to a charity!

Mina on

This is a great party. The photo booth is for guests that leave the photos in a memory book for the birthday girl (my friends did it for their wedding) so she can look back since she is too young to remember. And the donations are wonderful. And the cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops are perfect for little hands! Nice to see down to earth, smart people raising a child!

Art on

Does anyone else think that she looks just like Tori’s kids. Was Tori the egg donor for them?

megan on

I would totally believe Tori was the egg donor. Simone has resembled Tori and Dean’s kids ever since she was born.

B.J. (the girl) on

Simone does greatly resemble Liam and Stella, interesting… 😉 Happy birthday little Simone! She’s a cutie.

megan on

You can really see the resemblance in this baby photo of Tori

Mya on

Oh I have no doubts she was an egg donor! That little girl shares the same nose as Tori’s kids 😛


TC on

I LOVE that they asked for diaper donations. What a wonderful way to give back.

Amanda on

I would put money on Tori being the egg donor for that little girl. There is no denying the suspicious resemblance to Tori’s other children, plus why wouldn’t she… she would be helping to give her best friends an adorable little girl that she knew would be loved and cared for.

Maggie on

It’s a funny coincidence that Simone resembles Tori’s kids, but she was adopted clear across the US. Bill and Scout talked about why they chose adoption over surrogacy here:

Looks like a wonderful party for a beautiful girl!

JMO on

wow I swear the last time I saw her she was a bald baby. What beautiful hair. I always thought she looked like Tori’s kids too but I also think Tori’s kids look like Dean so that would be kind of impossible. And also they stated she was adopted. Cute party and nice charity ideas.

jld on

Um, she was adopted from a state on the other side of the country (if I recall) so the “Tori as egg-donor” story doesn’t hold water. Nice try though everyone and congrats Dads and Simone!

Sally on

No Tori was not the egg donor you egg heads. All kids have small noses. Anyway, you people let your imagination get the best of you.

intoxicating on

Profligate and self-indulgent, a two year old doesn’t need a “party” so it’s all for the obsessive adults. ICK! And disposable diapers should be wiped (so to speak) from the face of the globe!

That little girl is frighteningly cute.

Sweet on

I agree! You think they would of chosen to give away cloth vs. disposables….

Melissa on

You people will seriously complain about anything. So how many hundreds of dollars in diapers (cloth or disposable) did you provide your local charity with in the last month? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Back off.

Peace on

What a beautiful little girl! Love how you’re sending out such a positive message of donating to charity in lieu of gifts!

Mechelle on

I love these guys! (And Tori!) I will be using some of these ideas!

Sandy on

WHO is gonna eat all that food??? I cannot understand why so much gluttony?? Look at the food they list. You know none of the Hollywood mom’s will eat and kids hardly eat anything- so what happens to all the food?? Seems like a little over the top. I’m sure the kids loved the bounce house as that’s the one thing most kids love the most. What- no pink cotton candy??? Bummer.

donna on

if you look at the pic of Tori’s oldest two and that little girl…the little girl looks spitting image of the boy Liam…so maybe that whole adopted from a different state stuff was just to keep media off Tori and the guncles

monie on

Sandy very obviously has some bitterness issues.

jsp81355 on

That’s one lucky little lady.

meghan on

Sandy, most catering companies donate what goes uneaten to food kitchens.

Donna, if Tori donated an egg she would write a book about it. Simone was adopted. We saw her final court appearance.

Jessie on

These two guys are such fame whores!! They attach themselves to Tori Spelling, and any other celeb that will get them the tiniest bit of exposure. Their ‘besties’ include Kim Zolciak, Lisa Rinna, Tiffani Thiessen, etc. They’re so self righteous! I used to follow them on Twitter until Scout snapped a pic of Simone playing next to the young actress that plays Lily on “Modern Family”. Um hello, can you say pathetic??? This young girl wasn’t even in focus in the pic but they had to show that they were in the same circles of yet another ‘celeb’. It’s really quite sad. Don’t get me wrong, love Tori but these guys are too full of themselves!

t on

The diaper donation station make me very happy!

Sandra on

Really, seriously, who cares who these guys are anyways? I don’t even know who they are and why do they get writing space on this site? Are they some sort of celebrities or what? I have heard somewhere that they have something to do with Tori Spelling, but what does that have anything to do with being on here???

Just My 2 Cents on

OMG! If you dont like them, dont know who they are, dont read the article and move on with your life. No one cares if you like them or not.

❤ the Guncles

Rhonda on

I love these guys and everything they do to spread the word about positive views of gay families and for their adoption charity.

If you they they are “full of themselves” – that’s a joke. As opposed to who? I have read about their adoption charity and now this article states they gave a donation to charity in lieu of gifts. Hmmm. They def sound self righteous to me. LOL.

And to the person who made the cracks about their friends… Why is that so weird. They’ve been on a reality show for 6 seasons. Why wouldn’t they already have “famous” friends like everyone else on shows. Duh!

xphoenician on

Who cares who the mother is. Let’s celebrate the family and that it ‘s happy and healthy. She is adorable and is loved by two special parents.

torifan on

Great party! Beautiful girl. You people need to watch the show to know that they did use a surrogate to have Simone, she was born in New York and they did have to adopt her. Make sense that Tori could be the egg donor.

sharon on

I’m so happy for these two, they are a cute couple, devoted friends and a super dad to little Simone, she is one very lucky little girl!

God Bless this family!

Bree on

Don’t know anything about these two, never been a huge fan of Tori but that little girl is so freaking adorable!! Seriously, she is totally doll!!

kimmie on

lol @ Meghan and writing the book, totally true!

I dont think donating cloth diapers is really suitable, most are given to low income families and some have very limited access to every day washing, especially in warmer climate. disposables make more sense

Ariel on

Torifan- She’s adopted. Read their parenting blog. They’re very open about it, why they chose adoption over surrogacy, their choice to have it open and even how hospital social workers tried to talk the birthmother out of letting a gay couple adopt her baby. It’s a really moving article, so I suggest reading it.

lorena on

happy birthday simone… cute…and clever… but who are these PEOPLE?

Janey on

Looks like a great party, lucky girl! Love how they declined gifts in favor of charity.

Vanessa on

Wow peoples imaginations really get out of hand. It’s none of our business how this beautiful little girl made her way to her blessed life. I think it is wonderful to donate diapers to a charity and I think the disposable ones will be much more useful. A lot of underprivileged families have to go to a laundromat once a week and it is hard to hold on to a large number of dirty stinky reusable diapers that long. It is sad to see people criticized for a thoughtful way to throw a party and get gifts for a child that probably has everything she could possibly need. It is also a good way to raise her with a giving spirit. Good job Guncles!!!

Holiday on

I think its awesome they had the guests donate diapers! I love people who give back, what a great thing! Their little girl is precious!

Maria on

so is everyone here totally okay with 2 gay men using an egg donor to have a child? I know all things homosexual and even gender oriented at all are supposed to be totally politically correct and acceptable. But I think personally that a little baby needs her mama. I have no doubt that her dads love her and treat her well. she will be okay . but I still find it kind of off putting. I guess honestly I don’t know where I stand on it as I can see that a loving married gay couple wants a child of their own. still, something about it puts me off and I Am surprised no one is even discussing it. do you all think it is fine to use an egg donor to have a child and raise the child with two dads? and yes the child looks like tori’s kids- they probably hang out a lot

Maria on

oops- I just read the comments and see she is adopted. somehow thatfeels easier for me to accept. I just feel weird about the part where a woman donates an egg and then the baby has no mom- tho I know in surrogacy the same thing happens. confusing I guess, emotionally.

-fan no more on

Overkill. Blech. I can see a party like this for a 1st birthday but not a second. They had to have it at home because they spent all their money hiring Jenny and all the food. If no gifts were wanted then don’t even have a party and just donate the money yourself to charity.

Tori’s kids look bored. I stopped watching Tori after she screamed at one of her friends who dared to suggest she get pizza when her caterer cancelled at one her home parties. It was a suggestion for a solution to her party and she acted like it was the worst thing ever. Showed me her true snobby nature.

The guncles used their being on the show and friends with Tori to help them get the adoption. How nice for them and all the others who are somehow undeservedly famous for not being famous.

denise on

some people are sooooo rude. why shouldn’t they celebrate their little girl’s birthday? when my son turned 2, he definitely knew what a “birthday” was and he enjoyed his party as it meant all his friends and their parents were there. I’m sure Simone loved her cakes and the bouncy castle and the whole atmosphere.

I’ve never watched the show but I read CBB and to me her dads appear to be great down-to-earth normal and loving parents!

Momof3girls on

Someone put that if Tori was the donor she would have written a book about it….LOL…so very true!!!!

Who are these two guys anyway??? Is their only claim to “fame” from being friends with Tori???

They seem like nice people who really wanted a child and that’s great!! She’ll obviously get lots of love.

Doreen on

Who the heck here cares about the two of these guys?! I think the lil girl looks exactly like Tori & Dean’s kids.

Lisa on

Soooo now you just have to be “friends” with a cleb to be newsworthy these days? Lame.

kimberly on

It’s great that they asked for diaper donations. Hope they have more this kind of party.

Rhonda on

You people are too funny. How do you consider someone on other reality shows (ie Housewives) to be “famous” enough to be on here – but not these guys? LOL. I’ve been watching Tori’s show since the beginning and these guys have been on it for years. Anyone saying that I guess doesn’t watch this show.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these guys didn’t get their own show. They are everywhere. If you don’t like them, go hate on another blog. Those of us who are fans enjoy reading about them & their family. I think most of you just are bored and write rude stuff for the sake of making yourselves feel better!

If you’re reading a baby blog, do you read Parenting’s website or magazine? The Guncles have been featured MANY times. They’re on the show with Tori, but they’re much more than her friends. They’re reality “stars” as much as any of these other people on reality shows.

Rhonda on

I love this family. They are role models to so many other families and people that young gay men (and women) can look up to. I think it’s ridiculous people comment on their level of “famous”. Is it because they’re gay?

I’m a big fan of the show and they’re on like every single episode and several episodes have been completely about them. If you watch the show, you would know that.

And so what if they’re friends with Tori. If you remember, Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s friend who wasn’t even on a tv show but would party with her and who then made a sex tape and became famous. You all idolize her!

Allie on

I would bet a million bucks that Tori was the egg doner to Simone….From day one when Bill and Scout brought Simone home you can see she looks just like Liam and Stella and even Tori.They need to come clean and admit it…..There is nothing wrong with that…If it is true I think Tori did a great thing, having a baby for someone who can’t have one is wonderful and thoughtful thing to do…Tori should be proud of herself.