Natasha Gregson Wagner and Barry Watson Welcome Daughter Clover Clementyne

06/04/2012 at 07:10 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage, Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s a girl!

Natasha Gregson Wagner and her longtime boyfriend, actor Barry Watson, welcomed a daughter on Wednesday, May 30, the actress’s rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“We are overwhelmed with love and joy at the birth of our daughter Clover Clementyne Watson,” the couple tells PEOPLE of their new little girl, who weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 19½ inches long.

The baby’s first name was inspired by Inside Daisy Clover, a 1965 film starring Wagner’s late mother, the legendary actress Natalie Wood.

Clover is the first child for Wagner, 41, whose father is Richard Gregson and stepfather is actor Robert Wagner.

Watson, 38, has two sons — Oliver, 7, and Felix, 4 — from his prior marriage to Tracy Hutson.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Christina on

Interesting…..why not name her Natalie after the mom or Clementyne.

Jeana on

Grewat name…great memory of her mom…..

MrMonkee on

Great unusual different name.

Alison on

Actually a very cute name!

bree on

Lovely name! Congrats!

kjfiggy on

Could not even wait to get a divorce from his wife before he got another girl pregnant. He is a piece of work.

Mrs JP on

CLover Lmao wow, what a horrible name for a child. I feel so sorry for that child when she grows up.

Way to go stupid parents!

Charli on

Even without the explanation, I can’t tell you why but I instantly liked the name

Acorr on

The tangled webbs they weave…

Cindy on

Lovely name!!!

Alexandra on

I will forever associate the name “Clover” with the Clover from “Totally Spies!” It’s a cute name though.

Karen M. on

Aww, she looks like her late mother. 🙂 Blessings.

kourney on

that’s actually my daughter’s name. its spelled the same way too.

Bobby on

I woulnd’t call ihim her ‘longtime’ boyfriend. They’ve only been together less than 2 years, that’s not longtime anything…

Cute name though!

teresa on

I am thinking that being that she gave the baby her own last name which is fine… then I would have liked her name to be Clover Clementine Natalie as her last name. Natalie as her last name why not?? right?

Amanda K on

My friend had a dog named Clover. Cute name for a pet but not so much a child.

susan raymon on

Natasha looks so much like her mother. I think she’d be a glamours actress if she just applied herself.

Jane on

Congrats to Barry and Nathasha on the birth of their baby girl Clover.

jam on

I think of the Cloverfield Monster who was nicknamed Clover. Nice.

stephanie on

congratulations matt camden

Nina on

I love the name. And what is so interesting, is that May 30, 1969 was the wedding day of Natalie Wood and Richard Gregson.

Carrie on

If she wanted to name her after that specific movie, I might have done with the ‘Daisy’ part instead.

Micki on

What a beautiful way to honor her mother’s memory. Too bad Natalie isn’t here to meet her first grandchild.

Dee on

teresa – it is stated quite clearly that her name is Clover Clementyne WATSON, as in Barry’s name, not Wagner and I’m sure Natasha is really concerned about what you would like – not.

Missy on

She didn’t give the baby her own last name, teresa. The baby’s last name is Watson, not Wagner. Natasha’s mother was born Natasha Gurdin, changed by her parents from Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko when they came to America from Russia. The whole family adopted the last name Gurdin to be more “Americanized,” so Natalie is not her mother’s birth name but stage name.

I do find it odd that Natasha (a nickname or pet name for Natalia or Natalie in Russia and also her mother’s REAL name) goes by the last names Gregson and Wagner. I think it may have had something to do with her mother catching her father (Gregson) cheating on her when Natasha was just a few months old and they separated. Maybe Robert Wagner was more like a father to her and he certainly has the more famous last name. Beside her startling resemblance to her mother, I knew who she was by Robert’s last name.

Barry was diagnosed several years ago with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but seems to be in remission. I have no idea why he and Tracy (his second wife) or he and Laura Payne-Gabriel (his first wife) broke up.

I think the name Clover is cute. I just watched Inside Daisy Clover again a few weeks ago. Natalie Wood was a beautiful lady.

jean on

Congratulations! I thought he had children from another marriage.

Leslee on


Robert Wagner is her father, legally and otherwise, as he legally adopted her and carries his name.

Clover Clemetyne Watson is a mouthful but Clover is a beautiful name that I wouldn’t totally object to having myself.

Kay on

Confused – how can he be her longtime boyfriend?? His youngest child with his former wife is 4 – Barry, you are one tacky dude. Couldn’t make it work with your wife and you leave a 4-year old??? could you be more self-involved???

Suze on

I love the use of the wording “long-time boyfriend”..if he has a 4 year old with another woman he hasn’t been around for a long time, but maybe by Hollywood standards…

In any case, a baby is a blessing and I wish them luck.

The name sounds like a scented candle.

Miffy on

Washed-up Barry is good at one thing: having children out of wedlock.

Tessa on

I guess it’s a nice attempt to honour her mom, but I would not want to be a kid named Clover. Especially not Clover Clementine. Silly, silly name. Hopefully they will call her Chloe.

J on

Geez Christina. Why NOT name the baby what they did. Good Lord.

Chris on

Barry is kind of a giant tool – what with the two prior marriages (at age 38!), plus managing to have another child out of wedlock when he youngest daughter with his last wife is only 4 years old.

meghan on

Who gives a crap if his kid is four? Shit happens. Marriages end. None of your business when and why. And who cares if he’s twice divorced at 38? He’s hardly the first.

susan schweitzer on

Natalie Wood did a movie called “Inside Daisy Clover.” Maybe she name her baby after that?

Bee on

What happened to getting married and then having children?

Natalie Wood was so classy. Poor thing. Didn’t live to see her children grow up, or live to see this one have an illegitemate child.

But good for them. Free love and everything.

klutzy_girl on

Why are we also blaming Barry for the end of his marriage? We have no clue why it ended. And who gives a crap if they’re not married and have a baby? Deal with it – It doesn’t affect your lives.

Congratulations to Barry and Natasha!

meghan on

Bee, Natalie Wood was classy? Ha! No, she was just lucky to have been a star during the studio system, when the studios made sure to keep actors trashy behavior out of the press. It’s hardly a secret now that Natalie Got Around.


Natasha…that makes us two…pretty name :))

annie on

That name is not for me… I also wondered about “longtime boyfriend” when he was married fairly recently to someone else.

Amy on

Guest- Seriously? they mentioned that the name is inspired by a name her mother did in the third paragraph. Read the whole story it’s not long and they don’t use big words.

Missy- Robert Wagner adopted Natasha so that is why she goes by a gregson wagner.

The wording “long time boyfriend” sounds silly as they’ve been together for less than 2 years. Not that it matters how long they’ve been together but it sounds better with it left out since they really haven’t been together that long.

Chris- He’s 38 alot of people have been married twice by that time. And his “daughter” is actually a son and his name is Felix. You don’t know him so how can you say he’s a tool? Nice way to embarrass yourself.

Kay- He hardly left his son he left his marriage. His ex travels alot for work and I’m sure the kids stay with him while she’s away.

Teresa- The babies last name is WATSON not WAGNER… So why give the baby a different last name than both parents? Seriously that would be a very stupid idea. Not to mention it may cause problems later on. There is a reason people call it a family name because you usually share it as a family. Perhaps Barry and Natasha plan on marrying or not one day I think Watson is a perfectly fine last name for their baby.

jean- it was a short article and they do mention his sons Oliver and Felix with his ex.

linda on

Natalie was a beautiful person inside and out…not trashy at all…maybe those who call her trashy should look in their own mirrors!

Clover is an unusual but cute name and she is naming her after one of Natties movies…she loves her mom so much as her mom loves her. Congrat’s to them all!

Lacey on

While I feel it’s nice that she wanted to honor her mother, I have to say that Inside Daisy Clover was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. And I’m a big Natalie Wood fan. But it’s her daughter and she can name her what she wants. Congrats all the same.

cherrysoda99 on

I said this in a prior thread when the announcement was made that they were expecting, but I’ll repeat myself: Barry and Tracy were never married. There is interview proof of this; Barry has stated that fact himself.

His youngest son with Tracy is four years old. It’s hardly as if Felix was born and then Barry left Tracy when Felix was still a baby. He’s four…things can change in four years.

Stop jumping to conclusions and making him out to be a bad guy. We have no idea what went down.

Congrats to the couple of the birth of their daughter.

absolutelynothingatall on

Natalie Wood was three-times-married by the time she was 33 years old. I don’t get the negative comments about the babydaddy being twice divorced at 38.

Kay on

Meghan, sorry but sh*t doesn’t happen. You have to try and make two marriages fail. Its wonderful, you are perfect representation of your generation and its entitlement mentality…this tool goes from woman to woman and that doesn’t bother you?? He really respects the whole having children hmmm? Meghan, it does stink and you should be able to discern that at this point in your life.

Kay on

i officially have to quit reading this thread because you women are so amazingly vapid. The negative comments surround the fact that a four year old boy doesn’t get his DAD in the house full time. I know it doesn’t impact my day to day but it does make me sad that your generation doesn’t understand the commitment of having children but sure do like presents and all the great stuff you get…He’s a tool of the highest order and she’s stupid as heck to have a kid with him.

And just to clear up a misconception about Natalie…she was married to the same man twice. Richard Gregson cheated on her and she left him when Natasha was a baby. So she went from Robert Wagner to Gregson and then back to Wagner, hardly a sleaze but you ladies seem to have your own standards..

Bree on

Seriously, his youngest with Tracey is FOUR not one or even two. My parents very amicably split before I turned one and six months later my dad was living with another woman, someone who he had known for many years and reconnected with, which, for all any of you know, is what happened here.

I would say two years is definitely a long term relationship, but hey I am not the relationship expert that you women are, so enlighten me, how many years do two people have to be together before they are considered long term??

Congrats to Natasha and Barry!! Not a name I would have ever picked but Clover Watson has a very nice ring to it and I love that it is not a name heard that often but is not totally crazy and off the wall and nicely feminine. And I really love how they came up with is, such a great tribute to Natalie 🙂

Kay on

Well then Bree, you were able to appreciate a complete lack of commitment at a very early age…congratulations…doesn’t make it right or fair.

meghan on

Kay, Don’t let the door hit you, sanctimonious twit.

guest on

Barry & Tracy were never married, they knew each other back in Texas. She found him in Hollywood, saw her opportunity and whoops(!) became pregnant, not once but twice out of wedlock. Everyone is getting pregnant by ‘accident’ these day…happens all the time. Tracy, spent long periods of time away from Barry so she could further her design career. That relationship never would have endured, it just lasted longer because the tots came along. He is wayy better off with Natasha…I love the name ‘Clover’. God Bless Natalie’s sweet soul.

English teacher on

Amy – There is no such word as “alot.” A lot is spelled with two words. This is a very common mistake.

Kay on

Meghan, sorry I’ve probably been married longer than you’ve been alive..but again, I didn’t just bolt the minute it got difficult…oh yeah, that word again – commitment – kids deserve better. They aren’t pets, they aren’t want to be the one to explain to the 4-year old why the new baby gets to live with his daddy full time but he doesn’t?? Twit? Please, but I must admit I am impressed you even know the meaning of the word sanctimonious.

meghan on

Yes, Kay, shit does happen. For all you know, his ex walked out on him. Was he supposed to curl up in a ball and weep for a certain number of years to satisfy you? Some things are beyond our control. Kay, honestly, I’m thrilled that no one ever married you, then two years later informed you that you were better off as friends and they’re joining the Peace Corp. True story. Happened to the nicest, most loyal and devoted man I know. But of course that is his fault I’m sure. Right, Kay? Because he wanted his marriage to fail. It is not the biggest tragedy of life that his kids have to go between two houses. As least he’s in their lives, which is more than a lot of kids can say. So get off your damned high horse and stop judging “my generation” whatever that means, because you don’t know me, you don’t know my age. You apparently don’t know much.

meghan on

Kay, Natalie Wood was married three times and had many affairs, including married men. Real class act.

This is the last time I’m going to say it. Stop making assumptions about me, Kay. Funny, I could have sworn you said you’d go away. God forbid you manage to stay away from an opportunity to belittle and judge people you know nothing about. For your information, I didn’t bolt from my marriage at the first sign of trouble and I never intend to, my married friends feel the same way. But I am smart enough to realize that you can’t control what is going on in another person’s head.

When my parents discussing starting a family, my mother told my father, “If you are ever going to walk, do it now. I can’t be a single mother.” Dad said, “I wouldn’t dream of it. Long haul.” Twelve years and four kids later Dad was gone, telling Mom he had only ever loved her like a sister. Sometimes you are only as good as the person you are married to. Dad bailing was awful, god knows but I can bet that this Barry guy is probably more involved than my twice a year visit father.

Kay on

I am so impressed with your grasp of the English language but sorry, its NOT FAIR – the kids in this country deserve better from the people who make them. And Meghan, wait till you have kids and you will not ever want the words “AT LEAST” to ever enter into their lives but you say about a child’s father, at least he’s in his life like the that time is some kind of consolation prize for the child?

Wow, Meghan I bow before your vast knowledge of human emotions.

All because I expressed my opinion that Barry Watson is a freakin’ tool for having a baby when he’s been with a woman for 2 years…his record doesn’t speak highly of his ability to make decisions in this regard but I’m sure its okay after all, its only kids adversely impacted right??

My horse isn’t high Meghan, I just call them like I see them and I think I’m allowed…just like you are allowed to call names and be juvenile…oh just so you know, your little attempt at an insult up there is what gave your age away.

meghan on

Lacey, Inside Daisy Clover wasn’t very good, but I remember reading that it meant a lot to Natalie, because she really got a chance to stretch as an actress. I’m sure Natasha chose it for that reason.

Leni on

Clover Clementyne? Sorry, but the name sounds like Clodhopper, or Clem Cadiddlehopper!

Lizzie on

SHAME ON ROBERT WAGNER!!!!!!! May the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful NATLIE WOOD REST IN PEACE!!!!

Kay on

Meghan, I am not supposed to make assumptions about you but you make assumptions about Barry Watson?? I’m sorry – I have obviously offended your delicate aesthetic. I think people take making babies too lightly. Im allowed my opinion. He’s a flake…your defense of men who have babies with lots of women aside, he’s a flake.

And as for Natalie, she was married twice to Robert Wagner and once to Richard Gregson and left him because he cheated. So she was married 3 times, twice to the same man. Look it up Meghan…she wasn’t Grace Kelly…she wasn’t married when she slept with Warren Beatty…she wasn’t married when she slept with Robert Wagner but she wound up marrying him. Sure, she was married three times but twice to the same guy and died married to that guy.

meghan on

Time and place, Lizzie. Time and place.

meghan on

Attention everyone! We don’t need to have opinions about anything anymore! Kay has all the answers! No one else is right about anything! Barry Watson’s an amoral jerk for having a kid with his new girl, but Natalie Wood screwed married men and is still a class act! Fornication is OK if it doesn’t result in kids! Fornicating with married men is OK too! Just ask Kay! She knows everything!

stacey on

LOVED him on 7th Heaven, but can’t say the same for the way he conducts his real life.

JM on

@ kay

As someone young (in their mid-twenties), I was raised to believe in commitment to your spouse and children. My parents have been married 30 years, my grandparents married 60 until my grandfather passed away. She still refuses to marry.

That being said, I feel like you’re making a generalization to my generation. While I was raised this way, I was raised with enough sense to understand that Sh*t DOES in fact happen. While my parents condone staying together, they make sure to tell me that if I’m unhappy, hurt, or broken because of my spouse, I shouldn’t hesitate to leave. My grandparents wouldn’t condone me being in that type of relationship either. And the reality is – sometimes you don’t know who the real person is, until you’re stuck with them.

If I had children and I was truly unhappy, I would not stay together for my kids. When you’re happy, you project happiness onto your kids. I would far prefer to have a mother or a father who was single and happy, than have a childhood marred with fights and emotionally absent parents. It’s hard to put a game face on when you’re unhappy, and kids see right through it. I’ve worked with hundreds of happy children with divorced parents, and hundreds of unhappy kids with fighting parents.

You’ve never met Watson. And you haven’t lived a day in his shoes. You don’t know the circumstances behind their breakup. Yet you’re so quick to call him a too, based on his history of dating, and not by the person he actually is? You’re calling his media portrayal a tool, when in reality, you have no idea who he really is. You know facts about his life, but not about who he is as a person.

Just because you’ve been married for a long time and have worked through your difficulties, doesn’t mean that everyone else can and should. Be grateful that you’re one of the people who were able to, and stop being so self-righteous. Your life course doesn’t apply to the rest of the population, and when people deviate from your values, your beliefs and your own personal path, it doesn’t make them inferior to you. It certainly doesn’t make them vapid.

So basically, to sum up what I’m saying: I haven’t seen Barry Watson kick up a holy tantrum on a celebrity baby blog with a bunch of strangers, but even though I’d WANT to call him a tool for that. I wouldn’t. Because I guess I don’t really know him. And I bet he’d disagree with me. So maybe he’s not a tool, maybe he is. All I can base my judgement on is some words I saw on a screen. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Because my generation? We’re mature enough to realize that people aren’t always what they are portrayed to be, nor are they what someone has judged them to be based on superficial information.

meghan on

I don’t “defend men who make babies with lots of women”, kay. I am defending one man’s right to move on with his life after his relationship ended. Was he not supposed to have any happiness because he tried with one woman and it didn’t work, for whatever reason? What a great narrow world view you have.

Kay on

oh Meghan,,,,you don’t do bitter very well.

Jen on

My dog’s name is Clover. I like Clementine though.

Bree on

@Kay, I actually understand commitment very well but I also happen to believe that when two people do not belong together they should not stay together out of some missplaced idea of tradition and honour. My parents fought very hard to make their marriage work but in the end agreed that all three of us deserved to be happy and that would never happen as long as they were together. My mother has been in a happily commited relationship for over 11 years now and my father has been in one for close to 15. I personally have only been in one serious relationship, my husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for two and are the proud parents of a beautiful six month old. His parents also seperated when he was fairly young and all three of his brother’s understand commitment as well, two of them are married with kids (The other is only 21 and enjoying the single life!!)

My parents taught me many things, their divorce was a true act of strength on both of their parts, it takes a strong, wise person to put your beliefs and goals aside to do what is best for the people you love most. My parents never should have gotten married in the first place and they are the first to admit but they did and they accepted the consequences and tried to make it work but in the end they couldn’t. Don’t judge me and my parents based on your clearly archaic ideals (And for the record, my very traditional grandparents (VERY traditional, they practically had heartatacks when I moved in the with my husband before we got married and still will not acknowledge my tattoos, or nose ring) who have been married for 55 years, support my parents divorce and never once questioned how it would effect my abilty to understand long term commitment.)

Kay on

Bree, our definitions of “commitment” differ. Your remark that my ideals are archaic is typical – working through problems means nothing I guess. Bolting when there’s something bigger at stake than egos is a ideal that is hard to grasp I guess. But again, people have been conditioned to accept this as a way of life and that anyone clinging to “archaic” ideals is somehow screwed in the head. So I am sorry if my comment was harsh but it is MY opinion. You were able to appreciate a lack of commitment at an early age – not their commitment to each other, their commitment to you. Marriage is hard. Kids deserve both parents full-time and the adults in the house should be committed to making that arrangement work. My comment to you was sympathetic but now I’m not sympathetic. I could care less. Divorce is too easy. Our opinions differ. I’m glad you felt compelled to run through your family dynamic – did that make you feel better?? Good.

Meghan, seriously – your attempts at banter are welcome, your sarcasm and name calling equally inspiring. Isn’t it funny that when someone has the strength of their convictions – that you feel compelled to go on the attack (sanctimonious twit..) and you can’t just let it go. I will always respond to you Meghan because you can tell, people don’t always respond when you attack ’em. You come off like one of those Mean Girls from high school. I hope you are happy in your work and personal life but you really need to know that people still respect marriage and commitment and while it may not have served you well – its not an archaic ideal as Bree indicated, its something worth cherishing.

Kay on

and Bree, I agree with you on your opinion of Natalie Wood. She was a star of some immense magnitude having starred in several historical movies – I better watch my words because Meghan will attack again – Splendor in the Grass was amazing, Westside Story was breathtaking and wasn’t she in Giant with James Dean or maybe I’m wrong, and if I am I’m sure Meghan will sign on again to correct me.

Contrary to what Meghan has alluded – Natalie was married to two men. She slept with men before those marriages. She left one marriage because Mr. Gregson cheated…she died while still married to RJ and he cherished her.

Goodnight ladies. I will keep my archaic opinions to myself from now on.

Shannon on

Clover and Clementyne are horse names. Eek. But I’m sure the child is precious.

Kay on

shoot sorry, one more time – JM I know of Barry Watson – you are right. I know no more or less of him than you do. Yet here I am thinking he’s a tool because he’s having a baby with someone he’s been dating for two years and he left a family – his youngest son would have to have been 2 when he left. I’m sorry but kids suffer through divorces despite what adults tell themselves and I think adults far too often take the easy way out. Here’s the kicker – MY OPINION. I’m allowed to state it and when someone calls me a sanctimonious twit, I’m allowed to defend myself.

But you – with as much information as me – defend him making another child. Doesn’t that make you sad that this is another child who will probably end up without a dad in the house within 5 years – the most important and formative years of a child’s life…? I mean he’s already got one little guy in another house…What better time to know abandonment hmmm? Clover can at least ask Felix I’m sure when they are both on Facebook in 10 years. I mean are ladies so conditioned to thinking that the Dads are unimportant so this kind of behavior is okay? Its just questions – no need to defend or be in attack mode. I just would hope women would want better, or expect better.

losa on

Longtime? Really? She became pregnant almost immediately after they met. I’m sure it won’t last. And Clover? Maybe they chose the name because the four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Good luck little girl! She will need it with her parents.

mary on

wow, this is a weird commentary.

Cute name, not wild about the Y in the middle, but it is cute. Clover Watson is cute.

Has anyone ever seen a picture of them actually together!?! I am baffled. Even at the recent book party where it was “discovered” she was pregnant, she isn’t in even one photo with him (there are several of him) and press says she was there. I just wanted a bump picture 🙂 too late now!

Sandy on

“Natalie” would have been so much cuter and nice way for her to remember her mother than using a name from a movie title. “Clover” not so cute.

BEC on

Kay, we all got your point and you have regaled us enough on this thread. There is a time to bow out gracefully, and I believe that time has come.

Catca on

This is a weird commentary Mary, particularly highlighted by the fact we have an older woman of unknown age, Kay, accusing others on the board of being young and immature when she is the one behaving the most childish out of anyone. JM who admits to being in her mid-20s is the one acting with the greatest maturity, although the overall subject matter of discussion is silly.

Let’s all make a pledge to move past this discussion and get to the heart of what this thread should be about, and that’s congratulating 2 parents on the addition of their beautiful little girl. And for the record, I like the name Clover, it makes me think of the luck of the irish and I think it’s a nice tie in to her mother.

Liz on

I actually think the name is adorable and sweet, really like it. I’ve always liked Natasha Gregson Wagner and think this is wonderful news. How amazing to squeeze in under the wire and have your first baby at 41! Congrats to them!

Sarah on

Kay, I find it very interesting that you seem OK with Natalie Wood being married several times but it doesn’t seem to be OK for anyone else. Her husband cheated on her so she left him….and you’re OK with that? Why couldn’t those two people tough out that difficulty and make their marriage work? You’re basically saying that nobody has any right to leave a marriage, real adults would work through it, it’s the young people with misguided ideals of marriage that give up. I dare you to look in the face of an abused wife and tell her she should go to therapy and try and save her marriage.

lucy on

She was in “Rebel Without a Cause” with James Dean. Elizabeth Taylor was in “Giant” with James.

Regardless of their personal lives, I do like Clover and I do love Clementine (spelled that way), but I’m not sure if I love them together.

Marcia on

Barry Watson’s oldest child’s name is Oliver and his new baby girl name is Clover. Those names sound very similar. Agree??

Charlotte on


Robert Wagner was married her mother when she died. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner were raising the girls together. After her death, he wanted to raise Natasha along with his daughter/Natasha’s half sister Courtney and his daughter from another marriage, Katie. Robert Wagner didn’t want to separate Natasha and Courtney after the loss of their mother. Natasha’s British father, Richard Gregson, gave his blessings for Natasha’s adoption.

Robert Wagner was a devoted father to all three girls and I believe Natasha was in good terms with her bio-dad, too. I think it is really nice that she honors both her fathers by keeping both surnames.

Congrats to the couple.

Kimberly on

Clover is my cat’s name!

Jillian on

Barry and Tracy were not married. He said so in an interview. He said, he found it interesting how people continually said they were married when they never were and they were engaged to be married in 11/2011. Search for the video and you will find this to be a FACT. So, no need to divorce someone when you were never married to begin with!

Gemma on

Clover is my ‘wild card’ name for a baby girl – love it! Such a sweet and artistic name. Congrats!

Maggie on

This name is definitely becoming more popular. I like it – think it’s sweet.

They’re not the only celebs to choose it recently either:

Cathy on

Kay, you are a huge PIA. are you the only one with an opinion??? you need to back off. what a moron.

Cassie on

“kay” sounds just like someone who used to post named “soph”.

Just ignore the troll ladies, it’s for the best!

Donna on

A lot of the posters on this thread are truly in dire need of something useful to do with their time.

Natalie, you were my idol as a young girl. May your beautiful soul rest in peace, ‘Grandma’.

B.J. (the girl) on

Clover is an adorable name, and I love Clementine too (not a fan of superfluous y’s but whatever!)

soph on

Just ignore Cassie…believe me, it’s for the best.

tlc on

@ Kay. So tell me this? You think that a child should have both parents in the home no matter what? You think that a child should live with anomosity all the time, fighting, arguing, and be miserable because his parents don’t love each other anymore (for ANY NUMBER OF CIRCUMSTANCES). You think that a child should endure a life of “I wish they’d stop fighting”, “I wish my parents liked each other.” “I HOPE they aren’t fighting because of me”..just to “work it out?”

I’m sorry, I admire your committment and dedication to your marriage, but reality is, most parents who stay together for “the kids’ sake” are doing the kids a DISSERVICE, not anything special. Have you ever lived in a household with two adults who don’t want to be married anymore? Well, I have seen it MANY times over (I work in child care and am a foster parent). It’s NOT pretty. Dad comes in to pick up and mom’s there. An arguement ensues about whose turn it was and “why are you here?” Poor kid sits there with head hung in shame and degreadation and SADNESS…THAT is what it’s like.

TO say that is the best life for a child is wrong. Unhappy parents, unhappy child….it’s a fact.

Bree on

@Kay, again you clearly did not read my post, my parents fought very hard to save their marriage, they did not bolt at the first sign of trouble, their egos were the last thing on their minds, they tried everything, but in the end they were realistic enough to know that they could keep fighting and make us all miserable or they could admit defeat. Yes every child deserve two full-time parents but kids also deserve happy parents, something many children don’t have because their parents stay together for based on some, again, archaic idea of how the world works. I won’t bore you with my family dynamics again but I have a family member whose parents stayed together because they didn’t believe in divorce, and like you condoned people for taking the “easy way out”, and in the end after years of therapy and reading every book and trying everything, grew to hate and resent each other and starting cheating on each other, yes he was so much better off because his parents stayed together.
My parents are very commited to me and it was that commitment that gave them the strength to leave each other.
To imply that I have been conditioned to give up at the first sign of trouble is not only an insult to me and my generation but also a sign of true ignorance. While I agree that there are many people out there that are not willing to fight for anything that is not specific to my generation, it has been going on since the begining of time. I would much rather be apart of a generation that is able to admit defeat and is willing to look at the whole picture and see that sometimes the solution that at first is going to hurt the most is going to be the best in the end. Divorce is never an easy choice, but sometimes, a lot of times it is the best choice for everyone involved, especially the kids.
You know nothing about what my parents went through and you “holier-than-thou” know everything, condicending attitude is why you have become the target on this thread. Yes we are all intitled to our opinions but you are taking it to far by insulting and making unfair judgements and not allowing anyone else to have their opinion.

RJ fan on

OH MY GOD!!! My question is ….DO ANY OF YOU HAVE LIVES OF YOUR OWN???? Let’s all get into heated discussions about people you DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!! Wish them well if you like , but then MOVE THE HELL ON WITH YOUR OWN LIVES. Do any of you really think that Barry and Natasha read this stuff, and if they did do you think that they would really give a flying fig what you think about their lives?? GEEEZ!!!!!!!

Brooklyn on

To me, “long time boyfriend” means 8 or more years…LOL. Anyways, I’m not a fan of the name. Would have gone Clementyne Clover.

Susan Albert on

Why didn’t they name her Daisy. Much better name then Clover. Middle name is horrible. But all that being said Congrats to the them.

Anonymous on

I had no idea they were even a couple! How cute! And I didn’t know her mom was Natalie Wood. Wow. learn something new everyday.They look good together. Oh and that woman DOES NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES look 41! Try 30 or 31.

Sam on

Kay, I’m curious to know what evidence you have to back up your claims? All I see are a bunch of baseless assumptions. You’re not privy to Barry’s personal life, so you don’t know when his previous relationship ended or why. So you’ve been married for a long time, good for you. Now, how many years were you actually happy? Marital duration does not equal marital happiness. What’s the point in being married if you’re not happy being with your spouse? Because that was what you were taught? My generation may not take the commitment of marriage as seriously as your generation, but as least we know that we are entitled to be happy. As a word to the wise, before you start making generalizations about the happiness & well-being of children, perhaps you should do some actual research on it. You might actually learn something!

Jon on

Getting a divorce is not easy. Sometimes the couple struggle on for years, hoping for their child it will work. Counseling, trial separations, and mediators are seen. My sister was married to a serial cheater (his hobby was women)and a misogynist. After over 8 years (1 year she found out he cheated and not once), she decided to leave him. It took 2 more years for the divorce to go through, as he fought every step of the way. She became herself again, confident, ambitious, and happy. Her son thrived, his stress became manageable, his grades went up, and he was happy 6 months after the separation. Some of the people who brag about their long term marriage are the sickest of all. Some hide the abusive verbal onslaughts, the embarrassment and humiliation when friends mention how their mate treats them, and the sleepless nights of anger. Some spouses, love knowing the other is so dependent and it makes them feel powerful. The spouse is in distress, emotionally, ill, and depressed and they can’t imagine going back to college or getting a higher paying job. It took half an hr. for the wedding and 2 yrs for a divorce.