J.R. Martinez Introduces Lauryn Anabelle

06/06/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Justin Stephens

Former Dancing with the Stars champ J.R. Martinez is showing off something much more beautiful than the mirror ball trophy he took home last November — his newborn daughter Lauryn Anabelle.

“I just love to hold her,” Martinez, 28, tells PEOPLE of the little girl he and his girlfriend, Diana Gonzalez-Jones, welcomed on May 2. “I kiss her non-stop all day long.”

In PEOPLE’s June 18 issue, the Iraq war veteran says that despite being raised by a single mom, he’s adjusting to his new role as a father nicely.

“The minute she was born I was like, ‘This is where I’m meant to be.’ I felt excitement and love and it was all about her,” he says.

“I’ll be holding her and think, ‘This is my daughter’ — it’s language I’m still getting used to.”

As for first-time parenting horror stories of messy feedings, dirty diapers and long, sleepless nights — Martinez says he doesn’t have any.

“It’s been easy so far,” Martinez says of his little bundle, whom he and Gonzalez-Jones have nicknamed Belle. “She’s eating, sleeping six, seven hours a night. It’s crazy!”

For more on Martinez’s foray into fatherhood, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE on Friday.

— Monica Rizzo

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Tiffany on

She is an absolute doll! Look at all her pretty hair!

Mandy on

Oh such a beautiful little girl! Such a great and wonderful man too! Oh I am so buying that issue! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

So precious. Congrats to the happy parents!!!

Lili on

What a cutie she is…..

Sunburn12 on

So precious. Congrats to the lucky parents!!! =0)

AG on

What a cutie! 🙂

Fabulous on

She is soooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Trish on

That is the cutest picture ever. The expression on her face is priceless.

Hea on

Gorgeous baby

Michaela Williams on

aww she is so goregous

christa on

What a gorgeous little girl, good job JR, good job.

Isabella on

Gorgeous little girl!!! He’ll make an excellent Dad.

LolitaNYC on

God bless her! She’s adorable!

L on

What a BEAUTIFUL baby! I bet he is a very adoring father!

golfergirl17 on

Beautiful baby girl! So happy for their family!

funkytown on

there couldn’t possibly be a more beautiful baby or a more beautiful daddy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM and wish him nothing but joy and happiness with his new family!

June on

Adorable photo and for once, it is the father. Of course, I also think the mom should be in some photos, but at least Dad is not pushed to the side or edited out. (Still hate the title of this blog, it should be about Parents)

Becky on

That is adorable pic! It looks like she is holding onto his chin! How wonderful for him, and his mother has to be over the moon!

During DWTS he always said his mother kept telling him he was beautiful and he will be loved, and look at that little angel he is holding, that is love. Congratulations!

Jeanine on

She is adorable…! I love how her little hand is resting under his chin….Like this is my daddy! So cute…Congrats!

bh on

Adorable – now get married!

Kelly on

She is beautiful! So happy for you!!!

Julianna on

What a beautiful picture! Lauryn looks like Daddy!

Donna in Halifax on

OMG! She is absolutely precious. What a head of hair for a newborn, She looks like she’s singing to her daddy in this picture. Congrats to the happy parents.

AK on

Absolutely beautiful! She is a doll! 🙂

m on

So cute!

Bailey on

OMG WOW What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter. I would have a very difficult time also putting her down.

Congrats on one of the most special thing and loveing couple brought into this world and enjoy that sweet beautiful baby girl Wow !

canada girl on

She is super cute!

guest on


Franchesca on

She is one of the cutest babies I have seen. She is just beyond from adorable.

Brenda on

What an absolutely precious little girl! Congratulations to JR and Diana, for this precious, amazing miracle.

kitty62862 on

What a beautiful baby! God bless JR and his family!

Brianne on

Precious baby girl! She’s just adorable! Congrats, JR and Diana!!!

Shell on

Sweetest picture!! Congrats!!!

Lisa on

He has every reason in the world to feel like a proud Papa! What a beautiful, healthy, sweet bundle she is. I wish their family every blessing.

notsosure on

She’s beautiful! Much love to the happy family!

Chantelle on

Soooooooooooooooooooo Cute!! Congrats!

Lisa on

How absolutely precious! Beautiful!

K.B. on

omg, she is SO CUTE! Best wishes and blessings to the whole family.

Courtney on

That could be the cutest baby ever!

ZOE on

Congratulations!!!! Anabelle is just BEAUTIFUL! I know you will make a wonderful Dad! Wishing you and Diana all the happiness in the world. Voted like crazy for you when you were on DWTS. We miss seeing you on the soaps. Best wishes to your beautiful family.

Meghan on

what a beautiful beautiful little baby. congrats!

Zoe on

WOW…. TALKING ABOUT A KODAK MOMENT! Daddy”s little girl. Congratulations J.R. I know you will make a wonderful father. She is beautiful. Wishing you and Diana all the happiness and joy that Lauryn Anabelle brings you. We miss seeing you on the soaps. God Bless

Spin Dr on

What a gorgeous doll !! And the baby is not bad looking either !! God bless this little family !!

gail on

CONGRATS to JR and Diane on their beautiful little girl.

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby, and what a sweet picture!

E on


joan719 on

Little Lauryn Anabelle is such a beautiful baby. Much happiness to JR and his fiance. may good luck and love follow them in life!

da on

congrats JR, she is a cutie

Brunilda Cruz on

Belle is so beautiful…SO happy for JR and Diana…Congrats !!!

Gamby74 on

What a pretty little girl!

librababe on

I was just trying to find pics of their baby girl last night! Aww, pretty baby! The nickname Belle is beautiful and fitting. Congratulations!

Maggie on

All babies are beautiful to me, but she is exceptional! Precious!

gracie on

Now that is a little Belle for sure. She is so very cute and J.R. looks over the moon in love.I wish JR, Diana, and Belle much happiness.

Doreen on

What a dollbaby!! She’s just precious!!! 😉

Jennifer on

OMG that baby is darling! COngrats!

Allison on

So happy for him!

Cute little girl and pretty name!

He deserves all the happiness in the world.

LPW on

Good for him. He deserves unconditional love.

Ladybug on

Love this photo, especially the way she has her hands under his chin. Looks like she is trying to tickle her daddy!

martina on

The baby is just beautiful!

Someone You Know on

OMG…such a cutie…look at that hair…that flower…SQUEAL!!

Many blessings to the new addition!

Ava on

Such a precious photo! She is a beautiful baby and lucky to have such a loving daddy!

Anonymous on

She is adorable and her name is beautiful! Just goes to show that you can name your child something pretty and normal. Congrats to them!

Guest on

She is just precious. And the name is really lovely, classy & elegant. Way to go, JR. Congratulations!

be on

beautiful sweet baby


Absolutely adorable. Congrats to the family.

Alexia on

Oh my gosh, that is a GREAT shot! She’s beautiful.

TT on

She is soooo adorable! HAPPY 1ST FATHER’S DAY!!

Frida_K on

Oh, now this is a precious and beautiful baby! I’m so happy for J.R., and for all three of them in their little family: mama, papa, and adorable beloved baby.


Manana on


Danielle on

What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats to the deserving and proud papa (and mama)!!

Becky on

That picture is wonderful..Bless him and his wonderful family…:)

Leia on

She’s precious!

nicole on

What a beauty!!!! I LOVE this!!

Coffee on

What a little doll!

stef24 on

Good Lord, this little girl is GORGEOUS! Look at her!!!!! WOW WOW WOW! Someone has her dad already wrapped around her little finger!

lanam on

i am super happy for him – he and his girlfriend have a gorgeous daughter, and btw i love the name; its perfect. he certainly deserves all the happiness in the world, he’s a true hero for our country and i will never forget what he did. i wish him, his girlfriend and baby girl Belle all the best 🙂

star on

she is just absolutely beautiful! she has her mother’s eyes. JR is such an inspiration. it’s good to see him happy 🙂

Krystal on

She is just beautiful!! My face just completely lit up when I seen this pic 🙂

Laura on

What a beautiful baby! Congrats to the proud parents. I wish you the best forever.

Jeana on


Tee on

What a precious picture!

foxychic32 on


gwen on

so very happy to see your beautiful daughter and you looking so well. I know you will be the best daddy in the world. God Bless you. G. Willis

LoveMyCrazyLife on

AWWWWWW!!!!!! So cute! Congrats!

lanam on

i forgot to add my mom is a huge fan of his from day one- “all my children” and “dancing w/the stars”, she loved that he was on the show and was pulling for him all the way through — she said that she had so much respect for him while watching his interviews; also said he’s a very humble and sweet man. I love that he’s from my state of Louisiana (he was born in Shreveport) as well (i’m actually from New Orleans), I do however have relatives (on my hubby side) who live near there. My husband is from Monroe Louisiana which is not very far from Shreveport (distance wise that is). I liked him way before hearing he was from La., bc there is something VERY real about him, he’s not a Hollywood wannabe; he’s a charming young man w/a beautiful family which me and my mother are so happy for all of them 🙂

Eliza J. on

She is so beautiful! I love to see a father with his baby girl…something about it just gets me every time. Congratulations!

Rhonda on

What a beautiful blessing she is!

B.J. (the girl) on

Precious, sweet baby girl! What a great picture.

Also, I just realized I’m the same age as J.R… Wow! He’s accomplished so much already.

Ann on

She is beautiful…..enjoy every second making awesome memories.

Lily on

What a gorgeous baby!

ThreeBoyz on

Wow J.R! She is one beautiful baby!! So much hair! You will definitely have to have more children. You and your fiance make gorgeous babies! I can see her momma in her. Beautiful coloring. Just beautiful! Congrats to you and your familiy. Wishing you many years of health and happiness with your little angel!

Toni on

She is so cute! I wish them all the best! 🙂

Pam Padyk on

Such a beautiful picture … Proud Dad holding such a cute little daughter…She is so lucky! Can’t wait to get my issue 🙂

Salina on

She is beautiful. Look at that sweet face!!! Congrats to the beautiful and happy family!

denise on

She is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Congratulations. Enjoy her, they grow up too fast.

Kathleen on

I rarely comment on here, but little Lauryn is absolutely precious! She looks so cute with that bow on! And she just has the sweetest face. J.R. looks so happy. This is a beautiful father daughter picture.

JMO on

I loved him on All My Children as well.

What a beautiful baby. Look at how she’s holding his chin! And that hair….so precious!!

He makes me want to find a hubby and have a baby lol. So caring and so deserving of that precious baby girl!! Enjoy her!

Erin on

Oh my God! That is a beautiful baby!!

Pammy on

She is officially (in my opinion) the cutest celeb baby by far. What a cutie she is.

syreeta on

love him scents all my children my god bless u and ur family

Amy on

Love him!!! What a beautiful baby and his wife is beautiful too!!!

Guest on

Ohhhhh my goodness she is so adorable!!! So happy for him – he is such a great guy! Wishing him and his family blessings!

Gracie on

That is the most beautiful, precious, sweetest, picture of father and daughter I have EVER seen in a PEOPLE posting. I love it. Congradulations to Jr. and his fiance. That is definatly daddy’s little girl. You just can’t help to melt and smile.

tlangford on

happy happy joy joy….am so very happy for you and your wife. what a wonderful gift from God…..when you think he cant bless you more he gives you the ultimate gift…..and as the saying goes….the most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your children……

KGurley on

OMGosh! She is beautiful! A beautiful name 2 match a beautiful child! 🙂

Ciera on

Such a beautiful baby and I love her huge bow! I think the best part of this story is that I don’t see ONE hateful or negative comment, which is how it should be! Congrats to the happy family!

Amy on

Perfect picture of dad and baby. He just radiates pride and joy.

Charli on

What a cutie pie!!! All the best to them!!!

Anonymous on

OMG so CUTE! LOVE those cheeks!

mom of 2 on

She is so cute, really like that name too. Congrats!

Nadia Pshonyak on

Such a beautiful baby girl!! I wish them all the best!!

Sandra on

OMG! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Gotta love those headband bows put on the little girls heads! She will have Daddy wrapped around her little finger, no doubt. Congratulations and enjoy her immensely as the time sure does fly!

Beth on

She is adorable! Congrats to you and your gf!!

Candy on

My goodness… look at those little toes!

Motheroftwo on

Oh my god! Such a beautiful baby! I love the thick hair! My kids both had a lot of hair when they were born its awesome!

Amanda K on

What a little darling! And Daddy is absolutely beaming with happiness as well. This brightened my day for sure!

Liv and Lily on

So very happy for the beautiful couple! We had the pleasure of meeting Diana back in February when she was a glowing Mom to be. Such charm and grace, this is one very special family.

And we are so honored that she chose to feature Miss Lauryn Anabelle in our Eloise headband! Congrats to the three of you!

Kathy on

Now show how much you truly love her and her mother by showing your committed to them by marrying her mother.


oh wow what a cutie pie!!! sh has a super dad

KGurley on

@Kathy: Really?! Why would u say something like that?

Traci on

She’s a doll baby. Absolutely gorgeous.

Jayda on

She is beautiful! She looks so much like her mom. This may be my favorite baby name this year, and I’m not usually a fan of alternate spellings, but I think Lauryn Anabelle looks much prettier than Lauren Annabel.

Eugene on

I normally don’t comment here but I liked him on Danzing and as a Veteran myself to start I would like to Thank him for serving and congrats to being the Father of a very Beautiful Little Girl,I have 3 Girls and a Boy and I know just by Listening to him that he is going to be an exellent Father.
Again Congrats.

Harley on

Shut the front door! That little one is frickin’ ADORABLE!!!

Susan on

I get he loves having a daughter – now how about a wife!

Shannon on


PeekerBoo on

Beautiful baby. Beautiful father.

Congrats to the happy parents.

pagal on

I think she is beautiful. Congrats to the happy family.

Nicole Harris on

So nice to read all the BEAUTIFUL comments! Great picture, amazing story and lovely people 🙂

Jen on

She is gorgeous!! Omg, perfection. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous baby!!

Mary on

She is probably the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, just gorgeous. He is over the moon, what a heart breaker she will be when she is older.

Natalie on

Awwwwww, she’s a gorgeous little girl and J.R. looks absolutely thrilled. Congrats again to J.R. and Diana!

Patricia Powell on

She’s going to be a daddy’s girl, for sure! Congrats to you both!

Sara on

I was scrolling through the comments, so pleasantly surprised to see that they were all happy and positive and then… BAM! Kathy comes along and ruins it.

Congratulations to the beautiful, happy FAMILY!

Nancy on

So happy for them!

Teresa on

Too, too precious!! So very happy for them all! 🙂

Susan Albert on

Your mother was right,JR when she said you were beautiful. Your daughter is beautiful also. Love her name and nickname.

Dawn on

J.R. she is gorgeous! it looks like she already has you wrapped around her sweet little finger! love this picture, Thanks for sharing. Congrat’s

Jennifer on

This man is wonderful on so many levels, I hope he and Diana and their beautiful daughter have a happy healthy and joyful life… like a few of you mentioned, I was especially moved by the comments being 99.8% positive, a rarity here – and in this case so deserving. Of course there’s always a sour grape in the bag. At least the rest of us can enjoy a really special story and send our very best to this new family!

Leanne Greene on

Beautiful . . . both father and daughter. Best wishes.

Daffygrams on

Beautiful little girl!

Cat on

Such a great picture of Daddy and his beautiful girl.
Congratulations to JR and Diana both. He looks so proud!

Betty on

Belle looks like her father and she is just perfect little doll baby! Congrats to JR and Diana.

Juniper Jupiter on

Anybody else’s teeth aching over that picture?? 😀

TOO CUTE! And JR is looking sexay as usual! 😉

mindy on

Awww 😀

Melissa Warner on

Congrats to the happy parents and TY JR for your service 🙂

granny on

Blessings to your family…….

Barbi on

So utterly gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your baby girl! May God bless her and your family always. Thank you for your service to our country.

kj on

love your dancing good luck to you,your girlfriend,and the baby looks so adorable good luck at being a father and all i know its going to be hard and all your going to go through many trials and tribulations but hold your head up hi and thank god himself for another day

Brenda vazquez on

she is 2 cute l happy 4 you and god bless you and your family