Josie Maran’s Blog: Enjoying Our Country Summer

06/01/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Thanks for welcoming Josie Maran! The face of Maybelline for years, the model, 34, has also dabbled in acting, appearing in Van Helsing, and reality TV, where she took a spin on Dancing with the Stars.

The face of Maybelline for years, the model, 33, has also dabbled in acting, appearing in Van Helsing, and reality TV, where she took a spin on Dancing with the Stars.

In 2007, Maran established Josie Maran Cosmetics, her own natural product line. Since the launch, the Argan oil-based skincare and cosmetics have been the recipient of various industry awards.

Expecting her second child in July, Maran currently lives in California with her husband, Ali Alborzi, and their 5½-year-old daughter, Rumi Joon.

You can find her on Facebook and on Twitter @josie_maran.

Kicking back with the hubs – Courtesy Josie Maran

Greetings from beautiful rural Pennsylvania! My daughter, Rumi Joon, my husband, Ali, my mom and I are spending the summer here in a beautiful old stone farmhouse, surrounded by acres of sprawling fields, waiting for the newest member of our family to arrive.

For the past few years I’ve been practically living on airplanes, flying back and forth from Los Angeles to Philadelphia to get to the QVC studios. Now that our baby’s due in four weeks, I’m too close to my due date to fly. But the show must go on, so we rented a house a few miles from QVC.

Now my commute takes a lot less fossil fuel and a lot less of my energy, too. It’s a 10-minute drive (in my Prius, of course) through rolling hills, instead of a 10-hour, cross-country ordeal.

Getting my prune on – Courtesy Josie Maran

Since we got here, my nesting instinct has really been kicking in. This house is bigger and more rustic than what we’re used to, and my mom and I are having a great time fluffing, cleaning and decorating.

We’re making a kids’ room for Rumi and her new brother or sister, collecting treasures from local antique shops and yard sales, and pine cones, beautiful leaves and driftwood from the great outdoors. We don’t need a crib, since our new baby will be snuggled in with Ali and me for the first year or so, the same way we slept with Rumi when she was tiny. We’re making our whole house into a cozy, fun, inspiring play space for our family.

Outside our windows, we have horses to our left and farms to our right. Being here is reminding me that eating local isn’t some trendy big-city idea. It’s the way people in the country have always eaten, and still do. We’re watching the corn grow, waiting for it to be tall enough to eat.

Country walk with Rumi Joon – Courtesy Josie Maran

I’m watching my daughter grow, too, savoring these last weeks when she’s still my only child. Like the corn, Rumi Joon is getting taller by the day. And like the corn, she’s thriving in the bounty of Mother Nature, loving the sun and the rain. Sweet!

Even sweeter is watching Rumi falling in love with the natural beauty around us. She and I woke up on our first morning here and decided to scout out our 200 acres, barefoot and in our PJ’s.

It happened to be Mother’s Day, and our adventure turned out to be the best Mother’s Day gift I could have imagined — walking through tall grass fields, my daughter squealing with joy, running from an abandoned horse shed to a nest full of baby birds to a flower covered with lady bugs to a dream-like rope swing we discovered hanging from a gigantic tree.

I was following Rumi, pinching myself, thinking I was going to wake up any minute. It seemed too good to be true. But no — it was a real, perfect moment, one I’ll never forget.

My flower girl – Courtesy Josie Maran

With love from a state of natural wonder,

— Josie Maran

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DeeAnna on

Josie, if you are reading this. I highly recommend after your baby is born to go visit Lancaster county. See the beautiful amish and mennonite lifestyle and try some of their cooking. And maybe even by a handmade quilt.

Tricia on

I sure hope that you are using a travel bed or something similar to avoid a potential tragedy since you are going to sleep with you baby.

lovethisfam on

I loved reading this…..enjoy your baby, co-sleeping and all!! I admire that you were brave enough to put yourself out there for all the ugly trolls who will bash on you for the sleeping arrangements.

blessedwithboys on

Those co-sleeper thingies that go on the bed may work for some folks, but I always imagined they defeated the whole purpose of sleeping with your baby…you know, actually snuggling! Co-sleeping is as old as time and perfectly safe when done correctly. I shared sleep regularly with both of my kiddos unti about age 2 and then most nights until age 4. My 10yo asks every few weeks or so to snuggle in with me, especially when he’s feeling a bit sick (not that he’s sick every few weeks, that came out wrong! haha).

Enjoy your last few weeks as a mom-of-one and best wishes for a safe delivery! 🙂

Erin on

I’m so jealous! It sounds so beautiful and slow paced there (I live in Los Angeles too so you know how it is here!). Enjoy and congrats on the new addition!! 🙂

Sarah S. on

How great to go barefoot and in your pj’s scouting around in the country behind your house on your first morning there. I’m near Palo Alto, and we just don’t have big backyards (or acreage for that matter) so it seems like heaven!

colleen on

We are watching our corn grow too. We are here in PA also. Enjoyed your beautiful pictures and good luck with your new one. It was great seeing you on QVC & I liked when you said to Shawn that the next time when she sees you that you will be carrying your new little bundle.

jane on

She refers to him as her husband, but are they married?

victoria on

i have the dress she is wearing in this- and I love it! – she sounds very grounded and happy =)

i too had no need to use a crib with my chidlren- they slept (and I slept!) much better with us =)

good for her!

Ali on

Josie has such a beautiful way with words! I loved this entry!

As for the co-sleeping. I couldn’t do it because I was just too scared my husband (who is 6’3 and pretty muscular!) or I would roll onto her or even just bump her hard during the night. I guess it’s not for everyone but that’s life. My parents slept with my sister and I in the beds when we were infants and we wound up fine. My sister DID roll off the bed at 6 months old and it was a pretty close call for her but everything was fine. My mom still tells that story to this day!

Beautiful family! Congratulations on the impending bundle of joy!

I’m guessing another girl! 🙂

Jen DC on

Rumi is so beautiful; she looks like both her parents. Her dad’s eyes in her mom’s face… It’s lucky to have this nice, peaceful time before the birth of the second baby – congratulations on getting away!

Tricia, co-sleeping isn’t dangerous if parents take the proper precautions. Many of the deaths I’ve read about recently involve parents drinking or doing drugs prior to lying down with their kids, or doing other ill-advised things.

meghan on

They are married, jane, What makes you think they aren’t?

JMO on

Cool. I live in PA too but really close to Philadelphia. My uncle lives in Bucks County Pa and my aunt lives in Chester County PA and I love both places. Lots of wide open spaces and lots of quiet which is something I don’t get around here 🙂

Hope she enjoys her time here. And she’ll get to def experience hot humid summers which can be awful. So I hope at the very least her AC works lol

meghan on

The part of Pennsylvania Josie’s family is staying is so beautiful. I grew nearby. A lot of beautiful rural areas, but easy access to plenty of city life when you want it. The best of both worlds!

jas on

You should just settle in Pennsylvania, in the countryside! If your work is in Philly, why do you live in Los Angeles? The place you are renting seems vastly superior to the LA lifestyle. Just my two cents…being a native city-dweller who escaped to life in New England.

Leslie on

Ah, what beautiful photos! I crave living in nature like that.

The statement “in my Prius, of course” made me laugh. Please don’t pretend the Prius is any better for the environment. It’s a brand new vehicle with a huge Nickle Metal Hydride battery which creates serious pollution when the nickle is smelted. So go ahead and drive it but don’t act like you are doing the earth any favors.

j on

meghan the reason she is wondering whether or notshe is really married is that she said she doesn’t believe in marriage but I guess she has a right to change her mind

meghan on

Thanks for clarifying j, I hadn’t heard that before.

Rebecca on

Welcome to the neighborhood, Josie! I grew up in the town you’re staying in, and my family also has a farm in the area. It truly is a beautiful place and a slower-paced way of life! I’m so glad that my husband and I are able to raise our daughter (and our son, arriving in August) in this gorgeous part of the country.

jodischwartz4 on

Your blog is very sweet and I feel the same about the country and outdoors. Unfortunately I got Lyme Disease. Please read up on it. Walking barefoot around your property sounds lovely, but you need to wear the right repellent and do thorough tick checks every day. Lyme is tough to diagnose, very common and can be debilitating. If you have pets, make sure they are protected – Lyme is very common with them too, and they can bring ticks into the house.

Enjoy the outdoors (as I still do) but do your due diligence for your family.

All the best!

Megan on

JUST MY OPINION…but she sounds pretentious….”in my prius, of course.” Sorry.

christine on

Um, the QVC studios are in West Chester, PA. Josie says she moved to RURAL PA. I guess compared to L.A. it’s rural…but West Chester is a suburb, not the country, with plenty of shops, businesses, offices, restaurants, etc. It’s a very popular hub of Chester County. She shouldn’t make it seem like she’s out in the sticks or something.

Maria on

Hello Josie, I just moved as well to what I think is rural PA from NY. Adapting is kind of difficult, but it was heart warming to read your blog post about your new roots you took up in PA as well.

There are many beautiful farms and lush greenery around, plus many national parks for hiking, but adjusting is still taking some time. I miss the proximity of things and feeling, “in the know” when I was in NY.

It made my heart warm to see someone else move to an unfamiliar area and find the beauty in it. I need to keep trying to do that.

Michele K on

As a native Pennsylvanian, let me welcome you to my beautiful state! I have traveled all over the country and I happen to think that PA offers the best of all worlds! We have beautiful lakes, streams and rivers and if you favor salt water and sand, driving to the Atlantic only takes a few hours! Our mountains are magnificant and our rolling country side offer quaint surprises around every corner! Venture into central Pennsylvania for a lovely treat! I promise that you’ll meet some of the nicest people you could possibly imagine!

Best of luck with the new baby! Enjoy! 🙂

vynguyen on

Co-sleeping has been done for thousand of yrs, for those who said is “dangerous, ill-advised” is ill-informed. Don’t drink and take recreational drugs, because is irresponsible to co-sleep with an infant in that state of mind. It is make me livid, and annoyed when people don’t have any common sense anymore, such as “don’t allow children to play with plastic bag”.

J on

Really Jane? Wow.

rthgrl on

@Megan – I think she was speaking from an environmental standpoint, since she had JUST said something about fossil fuel. Also, mentioning a Prius doesn’t sound pretentious. If she had said Mercedes Benz it would have sounded pretentious. I say good for any celeb who drives a $25-35K car that’s better for the planet, even when they can afford to spend 4 times that amount to drive something with more “status”.

Jill on

Welcome to Pennsylvania, Josie and family! I wholeheartedly agree with DeeAnna…come to Lancaster County for some of the best PA Dutch, rib-sticking food you will ever eat! I am born and raised here, and am now raising my family in the same area I grew up in. Even down to the same school 🙂 So I guess I am a bit partial! It is a gorgeous area with so much to offer.

And to whomever said West Chester is rural…you couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, some of it is “city” but mostly it is laid back, countryside.

Jenn on

Great blog, I loved reading it. This is exactly how I want to raise my kids when I have them one day.

Kar on

Sounds like she is living right around where I grew up. While is has been building up as people moved out of Philadelphia, there is still a lot of rolling countryside.

I agree on enjoying Amish bounty! I went to college in Lancaster, and one of the best things was Amish veggies, crafts, and cooking!

Kathryn on


I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Pennsylvania! Make sure to check out Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square and The Blue Pear for some great, local food!

I’m not sure if you read your comments, but I wanted to reiterate what Jodi said above. Please do be careful about Lyme Disease. It’s an incredibly debilitating illness if caught late and untreated. For more information, check out and/or a great documentary called Under Our Skin. The documentary is on Hulu and Netflix.

Take care and enjoy your summer!

stef24 on

Welcome to PA, Josie! I’m not far from you at all! You’re here at a fantastic time…summer and you are just going to LOVE the local produce~! Some of the best you’ve ever tasted. There is actually a lot to do in our neck of the woods-places to visit, things to see, etc!~ Enjoy your time here!

Mary on

The reason why Josie can’t just permanently relocate to Pennsylvania (even though her appearances on QVC brings her there a lot) is because her company, Josie Maran Cosmetics, is headquartered in Los Angeles. Since she is the CEO, she needs to stay near her company. You can’t lead a company 2500 miles away, at least not long-term.

I suppose she could relocate her company to Pennsylvania, but the cosmetics industry is very closely related to the fashion industry, and so cosmetic companies tend to be in cities like NYC, LA, and SF.

Katie on

In my opinion, co-sleeping with your baby is dangerous. At night, you can easily roll over, even if you have a nice barrier of pillows or a king size bed.

Judith on

sounds delightful!

Siggy on

We stayed in York County, PA and we go so used to it having moved from San Franciso Bay area. If you want a taste of Eisenhower era US, its great to be in the Gettysburg/Chambersburg area. This charm is not to be seen elsewhere.

Jess on

I was going to write about Lyme as well and then I noticed an above poster mention it. I am currently being treated for Lyme Disease. Wandering around barefoot sounds great, but the tri-state area has so many incidences of Lyme that it is just unwise. Please watch out for your daughter’s health by wearing shoes and longer socks.

Siggy on

Rural PA is good if you want to escape the hectic pace.

Pia Razon on

“We woke up and decided to scout out our 200 acres . . . Translation, “I’m bragging like a rapper . . . Sorry the economy is so bad and you can’t make your monthly mortgage, but perhaps this will inspire you . . . I’m privileged and I’m living the good life poor little biotches!”

Kat on

I love the people who post “I’ve been co-sleeping with my babies for years, and nothing bad ever happened to us…look at us!” Well, unfortunately Darwin didn’t call it correctly when it came to YOUR brain; however, there are lots of things that most people do for years before realizing that it is not a good idea (however convenient or well-paid it might be): coal mining, smoking, drug use / and abuse, the time before the invention of the car seat; walkers and exersaucers, baby monitors (when we actually had to pay attention before), as recently as drop-side cribs. In other words, it worked for you but it may not work for others and has been shown to be a bad idea (SIDS and the back-to-sleep program?).

Geneva on

TICKS!!!! That’s all I could think of when I read this post. Oh my gosh. Ticks. I moved to rural PA (Bucks County) from the Seattle area 3 years ago (I have since moved back to Seattle, thank goodness) and contracted Lyme in the first 2 weeks after moving. The doctors diagnosed it right away but it still took 1 YEAR 3 MONTHS to recover from it, on 3 heavy duty antiobiotics, all at the same time. NO joke. I had 3 different docs use the word “rampant” when referring to how bad Lyme is in PA. Protect your family – do tick checks daily, several times a day if they are playing in the grass!!!

I felt sick reading this post. All I can think about are ticks and Lyme as I read about her and her daughter walking barefoot through the tall grass. Insane.

concerned on

The 2 infants we called time of death on in our ER last year did not have intoxicated parents, they had loving parents that were co-sleeping. I understand that everyone knows someone who has tried co-sleeping and you may feel you know best for your family on the matter but it is really hard to do CPR on a dead baby (while waiting for mom and dad to arrive behind the ambulance) and not worry about the risks.

I’m not trying to start anything but please understand that this is a serious and heartbreaking issue for many healthcare providers, esp. those that have seen the horrible aftermath. -A concerned member of the emergency dept.

kells on

Re: co-sleeping: there is an equal amount of scientific information that supports the benefits of co-sleeping, it’s contribution to decreasing SIDS (the infant’s breathing and heart rate are in tune with the mother’s), and the mutual benefits of attachment parenting.

I, personally, did it as well with both my children; I know that I don’t move even an inch when I sleep, and I don’t use heavy blankets. In addition, I nursed every 1 1/2 hours, so this is what worked for my family. It may not be the right choice for everyone, but it is the right choice for many of us.

With regard to “concerned,” there are MANY cases of “dead babies” that were put to sleep in a crib as well. In addition, “back to sleep” is a great idea, unless you have a child who refuses to sleep on its back (or, like mine, the baby has spit up issues and would have asphyxiated on her own fluids had she been forced to sleep on her back).

notsosure on

West Chester is not rural. Where I live in PA is rural. No stores or restaurants – nothing! Just farmland. Now that’s rural. These LA types are so out of touch with reality.

notsosure on

@Geneva……what part of Bucks County? It is beautiful here. Why do you say Thank Goodness for moving away. We have some really scenic, wonderful areas here along the river, with the beautiful mountains.

Tara on

@kells…newborns have a reflex that makes them turn their head if they throw up while on their back, they don’t choke on it. Putting baby to sleep on their back is the safest position for them.

Yo on

You know what I have say.. people mind youre business. If the lady wants to sleep with her kids, so what! it’s her business. Maybe if we all mind our own business we can do something with own lives. Good for her if she wants to walk in woods with her child or drive a Prius. The only person she is hurting is people who always have something negative to say. God bless you and your new baby!! and enjoy wherever you are living.

Evie on

I can’t understand all these negative comments people have to make. To each its own. Live and let live. I think it is a beautiful thing to sleep with children and babies the bond formed is great. I have always walked barefoot and love it. We were born naked and soon very soon we will not have to worry about and kind of sickness or disease. There will be no more tears pain or suffering. Love will exsist among all.

bodygal on

Tricia-Mothers have been safely sleeping with their babies for centuries-and population has survived! Its just that now there is a modern fancy term for this…”co sleeping”. Please read up on the reality of safe co sleeping and benefits of such before making, sorry, a dumb comment.

Tanya on

When they get married?

staciemarkham72 on

I do hope you don’t name your second child something like “rumi joon” Poor kid.