Giuliana Rancic Thinks She ‘Can Be Pretty Strict’

06/05/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
David Becker/Getty

Giuliana Rancic may look like a sweetheart on TV — and who is to say she isn’t? — but she also has a fiery side.

“I’m a hot-headed Italian chick, so I can be pretty strict,” the E! News anchor, 37, told PEOPLE at Palazzo Las Vegas’s Simon G. Jewelry Summer Soiree on Saturday.

The revelation came after Rancic was asked whether she or husband Bill Rancic would be more of a disciplinarian for their first child, who is expected in late summer via a surrogate. They’ve decided against announcing the sex of the child.

“If we have a [son], Bill will be the disciplinarian. The reason being that when you have a mother-[son] bond, he’s like your prince — you don’t want to discipline him,” she notes.

“And then there’s daddy’s little girl, he’ll never want to discipline her. But to be honest, chances are I will discipline, because I’m a crazy Italian chick.”

One thing they can agree on is the need to start prepping their new house for the baby. In her ideal world, though, this won’t be the only time they’ll ever prep a nursery.

“I want a big brood. Bill could be one and done,” she explains. “My motto is, five and done.”

— Mark Gray

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pagal on

Please, no more stories about Giulaina.

Jen P. on

So happy for her and Bill! 🙂

john on

i love them so much. good luck to both of you.

Corrie on

Pagal, what’s your problem? Congratulations to Giuliana and Bill and their miracle baby.

Shannon on

What does being “a crazy Italian chick” have to do with being strict?

She should be grateful for one baby for now considering all she’s been through.

She comes across as very shallow, attention seeking, and not too bright. JMO

Jeannie on

Great that they are having a baby and she survived cancer!! BUt she really needs to eat please

CCP on

Forget what Pagal said… Keep the stories coming! I love Giuliana and Bill and wish them nothing but the best. So happy for them!

Jordyn on

Who is this woman? She looks seriously anorexic.

Jessica on

I 100% agree with Pagal!! Oh please don’t let her have 5 babies!! There is a reason that she is unable to carry a child…

Marissa on

I love them!!! Such a great couple and so truly blessed to be able to have a child after everything they have been through! I wish them nothing but the best!

Amanda on

She wants five kids and she is 37, kinda late in the game to start adding so many babies to your life. I could see wanting one more or even two at her age, but to me, that’s kind of it.

Ashley on

Jessica, way to be a b*tch. So you are saying an unemployed woman of 3 children with three different men is more deserving than Guiliana? That’s BS.

She and Bill seem like a wonderful couple and have wanted children for a long time and can provide for their children a wonderful life. Please keep your rude and and inappropriate comments to yourself!

Lexi on

Congrats to her and her husband! She seems so excited, and after such a trying time, they deserve a ton of happiness.

nancy on

WOW..she wants 5 !! 37 thats going to be interesting..she says she will be strict cuz he is a crazy ital..but just wait til the baby comes..things will really change and she will melt..pls eat some food u crazy ital chick…pasta !!..MANGIA !!!u need this to take care of that baby, your toooooooo thin..

nancy on


essie on

5 babies….? that is a lot of money to pay a surrogate just so she can play mommy. if you want it that bad then adopt and give a home to a child in need.

all these women and the pregnancy issues, if you body can’t make a baby naturally, then don’t push it or you will end up with cancer. folks, get real! go ahead and comment away on my post too. it’s true…giuliana is a fine example of the increased amounts of hormones causing cancer. several friends have been thru it. so sad!

Angela on

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a Chihuahua?

meghan on

I’m with pagal.

gma22littleguys on

Love Giuliana and Bill and I’m absolutely thrilled for them! They are a wonderful couple and their child will be dearly loved. God bless them! They are so deserving of this little miracle.

Ashley on

Is it just me, but isn’t it kind of annoying that they know the sex of the baby, but are keeping it a secret just to “see how long they can keep it a secret”? They are so open about everything else you think they’d let their fans in on the “secret.” Idk, I feel like I’ve followed their story and have been praying for them and now they’re holding out on the good stuff?!

Louise on

Giuliana & Bill are having a “guess the sex” baby shower on June 17th

Sounds like fun!

Allison on

From watching their show all I can see is that it’s all about the ”Giuliana” show . She is very self-centred, cannot imagine her as a mom at all to be honest. Bill is a great guy though and she should thank her lucky stars to have a guy like that.

jaks on

@Jordyn, I agree. i think 20 lbs could have saved them tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars here.

Anna on

I think the article has a mistake. When she is saying about the mother-son thing, it doesn’t make sense. It says “if it’s a girl”, then right after says “because of the mother-boy relationship.” I don’t really understand. If I’m just reading it wrong somehow, then never mind !

someone on

A chihuahua? LOL. All I see is a five head (don’t pull your hair back Giu- it’s not a good look). Glad about the baby and hope all turns out well…but I’m not a fan of this gal.

JMQuinn on

Her comments make no sense…

“If we have a girl [I think this should be “boy”], Bill will be the disciplinarian. The reason being that when you have a mother-boy bond, he’s like your prince — you don’t want to discipline him,” she notes.

“And then there’s daddy’s little girl, he’ll never want to discipline her.

Btw, Giuliana, eat something so you will weigh more than the baby!

dee on

I just love hearing about this couple. I am so happy for them, I’m sure their rough journey is going to make becoming parents even more special. I can’t wait to see them as parents.

Hea on

Way to stereotype the genders. :-/

Rachel on

I love G & B!!! cannot wait for their son(s) to arrive…..

I just bet it is twin boys….. Bill looks toooo freakin proud!!!

Best wishes to your family.

P.S. – Haters…. take your neggy energy somewhere else!!!!

Pam on

I am guessing it will be the nanny that does most of the disciplining.

Annie W. on

I don’t care how much she denies it and gets angry when ppl comment on her weight. She would look SOOO much better with another 10 – 15 pounds on her.

How does she know she is strict etc, she doesn’t have a kid yet. If she’s serious about more kids, I hope they consider adoption.

Anne on

Let’s see how much of “a little prince” your potential son is when he throws his plate of food against the wall and hits your brand new curtains.

Donna on

I was astounded to see Giuliana’s cancer doctor tell her it was all right to inject herself with more hormones to retrieve eggs. My gosh, wasn’t that a big part of the reason she activated dormant cancer cells in her breasts to begin with? Someday the medical community will realize these abundant hormones are playing a big part in these cancers and it will be too late for many young women.

I suppose the egg retrieval went okay. Hopefully, because it was a risky thing to do even with a doctor’s approval.

The jury is out on Giuliana’s maternal versus professional life. I hope she doesn’t let nannies raise her child/children just because she can afford to. Bill seems more inclined to be a hands on dad, but his work takes him away from home a lot, too. Best of luck. The baby will be well loved for sure.

meghan on

She has gone to a awful lot of trouble to make a baby for the nanny to raise.

Kathy on

I Love Her!…. (sooo freakin’ funny) and I really enjoy their show. Can’t get enough! Wishing them the very best for a happy healthy baby 🙂

Indira on

“Jessica, way to be a b*tch. So you are saying an unemployed woman of 3 children with three different men is more deserving than Guiliana? That’s BS.”

Your comment is just as snarky at least Jessica’s is based in fact. Maybe there is a valid reason why she can’t conceive maybe there are chromosomal abnormalities in her eggs, maybe she has some disorder that she could pass on. The body is still a mysterious and foreign thing that we don’t entirely understand. Invitro and hormone therapy is messing with nature and the procedures are so new we don’t know WHAT the consequences will be. It’s no judgement on people who use these procedures but it doesn’t change that we don’t know the long term effects.

g&b fan on

LOVE g&b! I wish them the best in all they do. Hope they have as many babies as they can/want!!! They have an amazing relationship and will be great parents!

Dena on

Why is everyone so negative. This couple has been trying for years to have a baby. You can tell their love is stronger than other celeb couples. I am proud of them and since she is Italian and very family oriented I think she will be a great mother that wont rely a lot on a nanny.

Also give the girl a break about her weight. She had breast cancer. Not only did she go through radiation but she also had a double mastectomy. I am sure stress has caused a lot of weight gain.

annie on

she could have 5 more just get 4 more gestational carrier!

cindy on

Giulliana has as much sex appeal as a bag of spanners!! Does Bill Rancic have eyesight problems???

Allison on

I think her weight has little to do with the fact she couldn’t get pregnant. I am 5’8 110 lbs and have 2 healthy children, both of whom I had no problem conceiving. I believe her age, stressful lifestyle combined with her weight is the reason for her struggles.

I am so happy for the both of them! They will be wonderful parents!

Tbird21 on

Dammit some of you are horrible! I can’t believe people said there is a reason she can’t have kids. That’s a whole new level of bitchiness! BTW on their show it showed Giuliana trying to gain weight but it didn’t help. Also when did they say they is going to have a nanny raise him/her? Positivity, people!

Cindy on

Totally agree with the previous comment! If you do not have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. I’m so happy for them. If whe wants to have 5, who cares, She can afford it! They will take care of them! I can’t stand people having children when they can’t afford it. I love the show!!! & also sometimes people are very slim and who cares. If she was fat, then people will also critize.

Jillian on

The weight is not the issue. They said they would adopt, so pol you can calm down. Maybe there next baby will be from Euroe which is where they were looking. I don’t care that they aren’t telling the gender. That is their secret to keep!

Keep the stories about them coming! They deserve this happiness and baby! They are two wonderful people.


Margaret on

I think Guiliana is absolutely beautiful and has the best personality and I wish I could be more like her. The way she has dealt with her double mastectomy and the problems with conceiving is just an inspiration to everyone out there going through either of those things, or any other problems. She is strong and positive and she does not let anything get her down and all you haters out there who are just eaten up by jealousy that you have to make snarky comments, why not spend that energy getting a life and being happy like she does, instead of trying to drag others down into the mud with you. Your nasty snarky opinions do not matter to her or to her fans. Get lives. I for one cannot wait to see that baby born and in their arms. They deserve that happiness and have gone through so much disappointment and still keep that positive attitude. They deserve a wonderful life and will be wonderful parents.

Margaret on

And as far as her being able to carry a child, she was told it was not a good idea for several months after going through this mastecteomy and treatment. So know what the *@%) you are talking about before you open your fat judmental mouths. Man, i cannot believe the hatefulness out there. Y’all must be very unhappy people.

Ana on

I find Giuliana & Bill’s fans to be so naive. Both of them have very similar natures of wanting fame,fortune&notariey that is the reason Bill married such an Alien looking woman, because he knew she would become the conduit to his present status, as he was a has been & forgotten from his APPRENTICE days when he met Giuliana & since then he has gotten gigs & all sorts of media attention, due to his association w/her. Also sharing the “Cancer” story on their reality show was only a self-serving marketing strategy, of which Bill is known for(His Seminars),in order to gain them more ratings, since recently there have been more reality shows on air, they wanted to stand out from the rest. Have you seen or heard of Giuliana donating money to help women get Mammograms?, or re-constructive surgery,for which you need alot of money for that type of cosmetic surgery. First thing Giuliana should of done after being given a 2nd chance at life, was share her good fortune w/others who cannot afford what she was able to. Instead she buys a new car more shoes&bags,etc. To me that is not a grateful or good-hearted person or a selfless one,just talking about it is not enough. She has only put fear into women & if you don’t have work paid medical Ins. that includes paying out all of what Giuliana had to do, then you certainly will not be able to afford even a Mammogram out of your own pocket! Now she’s been given this blessing of a Miracle Child & she’s only taking 2mths off of Maternity leave & recently signed on for 3 more years w/ENews, instead of taking a 3yr. Hiatus to give this child a great start & foundation to it’s life by being present to bond, so the child can thrive. Her career is so painfully obvious more important than this child, who will very clearly be raised by a Nanny & it’s not that she even has to work in order to afford raising this child, as Bill makes quite a hefty salary to afford all that is required. So to me these 2 are not worthy of all the praise that you ignorant idiots keep on dishing out to them, they are just shallow,materialistic,attn.seeking junkies,that I don’t respect or regard as decent people to raise a child, hence reason why she has not been able to conceive & this child is not yet born,so we don’t know if it could be a stillborn, or have health complications later in life. All I know is Giuliana has taken for granted all that has happened to her & her actions are not of someone who shows any reverence for the blessings she has been given. Just recently on her reality show, was worried how they are going to handle L.A.&Chicago when the baby comes! OMG!I can see her shuttling the baby back & forth on airplanes how cruel is that? However I believe the Universe will show her how upset it is w/her lack of respect for it. Both are also HYPOCRITES Giuliana stated her breasts do not define her & yet right after removing them in the same surgery gets implants done. Bill stated he didn’t care about the physical part of her & yet he helped choose bigger implants for her. So people,really think about who you are showering praise on because these 2 do not deserve all of your accolades.

Angela on

While I wish them well, I don’t think these two people really realize what raising a child really means! I can’t imagine Giuliana changing a baby (she tried it once on the show with a friends baby, and her attempts were pitiful) or feeding a baby or getting up during the night with a baby! It will probably be turned over to a nanny, and she won’t take care of it at all.

What really got me was back at the time she had briefly conceived and had the miscarriage she went into a portapotty and BILL WAS SHAKING THE PORTAPOTTY, TURNING IT WAY OVER FROM SIDE TO SIDE WHEN THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS PREGNANT!! Really sick! I agree with a lot of what Ana said. These people are weird!

Ana on

Thanks so much Angela for your support finally someone with a voice of reason & reality & agreed totally with what you said & thanks for reminding me of that Porta-Potty incident. How about the one where they went to visit the landscaper’s newborn & she didn’t even know how to support the baby’s head it was pretty much dangling & Bill saw this & freaked out & went to grab the baby from her arms. Seems he has more maternal instincts than she does. But what really gets to me this child within 1mth of when it’s birth, will be going on a road trip, as Bill has stated because Giuliana Is going in Sept/12 to Home Shopping Network to launch her fashion line. Aswell Bill has stated this child is going w/them everywhere, as if it’s luggage that they just pack up to go onto their next venture w/no consequences. This is a baby that needs serene,calm environment for a while before exposing it to his parents kaotic lifestyle. The only thing this child is going to be lucky with is that he will want for nothing, but then look at the price is comes at!!!Did you know she has signed another 3yrs. w/ENews, which means travelling back & forth to L.A & Chicago, instead of taking a leave of absence for at least 3yrs. Take care, All the Best

Susiegirl on

This girl is so mixed up. Just because you are on E TV and pushy, now you are a child rearing expert…Also, thin is fine, but this girl is anorexic. I saw those ribs poking through her skin when she changed her clothes on TV while discussing her breast cancer. Why would you feel it is appropriate to share how hard at work she is after a mastectomy? Get a life and take care of yourself and forget about making money all the time.

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