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06/01/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Steph on

YESSSSS to breastfeeding! I fully understand that some women aren’t able to breastfeed or don’t want to, but to compare breastfeeding in uniform to defecating in public (I did see that comment), is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! We as a species would not have ever survived or thrived if it weren’t for mother’s or wet nurses or other women breastfeeding ‘our’ children, at some point! The pictures are a little silly, but I see a lot more flesh on the cover of men’s magazines or SHAPE, SELF, COSMO magazines…the difference is that breasts for sexual purposes/display is somehow okay to see, but breasts for nourishment or comfort is not!

…and yes, i have both breast and bottle fed. I am discreet about it, but I don’t care if others are not…nursing is not easy, nor is it ‘dirty’!

meghan on

It’s not about breastfeeding. It was about these women doing it in uniform.

JM on

Steph 🙂 i remember the last time breastfeeding was discussed here and some idiot acutally brought up that very same arguments ‘well, i don’t pee and poop in public why should someone breastfeed in public’. someone would have to have a pretty low IQ to not understand the difference between the two.

personally, i think it’s every person’s individual decision whether or not they breastfeed their child. but no one has the right to tell a mother to not breastfeed in public, those people are just immature and pathetic.

kristen on

So it’s okay to kill in uniform but not sustain life?

meghan on

Kristen, where did you learn to argue?

Steph on

Interesting controversy…I have the biggest issue with the military and other workplaces insisting that mothers return to work 6 weeks after giving birth! That is barely enough time to recover from a c-section!

Maybe the military needs to educate their members if they can’t get the image (of another colleague breastfeeding) out of their heads so they can do their job! Babies need to eat and there are not enough places to do it completely privately, conveniently, and hygienically. Curiously, are they ‘supposed’ to remove the uniform to breastfeed?

Sarah K. on

Kristen, read the article. The military is not anti-breastfeeding. They have no problem with miltary moms nursing their kids. But, they have never condoned using your uniform to promote/campaign for a personal belief. These mothers were using their uniforms to make a statement. They knew they weren’t supposed to do that. That’s what the controversy is about.

Anonymous on

Steph- I was just thinking the same thing! In the article, one mother mentions that she used to nurse her child at the base all the time, but did it in private and not in her uniform. Well, if she was at the base, I would imagine she’d be required to wear her uniform. So my first thought was, “So she took her uniform off and breastfed in her underwear?” (not that there’s anything wrong with that, per se. It just seems a bit odd!)

And in my opinion, if a man can’t do his job because he’s too busy thinking about the sight of his colleague breastfeeding, then he’s got some serious issues and probably has no business being in the military in the first place!

Jillian on

Anonymous, I took the woman’s comments to be she didn’t want to be seen while nursing in her uniform, because she wanted the men to respect her and I understand that. I have had this conversation with many policewomen and firewomen. They feel the same way, sometimes. She would be nursing in private in her uniform, as no one would see her…possibly. I can’t imagine she would take her pants off in private, but her uniform top…probably. I do when I nurse. When I am alone, I take my top off and nurse in my bra most of the time, many people do. So, maybe I misunderstand, what is odd about breastfeeding your child in your underwear, while in private?

Jillian on

So are they to strip off their clothes before feeding? That would be stupid!

Carly on

Anon – You can absolutely go on base in your civvies (civilian, non-uniform clothes). They have other resources besides just training facilities and whatnot. You’re not even allowed to kiss in uniform.

Kelli on

Uniform regulations do not allow for their BDU tops to be unbuttoned/off and their shirt pulled up. Within the work station, they may be allowed to take off their BDU top but the tan shirt MUST remain tucked in. This is not an issue of them breastfeeding or not…it is an issue of being in compliance with the regulations in place regarding the uniform. The daycare on base (CDC) provides nursing mothers with a quiet room (usually with a rocking chair) for them to come and nurse. Work stations (at least in the AF) are required to provide nursing mothers with a quiet, sanitary (NON-restroom) place to pump and if possible, allow the mothers to leave the work center to go feed their child.
Again, this is NOT an issue of whether or not a women be “allowed” to breastfeed if she is in the military. The fact is that both these women are not within the uniform regulations.

To note, like Carly said there are strict regualtions while in uniform. You cannot hold hands (unless it is your child), you cannot walk and talk on a cell phone, your hair color cannot be “flashy”, even your purse color is regulated. The military is strict…these women know that…they know the regulations, bottom line.