Kendra Wilkinson: Eating Placenta ‘Sounds Sickening’

06/05/2012 at 07:00 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson has never been one to avoid speaking her mind, and she’s not about to start, even when it comes to motherhood.

“Something I truly want to do and be a part of is a talk about being a mom and relating to other moms,” she tells PEOPLE of Around the Clock, a new Web series that features her, Laila Ali, Ali LandryCamila Alves and‘s Heather Armstrong discussing their parenting preferences, including on such tricky subjects as eating placenta.

“All I have to say is, ‘Are we Hannibal Lecter or something?'” she says. “What is in it to eat a placenta? I think that sounds sickening.”

While the show aims to bring mothers together and help foster relatablity among its stars and viewers, Wilkinson, 26, says the opposite has actually happened.

“What’s interesting is that we don’t relate,” she says. “I’ve learned a lot being a part of the panel. I learned a lot about myself, about what I’m doing,” adding that for her, the issue of child discipline was a hot-button one.

“There are some people out in the world that are traumatized from being spanked as a child, and I really feel for them,” she says, “but there are also a lot of people out there that embrace being spanked as a child and say, ‘If it wasn’t for my mom spanking my ass, I wouldn’t be who I am today.’ I see the glass half-full.”

The Kendra on Top star also credits her own mom with inspiring some of her current parenting philosophies.

“My mom, when I was a child, wanted me to live and learn. She wanted me out of the house early and I’ve applied that,” she says, noting that son Hank IV, 2, is now gearing up for preschool.

“What she did was right. I want little Hank to get out of the house. I feel more guilty about him being in the house than I do him leaving me. I don’t want to coop him up, I don’t want to shelter him.”

“He’s a like a sponge,” she continues. “He’s talking, full-on, he understands everything. He loves sports, just like us. We’re guiding him in a healthy, active lifestyle, and he’s definitely loving it and learning it and wanting to take part in it.”

Kendra on Top premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on WE, while Around the Clock can be found on YouTube.

— Kiran Hefa

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Lisa on

I read her last book and was so disappointed. She came off as your typical “first time know it all mom” giving her advice. It was awful. I fear that this would be the same only worse.

Jennifer on

btw, eating your placenta is actually good for you! placenta encapsulation is supposed to be really good at giving mom the nutrients she lost during birth. i wish i would have done it with my last birth. it’s not weird, actually. many cultures embrace it. although *most* cultures also embrace cosleeping, and breastfeeding until your child self-weans. but i digress….

gaia,laban and priam's mom on

I cant imagine eating my own placenta. I’ve planted it twice but eating it has no appeal.

Shannon on

She is the epitome of a bimbo.

emily on

I don’t have anything against her, but she mentions how her mother raised her…wanted her out of the house early,etc. But that didn’t really pan out considering she got into drugs, stripping, various other trouble…why carry that style of parenting over onto her own child?

Sandra on

Wow, ain’t she a real winner?????????

Gia on

She sounds really dumb! Not surprising! Stuffing silicone into my skin sounds sickening to me Kendra! Ill be praying for your son!

stacey on

Her little boy is cute, but I can’t stand anything about this woman. Sounds like she is going to do a lovely job with her son like her own mother did with her. Slow learner, and by the way, lovely picture.

torgster on

I love her and think she sounds like a wonderful mom! I raised two daughters,,now 23 and 29, both successful, trouble-free and the oldest a great mom herself. So I speak from experience, not that I ask or expect anyone to agree with me, nor do I care. Who are any of you to judge her?

Jax&Sarah4life on

I would hate to be her kid. He’s 2 and she’s already talking about having him move out. Wait till he’s 19 then start chirping about it.

Amanda on

Wow, my son is a day older than Kendra’s and I can’t even imagine shipping him off at this age!

Breaking news! You can get your child out of the house while still spending time with them. There are kids museums, parks, zoos, libraries, playgroups…and that’s just in my small city.

It’s one thing if you have to work but if you can spend that time with your child, why not? The most I dependent adults have parents who they knew were always there, not to be confused with helicopter parents or those who smother their children with attention.

There is also a reason why most mammals eat their own placentas, you would think someone who says she had such bad postpartum depression would be open to ideas on how to prevent it. I personally haven’t done it but I do believe it works. I doubt I’d actually be able to eat it in any case but could probably do pills.

WOW on

Why is everyone bashing her?

I think shes saying some pretty great and common sensical things

katie on

How could she comment on something that she obviously has no idea about? We are one of the very few country’s that view birth and after birth as something disgusting and wrong. For my third delivery, I decided to do something totally different, which included consuming my placenta through encapsulation and it was such an amazing thing. I had not even one day of sadness or “baby blues”, all of my lost iron and nutrients were replenished, and it gave me my energy back. She has no clue on the benefits of consuming one’s placenta. Why do you think animals do it? She is an uninformed idiot who is aiding in the continued stigma of birth and anything out of the “norms”

meghan on

Wow, she is spouting off about something she knows nothing about. She comes across as a know it all as a parent.

Sabrina on

To each their own, I have no desire to eat mine, but don’t fault those who do. However to respond to @Amanda, although there may be nutritional benefits, most mammals eat their placenta & after birth to hide the scent and clean their den or birthing space. In the wild the smell of fresh blood & tissue will draw predators, and for an animal caring for a new born, or litter, they have little or no defense. Additional the breakdown of the tissues and blood in the birthing den draw bacteria & bugs, which lesson the chance of survival for the young.

Laura on

I think when she makes comments like this, she clearly wants a reaction like the one she’s getting here. She has a new show to promote and needs viewers to keep her career alive. If she says really typical mom quotes or even things in a more sensitive way (ie “Personally, I don’t want to eat my placenta” instead of what she said) people who don’t already like her wouldn’t pay attention (I certainly wouldn’t). But say what she said like she said it, and she gets attention. You can say she’s dumb all you want, but she has made a career out of a relationship with Hugh Hefner and a few Playboy spreads. She understands how to make the most of her 15 minutes. Not saying I agree with this at all. I’m just saying it could be more about publicity, and with these kinds of celebs you can’t count that out.

WOW on


I dont think anything shes saying is bad or wrong and I dont think she comes across as a Know It All.

I think its the fact that she was a Playboy Playmate that still pisses some women/moms off…

Jealousy and resentments.

Go Kendra

gabbi on

I dont care what anyone says, that. sounds. gross. Plant it under a tree, great. i can accept that. Eating it? For real!? I think i’d rather have a burger

misstrinia on

Did any of you actually read this article.. it’s a shame that we continue to live in HER PAST.. currently she a mother of a 2 1/2 year old son..and she sharing what she is learning from this.. or did the negative public completely look over this.

Danielle on

this chick is a complete dumbass, she acting like the Placenta is being served for thanksgiving dinner. Its dried out and put into capsules and you swallow it like a pill. someone needs to remove all the warning labels in her house from certain dangerous items and let nature takes its course….just saying.

WOW on

Danielle, NO…
Some people actually cook it and serve it on crackers (like Pam Anderson did) so you are the dumbass

Sandra on

You know what is sickening??? You are Kendra! Go away and stay away!!

Laura on

I really dislike it when someone talks about a subject they are clearly uneducated in. If she knew the benefits and the reasons surrounding encapsulating your placenta it may still not appeal to her but at least she would understand that it there is a reason behind it and nothing wrong with it and not say silly things that are not true and just make her look dumb. I feel badly for her.

kimmie on

I don’t think Hannibal Lester is famous for eating placentas. I think he’s done something else that can hardly be compared.

Anonymous on

Disgusting and always forces me to vomit

Hannah on


What jealousy are you talking about? I am not jealous of uneducated white trash. Oh she made money taking her top off wow that is like so flipping hard! No no its not. In fact its easy. Given the fact all you need is fake tits, fake tan, and little to no brain cells its not hard to make it in the sex sells industry. She is not even that pretty her forehead is large enough for a billboard add and she has terrible skin up close. I would never take parenting advice from someone who probably cannot properly add 1 + 1.

ocnlvr83 on

I love when people naturally assume because we harp on a female celebrity it means we’re jealous and resentful of their talents and celebrity. I hate to say it, but how many women in the world want to be known for having sex with Hugh Hefner and laughing like an idiot? Not too many, I am guessing. Kendra is entitled to her opinion, but she really ought to think about how stupid she sounds before she spouts off opinions to the press.

meghan on

WOW, exactly what does this woman have that is worth being jealous of?

Jim on

I don’t know but when will people like her go away. I mean who cares?

Marky on

As previously posted, people are living in Kendra’s past. She stayed home with little Hank for awhile, then went back to work part time. Whatever, no different than most of you, except she has a different job. Some of you are beyond hateful and rude, as is the case frequently on this site. It seems as if you think insulting someone and belittling them makes you look all special. Not so much….. I’m not a fan of Hugh Hefner, anything he says, or anything he does. If he had disappeared in 1932, I wouldn’t have missed him, BUT many of you complaining about Kendra and how low her intelligence is, are the ones who have a fit if someone else says no one should pose for his pathetic magazine.

There are plenty of people who are educated about placental consumption and disagree whole-heartedly with the idea of needing to consume it. Most people do NOT lose massive amounts of iron and “nutrients” during the act of childbirth, unless they suffer a true hemorrhage. In fact, my hemoglobin and hematocrit were the same following childbirth as they were before, every time; high normal. I have researched and researched this issue, and just don’t see the need. I honestly think, after carefully looking at it from every angle, so to speak, that any effect you get is placebo. Bury it under a tree, but it isn’t necessary to eat it. Eat it if you want to, but don’t claim it’s necessary–you could do as well taking iron supplements.

Marcia on

She seems as intelligent and as entertaining as a kardashian.

mrgmorgan56 on

Cute…but dumb…

Jim on

wondering when this lady will ever go away!

annabarone on

Yes, spanking did her a wrlrd of good. What mother would not want their daughter to grow up, sell her body for money and be one of 3 girlfriends to an old pig?

annabarone on

Yes what mother wouldn’t want their daughter to grow up like he…sellling her body for money and being the plaything of an old man…spanking did her a world of good!

bystander on

I’m not sure why anyone would listen to her much less get parenting advice.

bystander on

It seems every few years some birthing fad comes out and lots of women jump on board, then it goes away. We’re not animals who need to eat the placenta to keep predatory animals away from our young.

Hannah on

I must admit she’s not my favorite person, seeing her on Girls Next Door kind of made me despise her but that aside, this is legitimate advice. And logical. She’s not saying that a mom should make plans to kick her kid out at age two but that a mother should be willing to let their child be their own person. Also, spanking doesn’t always have the same effect but it does tend to really drive home the concept of “no” with small children, I see nothing wrong with that and I was spanked as a child and don’t feel “traumatized” because of it. Grow up people, it isn’t abuse it’s discipline. It’s been used since the start of time, it’s just now when hippies breast feed their kids until they’re 16 and don’t raise their voice above a whisper that spanking is viewed as child abuse.

Jimm on

With all the weird ideas she shares with whoever, I wonder if she
had ever told her 2 1/2 year old that there is a God, outthere..

Sandy on

White trash poster child

meghan on

That’s kind of the point Marky. you have obviously done your research on this matter and I respect your thoughts a lot more than a model who is pretty much going from the point of view of “Yucky, placenta”. She hasn’t read anything on the subject. I think it’s fine for people to say, “That’s not for me.” I just don’t care for people who spout off about things they don’t know about.

Jc on

I’m sorry but this poor girl is such an airhead…I can’t even make my self watch her show…I don’t want advice, nor want to find any entertainment value in the life of a person who knows NOTHING, and just truly seems clueless in most all of her statements.

No interest in her silliness at all.

Indira on

I just watched around the clock, it was pretty cool. Camila Alves is a smart lady!

Sophia on

Yes, let me take parenting advice for a woman in the PORN INDUSTRY! You’re parents did a BANG up job! Maybe if they ‘hovered’ a little more she would have had a real job and life!

Karen on

Well, well, well. Aren’t we a little caddy, and you say your not jealous, huh!!! Well I for one am, to have to not want for anything besides good friends, family and health, her life would be pretty tough to take. See people this thing we engage in everyday is called LIFE. Look it up. It doesn’t come with a hand book, brocures, cds or dvds. Seems to me she has it going on, taking chances and putting herself out there, not really worried about what all the haters think, say or do. That would be view as self confidence to some. I don’t see her hurting anyone, pushing her view down anybodys throat or name calling anyone that doesn’t see things her way, that would be viewed at as spoiled to some. Koodoes to her and I wish her the best of luck. Just because someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you, doesn’t make it wrong, just another view, doesn’t make yours right either, but I bet someone doesn’t jump all over your a#@% for it. And whats up with the name calling? Didn’t YOUR parents teach you better, maybe you need a spanking. Say you’re not jealous, but your making yourself sound that way. It’s okay to admit it if you are, were all human. As Charles Swindoll put it, “life to me is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Good Luck Kendra and best wishes from a non-hater.

Jillian on

Interesting, I saw Kindred on “The Girl Next Door” series, I watched out of curiousity..

I do not agree with eating one’s placenta, however, I do feel that there is nothing wrong with swatting your child’s bottom.

However, I might add, one needs to make very sure that they are in control of themselves before they going jumnping to see it.

It just made me wonder how many people can recall. like I can’ the days when parents were allowed to be parents and discipline their children without any interferrence from the Governnent..I think spanking is a form of discipline. Everyone is so worried about long lasting scars to children’s psyches, look at some of the adults that came before us and they are alot more disciplined and more well rounded than most of our kids today but sadly are kids today have to deal with parents or a single parent who is addicted to something, had them too young don’t know how to deal with children or all self absorbed and don’t make their child or children a priority.

Vicki on

People-there is no excuse for eating or burying that stuff! Honestley! We are human beings, not animals!

And what reason on earth would you want to bury it? Absoletely GROSS! Leave it at the hospital, and take your baby home, and take good care of it! That is your prority here-not messing w/afterbirth! Like I said, we are not animals!

Anonymous on

well who cares what she does,,,,,,,,,,,,

Vicki on

People! this is so gross! The eating and burying of after birth! Honestly!
We are human beings, not animals! Leave the stuff at the hospital, take your precious baby home, and concentrate on taking care and loving it!

There is No excuse for the nonsense of worring about the afterbirth! It’s so
crazy like so many other things in this world! Of all that is going on in lives,
this has got to be the most irrevelent thing to even spend precious time thinking or acting on! sorry folks—but…….good Lord! What’s up here?

Annie on

Pretty to some, but stereotypical. Poor kid.

Valerie Johnson on

Kendra, I think you are doing a terrific job. Parents need to realize they have to let their children grow and quit smothering them. I am not saying they cannot be there for them. However, children now grow up faster then I ever did and getting them ready to make it out in the world, on their own, is a sensible thing.

Too, if you are a parent that wants to be around your child then do it. But you don’t have to mouth off about someone else.

SH on

Really Kendra? I can think of a few things YOU’VE done that are SICKENING!

Jillian on

Marcia, clearly they are all very entertaining as their show and hers continues to get renewed!

Eating the placenta is disgusting. And I will never understand the thought process behind spanking, hitting, etc a child. Especially to get them to stop hitting s sibling. In my lg family no one has never been hit and discipline was never an issue. If parents have control, they won’t need to raise their hand.

My name is Mary. Yet I am given the name Jillian. For the record, I am not her and didn’t write the above. It seems Jillian has become the new anonymous as there are many of them on here! Maybe it’s bc of the wireless network I use……