Hilary Duff: ‘I Love Changing Diapers!’

06/04/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

New mom Hilary Duff says one of her favorite parenting dutiesΒ is something not everyone would expect.

“I love changing diapers!” the singer and actress, 24, told PEOPLE at Friday’s Bing and DoSomething.org’s Summer of Doing kick-off event downtown at the Heart of Los Angeles. “I’m really good at it. I’ve got it down.”

Overall, a glowing Duff — mom to 10-week-old son Luca Cruz — apparently couldn’t be happier.

“There are so many fantastic things [about motherhood],” she says. “Everything’s been really wonderful, and the time’s just been flying by. I want it to slow down.”

On being a parent along with husband Mike Comrie, she says, “It’s a challenging job, and the reward is so great and I feel so empowered. Knowing what your kid wants when he cries is the best feeling in the world.”

Duff’s little one is already even a good traveler. Calling a recent trip with Luca, “amazing,” the starlet says he “didn’t make a peep on the airplane.”

Headed to a friend’s 30th birthday, Duff explains, “We were a little [hesitant] about taking our baby to Vegas, but we did. I think I would have had a really hard time leaving him at home. He was great.”

As for milestones, the “Coming Clean” singer calls them a daily occurrence.

“He’s starting to roll over, so that’s really good and exciting,” she says. “And he’s been smiling and being a lot more vocal.”

While parenting keeps her schedule full, Duff is also going to get back to work with “pop-dance music that makes you feel good and sends a positive message.” She calls this her “main focus right now besides Luca.”

Hoping to have something new out by the end of the year, Duff explains, “Next week I’m taking meetings with different producers and writers and getting that process started again. I’m ready. I’m taking my time because I want it to be right.”

For great summer volunteer projects, check out bing.com/doing.

— Dahvi Shira

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look on

hey, if the acting thing doesn’t work out, she can always turn to diapering.

Hea on

I work with little kids in pre-school. They’re 1-3 years old. On a diaper duty day, I can change as many as 43 diapers. Do I love it? Yeah, not so much. haha

MB on

She seems so sweet and down to earth. Congrats to her and her husband, it seems like they are really enjoying parenthood!

Maggie on

This reminds me of when women claim to love having their periods. You can still love your kids without loving their poop, ok? Just as you can enjoy being a woman without enjoying bleeding for several days every single month.

Ashley on

She may love it now but wait until he starts really moving around! She will find out how strong her lil’ man is.

jessesgirl72 on

Oh please. If she said she didn’t like changing diapers, 100 women would be on here, saying she was a terrible mom for not liking every little thing about her baby. I have kind of enjoyed changing diapers too. Some people use it as a moment to talk to and play with their babies, even during that mundane and sometimes yucky task. But I was also thinking the same as Ashley- he’s 10 weeks old. It gets a lot more challenging when you are trying to change a moving baby.

Sopie on

Her baby is ten weeks old. Ask her again when the baby is 10 months old, or two years old.

ruby on

As much as she’s out without her baby, I seriously doubt she changes may diapers.

bh on

If she wants to come to my house, she can change my twins’ diapers as well.

NW Mama on

Every new mom enjoys doting over thier little one, diapers, feedings, baths, it is all so new and exciting. But once the baby becomes mobile and eating solid food, New moms tend to change their tune a little. LOL Baby poop is not that bad when they are infants, it’s when the solid food adds aroma is when the real fun begins. LOL

stephanie on

I LOVED changing my first baby’s diaper. My husband originally refused to do it so it became a bonding time for my son and I. As he began to eat solids though, the love for it waned and by the time we had our second, changing diapers was just routine and my husband finally pitched in. (And I made him make up for lost time – ha!)

BetC on

Everything is always great when you ask this lady anything, probably because she is so glad to be getting any type of attention. She is not really that relevant but since she got pregnant things are picking up for her.

Cyndy Cox on

News flash! The rest of learned how to change diapers (esp with boyz) in record time. Congrats on being just one of us. Well done, you.

Nikki on

10 week old diapers are nothing…especially if the baby is nursed….

Wait until solids come into the mix…! hahaha!

And I guess when you change 10 diapers a day, you get used to it….

Grace2 on

Newborn poo is no big deal, especially if it’s from breast milk (not knocking formula poo, lest anyone yell at me-I found that when my babies got formula, their poo was stinkier). It’s when solids were introduced that things got ugly…and then when meat is introduced. Oh man. Despite all that, I cannot say I’ve ever loved changing diapers…

But I’m glad she’s enjoying her baby.

Ava on

Is there anything more annoying than Hilary Duff? No. I wish she would just go raise her perfect baby in her perfect world and not subject any of us to the nauseatingness of it all.

Luis on

I’m just not understanding the negativity towards Hilary for currently enjoying changing diapers. She was at an event for charity work and just so happened to bring that up when being interviewed. Is it a bad thing? Not at all. She’s enjoying her first child. God forbid you guys procreate, the negativity towards everything baby related won’t be healthy.

Shay on

Wow, some of you guys really suck. When my son was that young I enjoyed changing his diapers too. He would coo and smile at me. It was so sweet. All this is new to her, she has plenty of time to be negative later. Let her enjoy this and not be rude about it. I enjoy her positive outlook on things.

Jennifer on

So hilary duff just can’t win with some of you people! If she were out partying…she’s a bad mom. When she went to yoga after giving birth…she was a bad mom. She enjoys changing her son’s diapers…something negative to say about that. She says she enjoys something…yep, people are negative again. Yet if she whined about it…people would hate her. Maybe you people should search within and wonder why you’re so negative about EVERYTHING!!!

I agree with one of the previous posts. I enjoyed changing my kid’s diapers. I knew I was doing something good for him…and I got to talk to him and interact with him.

tom on

i have triplet grandsons would she like to come and change their diapers

justamom on

so sad when people that read these articles constantly complain about the person they are reading about. This young lady has never had any drama associated with her or her fame. Shes just a regular gal that happens to be famous because our children made her famous while watching her grow up. There must be some seriously miserable people on this site, sure hope your not out there reproducing more miserable little people. Congrats to the new mommy for falling completely in love with her little one. pfft to all those jackasses that are just mean

blessedwithboys on

Did she really even consider for a single moment leaving her newborn son to fly off to another state for a party? How sad but good for him that she didn’t go through with it!

Hanna on

Hilary, enjoy changing his diapers and treasure all moments you have with your son as it won’t be long before he is 18 years old! My 18 year old daughter is graduating next week from high school and it’s hard to believe I used to change her diapers 18 years ago! Life is very short so enjoy everything as much as you can with your son.

Ashley on

Wait till she starts solids and then Luca loves to roll around πŸ™‚

Britt on

Okay, maybe it’s because I’m not a mom, but when I babysit (or take care of babies at my church’s nursery), I hate changing diapers. It doesn’t matter how old they are – it’s just that it’s the idea of changing diapers that grosses me out.

I’m glad she enjoys something that would disgust me, but I just don’t get the enthusiasm. It’s one thing when people have to do it – but enjoying it? Weird…

Tigerlee on

How dare you enjoy your son and all that comes with raising a child, even diapers. These santimommies would prefer you were more like them– bitter heifers.

Misty on

I like Hilary, and I am very glad for her that she’s enjoying being a new mom. Her son is the cutest celebrity baby I’ve seen in a long time. πŸ™‚

JLL on

I am just curious Ava, are you a mom?

Brandi on

Wow some of you women sound like you absolutely HATE being mothers if hearing someone enjoying her newborn bothers you that much. You read too far in to it. She’s a new mom with her first baby and she’s taking it all in. You have to really have some deep rooted issues for stories about a celebrity mother to bother you this much.

RKF on

@Tigerlee – I agree completely. I don’t know why I read the comments anymore. I’m convinced some of the most arrogant, self-righteous, miserable twits comment on here.

Who could possibly have anything negative to say about a mother who enjoys changing her child’s diaper? No one cares if YOU dislike changing diapers, as the article isn’t about you.

I’m sure Hilary Duff is a more loving, mature parent than some of you.

Ava on

Yes, I am a mom, JLL. And while my two children are the most wonderful things in my life (along with my husband), I don’t go around bragging about how perfect they are. And they certainly aren’t always easy πŸ˜‰

Holiday on

She sounds like a great first time mom~ I loved changing diapers too and really doing anything for my baby.

JLL on

Maybe Ava, she is just overjoyed at being a new mom. Everything seems great to her right now. When I had my son I felt the same way. I have two children and one on the way, and they are the best things ever to happen to me and my husband. We adore them. Why say such mean things about Hilary and her family.

whatever on

I like it when I get the poop stuck under my nails

Jackie on

I really like Hil. I think it’s soooo cute the way she adores her baby! That’s what being a mom feels like to me, too. I don’t mind changing diapers, and my lil man is 20 months old (and STRONG). Watching him grow up is the biggest gift and best part of my life.

meghan on

You women are too much. It’s a diaper. No one “loves” changing it. Just because you don’t hate it doesn’t mean you “love” it. It’s just a part of life. And all you going on about loving to do it sound incredibly phony, like you are trying to one-up one another. No one is going to confiscate your “World’s Best Mom” mug if you admit you don’t love the things you do for your kids.